Her New Role

by Ebony Horn

Chapter 1: Chapter One

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Chapter One

Twilight awoke to the sound of wood creaking.

She groaned, her voice muffled beneath the pillow on her face. She tugged it away, then yawned. She wiggled her toes, still half-asleep. Why did they feel so cold?

Her eyes, bleary with sleep, slowly began to close—and snapped wide open when she heard something crack beneath her. She made to draw her feet up toward her chest and gasped when she realized that they weren’t on the bed anymore.

She set them back down, then flinched when she felt the bed shake from the impact. What in Equestria—

She sat straight up and nearly yelped when she felt the ceiling brush against the tips of her ears.

“Oh, no,” she breathed. “This can’t be happening.”

But it was. Twilight held her breath as she glanced up at the ceiling to her room. It was now barely a foot away from her nose. And she was still sitting in bed. What the hay—

Then she glanced down at the tall, fat shadow bobbing gently before her. It towered above the bed, reaching just past the base of her horn and filling most of her vision. As she watched, a large drop of clear-looking liquid, illuminated by the moonlight seeping in past her curtains, beaded at the tip before dripping down the side.

Twilight bit her lip. This was not good. Ever since she’d become a princess, she’d had to deal with an increased...well, everything. A larger pool of magic had been a welcome gift, not that she’d needed it. The day her curves and bust had finally started to round out had been worth celebrating. But then she’d started to grow...and grow. Neither Celestia nor Luna had seen fit to inform of this...side effect. She’d always just assumed that their nine-foot bodies were just part and parcel of being a literal goddess...but alicornhood, she’d found out, came with more than just a title and a fancy crown.

Twilight’s bed creaked again, and she involuntarily twitched in her seated position. Her thick thighs, which didn’t part until more than halfway down to her knees, rubbed against one another, stimulating both her tired muscles and her fat, heavy nutsack. She whimpered slightly as the monumental pillar of meat throbbed before her, its easily eight-foot length lurching gently. Her newest “addition” was something she was still getting used to, but this newest growth spurt didn’t seem to be helping matters. After being a mare for most of her life…

Well. She still had her marehood, really; it was concealed just behind her new stallionhood. It was currently aching with need, though even that was nothing compared to the pressure and heat mounting in her new shaft. She could almost feel her beachball-sized nuts churning in her lap. Her scent—well, more of a musk, really—filled her lungs, and she exhaled slowly.

Right. So. Her bed was about to break beneath her weight. Order of business one: Get out of bed. That, it turned out, was easier said than done. Twilight managed to get her blanket off without too much difficulty; by now, it was little more than a medium-sized hand towel to her. Getting onto the floor proved to be the tricky bit.

She couldn’t stand up; her head was close enough to the ceiling as it was. And with a member that big, she had to be very careful of where she turned it. Slowly, carefully, she turned so that one of her palms was resting on the carpet beside her bed. She tested her weight on it, making sure that the floor and bed didn’t creak too loudly, then turned until side of her bust was smushed into her upper arm. She stifled a moan as her sensitive flesh throbbed at the contact, then set about setting her other hand onto the ground.

It was all going well—until her stallionhood got caught between her thigh and wrist. She went spilling off the side of her bed and collapsed onto the floor. The entire house trembled beneath her massive weight.

Twilight let out a soft cry as her boner, pressed against the carpet by the weight of her stomach and bust, lurched against the floor. Biting her lip, she slowly drew herself up until she was sitting back on her knees. Her rump, rounded out nicely by her ascension, squished out on top of her thunder thighs, letting a healthy fistful of assflesh sag over her well-defined quads.

Steadying herself on her shins and holding her hands to her chest, Twilight closed her eyes and tried to will herself small again. She focused on the memory of smallness—or at least, as small as a seven-foot alicorn princess could be without additional problems of gigantism—and held onto it, embracing it with her magic. The power flared up inside of her, and then subsided into a dull hum.

She opened her eyes and found—nothing. No change. She glanced down—or up, rather—at her thick, flared head and took a deep breath. It was throbbing heavily. Sweat was beading on her forehead, and she had to restrain herself from taking it in both hands and rubbing it, stroking it lovingly until, with a roar of pleasure and size, she finally came—

A tinge of red on her cheeks, she chanced a look down at the part of the carpet she’d been rubbing against after she fell. A thick white stain about as wide across as a dinner plate stared back at her. She could feel her fat nuts weighing heavily against the insides of her thighs, already eager to spill more of their seed.

