What You Can Imagine

by darf
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A Pony's deepest desires brought to life aren't always what they expect.
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A place where ponies can go to have their fantasies brought to life. A young colt finds himself asked by invitation only, as all the clients are. He's not sure if he belongs, and as he discovers more about the strange boutique and how it works, he becomes less and less sure about his patronage - and more and more bewildered by the idea of 'fantasy' and what it means to want something that might never be real.

A story for the friend off, based on Obsidian Solitaire's "The Cutest Thing..."

My first attempted at 'real' writing... apologies to everyone looking for the usual stuff. Will return to regularly scheduled content soon.


9,921 words: Estimated 40 Minutes to read: [Cache]

1 Chapter:

  1. Chapter 1 [Cache] Mar 11th, 2013
Published May 28th, 2012


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