Suited Up

by tf-sential

Chapter 1: Suited Up

Suited Up

Suited Up

A Spitfire TF/TG

Written by tf-sential/acesential



Contains TG, clop, and personality wiping


It was a slow day, but it was a nice kind of slow--the kind that lets you sit back and truly relax. No obligations, no worries, no consequences. With the whole family out on vacation, I was left to keep watch of the house. The quiet solitude in my home’s walls was a nice change from the noisy carnage that usually took place-- parents yelling, sister screaming, and me whining to myself, “why is this my life?!”

They asked me if I wanted to come. Okay, it’s more like they demanded that I come, even though I kept saying no. But eventually they just left, not wanting to deal with me and my stubborn ass. Like it was a big loss--our family “vacations” usually meant getting yelled at by my folks more often than usual (which is already a lot) and my little sister acting like her normal, spoiled-rotten self. No, thank you. Between that and staying home, a week away from my family sounded like the real vacation.

Kicking back, I sat onto my fluffy couch and flicked on the television screen. My room was a mess--papers scattered about, laundry lazily thrown in a heap in the corner, and various unread books here and there--just the way I liked it. I sank into my seat, getting all nice and cozy as the show came on from commercial break. The cartoon? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

What could I say? I wouldn’t say that it was my favorite show, but it made for good television. A friend of mine introduced me to it, and while I’m not a crazy toy-buying, convention-going, spaghetti-spewing brony like he is, I do enjoy watching. The diminutive colorful equines offered a nice break to my otherwise hectic life.

Oh, and my folks didn’t know that I watched it. Neither did my sister. God knows they already had enough reasons to annoy me, and they really didn’t need another.

The Best Night Ever was playing. I enjoyed this episode, if only because I liked seeing the ponies’ expectations from The Ticket Master come crashing down. Reality sucks like that. The scene that always caught my interest, grabbing my full attention, was when Spitfire, captain of the Wonderbolts, appeared.

“Hey,” she said to Rainbow Dash. “I know you! You’re the pony who saved us in Cloudsdale and won the Best Flyer Competition!”

Ahh, Spitfire... I don’t know what it was about her, but she captivated me. Was it her voice? Her color scheme? Maybe it was the way her mane, a beautiful flame on her head, so magnificently swept back, as if she just stepped out of a long session with her fellow Wonderbolts. Maybe it was the idea of her soaring through the air with her majestic golden wings. Maybe it was the idea of her taking off her suit, her short yellow fur glistening with a light coat of sweat, rolling off the nice curves of her hindlegs and--

Whoa, dude. Hold up. Were you just thinking about how sexy a pony was? Seriously? I mean sure, she has a nice color palette, and yeah, maybe her voice was kinda gorgeous. And it was pretty hot how she kept her eyes half-lidded, like she was seducing you without a single word…

Dirty images of Spitfire flashed through my mind. Dirty, naughty, sexy images. I was so turned on. The crotch of my pants grew tight. If given the chance… I would totally bang Spitfire.

I slapped myself. Repeatedly. In the face. I’m not a--what did my friend call them… clopper? Yeah, Bronies who actually masturbate to ponies! Getting off to a cartoon horse? That’s disgusting! I mean, they’re horses, for God’s sake! Why would you want to screw a horse?!

Yet here I am, thinking of screwing the captain of the Wonderbolts.

Maybe I’m going stir-crazy? No, that couldn’t be it. I’ve only been by myself for three days! And I’ve been out hanging with my friends. It’s not like I’ve been cooped inside for the past few days. That would be really pathetic.

I turned off the TV and headed for the kitchen. I needed to get my mind off of Spitfire, and what better a distraction than good old food? Rounding into the kitchen, I grabbed some pepperoni Hot Pockets from the freezer and tossed them into the microwave. With a few button presses, the Hot Pockets were on their way to warm, gooey perfection.

