[GoldenVerse Fic] Prince Blueblood is Equestria's greatest mortal troll. Princess Luna is a goddess with a mighty pair of lungs and a hair trigger. Things can only go well when Luna hunts down the Prince for a heart to heart.
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GoldenVerse Fic.

Luna has put up with Blueblood's verbal assaults, trolling, and drunken shenanigans for four years now. Celestia defending Blueblood as misunderstood suggests that Luna talk to her honorary nephew. So now as her sister goes to set things straight with Spike, Luna's new nephew. Luna herself is on a hunt for the biggest mortal troll Equestria has ever seen.

And depending on his answers to her questions might end up banished to a far distant star, or the n-th dimension. What will Blueblood say? How much damage with Luna's Royal Canterlot Voice do? Will she really be willing to fillout the paper work needed to banish ponies to planes of non-reality? Read on to find out.

The AU Bit:

Set directly after Chapter 6 of /story/212009/types-of-love. You don't need to read ToL to understand what's happening. And there are no spoilers for the fic here. Nor do you really need to have read any GoldenVerse fics to know what's going on (since everything was posted above for everypony :twilightsmile:.

Editor: Kingtiger666

Art: Myself

Slice of Life

2,569 words: Estimated 11 Minutes to read: [Fimfiction.net] [Cache]

1 Chapter:

  1. Wherein Blueblood isn't a villain, or catastrophically incompetent. [Fimfiction.net] [Cache] May 6th, 2015
Published May 6th, 2015


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