A Matter of Time

by Justice3442

Chapter 2: Plan B

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“So Trixie,” Starlight said as she and the other unicorn crept through the dark castle. “We are going to er… put an end to Twilight at some point, right?”

Trixie giggled as her horn lit up with an amethyst glow. She pulled a book from the vast library shelves, then reshelved it a few shelves down and up.

“Trixie!” Starlight said with more force. “All we’ve done since we got into the castle is reshelf books where they’re not supposed to be! Please tell me you have a better plan than this.”

Trixie gave Starlight a sly look. “Oh ye of little faith.” She shook her head. “Only a novice goes in for the kill right away. Trust me, I know how to push Twilight’s buttons… Reshelving books is but the first step in The Grrrrrrreat and Powerful Trrrrrixie’s plot to drive Twilight insane.”

Starlight smiled slightly. “Alright. So what’s part two?”

Trixie smiled and began to trot up a flight of crystalline stairs. “I’m glad you asked, follow Trixie!”

Starlight followed Trixie up the stairs—soon the two were in Twilight’s bedroom. Twilight snored gently in her bed, a book a draped over her muzzle.

Starlight chuckled malevolently. “Poor, helpless Twilight Sparkle. If she only knew how easily I could snuff out her life.”

Trixie trotted up to Twilight and gently pulled the book off her face with magic. “Of course! That’s part of the excitement, isn’t it? So easily getting into Twilight’s sanctuary while she sleeps.” Trixie looked over Twilight with a hungry look in her eyes. She grinned widely and wildly as her horn glowed once more, lifting the covers of Twilight’s bed and gently putting them over the slumbering princess.

Uh… What are you doing?” Starlight asked.

Trixie looked up from Twilight, still smiling with a hungry look on her eyes. “Want to take turns licking Twilight’s face?”

Starlight’s eyes shot open and she found her head quaking involuntarily, a tremor that would go all the way down through her body. “What?! No!”

Trixie sighed. “Fine… Go down to the kitchen and fetch some sour cream for Trixie. I just checked their fridge for snacks, there’s a whole tub of it.”

“What?! Sour cream?!”

Trixie nodded. “We’ll put some on her hoof and then hide outside the window. If we use magic to tickle Twilight’s muzzle, she’ll rub it all over her face.” Trixie snickered. “It’s hilarious! She still thinks Rainbow Dash and Pinkie are the culprits!”

“That’s your big plan!?” Starlight exclaimed.

Trixie blew a dismissive gust of air. “Pffffft… As if! Tomorrow night we’ll sneak in and use something else!” Trixie let out a dark giggle. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to scrub honey out of a pony coat?”

Starlight’s jaw dropped.

Trixie thrust her muzzle into the air and trotted into a large, walk-in closet. “Now if you’ll excuse Trixie, I have to check Twilight’s closet for clothes she hasn’t washed yet and smell them while I rub my face all over them.”

Starlight looked downward, placing a forehoof against her forehead. “This… this can’t be happening…”

Trixie gasped from inside the closet. “Yes! It’s the motherlode!” Ecstatic moans began to drift out from the closet. “Come here you dirty, dirty socks! Trixie wants to swim in you!”

Starlight puffed out her cheeks as she covered her mouth with a forehoof. Suddenly a red glow and buzzing sound filled the room, causing Starlight to jump. She glanced over to a desk where a book bearing Celestia’s cutie mark glowed brightly and vibrated noisily.

Ugh…” Trixie uttered from the closet. “It’s that Sunset trollop again!” Trixie poked her head out of the closet, a pink and purple striped sock dangling off her horn. “Just write something mean and hurtful into the magic book. That’s what…” Trixie trailed off, noticing neither Starlight or the book were in the room anymore. “Starlight?”


Starlight smiled widely at the orange bipedal woman sitting across the small round table from her, pushing past the unfamiliarity of her own body and the clothes she was wearing. Though, she had to admit she did quite like the buttoned-up purple shirt, black tie, and ‘Equalist’ armband on her left arm, she could have done with something a little less revealing than the short black skirt which bore her cutie mark.

The unicorn turned human known as Sunset Shimmer had agreed to listen to her. Her journal suggested she was reformed, however Starlight had calculated her words carefully. Sunset seemed very much a kindred spirit, and the fiery-haired woman had listened with obvious interest.

The small conference room had gone quiet as Sunset took in everything Starlight had said. After a few seconds, Sunset finally broke the silence. “Well, I certainly understand being mad at Twilight Sparkle, but if you’ve read the journal, you know I’ve been trying to make up for my past. What makes you think I’d suddenly turn on her?”

Starlight’s smile widened slightly. She had expected this. Sunset Shimmer certainly had an analytical side to her, but she was also a very emotional pony. It was time for the coup de grace.