I sat at the table, waiting. My mind began to wander as I did. I wonder what my friends were doing today? Maybe I should call them up, hang out with them? Did I throw out the garbage? Hey, was that a bird, just now? Hmm… flying… like Spitfire would…

My thoughts travelled from subject to subject, until it once again settled on Spitfire. I didn’t even realize that I was fantasizing how firm her ass must have felt, muscles tight from all that flying and training. If only I could just grab them with my own ha--

*Bweep bweep bweep!*

The Hot Pockets were done, snapping me out of my daydream. I groaned as I realized what I was doing just moments ago. This whole pony thing was getting to me a lot more than it should. That’s it: after today, no more ponies. If it was going to shove creepy things like Spitfire’s toned ass into my brain, it wasn’t worth it.

I pulled the Hot Pockets out of the microwave and bit into one. Mmmm… Pepperoni goodness. These should fill me right up. I took the plate with me as began to head upstairs, but before I could even get up the first step, a knock came at my front door.

There was no way in hell that my folks were back from vacation. None of my friends were the drop-by-without-announcement types, either. Hell, most of the time, I have to call them to hang out. Puzzled, I approached the door.

I peered through the glass window in the center of the door, looking down and to the sides. There didn’t seem to be anyone standing on the deck of my house. I set the Hot Pockets down on a table nearby and poised myself for anything. With the utmost precision, I unlocked the door and opened it as slowly as I could.

When I spotted a cardboard box sitting at the foot of the door, all of my paranoia was instantly replaced with curiosity, and I threw caution to the wind. I recklessly swung the door open wide and grabbed the box--it must’ve been delivered here just now, but where did it come from? My dad would never make an order and then leave me to get it--he didn’t even trust me with the dishes, let alone deliveries.

There wasn’t a return address on the box. In fact, it looked like it was just dropped there by a complete stranger. My paranoia began kicking in again, but it was once again overturned by my greater sense of curiosity. It was relatively light--whatever was inside probably didn’t weigh any more than the box it was in. Giving one last look around, I pulled the package inside and shut the door with my foot.

I’ll be honest--I felt just like a kid at Christmas. I mean, a mysterious package with no label, just screaming for me to open it? No one could resist that! I wore a giddy smirk on my face as I grabbed a knife from the kitchen. I returned to the living room, sat on the couch, and placed the box on my lap. I began to cut away at the tape wrapping the box. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be--whoever wrapped this thing went overboard with the tape, putting layer after layer. It took several minutes of cutting to finally free the flaps.

I was giggling like a kid, I was so excited. Sure, I knew that the box might have a bomb, or maybe anthrax or some other “oh crap I’m gonna die” thing inside. It didn’t change the fact that I was always insanely curious, and I treated every opportunity to learn something or explore as a challenge. Lifting that flap might as well have been unearthing pirate treasure.

With a grin on my face, I unfurled the flaps and peered into the box. Inside, folded neatly and resting at the bottom, was a blue and yellow jumpsuit. The patterns on it were vaguely familiar. I reached in and pulled it out, letting it unfold. I got to see why it seemed to familiar--it was a Wonderbolts jumpsuit, except, well, human shaped.

Now I was starting to freak out. Sure, thinking Spitfire was sexy was one thing, but getting a Wonderbolts suit on the same day? No way was it just a coincidence. No way in hell.

I felt nervous--my mind was blaring with all kinds of alarms. Something was definitely not right here. My first impulse was to shove the suit back into the box, throw it away, and pretend I never got it. Yeah, that was the best thing to do. Throw it away and forget all about it.

I was just about to do that when I noticed the texture of the suit itself. It was smooth and pliable between my fingers--it was… simply amazing to touch. The impulse to throw it away disappeared. In its place, there came an irresistible desire to put it on. I wanted to slip the suit over my body and feel it tight against my skin. To feel how Spitfire would feel.

My hands shook as I played with the fabric between my fingers. No… I didn’t want to just feel like Spitfire…

I wanted to be Spitfire.

