The Ordinary Adventures of an Extraordinary Unicorn

by RoyalBardofCanterlot

Chapter 1: Twily Wants to Help

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Celestia's sun had just risen over the high ridges of the Unicorn Mountains, rays of the sun glittering over the golden spires of Canterlot. Within the homes of the ponies that lived in the royal city all was still. Only a few were awake at that early hour. In the Sparkle household Twilight Velvet yawned, stretched, snuggled up to her husband Night Light who wrapped an arm around her and then they promptly went back to sleep. Shining Armor, their son, was still deep in dreamland where he was leading an expedition of royal guards against an army of goblins. In the stillness of these early hours only Twilight Sparkle was awake. She didn't always wake up so early, but she had set her alarm. The pierce of the alarm broke the silence of the dawn. Twilight quickly silenced it and quietly tiptoed from her bed. She was five years old now and her mother had spent the last month helping her study for a big test she had coming up in magic kindergarten (she was nearly ready to start magic first grade). It was very nice of her and Twilight had gotten it into her head that since Mommy had done something so nice for her she ought to do something nice for Mommy. Helping out around the house and being a generally well-behaved filly wasn't enough. After all, she was supposed to do that. It had to be something special. Twilight had found the perfect solution.

She was going to make breakfast for the whole Sparkle family. All. By. Herself. The little purple unicorn hopped from her bed and hummed a happy tune to herself as she cantered to the kitchen. Nopony was awake yet so nopony was there to ask her what she was up to and why she was up so early on a Saturday. Twilight walked into the kitchen and looked around. Everything was so big! And the cabinets were so high up! How was she supposed to reach anything?

Of course! She could use her magic. The first thing she'd have to do was get some plates. She lit up her horn and opened the cabinet door. That wasn't so hard. The hard part came as she tried to pull down a plate. She strained as she tried to wrap her magic around the plate. It came down, though slowly and wavered in her grasp. Twilight bit her lip as she placed the plate on the counter. She needed three more plates. Her horn began to ache as she used her magic to levitate another plate. The magic began to flicker out as she drew the plate towards the counter, but Twilight quickly laid it down next to the other one. By this point, she was panting.

'Just two more. Then the glasses for everypony! You can do this, Twilight!' She mentally cheered herself on as she lit her horn again. Guided by her magic, another plate began to float in the air. Twilight winced as pain ripped through her horn. Losing control of her magic, the plate hit the floor, shattering into a million pieces. Twilight stared at it, tears welling up in her eyes. She could hear ominous hoofstps coming down the hall.

'Well. This is how it all ends.' Twilight thought to herself. Mommy wasn't going to just put her in the corner for this. That was Mommy's favorite plate, the one with the roses on it. She was going to kick her out of the house then Twilight would have to go live in a dark, scary cave and she'd never see her BBBFF again and-she began to hyperventilate as her eyes started to water.


Twilight Velvet, alerted by the noise, had marched into the kitchen. Twilight drew back as her mother took in the scene. She looked at Twilight in confusion.

"What were you trying to do?" She asked.

Twilight sniffled. "I-I wanted to make breakfast."

Velvet shook her head. "If you wanted breakfast you should have just asked." She said.

"No, I wanted to make YOU breakfast." Twilight whimpered then burst into tears. "C-cause you were so nice and helped me study s-so I wanted to do s-something nice for you and-and-p-please don't kick me out and make me live in a cave!"

Twilight suddenly found herself in her mother's embrace, which she returned.

"Twily, I would never kick you out of the house. You're my little filly and I love you. So, you were trying to do something nice for me?" Velvet asked.

Twilight nodded and burrowed into her mother's chest. Velvet stroked her mane and levitated the broken shards of the plate into the trash can.

"A-are you mad at me, Mommy?" Twilight wondered.

"Well, I don't want you trying to cook anything by yourself. If you tried to use the stove you could have burned yourself or started a fire. Or, you could have gotten a shard of glass in your little hoofie from breaking a plate."

Twilight's ears folded back as she realized all the things that could have gone wrong. They perked back up when Velvet kissed her forhead.

"But, it was really sweet that you tried to make me breakfast. So, I can forgive you."

"Thanks, Mommy." Twilight said, smiling.

"When we make a mistake, we should try to learn from it." Velvet continued. "What did you learn from this?"

Twilight thought for a moment. "Um...I'm not that good at levitation?"


"I shouldn't try to make breakfast by myself?"

"Right, but if you really feel like it you can help me anytime." Velvet said, releasing the filly from the embrace. "Why don't I show you how to break an egg?"

Twilight bounced up. "Yay!"

Velvet opened the refrigerator door and levitated out a carton of eggs that she set on the counter, then took out a bowl.

"We're going to mix the eggs. First we need to break'em." She said. She got a chair for Twilight to hop up on. "Why don't you levitate one? It's great practice."

Twilight nodded and focused her horn. It sputtered out. She frowned, closed her eyes and lit it again. An egg was caught up in her magic.

"Good filly." Velvet praised. "Now gently tap it against the edge of the bowl."

Twilight tapped it. It exploded, splattering egg yolk everywhere.

"Oops." Twilight said.

Velvet took a towel, wiped herself off, wiped Twilight off and smiled sweetly. "You know what I really want this morning? Cereal. Why don't you pour me a bowl of cereal?"

Twilight nodded and went to the refigerator. Velvet levitated a bowl and a box of celestia-o's, placing both on the counter. Twilight hopped back on her chair and used her hooves to pour the cereal (her horn was all fizzled out for the day.) Velvet patted her head. "There's a good filly. Thank you."

Twilight beamed and Velvet's heart melted. "Now while I make the eggs why don't you wake up your brother and tell him breakfast is almost ready?"

Twilight nodded, hopped off the chair and ran to get her big brother. Velvet smiled after her.

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