Alexander is back! His life in Ponyville as a Pinkie Pie clone is a doozy but he now finds himself accepted by the other ponies. After all, what's better than two Pinkies? That's... Wait a minute... something's wrong. Who's that lurking in the back?
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With everything going back to normal... *Pft* Who am I kidding? Nothing is normal in the town of Ponyville. With the everyday craziness that you can find there, you can now find even more of it. I present to you Pinkie Pie and Diane Pie! Yes, there are two of them in town now!

As Alexander settles into Ponyville as Diane Pie. He enjoys the daily life of Pinkie Pie as she shows him the ropes to being a party pony. Meeting the family, explaining what is going on to every new pony he meets and getting used to now being called "she". All in a pink pony's day.

Trying not to think about her own home world Diane jumps the opportunity to fit in. All is fine, even if she does know that some things will be coming their way in the near future... Only thing is that she thinks she knows what. When in reality, she has no idea how wrong she is.

For in the shadows, there are others, not so happy with the recent turn of events. And they will do anything to get things their way.

But for now, let's see if we can get a status report from Diane Pie as she once again turns to the fourth wall to explain what happened since we last saw her and what is currently going on.

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28,556 words: Estimated 1 Hour, 55 Minutes to read: [Fimfiction.net] [Cache]

6 Chapters:

  1. It gets better, it gets worse. [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Dec 23rd, 2015
  2. I would never get along with Sombra... (Major re-write) [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Mar 13th, 2019
  3. Spa Talk. [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Feb 19th, 2016
  4. Great Mystery. [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Jan 3rd, 2016
  5. The Fourth Wall breaking Q&A that should have been far more spectacular (Omake) [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] May 5th, 2016
  6. Crossover. (Non-canon) [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] Nov 21st, 2017
Published Jun 11th, 2015
Last Update Apr 1st, 2018


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