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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: No Mistakes, Just Happy Accidents

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Chapter 1 :No mistakes, just happy accidents

Many ponies always considered that Twilight Sparkle was not the fastest of ponies, even with her Alicorn Powers she always seemed to be much slower compared to the likes of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. But most of the ponies had never seen Twilight move when she was doing research. This was the case for a few ponies who sat watching her zip back and forth from various machines in one of larger rooms of her palace.

“I honestly have to admit that I am impressed,” Discord, spirit of chaos, creator of weaponized airborne confections, queen of the dance, and whatever titles he granted upon himself said to the group of ponies sitting next to him as his eye got a little bit wider than his smile. The group next to him comprised of three Alicorn princesses, one Unicorn prince, and five other mares being two Pegasi, two Earth Ponies, and One Unicorn; all five of whom were known as the Elements of Harmony.

“I’d honestly never thought would say this ...but I agree with Discord,” Rainbow Dash said as her head kept moving in tandem with the speedy movements of Twilight zipping about her workspace.

“T those who haven’t witnessed it before it can be quite a jarring experience, seeing as how Twilight usually appears to be the slow and steady type. But i’ve always found it quite amusing, it reminds of days gone bye,” Celestia responded to the two, her smile a bit wider as she was trying her best to keep in laughter. She remembered seeing Twilight like this back years ago, zipping back and forth between machines twice her size and quadruple her weight. The only thing that had changed since then is that now Twilight was now aided by the new amounts of energy she gained from being an Alicorn instead of drinking a week's worth of the castle’s strongest coffee.

“This remind me of the time she built a volcano for a science fair, that erupted with a substitute lava that was close to the actual thing,” Cadence laugh watching her sister-in-law.

“Oh yeah I remember that...that was a horrible day,” Shining Armor sighed a little remembering.

“What do you mean? She won first place that day right?” his wife asked.

“Yeah she did and that was great, but neither you nor her had to carry what basically amounted to a live volcano on you back! I had to wear ice packs under my uniforms and take cold showers for a week before the burning sensation stopped!” Shining told Cadence all the while pointing at his back, and although he wanted to seemed miffed he couldn’t help but smile when Cadence laughed.

“Wouldn’t have that worked in you favor though, Shining?” Princess Luna asked. “I overheard some guard saying something about how mares like a ‘hot’ stallion, wouldn’t you being hot increased your chances of wooing Cadence?” Luna asked not quite full knowing the context of what she just asked.

“I well...I uh… Cadence you want to take that one?” Shining immediately passed the responsibility of answering that to his wife.

“Luna, one of these days you and i need to have a talk,” Cadence said giving of the aura of an older and wiser mare even though she was much younger and much less experiences than Luna.


Meanwhile while everyone was conversing and talking about her and other varied topics Twilight was busy double and triple checking all her machines and their connection to a particular mirror that she knew well. The mirror that acted as the portal to an alternate Equestria where alternate versions of her and her friends lived, and also someone she considered her newest friend, Sunset Shimmer.

As she finished checking she looked over to a book that sat on a small table next to all the machines. “Okay then let’s send the message,” she said to herself as she opened the book and picked up a quill with her magic. “Dear Sunset, I’m ready to begin the experiment. If you’re ready please step through,” she wrote and then set down the quill before turning to her audience. “Alright everyone we’re almost ready to get started, Sunset should be coming through the portal soon, everyone be nice and that goes double for you Discord,” She said to everyone, and if she hadn’t been in such an alert state she would have never noticed the slight twitch Celesta gave when she mentioned her former student.

As everyone got ready for Sunset Shimmer to come through the portal Twilight walked around then and stepped up to Princess Celestia. “Are you okay princess?” She asked noticing the small jump she made.

“Oh Twilight i didn’t notice you...i’m fine why do you ask?” Twilight had seen Princess Celestia smile a lot over the years, and she had taught herself to notice when the princess was smiling genuinely and when she was doing it as a reflexive mask not to make anypony worry.

“I noticed something when i said the Sunset Shimmer would be coming back. Are you worried about seeing her after all this time?” Twilight asked watching as Celestia finally dropped her mask, the serene smiling mixing with a frown.

