Folks Need Heroes

by PonyManne215
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Spartans never die, they're just missing in action. But they never get their rest, so will Noble 6?
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The quiet and desolate Noble Six, Spartan Tag B312, has witnessed the deaths of his entire squad, each dying a death that they certainly wouldn't have wanted to wish on themselves. Being the last known Spartan on Reach, he continues to resist the Covenant. Will this lone wolf survive the onslaught that is to come? Or will he fall before finding someplace safe? Some place he can actually call "home"?

Just remember: Spartans never die, they're just missing in action.

This is not a custom character or my own. This is the actual canon Noble Six that Bungie has given a face to, i.e. Default grey MJOLNIR Mark V Armor with Mark V (b) helmet.


5,727 words: Estimated 23 Minutes to read: [Cache]

1 Chapter:

  1. There'll Be Another Time [Cache] Aug 22nd, 2012
Published Jun 29th, 2012


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