I almost threw up in my mouth. What the hell was wrong with me?! Something was screwing with my mind! Something must be! And yet… the feeling was there--the desire to be her. No matter how much I reasoned with myself, it wouldn’t go away. It was planted firmly in my brain, and I felt like I was going crazy because of it.

I grasped the suit firmly, fist shaking. I wasn’t going to throw this away. I was going to bring it upstairs, and put it on. Maybe once I did, all these crazy feelings I was having would go away, once and for all. That was the plan--put it on, feel sexy like Spitfire, then take it off.

I wrapped the suit around my arms and headed upstairs, leaving the box and knife in the living room. As I climbed the stairs, I couldn’t help but wonder: why was I feeling this way? That stupid pony show had never affected me like this before. I’ve seen The Best Night Ever before! I didn’t make such a huge deal about Spitfire last time! But now, I’m completely overcome with a disturbing desire to be her.

I wheeled a mirror from my parent’s room and into my own. I wanted to see myself in this thing. I set it up in the corner, away from the bed and desk. Only when I closed the door did I realize that my breathing was heavy. The desire to slip on the suit grew stronger with every moment wasted.

Everything was ready--the blinds were closed, the door was shut, and the mirror was positioned perfectly, reflecting my entire body. The suit was still rolled up in my arms, cool to the touch. I tossed it onto my bed and began to take off my clothes. I wanted to feel the fabric of the suit all over me.

I dropped all of my clothes onto the floor. I was standing completely naked in my bedroom, but not for long. With eager anticipation, I picked up the suit and examined it closely. Sure enough, it was near-identical to the suit that the Wonderbolts wear, with its blue and yellow color, differing only in its humanoid shape and the open sleeves and legs.

I felt around for the zipper of the suit and found it on the front, running from the base of the mouth hole down to the crotch. I took note of the zipper’s position--I didn’t want to accidentally zip my cock. With the zipper all the way down, I slid my left leg down the suit’s pant leg. I could feel the cool and smooth fabric rubbing my skin, and I absolutely loved it. After pushing through my first leg, I did the same for the other, again enjoying the sensation of the suit hugging it as I did.

Now the suit was on my legs, and it was wonderful. I was taking my time and enjoying myself, but I still couldn’t wait to get the rest of it on. I grabbed the shoulders of the suit and drew them over my own. One by one, I slipped my arms through the sleeves, wiggling my fingers as they popped out the ends. I quickly tucked my manhood into the suit and zipped myself up. It got tight around my gut, but with a little effort I was able to pull it all the way up to my neck.

I gave myself a smirk in the mirror--Damn! I wore this thing great! It was really tight around the waist though, and a little loose around the hips. I realized that the suit was probably made for a woman, but I didn’t care. I was wearing a Wonderbolts suit! The feeling of cool fabric hugging my skin was amazing--this must be what it feels like to be a Wonderbolt. To be Spitfire.

I sighed. Maybe I’d spend some time around the house like this? No one was home, so no one could make fun of me for it. Besides, it was really comfortable. It made me feel tingly. I did a little turn around to see my back. I noticed that the back had three holes- one at the base of my spine and two right below my shoulder blades. I figured that they were meant for wings and a tail, despite the human shape of the suit.

That’s when I noticed that the pinching feeling in my waist was gone. The sagginess of the suit in the hips was absent, too. The suit just felt… better. And given how good it felt already, that was saying something. I gave myself another look in the mirror. I ran my hands down my side and over my hips… my womanly hips.

What the fuck?!

My body changed! It… it changed to fit the suit! My waist was slimmer than it was before, with the difference my hips. My body had a girly curve. I stared, mouth agape. I ran my hands over my side again, just to make sure. Sure enough, my girly hips were real. I screamed.

My mind was racing over any possible explanation. Was it an illusion? Maybe the mirror was being weird? But if that was the case, why could I feel my hips?! God, why didn’t any of this make sense?!