The burning feeling in her chest was almost unbearable. Her heart was beating at a hundred beats a minute; her every breath came shorter and harder than the last. She felt her chest heaving slightly, her pupils dilating as her mind clouded over. The fire in her loins was incredible. She raised a hand, trembling, reaching out to her needy erection as her wings stiffened behind her. Sparks flickered at the point of her horn. She whined softly. She needed this. She needed—

The logical side of her mind took over again, shoving her lust down hard. She needed to get a grip on herself.  Twilight grimaced and eyed the stain on the carpet. With an output that large, there was no way she could risk an orgasm in here. She’d managed to clog the toilet at her new “regular” size just last week; somehow, she felt, letting her stallionhood have its way in her room would have a very messy result.

So, somewhat mournfully, she instead turned to her door. Outside, at least, she’d have a chance to relieve herself somewhat decently before thinking about how to get to a more manageable size. Most of her clothes had shredded off of her during her sleeping growth spurt—which wasn’t surprising, seeing as she’d been waiting on an order from Rarity and most of her old clothes hadn’t really fit her to begin with—and all that was left was a pair of panties. They had been stretched into a tiny, impossibly thin thong around her prized cock and balls. She could actually feel the string digging deep into the space of her asscheeks, then let out a tight gasp as she shifted her weight and felt it rubbing against her clit.

She paused for a moment, listening to make sure she couldn’t hear Spike moving about. The little drake had a fortunate tendency to sleep through most anything, which Twilight was suddenly very thankful for. Once she was sure that she wasn’t about to be disturbed, she unlocked her bedroom door with a flicker of magic, magically switched the light on, and set about trying to squeeze herself through.

Hands and knees, it seemed, were the only way she’d possibly fit. At seven feet in height, her princess-sized form already had to duck to fit through most doorways. She estimated that she was at least twice that now, and with a throbbing erection taller than the door was long, there was absolutely no way she’d manage to get through the normal way.

She held her wings tight to her back and tried to push her way through. Her head managed to fit through easily enough, though her shoulders proved a bit of trouble. She grunted, feeling her well-defined arms rubbing the wood molding raw as she pushed off with her feet. Her shoulders made it through. Next came her breasts.

Twilight gritted her teeth. Okay. She could do this. She did her best to ignore the heavy weights on her chest and tried instead to focus on the parts of her bust that were already outside of her room. Admittedly, those parts comprised only a few handfuls of titflesh that had managed to squeeze through between the doorframe and the sides of her chest, but it was a start.

Holding her breath, she sucked in her chest and stomach and tried to tease herself through, one breast at a time. She had to lean her weight on her right knee and heft her left breast with the same hand to push it through the doorframe. It took a bit of effort, but she managed to get it through. Once she’d let go, it flopped back against the outside of the frame, her underboob resting on the cool paint of the wall.

Her other breast was easier to get out, now that she didn’t have to deal with both mashing into each other. Twilight was happy enough to crawl a few more feet through into the hall. Once she got halfway through, though, her real problem presented itself: her ass.

Not just her ass, to be fair. Her hips, her thighs, her big perky butt cheeks: every pound of flesh on her newfound curves found itself wedged tightly against the doorframe. Twilight grit her teeth and tried to tug her oversized rear through the door. About five feet across, and packed equally with fat and muscle, her princess-sized tush didn’t seem like it wanted to go anywhere.

She stopped for a moment, panting. She could do this. Princess Twilight Sparkle wasn’t about to let a silly old door get in her way. Still, she reflected, stifling a grin, it was all rather silly.

Mournfully, she glanced back over her shoulder at her stuck behind. Her tapered waist curved out to a pair of foalbearing hips that could probably cover her entire couch. From there, her lower body rounded out into a pair of butt cheeks so big that only two-thirds of each were visible through the door, their tops slightly squished beneath the frame. She wiggled her butt a bit, and bit her lip when her cheeks jiggled happily in response. The sensation of her mass rubbing up against and teasing her hidden clit was almost too much to bear when her shaft was already throbbing.

She took a deep breath, tried to suck it in—however one would go about sucking in a too-fat ass, she wasn’t quite sure—and put all of her weight on her knees before heaving it forward.

The good news: she made it out. The bad news: the weight and surface area of her ass and hips crashed through the doorframe with a crash reminiscent of a falling tree. Twilight landed right on her belly, her breasts serving as a comfortable cushion beneath her chin. Her shaft, once again caught between her bust and the carpet, gave a mighty throb. She stifled a cry of pleasure as a glob of precum the size of her head burst from its tip and splattered against the banister.

She didn’t have to look back at her door to know that she’d shattered it. She could still feel her globular ass wobbling from the force of the impact. Trying to get back onto her feet—or, at the very least, her knees—Twilight once more stifled a moan as her thick thighs rubbed against a patch of skin from her nutsack they’d pinched between them during her fall. Her stallionhood throbbed appreciatively, and she could almost swear that her fat, musky balls felt even heavier against her lap as she pulled herself back up to sit on the backs of her legs.

