Snails 1/2: Vol 1 Becoming Popular

by kitsy-chan

Chapter 1: Part 1: The Toast of the Town

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Part 1

“Escargot, you’re up.” Mayor Mare said smiling brightly. The filly was new around here, but there was no requirement that participants needed to be residents of Ponyville.

Diamond Tiara looked on, growling. Her teeth were clenched tight as she scowled, watching the beautiful filly. She was going to get her somehow. There was no way a little blank flank was going to beat her.

“Come on Escargot, we believe in you!” Sweetie Belle said, bouncing on the spot.

“Kick her flank!” Scoots cheered on.

“Please Escargot, we really need you to put her in her place. She’s such a bully at times. It would be so nice if you can show her up for once.” Apple Bloom sat and looked at Escargot sticking out her lower lip in a pout. “Even if you don’t win we’ll be here for you.”

“Celestia, how did I ever get into this?” Escargot mumbled, “I don’t want to be here…”

Snails ½: The Toast of the Town

“It’s Zap Apple Day!” Apple Bloom said bounding past Snails in her bunny suit, her tail wiggling as she hopped along. The rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders followed in tow laughing and cheering, Zap Apple day was always a big thing.

Diamond Tiara laughed and shook her head, “Oh how cute, the blank flanks are in their stupid outfits again.”

Scootaloo stopped and stuck her tongue out at Diamond Tiara, “Yeh but you had to wear that outfit last year.”

“And I still looked better in it then you blank flanks.” She stuck her nose in the air. “Besides, I bet even those no brains could pick zap apples.”

With a flick of her nose she pointed over to Snips and Snails who were playing in the mud with a ball.

“Picking zap apples is hard and dangerous.” Apple Bloom said.

“Remember your grandmother’s own story? As a little filly she just wandered into the woods and picked them. It doesn’t sound hard.” Diamond said sticking her nose in the air.

“Then why don’t you do it?” Apple Bloom said with a huff.

“Because picking fruits is for common ponies. You don’t see a princess picking apples.” Diamond Tiara said chuckling

“We are NOT common ponies. And you are not a princess.” Scootaloo said stomping a hoof.

“I will be tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll be the toast of the town. The princess herself is coming down for the Harvest Festival. She’ll be awarding a crown for the cutest filly.” Diamond turned flicking her tail.

“I really hate her.” Sweetie Belle grumbled.

Snips perked his ears watching the girls then laughed looking at Snails. “Hear that? Even we could pick zap apples.”

“Nuh uh, I ain’t goin near those woods.” Snails said shaking his head.

“You a coward?” Snips asked laughing.

“No, but I don’t wanna run into another Ursa Minor. Not without The Great and Powerful Trixie around.”

“I dare you to get one.” Snips poked Snails side.


“I double dare you, you coward. Don't be a scared little filly.” Snips said and sat in the mud.

“Fine, I’ll show you I’m no coward.”

Turning Snails headed for the Everfree. “You coming?”

“No way you’re the one who was dared, just bring back an apple and prove you’re not a coward.”

Snails trotted into the forest. Looking around he moved through the brush and trees. According to Apple Bloom’s grandmother they weren’t far into the forest. Snails wandered looking around. The sounds of the Everfree filled the air. There were many creatures that lived in the woods, but the tymberwolves were most active during zap apple time.

But he wasn’t some scared little filly, he was Snails. He could do this. Looking around, he walked slowly uphill. There were trees and vines. There were flowers and weeds. There were even ponds, but he couldn’t see any apples.

The further into the woods he got, the darker it became. Taking a deep breath, he stopped and looked up. Finally he saw what he was looking for: a zap apple tree. As he approached, he heard a noise, but looking around, saw nothing. He put his forelegs on the tree and reached up. Just as he bit the apple, something snarled.

Dropping down with the apple in his mouth, he slowly turned. There stood a large tymberwolf, its green eyes glowing in rage, the smell of its mossy breath filling the air. At this point, there was only one thing Snails could do. He had no choice.

He ran. He ran for his life. All he had to do was make it back out of the woods and he would be safe. At least he hoped it would stop at the edge of the woods. That’s what old Granny Smith said in her story. And stories are always true.

Ducking under a tree branch, he kept running. He heard it snarling behind him. He could hear it getting closer and closer. His legs hurt, his chest burned; he was giving it everything he had, and it wasn’t enough. The howl behind him was so close.

Chancing a glance back, he saw the wolf almost on top of him. It was snapping at his tail. He wasn’t going to make it. This was it.

His hoof went off the edge of the slope and he started tumbling. Rolling down the embankment he hit the water hard. So hard he saw stars. His horn hurt and he could hardly move his legs. As he reached the edge of the pond, he heard the wolf howl once more before he lost consciousness.


“Is she ok, grandfather?” The young fawn said, tilting his head.

The filly moaned, softly rubbing her cheek against the grass.

“I think so. Ponies; why do they trespass so much?” The wizened old stag said shaking his head.

Sitting up the filly rubbed her horn whimpering softly, “Ow. What happened?”

“You fell down into the pond.” The fawn said giggling.

Looking down at her foreleg the filly blinked. Holding out it she held up her other foreleg she scampered backwards and fell onto her back squeaking. “What’s wrong with me?”

“What do you mean?” The fawn said looking confused.

“My fur color! It’s changed! my tail color my…” blinking she looked at her hip. “I’m a blank flank…”

Looking at himself, he saw his fur had gone to a soft peach color. His normally short, scruffy mane and tail had become long and flowing, two-tone pink. He still had his long legs, but they were slender now, graceful. And his cutie mark was gone. This just wasn’t right.

“Blank? Flank?” The fawn said looking up at his grandfather.

“It mean she not have a cutie mark, a mark on hip that shows her special talent.”

“She? She!!??” The filly started running in circles, trying to see her tail. “I’m a colt, I’m not a she.”

“Ah, I see, you fall in cursed spring, very tragic story. Young filly chased into spring by timber-wolves 1000 years ago. Now it said whoever fall into spring become filly. Hot water may turn you back to colt but cold water will turn you back to filly.” The old stag said and turned starting to walk towards Thicket.

Looking at the filly, the fawn shrugged. Bounding up he looked up at his grandfather again. “Why are you talking like that?”

With a chuckle his grandfather looked down. “Because I never liked ponies.”

“Oh Celestia, oh Celestia… What’s Snips going to say? What’re my mom and dad going to say? I can’t be a filly, I’m Snails!”

Sitting down, Snails looked at the strange reflection in the water. The filly looked nothing like him, at least in color. It looked closer to the pictures of filly Celestia some ponies drew, or maybe Fleur De Lis, the fashion model. Though his body type was already the long leg and slender type those had.

Whimpering softly Snails looked around. Hot water… The stag had said hot water… He had to get home somehow.

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