My hands began to spasm, fingers twitching as they slowly curled together into a fist. Try as I might, I couldn’t pull them apart. I had lost control of them! Then the unimaginable happened--I watched in horror as I saw the cuffs of the suit began to travel up my wrist, aiming to swallow my hands. The suit was alive! And it was changing me!

I should’ve never put it on! I should’ve just thrown it away when I had the chance. Now, it was too late. I could only hope that whatever the suit was doing to me, I’d be able to reverse, somehow.

The suit enveloped my fingers and sealed them up, leaving no seams to prove that there was ever a hole. The same happened to my feet, completely sealing my limbs inside. I tried to wrestle against the suit, but it held fast. There was no way I would be getting my limbs free.

Cramps seized my hand, and I gritted my teeth in pain. My fingers felt like they were about to break! I uselessly slapped my twitching palms against the zipper, but the attempts were in vain as I couldn’t even flex my fingers. The pressure grew, but just as it felt like they were about to snap, my grip loosened. I noticed that my fingers were starting to go numb, almost like they were… shrinking away. I could see it through the suit, the ridges of my fingers pressing against it slowly melting from view. After a few more seconds, I couldn’t even feel my fingers anymore. All I had were useless palms.

That wasn’t the end of it, however. The remains of my hands became rounder and sturdier- I watched in horror as they flattened and flared out, growing out more and more. I was left with simple, round, marshmallowy shaped stumps. I stared at my former hands in disbelief. Only one word came to mind: hooves.

Hooves… Oh god, no. The suit was turning me into a pony! The thought was completely outrageous, but considering how my hands just turned into hooves right before my very eyes, I was willing to believe anything.

I lurched forward suddenly as I felt my weight shift. With a clop, my… hooves… hit the ground, putting me on all fours. I watched the changes proceed up my arms, pulling my elbows closer to my body as my wrists travelled upward, lengthening my hooves. I shut my eyes and groaned as I felt my bones squelch and my muscles cramp. Spasms wracked my entire body and I could feel my organs burning. Tears streamed down my face. It hurt so much. Stop, please stop.

I was slowly losing my humanity, and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. No one would recognize me--not my friends, not my family… For once in my life, I wished that my family was there. At the very least, I wouldn’t be alone.

I opened my eyes. Where my arms used to be were now bestial pony forelegs. My brain was on full panic mode, thinking that my arms had been completely mutilated. I should have hands, not hooves! I didn’t want to be a pony! ...right?

My mind went back to my thoughts from earlier-- that desire to become Spitfire. Was that what I really wanted? To be her? I… I did.  I wanted to be Spitfire. Why? I didn’t know. But this suit was turning me into a pony. I would be closer to being her… the mare of my dreams.

A strange, electrifying tingle travelled down my spine, causing me to twitch with each pulse. I already knew what was happening before I even saw it. Turning around, I saw the beginnings of a bony tail push out from the base of my spine, and through the hole there, in the suit. It grew with every spasm that pulsed through my body. Bit by bit, another vertebrae pushed into it, pulling it longer and longer. Soon enough, I had a bony tail sticking out from the top of my ass.

A tail… I had a tail. And I found it… nice. It was so weird, actually enjoying the fact that I now had a tail! Like, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I- I was turning into a pony! A part of me was fighting that excitement saying, no! This isn’t who you are! You are a human, not a goddamn pony! Stop being so happy about this!

But I couldn’t help it. I… I wanted to be a pony!

Small hairs began to sprout from my new appendage. It was a strangely pleasant feeling as they grew out. After a few seconds, I had a long, vibrant orange and yellow tail. It swayed of its own accord, but I was surprised to find out that I had a degree of control over it.

My tail fired something off in my mind. Its color… it was the same color as…

Everything suddenly clicked- the suit, my girly shape, turning into a pony… I was becoming Spitfire.