“Oh Twilight when you’re like this you a truly a remarkable mare. I am worried about seeing Sunset Shimmer after so long. The last time we spoke was not...pleasant,” She said taking a look at the portal.

“Well I can’t tell you exactly what will happen, But I can tell you that she’s not the same per-pony that she was back then, I’ve seen the transformation she’s made and so have the alternate versions of my friends,” Celestia looked at Twilight noticing the happiness seemingly radiating from her. She knew that trusting in what Twilight said usually led to good things but the smallest piece of doubt still remained in her mind, especially when the face of the mirror suddenly lit up, announcing the arrival of Sunset Shimmer.

The flash was quick and once everyone’s eyes adjusted they were met with amber coated mare with a two tone red and yellow mane wearing a black jacket. “Sunset you finally here!” Sunset barely had any time to react before Twilight zipped from her position and wrapped her in a hug using strength she was not prepared for.

“It’s nice to see you too Twilight...but can you loosen up? it’s getting a little hard to breathe,”She said taking a chance to take a deep breath when Twilight released her.

“Oh sorry about that, my strength is a bit different here than the other world,” she apologized before turning around to the group watching them. “Um everybody, this is Sunset Shimmer, the mare who stole my crown once and then used it to become a raging she demon, before I stopped her along with alternate versions of all my friends who then befriended her and then helped her and I defeat some sirens in a music contest and then later helped defeat an alternate version of myself who kind of went a little crazy with magical power!” Twilight condensed all of her experience with Sunset into one long run-on sentence. Everyone seemingly gave her a quizzical stare before something else caught their attention.

Everyone watched in silence after noticing that as Twilight gave her abbreviated history of Sunset and her, Sunset had gotten up and walked over straight up to Princess Celestia. The two stood a few hoof lengths apart both staring at each other with pleasant smiles not saying anything until Celestia decided to break the silence.

“You look...well Sunset Shimmer,”

“You do to princess, i guess Immortality and all has it’s perks huh?” she said jokingly but was surprised when Celestia chuckled.

“Yes i guess it does,” Celestia responded causing Sunset to chuckle with her before the
two returned to being silent.

“I…” Sunset started, getting Celestia’s attention. She noticed the Sunset’s smile was gone replaced more with a mourning expression and her eye were watering. “I’m sorry,” she said as a tear fell causing Celestia’s own eyes to water.

“No Sunset i should be sorry. I...I-” Celestia felt like she was going to start crying.

“Oh for the love of ...WILL YOU TWO JUST HUG ALREADY WE’RE TIRED OF WAITING,” Pinkie Pie, who had been weirdly quiet for her for the longest time today suddenly and loudly shouted at the two causing them to look at the group now watching them. most of them looking like they were in the same state with watery eyes looking like they were going to cry and then there was Discord sitting in a movie theater chair with popcorn in one arm and a box of tissues in another while a mysterious third arm held a tissue at the ready.

The two of them looked at each other and both gave a slight shrug before they closed the gap between each other and embraced each other to the cheers of the group. They stayed like that for a while, letting their tears flow freely as years of emotions bubbled up to the surface.


After enough time was spent on Celestia’s and Sunset’s reunion , Twilight was finally able to get everyone back on track after a small cleanup due to all the tissues discord used and handed out.

“So you told the alternate versions of all of us that you would be leaving for awhile right Sunset?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah I told them that you were planning on doing some experiment on the portal and that it would be better if i went home, knowing that it would be easier to fix form this side than the other. They took it well enough, we’re on break at school right now so my absence won’t be a weird occurrence,” she said, her friends were a bit sad that she had to leave for the break but she assured them that she would be back no matter what.

“Alright then that’s all the pre-checks,” Twilight said quickly flipping through all the pages on the clipboard floating next to her. “Alright everybody we’re good to get started!” she called out getting a few cheers from ponies.

“Finally! That was taking forever!” Rainbow Dash threw her hooves in the air, unlike many of the others, Rainbow had possibly the smallest amount of patience possibly even less than Pinkie Pie in certain situations.

