Sunset Shimmer and Adagio Dazzle Take Over the World

by Rainedash

Chapter 1: Only You Can Prevent Magical Overlords

Meet Brawly Beats.

A fit looking teen with turquoise hair and a bead necklace stood just outside of Canterlot High. The sun started to set as he looked to and fro.

Brawly here is your average, everyday Equestrian teenager. He likes sports and plays drums for a local garage band. In fact, he has just finished watching the home team take on their most bitter of rivals, the away team. But wait, what's this? Something appears to be amiss behind the grounds keeper's shed.

Brawly spotted an eerie red glow emanating from behind the nondescript shed. He walked a bit to the right gaining a better vantage point while keeping his distance. The glow's source appeared to be a floating red demon speaking to a girl whose massive hair made up at least half her size.

Could trouble be afoot?!

Brawly simply shrugged his shoulders and waved off the site. With a quick turn he was on his way back home.

Not to Brawly Beats. He wrote it off as no big deal, likely just a girl thing. And for all he knew it could have been nothing more than his eyes playing tricks on him. Maybe it was just a low flying weather balloon. Brawly left the campus and continued on his everyday life. Now, let us take a gander at how his decision has affected the world.


Three years have passed and we return to our non-hero, Brawly Beats, in this underground bunker located in an undisclosed location. He hasn't gotten to play his drums in years. All he does now is help put together equipment for the few remaining resistance fighters in the region.

Brawly Beats sat on a rickety, obviously uncomfortable chair while putting the final touches on another rickety chair for others to be able to sit. As he hammered in a nail his mind wandered to his days of playing music. Using the hammer as an impromptu drumstick he started tapping on the table to the rhythm of an old song he liked. “Hey, get back to work! If you don't work you get kicked out of the bunker!” yelled a military man with various medals on his chest.

“Y-Yes, s-” alarms rang throughout the building.

Uh oh, looks like things are going from bad to worse for our friend. What trouble is he getting himself into this time?

The soldier ran to the door, but just as it opened he was knocked back. There stood the demonic figure of Sunset Shimmer, her magic easily pinning the soldier to the floor. From behind her stepped forward Adagio Dazzle with a brand new jewel hanging from her neck. Her mouth opened and out came the most beautiful sound Brawly ever heard. He could see his chance to regain everything he had lost. All he needed to do was to completely obey his new overlords.

Things didn't turn out well for protagonist, huh? No, now he is doomed to spend the remainder of his life as a thrall, never questioning his masters' orders. In fact the entire tri-state area has fallen to the evil duo. On the bright side he will be reunited with his old band-mates again. But it didn't have to be this way. Had young Brawly simply made a different choice all those years ago things would have turned out for the better. Let's see just how much better.


On the steps in front of the police station stood Brawly, the mayor, and a group of reporters. The mayor handed over a medal and the key to the city to the young man. Brawly gave the reporters a thumbs up and a smile, complete with a glint of light coming from his pearly white teeth. Off to the side the two magical maidens of mental manipulation were being led away in handcuffs.

“Curses, foiled again!” exclaimed Sunset Shimmer to the heavens above.

See, thanks to Brawly's quick wit in alerting the proper authorities the day was saved. Rather than becoming thralls everyone gets to continue living in freedom thanks to one boy doing his civic duty.


The lights in the auditorium turned on and the actors took their bow. The applause was akin to what one would hear on a golf course, polite but far from enthusiastic. Vice-Principle Luna stepped out onto the stage with a mic in hand. “Okay everyone, now what have we learned today?” A small group of hands were raised among the crowd. “Yes, you there.”

“That apparently someone can be dumb enough to think a demon is a weather balloon?”

“N-no, that wasn't what the play was about... Er, how about you?” She pointed to another student.

“That villains like to do their scheming out in the open where anyone can walk by?”

“How about you over there?”

“Actually, I didn't learn anything, but I do have a question. Why was Brawly the only person around if it was right after a game ending? Also, would the police really believe someone saying he saw a flying demon?”

Luna's nose crinkled in frustration. “Okay, enough comments from the audience. Look, this PSA was just telling you to tell someone if you see magical events happening. That's it.”

“Why didn't you just say that over the loudspeaker instead of doing a play?” said one student from the audience.

“Just... just go back to your classes.” With a groan Luna turned around. Sunset Shimmer and Adagio were standing there, seemingly waiting for something.

“Ahem,” grunted Sunset as Adagio held out her hand to Luna.

“Right, I didn't forget.” From her pocket she pulled out seventy dollars and divided it up evenly between the two. “Thanks for the help,” said Luna as she turned and walked off.

“Any time,” replied Sunset.

Rather than answering Adagio opted to just count her payment. When finished she looked over to Sunset, “Curses, foiled again? Really?”

“Hey, how often do you get to really ham up a performance? I had to take that chance.” Sunset looked down at her cash and mulled over how to spend it. “Feel like seeing a movie?”

“Hm, sure. I got nothing better to do. They did a remake of the Creature from the Black Lagoon called The Creature from the Purple Lagoon. Stupid name, but I've heard it's actually decent.”

Sunset snerked.


“Nothing, I just think it's kinda funny that a siren wants to see a movie about another sea creature terrorizing everyone. But, sure, we can check that out depending on what’s playing.” The two former villains took their leave from the auditorium.

Author's Notes:

I needed to get back into the habit of, you know, actually writing. Figured this would be a good way to start. And just in case anyone is curious, Brawly Beats is a background human from the Equestria Girls movies and shorts. You can look him up on Derpibooru or the mlp wiki.

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