My face broke into a wide smile. Yes! This is what I wanted! I wanted to be her so badly! Something changed in me. The fear I felt melted away in an instant. I began to embrace the transformation, enjoying how it slowly wiped away my humanity and replaced it with the Wolderbolts’ captain’s body.

I felt my toes curling up, tighter and tighter, until they began to loosen. The same thing that happened to my hands was now happening to my feet, and I couldn’t be any more excited about it if I tried. I rolled onto my back to watch my feet lengthen outward, becoming thicker and fuller as my former toes flattened out into hooves. At the same time, my shins cracked as they compressed, shrinking. My knees popped as the joints reshaped for a more bestial gait. It hurt. It hurt so much, but I was too ecstatic to care. In fact, I began to love it--every ounce of pain I felt meant another part of my humanity being shed away--another step closer to being her.

My already round ass became more and more toned as I felt the muscles in my thighs ripple with strength. With a snap, my pelvis rotated, permanently locking me in as a quadruped--not that I minded. The idea of walking on four hooves made me tingle with glee. And my hindlegs… oh god, they had to be the sexiest things ever--the curve of my ass moving down to the hook that used to be my heel. And my feet--sorry, my hooves--were so long now! I curled the ends of them and squealed as I saw them react.

Sweat rolled down the inside of the suit as I panted. All this transforming, all this pain… It was getting me so horny! I could feel my dick desperately trying to push through the suit, but it was held back. My huge pony thighs were practically crushing my balls. I needed some goddamn relief! I looked down at my crotch, seeing the bulge of my manhood. I began to stroke it with my hooves through the suit, moaning as I did.

A clenching feeling gripped my balls, as if they were being slowly pressed in a vise. I cried aloud, feeling the skin of my scrotum tighten. It burned, oh god it burned! What was going on down there?! I stopped stroking just in time to see the bulge of my balls smooth out, like they were never there.

That’s right… Spitfire’s a mare! If I was turning into her, then that meant I’d end up becoming a…

Oh god, yes.

My heels grinded against the floor as I grimaced, feeling my testes slowly migrate into my abdomen. I knew what was happening--they were turning into ovaries… and goddammit, I wanted it so much! I wanted to be a mare!

I pressed a hoof on my shaft--so I could feel it slip away. And slip away it did. My hips began to convulse, and with each ripple, my penis shrank more and more, the bulge it left in the suit becoming smaller and smaller. And the smaller it got, the more sensitive it became, to the point where I had to take my hooves off, the sensations too much for me to handle, next to the pain wracking my body.

There was an odd, tickling sensation, as I felt the nipples on my chest slide down my torso, rubbing the inside of the suit as it went. Further down it went, until I felt it stop above the miniscule remnants of my penis. They tingled as I felt the flesh beneath them swell ever so slightly--I realized that I just grew teats, perfect for feeding a growing foal.

I moaned as what was left of my former manhood became a tiny sensitive clit. My back arched as the changes progressed, a rift opening where my scrotum used to be- the beginnings of a vagina. The convulsions continued, each one deepening the rift between my legs. My insides burned as I felt new organs grow in, appropriate for my new sex. It was so strange, feeling this hollowness where my penis used to be, but I embraced it wholeheartedly.

I was already on edge from the changes of my sex, my loins screaming for release. With a hoof, I rubbed at my clit, pushing me over. I twisted and moaned aloud as I experienced my first female orgasm, rippling through my body. The crotch of my suit grew moist with mare juice. It was amazing. I could only lay there, mind abuzz with the afterglow.

A pop came from my shoulders as they rolled forward, running flush with my body. I felt my ribcage press against my chest, making it barrel out. With some effort, I managed to roll onto all fours. It felt natural. The best way I could describe the sensation would be that it was like standing on your fingertips and tiptoes, but it was more than that. Either way, I loved it. Standing on all fours, I was firm and grounded. I could feel myself filling with confidence in my new form.