Reading that journal almost made this too easy! Everything was there! This girl’s thoughts, details about the portal. She may seem reformed, but there’s an anger that lingers. An anger that—”

WHA…!” Starlight cried out in alarm. She quickly used her left hand to pull her right one out from under her skirt. She looked at Sunset as her face flushed red. “I’m… I’m sorry… I’m not used to having… er… having…”

“Hands,” Sunset said simply.

Starlight nodded. “Yes, hands.” She lifted her new human appendages in front of her face. “These things are always touching me in… places.”

Sunset nodded. “Yeah, they get around.”

Starlight leaned forward in her office chair and placed the hands behind her back. "Look, I know she stole your life from you. And, what's more, you obviously were the one who solved that little problem with your friends when the sirens attacked. You can't possibly be happy she's the Princess of Friendship and you're just a high school student who's most important job is mediating who gets to sit in the front seat."

One of Sunset’s eyes raised ever so slightly.

Starlight smiled again. “Think about it… Revenge against all that have wronged you! Together we can easily take out Twilight and even Princess Celestia herself.”

Sunset leaned back in her chair and raised a hand to her chin. She stroked it thoughtfully. "So let me get this straight...” Sunset began. “You're a unicorn..."

"That's right."

"Who's mad at Twilight Sparkle."

"Correct.” Starlight narrowed her eyes. “She ruined my plans for taking over Equestria… Admittedly, those didn’t turn out quite how I thought they would."

Sunset seemed to flinch ever so slightly. She continued, "And your specialty is magic."

Starlight Glimmer nodded, grinning to herself. "I might even be Twilight's equal in that regard. Perhaps her better!" Starlight's smile turned grim. "With what I've discovered, Twilight will never see my plans coming! The delicious irony of it all is I'll use my own magical knowledge to prove I'm the better unicorn once and for all!"

"… I see..."



Sunset Shimmer merely sat in her chair, no expression on her face.

I don’t get it! Starlight thought to herself. Certainly a girl this emotional must be feeling something! "Er... So do you want in, or—"

Sunset Shimmer suddenly leapt from her chair, clearing the table and landing on top of Starlight Glimmer. Sunset brought Starlight to the ground to the ground, the chair and girls making a resounding 'THUD!' as they fell over. Before Starlight Glimmer could react, Sunset had pulled back her fist and sent it sailing forward.







The door suddenly flew open. A trio of female humans stood behind it.

"Sunset, darling?" Rarity asked. "We heard a ghastly noise and—GOODNESS GRACIOUS, SUNSET! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

Sunset continued to deliver blow after blow, not missing a beat as she responded to Rarity. "Bargain bin copy-pony thinks she can just walk in here and steal my shtick!" A devilish grin crossed her face as Sunset wrapped her fingers around Starlight’s throat.

Starlight struggled for air as she tried to pry Sunset’s hands off her neck.

"And I'm going to kill her!" Sunset said darkly.

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie rushed in, each one grabbing one of Sunset’s arms as they attempted to haul her off Starlight.

Starlight took a much welcome breath of air.

"No, Sunset!" Pinkie pleaded. "Go to your happy place!"

Sunset struggled against Pinkie and Rainbow Dash. “I AM IN MY HAPPY PLACE!”

"Whoa, calm down!" Rainbow Dash said. “If you’re going to choke her, at least wait until Applejack can take some bets on how long the girl will last until she passes out.”

Starlight coughed and sputtered and she crawled away from the struggling girls. “Cough… WHAT?!”

Ooo!” Pinkie said. “I want in on that bet! I bet the new girl lasts at least 30 seconds.”

Rarity pressed her fingers against her forehead. “Not this again…”

“Pffft, no way!” Rainbow Dash replied. “Sunset strangles really hard!”

Applejack suddenly poked her head inside the room. “What’s this about ‘bets’?”

Below Applejack, Fluttershy popped her head in as well. “Er… Is Sunset giving out free strangulations again?”

With great effort, Starlight pulled herself onto her feet and began rubbing her neck. “You’re all insane!”

“Yeah!” Sunset agreed. “You five really need to see a therapist for your issues or something." She continued to thrash against Pinkie and Rainbow Dash’s grip. " NOW LET GO SO I CAN MURDER HER!”


“Okay, but what about your friend, Sunburst?” Twilight asked.

Spike looked down at Twilight in shock. “Are we just going to ignore the fact that Trixie breaks into our home to play pranks on you and do… weird things when you’re asleep? Not to mention everything she just said about everyone at Canterlot High!”

Twilight glanced behind her. “I like reshelving books,” she answered simply.

Spike narrowed his eyes. “Okay, but that doesn’t—”

Twilight turned back towards Starlight. “So what about your friend?”

Tears began to well up in Starlight’s eyes.

Er… How did that go?” Twilight pressed.

Starlight’s lip began to quiver. “I can’t…” She brought the scroll into a waiting foreleg. “Here… I’ll show you two.”

The time portal opened up above the trio, glimmering as it sucked all three upwards.

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