Twilight rolled her eyes as her friend let out her frustrations before she decided to address everyone. “Ok so i’ve gathered you all here today because i’ve figured out a way to do an experiment with the portal that i have been researching for awhile now. After conversing back and forth with Sunset Shimmer and doing some testing when i had free time and we didn’t have to solve a friendship problem or confront some kind of monster or chaotic deity...no offense Discord,” Twilight said mid explanation.

“None taken,” Discord replied as he sat in a floating lawn chair peeling an orange.

“Okay anyway, in those test we found out that the portal has not just one connections but actually many connections to many different worlds!” Twilight waited as everyone gasped while they considering the implications of her words. “ Both of us discovered that as of now the portal is tuned to a specific energy frequency that has set the portal to be connected to our Equestria and the alternate version. So Sunset and I came up with the conclusion that if we manipulate the amount of energy in the portal that we can therefore connect it to other unknown worlds!” Twilight finished her little speech before moving over to a cart to grab something off of it.

“But Twilight if you feed magic into the portal couldn’t there be a possibility of it accidentally leeching all of your magic?” Shining called out wondering how far his sister had thought ahead for her safety.

“That is an astute observation Shiny! One we first thought of way back in the planning phase. Which is why i got this!” Twilight said as she held up the item she picked up off the cart. It was a small box , its walls looked like they were made out of glass except for the small sections where little metal circles attached. On the inside of it looked to be a purplish liquid.

“Ah a chargeable magic battery, the two of you have been through about this,” Celestia said as she walked up examining the battery Twilight held.

“yes we decided that instead of trying to give it magic naturally we would use a battery as a supply just in case and for extra safety i invited Discord to attend so that he could make us a bunker,” Twilight said putting the battery down and turning to the draconequus.

“Hmm? What was that? A bunker? Why?” Discord seemingly had fallen asleep to take a short nap in his lawn chair, little pieces of orange peel falling to the ground as he sat up.

“Yes i would like for you to create a bunker in the room for us so we can watch the experiment from within and protect us from any possible danger,” Twilight asked knowing that getting the god of chaos to comply would be a hard sell.

“But why? Explosions are so much more fun when you’re unguarded and up close!” He said getting up from his chair to the unamused sates of most of the ponies in the room.

“Yeah!” Pinkie said appearing right next to discord before she slapped her hoof against his open claw.

“Sorry Discord but no bunker equals no experiment,” Twilight put Discord in a difficult situation and she could see it practically written on his face.

“Oooh….fine. But you owe me one!” he said as he snapped his talons and immediately a jet black box with a viewing window appeared on the opposite side of the room from the portal. Disappearing from his spot Discord reappeared next to the bunker opening the door and beckoning everyone inside. In an orderly fashion everyone filled in with Fluttershy being one of the last giving him a quick hug before she went in. “Alright princess everyone is in the bunker are we all set?” Discord ask looking to Twilight who was connecting the magic battery to the portal with some kind of hoses.

“Just about...there!” she said as those hoses audibly clicked into place. With a quick double check she nodded before walking over to the bunker thanking discord as she walked inside. “Ok everyone get ready!” Twilight said as she managed to levitate a broom from her position in the box. IT slowly crept closer to the magic batter and when it was within reach hit a button on it starting the process. Everyone watched as Twilight’s stored magical energy slowly moved into the hose and then into the portal, the space where the hose and portal connected turning purple closer to the hose and getting lighter as it stretched throughout the portal.

“Ok so far everything is good, the energy should keep flowing into the portal until it finds a connection and then should shut off the process,” Twilight said smiling as she watched the experiment go off without a hitch so far. But as the seconds slowly ticked by everyone in the bunker began to notice a light humming noise that made itself heard.

“Uh everyone else hears that humming right?” Rainbow Dash was glad that other ponies nodded in her direction. “ok good...Is it supposed to do that Twilight?” She asked managing to tear her eyes from the mirror to look at Twilight.

“Actually yes, the excess of energy flowing into the portal should create a sound...but….” everyone noticed when Twilight audibly gulped. “But within all normal deviations the sound should have stayed level,” She said watching as the purple color began to disappear from where it had spread to the mirror and instead started to be replaced by a bright orange. “I think something has gone wrong,” Twilight said taking a few steps back from the window.