She warily eyed Spike’s door. Once she was sure that he hadn’t heard the commotion—for goodness’ sake, how did he do it?—she settled her hands on the floor, did her best to reorient herself so that she was sitting on her rump, and pulled herself across the floor to the stairs. The carpet crumpled and folded beneath her magnificent rear, which was so wide as to take up a majority of the hallway. She did her best to ignore the feeling that her hips were rubbing against the walls around her.

She took the staircase very carefully. With feet nearly twice as long as a single stair was wide, she had to be extremely delicate with her movements. She wound up in a strange sort of standing slide, gripping the banister tightly as she pulled her weight down. With every “step”, she was able to pull herself a little more to her feet. The bannister groaned, the stairs creaking beneath her, but she found little trouble.

Until, at least, she reached the halfway point. She’d just pulled herself to her full height, the tufts of her ears barely brushing the ceiling of the main room of the library, when the stairs gave a mighty groooooaaan beneath her—and shattered.

This time, she was powerless to stop the yelp of surprise—though, surprisingly, not of pain—as she went crashing down to the floor below. This time, the whole house really did shake, and she was left groaning, rubbing her sore, jiggling bottom in the middle of a mess of debris.

“Darn it,” she groaned, eyeing the mess. This was not going to be fun to clean up. Then her erection throbbed again, and she winced. She had other things to take care of.

A flicker of her horn sent the majority of the wreckage into a tidy pile in the corner. That taken care of, Twilight heaved herself back onto her hands and knees and slowly crawled to the front door. Her monstrous shaft led the way, bouncing below her and poking out in front of her, bobbing with every “step” she made. A steady line of precum trailed between her legs, her lusty member drooling eagerly as she got closer and closer to taking care of it.

Her mind clouded over with lust, Twilight was fortunate that the library’s double doors were both much taller and much wider than her own, making squeezing herself outside a much easier—and less destructive—task.

It was a quiet night. Twilight blinked up at the starry night sky, then shivered as a warm breeze brushed across her erection. She could stargaze later. Right now, there was an eight-foot pole of stallion meat awaiting her attention.

She lumbered over to the big tree behind her house. Her breasts slapped against the top of her belly with each step. Twilight bit her lip as she felt her heavy ballsack swaying between her legs, its backside resting comfortably against her chunky thighs. She could almost feel her seed swelling, churning in their musky depths. Already, a steady stream of pre had begun to leak again from her tip.

She did her best to tip-toe into the shadow of the backyard tree, privately grateful that nopony would be awake to see this. It gave her a bit of an odd turn to see her bedroom window, lit up bright and yellow against the shadows of the night, merely five or six feet above her head. Then she ducked under a branch and leaned her weight against the trunk.

It creaked under her weight; it was an old tree, but probably only a few feet wider than she was. Twilight’s chest heaved as she gently stroked her member. The weight of her palm on her shaft sent a jolt up her spine, and she shuddered as a bolt of pleasure lanced through her.

She kept stroking, pumping her member with a pair of hands that didn’t even reach all the way around. Now almost painfully swollen and erect, the shaft towered above her, and she was easily able to press it into her soft, pillowy bust.

Twilight stifled a moan, her shaft throbbing in her grip. Then, just as the pressure built to a peak, she felt herself go over the edge. She let out a muffled cry, then forced her shaft down as a glob of cum the size of her head burst from the tip.

She let out a full dozen spurts, her chest heaving as more and more of her white-hot spooge spattered against the grass. Her balls lurched against her thighs, her mind awash in pleasure as she pumped her full load onto the lawn.

Twilight groaned as she finished herself off, her orgasm winding down to a close with a final spurt of cum. Suddenly, she felt herself shrinking back down, her body compacting with each shuddering lurch of her softening erection.

Once she was back to a “mere” seven feet, she eyed the mess she’d left. A small lake of jizz, easily six or seven feet across, had soaked the soil and grass. She could feel its warmth from here, could smell her own musk once more filling her lungs—

She crushed that thought and turned back to the house, simply happy that she was back to her normal size. She hadn’t been sure that would work, but was grateful to see that it had. Now that her body—but especially her member and rear—was back down to a more manageable size, she had little difficulty fitting back in through her front door. She flew, rather clumsily, up over the wreckage of the staircase, and resolved to fix it in the morning.

She collapsed into her bed, her limp stallionhood still leaking the remnants of her oversized orgasm onto the sheets. Her eyes fluttering closed. Her big body rubbing drowsily against her sheets, Twilight Sparkle slowly fell back to sleep.

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