I could feel my skin tingle--something was growing, brushing the inside of the suit. It was only when it traveled up my bare neck that I could see what it was- yellow fur. In a matter of moments, it swept my entire body- from my hooves to the base of my tail, to my new vagina, all over my belly, even my face.

My neck grew longer and twisted, pulling my head into a naturally forward facing gaze. The hood of the suit crept up my neck and pulled over my face. I yelped in surprise--a feminine yelp. Already, I could feel my head tingle and ache.

My nose pushed forward, pulling my mouth with it. I wanted to scream, but my jaw was locked in place. As it grew, I could feel my teeth grinding as they reshaped inside. Finally, my mouth snapped open, letting me yell in pain. A snout. I had a small little mare snout between my eyes.

Speaking of my eyes, they began to grow, burning as they did. I winced as I saw the world around me become more and more vibrant. My sight was getting better! I saw things in shades and tints I never knew even existed before! I blinked, and I could feel long, feminine eyelashes brush my cheeks. Looking at the mirror, my eyes were huge! From the inside out, my eyes turned from a dark brown to a brilliant orange.

Just as my sight improved, so did my hearing. My ears slid up the side of my head, growing larger and cupped as they pushed through the ear holes at the top of the suit’s hood, coming up to a point. They flicked and swiveled, moving with new muscles.

My hair spilled into view as it grew. Its brown color was rapidly overtaken by orange and yellow. It sprouted from my head and spilled over one side, draping down, nice and long. I wondered why it wasn’t swept back like Spitfire’s, but it occurred to me that it only took on that shape after long bouts of flying- a problem I would fix as soon as possible.

I was almost done--the only thing left was a pegasus mare’s most important tool.

I craned my head, looking back on my new pony shaped body. I watched excitedly as I saw two nubs sprout from the back of my shoulders, poking through the two wing holes on the suit. They grew outward, becoming something like nasty looking, fingerless arms sprouting from my back. I knew better, though. Yellow feathers began to grow from them rapidly, layer after layer. Soon, unfurled at my sides, primed for flight, were two magnificent yellow wings… Spitfire’s wings.

My wings.

I turned toward the mirror and saw a young pegasus mare looking back, her coat and wings a brilliant yellow, with a fiery mane and tail flowing out of her blue-and-yellow skin-tight suit. I squealed in excitement, knowing that the one looking in the mirror was me. I had become the mare of my dreams. I was Spitfire!

There was something I had to do. I bolted downstairs for the front door, running on all fours naturally, as if I had done so my entire life. I was just about to open the door when I saw the corner of something in the box I had left behind. I didn’t remember leaving anything inside. Curious, I pulled it out, and grinned when I saw that it was a pair of goggles. I slipped them over my face, fixing them firmly over my enormous eyes. Now I was ready.

With my mouth, I pulled the front door open, thankfully unlocked from earlier. I stepped onto the deck of my house, smirking with confidence. The skies above me were blue and clear with the summer sun. I thought of soaring through them, with the grace and speed that only a Wonderbolt possesses.

My wings unfurled at my thoughts and fluttered slightly. This was it--the moment I’d been waiting for. I took in a deep breath. I raised my wings up high, the feathers flaring outward, ready to catch as much air as they could in a single flap.


I was in the air, soaring far above my home, getting higher and higher. Again I flapped, and higher I went. I couldn’t help but laugh, knowing that gravity no longer had any bounds on me. Up and down I soared, flying between clouds with style. I was a free pegasus, speeding through the skies! The freedom I felt then was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted in my life.

Memories began to grow hazy in my mind, but I was too wrapped up in the joy of flying to realize, let alone care. I was too wrapped up to realize that the faces of my friends and family slowly faded away, to be replaced with something more… familiar. My past became more and more distant from me, as I began to embrace another. By the time I landed, I realized something.

My name was Spitfire. I was the Captain of the Wonderbolts…

And I needed to assemble a team.

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