“Oh on the contrary Twilight, something has gone right,” She turned to find Discord slowly floating forward to watch the unfolding spectacle. “Can you feel or sense it? Or have you not figured out that power yet? Well anyways I can tell you that so far you experiment here has been a success the portal has connected to somewhere”

“But If a connection was made then why hasn’t the portal stabilized,” Rarity spoke up for the first time, also getting closer to the window somewhat mesmerized by the colors.

“Well I can’t speak exactly for what would be happening on the other side. But there is the delightful possibility that as the portal was connected to wherever, there could have been an event that saw something or somethings move through, which also explains the reason why the portal is absorbing so much of the energy because of-”

“Conservation of Momentum!” Twilight shouted interrupting Discord. “The first time i went through the portal I fell and when i came out on the other end the same thing happen. The portal must preserve the energy of momentum of all parties passing through it!” Her eyes widened as she levitated up a piece of paper and a quill and quickly started scribbling physics equations on it.

“Twilight, with all the energy the portal has absorbed so far, what’s the entry from the other side going to be like and how long do we have till it does happen, Shining asked as he slowly moved Cadence behind him just in case.

“Um...hold on...just a second...carry the five and divide by….oh!” Twilight’s frantic scribbling came to a sudden halt. She looked up to her friends, brother, and mentor before sparing a short glance at the portal before she turned back to them. “Well I sure am glad that i convinced Discord to make this bunker,” she smiled apologetically and before the room shook. Everyone's’ eyes moved to the portal as the surface of the mirror seemed to ripple. Suddenly An explosions tore through the portal exploding out into the room the smoke and fire hitting the wall of the bunker scaring everyone in the room. once the smoke and fire cleared everyone looked back on the portal expecting to see something but nothing stood in front of the portal.

“Well...that’s not right...and that’s me saying that!?!’ discord said confused right before ten orbs of light exploded through the portal moving at high speeds and bouncing all around the room. Five of them were a bright pulsing orange that the portal had been glowing while the other five were were a pulsing black. Everyone in the bunker watched as the orbs continued bouncing around the room and occasionally each other. Suddenly the five of each orb lined up on two sides of the room the oranges on facing the black ones. In a flash each set charged at each other all ten crashing at the same point before the orange ones seemed to force the black ones away. They flew out the window into the distance while the orange orb scattered to different parts of the room before everything seemed to settle down, the glow faded from both the orbs and the portal. Meanwhile inside the bunker everyone who had watch the spectacle unfold before them either sat or stood in shock hoping that it was over.

Before anyone could notice Twilight was at the door of the bunker wrenching it open and running out with Sunset Shimmer on her heels. A dense smoke coated the floor and obscured whatever the orbs were from vision but no one paid attention to that as everyone moved to the portal as the filed out of the bunker. “It’s okay everyone the portal is still in one piece!...Although there is some structural damage!” Twilight called out as everyone slowly waded through the smoke as they got closer to the portal.”The mirror itself is okay but the crystal base…” everyone got to see as they got closer many small cracks ran from the top of the base to the bottom. “ The cracks shut down the portal, right now it’s no more than just a regular mirror,” said looking over to Sunset Shimmer who had turned a little paler.

“But...it can fixed right?” Sunset asked nervously and instinctively moved closer to Celestia who put a wing around her in comfort.

“Oh yes of course, all we need is some crystal harvested from the castle in the Crystal Empire and we can repair it good as new...or even better!” Twilight gave a small hop in place which gave cause for her friends to be worried.

“Uh Twilight? Are you ok? You’re acting kinda funny,” Applejacked asked as she stepped up using her hat as a makeshift fan to blow away some of the smoke.

“Yeah and funny is putting it mildly,” Rainbow Dash hovered above Everyone using the flaps of her wings to help with Applejack’s efforts.

“Oh i’m fine fine everything is fine,” Twilight brushed them off as she moved over to the machines that had been hooked up to the portal.

