The Adventures of a Reluctant Foalsitter

by CharmingChaos

Chapter 3: 8th Time's the Charm

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"Cadey? The Sparkles called, could you foalsit again tomorrow?" Cadence sighed at her mother's call. The phrase came nearly every week, and, even though she loved Twilight, Cadence was getting a bit tired.

"Yes, Mom. When?" Cadence put down her book and trotted down the stairs.

"Mrs Sparkle said that they'd be gone from around ten AM to four-thirty. It's Saturday, by the way." Princess Melody walked out of her lounge, her usual magazine floating ahead of her.

"Sounds good. Hey, isn't it Twily's birthday this weekend?" Cadence sat down on the couch, pulling her mane into its usual ponytail.

"I don't know, dear. They didn't say. Don't you know better than I?"

"Yes Mom."


Cadence knocked on the big purple door for the 8th time. The house, and the drive, was so familiar now that she was sure she could navigate it in her sleep, as could Florence.

As usual, it was Mrs Sparkle who opened the door.

"Good morning, Princess Cadence." She said cheerfully, balancing Twilight on her back. Upon seeing Cadence, the purple filly stood up on her mother's broad back and reached for her foalsitter.

"Shiny Ammo home," She said ecstatically. "Shiny Ammo home!"

"What?" Cadence looked to Mrs Sparkle for an explanation.

"Oh, yes. Shining Armour is coming home tomorrow, for Twilight's birthday." Mrs Sparkle smiled, obviously happy that she would be seeing her son soon.

"Well, I certainly hope she has a good time tomorrow. Is there going to be a party?" Cadence took Twilight on her own back, bouncing slightly to keep the filly entertained.

"Oh, no. Twilight doesn't really like that kind of thing."

Cadence was shocked. Twilight was turning three, and there was no birthday party? That made no sense. She made a mental note to tell her mother to have a little cake sent over. After all, Twilight was the best filly in the world.

Twilight's mother excused herself to change for whatever scholarly event they were attending that day, and Cadence, directed by tugs on her ponytail from Twilight, was led to the nursery to see a new drawing Twilight had made. The room was lit with sunlight from the large window, and pinned on the wall was a foalishly adorable drawing. It was a scene of Twilight and Cadence at the park, on the swing. They were stick ponies, but the colorful manes and tails, as well as the happy smiles on their faces made Cadence give Twilight a big hug.

"I love it, Twi," she said earnestly. "It's beautiful."

Twilight grinned happily. "It's for you, Cadence." Twilight levitated the drawing off the wall and in front of Cadence's face, and expectant look on her face.

"Thank you, Twilight. I'll send it home right now." Cadence sent the picture teleporting to her house, making sure to direct it to her bedroom.

Mrs Sparkle stuck her head in the door and planted a kiss on her daughter's head. "Goodbye, girls. Have fun." A few minutes later, the front door slammed shut, and Twilight giggled.

"I have a idea," she said happily. Cadence was about to correct her grammar, but thought better of it, because, however smart, Twilight was only three. "I think we should both draw something, Cadence. Then I can see your pictures, too." Twilight sounded proud of her idea.

"I think that's a great idea. Do you know if there's any paper?" Cadence knelt down to let Twilight ride on her back. The filly hopped on and tugged Cadence's ponytail and jumped up and down before settling down.

"In Daddy's office! There's paper in Daddy's office!"

"Okay. Lead the way, Twily." Cadence stood up and moved toward the door.


Twilight and Cadence were in the sitting room, drawing and talking. Twilight told Cadence several times that she liked to draw a lot, and also that they were getting a cat, for her birthday, but not until next week.

The door clicked, making Cadence jump. She glanced at the clock. Only eleven-thirty? Cadence thought to herself Who the hay is coming in? Twilight jumped up, her drawing forgotten and trotted to the door.

At once Cadence was on her feet, hurrying after the little filly. The door opened, and Twilight hurled herself into the arms of the strange-- but very handsome-- stallion on the step.

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