[Goldenverse Fic]Twilight agreed to go on one of Discord and Fluttershy's Sunday Picnics for his help when Scootaloo flared. Now it's time for her to mare up and go. Even if it breaks her sanity to do so.
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A GoldenVerse story

After his reform by none other than Discord's first true friend, Fluttershy. He's been doubting if the other Element Bearer's are his friends or not. So when the perfect opportunity came to get Twilight to finally join one of his and Fluttershy's special picnics who was he to pass it up?

Now Twilight has to deal with facing the very epitome of chaos, the very anti-thesis of her logical, structured existence. Not as a mortal enemy, but as a friend ... or go insane trying.

To catch you up on things you might not get in this AU that pop up here:

-Scootaloo was found as an Orphan by Raindrops, and durring Scootaloo's physical found out she had a block in her wings meridians.

-They were recommended by the doctor to see Twilight who has the machines to deal with that problem [Ponyville being an Earth Pony majority village, not much need of expensive tools for rare unicorn problems, and even more rare for pegasi].

-When the problem was fixed. Scootaloo turned out to be a Mage and wing / hoof cast spells chaottically as years of backed up magic expelled forth from her body.

-Discord popped into help if Twilight would finally accept the invitation to go to one of Flutters and his picnics that Twilight and the others have been avoiding.

- On the date of the picnic. Spike left for Canterlot to discover who he is as an individual. Which made Twilight loose it on the mare who she blamed for hurting Spike [whom she just figured out saw her as a mother figure].

And with that you have the gist of what's happening. To see more, read:

Golden Wings

and / or


Editor: The always awesome kingtiger666

Coverart: From the show, couldn't find a good Discord with a tophat pic that would link to it's makers page.

Slice of Life

3,990 words: Estimated 16 Minutes to read: [Fimfiction.net] [Cache]

2 Chapters:

  1. The Picnic [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Jun 10th, 2015
  2. A Friendship Report [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Jun 10th, 2015
Published Jun 10th, 2015


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