A Lesson in Grammar and Obscurity

by Bandy

Chapter 2: Rejected!

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Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Thank you for submitting your story! Unfortunately, we are currently full up on your genre of story, and will not be considering it for posting. We apologize greatly for any inconvenience.

Best wishes,

The Equestria Daily team

Twilight’s upper lip began to twitch as she stared at the email on screen, maddening hatred bubbling up inside her like magma in a volcano. With a huff, she closed the email and took several steps away from her computer.

She stopped several paces away from the stairs, hesitating as the anger in her mind slowly boiling over into focused rage. As a demonic grimace appeared on her face, the unicorn backpedaled a bit, whirled around, and bucked the computer screen with all her might, shattering the box with an explosion of sparks and fire.

The destruction complete, she turned nonchalantly turned on her hooves and wandered out of the basement, murmuring silently to herself.

“I really hate fanfiction.”

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