“Oh don’t worry about her you two. Her body is just having a hard time processing all the emotions she’s feeling. So instead of not showing any or picking the right one it’s just mushing them all together into one kind of super emotion,” Discord said as he dematerialized the bunker with a snap of his talons. “The only way to get her back on track would be to remind her that we have inter-dimensional guests that we should probably start thinking-”

“Discord’s right!” Twilight interrupted as she teleported in front of the draconequus grabbing his face in her hooves and pulling it close to hers. “Somethings came through the portal and now we have to-”

“WOW that was absolutely ridiculous!” A female accented voice caused everyone to immediately turn to find a pony standing where one of the orbs had crashed. A light tan furred face smiled as a brown mane fell in front of orange tinted goggle covered eyes. she wore a brown flight jacket which had some weird white bulky attachments to the chest and forelegs. and form where that ended were tight orange pants that formed to the curve of her body. She spun in quick circles taking in her surroundings.

“Um excuse me?” Twilight called out already having a whole lists of questions. The mare quickly stopped spinning and locked eyes with Twilight. Before Twilight could utter another word the was a flash of blue light and the mare accompanied it closing the gap between her and Twilight instantly.

“Oh well look at you aren’t you a cute little purple horsey,” The mare said gazing into Twilight’s eyes as she grabbed her by the cheeks. “Did you just talk, that’s amazing! You can call me Tracer, love, it’s what everybody else calls me; good guy or bad guy,” She spoke fast but not fast enough to not be understandable. With another flash Tracer was in a different part of the room giving everything a once over as she kept talking. “Hey since you can talk do you think you can answer a few questions? Like where am I? Why am i the same size as a small cute horsey thing? Why can’t i feel my hands? And why am i not terrified by that aspect?” Her last question ended with another flash where she ended up once again standing in front of Twilight.

Twilight mouth open and closed a few times as her body kept processing all the information of the last few seconds. When she finally did decided what to do she hoped it wouldn’t be too difficult. “Um well...Tracer you said you name was right?” She asked getting a quick nod from the mare. “Well to start, I think I can answer two of your questions easily. If you would just step over to this mirror here real quick and have a look,” She moved over to the mirror and watched as Tracer simply walked instead of what seemed like teleporting over.

“Ok so what am i supposed to be looking...at?” Tracer’s gaze finally met her own in the mirror. Her eyes moved as they looked her over and she turned to get a full view of her body. She reached up with one hoof to push her goggles up and rub her eyes and then stared at the hoof in a bit of shock when she pulled it away. Slowly she put her goggles back in place and turned to the group still wearing her bright smile. “Well that’s interesting I’ll say. Looks like i’m the cavalry now,” she said with a weak chuckle before fainting and rolling onto her back with her back leg twitching in the air.

Everyone was still as silent as they had been since she had first spoken up, even Discord. But thankfully Pinkie pie decided that it was finally time to break her silence. “She’s funny i like her,”

Author's Notes:

AHA AN OVERWATCH CROSSOVER!!!!!! I will honestly admit the only reason I wrote this was because I haven't gotten into the BETA and that frustrates me to no end because IT SO DAMN COOL!!!!!...also like some kind of idiot I've already pre-purchased it.......so yeah

so if you ask yourself why where there ten orbs? well and overwatch match is 5v5 and so far i've only revealed one "good" character. i'll let you guess and mingle on who the other 9 can be...you only have 20 guesses

Oh Btw when looking something I could use for a story cover i found this ponified Tracer btu i also found ones of her as a pegasus and i wasn't sure if i wanted to make her an earth pony or pegasus so i thought i'll wait it out a bit and see if any person or group of people has a particular inclination to one or the other...so tell me which if you want a particular one

originally i was going to write this for NaPoWriMo on EQD..and possibly get some more publicity on it...but i'm already trying to write something for the regular NaNoWriMo and i'm kinda behind on it..... so while i would like to i can't make a full commitment to this even if i said i would only get 10k words done on it...there's just to many things i need to be doing like school work, nanowrimo writing, any other fic writing i do here, fallout 4, daily check to see if i get into the overwatch beta in which case i'm going to stream it all the damn time(also proves true for when it comes out), building my gundam models, eating, sleeping, etc etc...

But i can promise that i probably won't abandon this...i can also promise that i don't think i'll ake this an epic long story like my one other(My New Life In Equestria) and other in progress(Their new life in Equestria) which i can only ask you give a once over...both of them..maybe plz?

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