A Small Breeze

by Shadowmane PX-41

Chapter 1: The Discovery

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Twilight sat in the throne room of her castle, lowering her brows as she focused on the map that showed all of Equestria. It had only been a few months since it had appeared and she tackled her first problem as the "Princess of Friendship," but she was already starting to think that nothing else would arise from it. Even so, she stared at it endlessly, waiting for the chance to fix another problem.

The more she looked into the map, the more she began to question it's very existence. If it had only been for that one problem, then she began to wonder what really was the point of it, besides being a much more accurate version of the ones made of paper that she used to see before she became an alicorn. And even if this new map did alert them to other problems, a whole new world of unexpected possibilities would be waiting for her and her friends. Then, she got the idea that it was all to do with a matter of safeguarding harmony; instead of solving petty little debates and small things that would usually be resolved with a little talk or physical action. The map had only called her to one town because there was something wrong there; but from her memory, she was tasked with saving Cutie Marks from a serene, yet malicious thief.

"Why?" she tapped the map with her hoof, seeing little ripples of light appear and disappear shortly afterwards. "Why aren't there any more problems for me to solve?"

As if fate had heard her, Twilight's friends all walked into the throne room. They all saw her perseverance immediately. A shiver ran down their spines as they watched her current situation. If she continued to stare at the map, then there was a good chance that she would never place a hoof outside of the castle again, as diligence would get the better of her.

As the ponies all began to take their seats, Rarity said, "Oh, come now, Twilight. You really need to lay this map business off for a while..." She knew that she would probably refuse to listen and continue to stare at the projections of Equestria, but she also knew that there was no harm in trying to get through to her. "I know that you've been tasked with spreading friendship to as many places at once, but every now and again, it's just normal to take some time from your work and relax..."

"Ah gotta agree with Rarity here, Twilight," Applejack agreed, getting her to pull her head from the projections and gaze at her. "Ever since this fancy-schmancy map came in, you've been staring at it for months..."

"She's just keeping keeping a watchful eye on Equestria, to see if any more meanies come round to try and cause trouble!" Pinkie Pie jumped onto the map, gazing at each different section of it as closely as she could. In her study of Equestria, she immediately stopped herself from touching the projection of her family's rock farm, wiping sweat off of her forehead as she put her hoof somewhere else.

"Come on, Twilight. You can't just stare at some boring map forever." Rainbow Dash grabbed Pinkie off of the map. Once she had sat her back down, she flew up to Twilight and said, "Tell ya what, you go get some fresh air, and we'll keep an eye on the map for you."

"Girls, this map was given to me for a divine purpose." Twilight's brows furrowed as she tried to explain her work to her friends. "It enables me to see all of Equestria, just like some fortune teller who knows all and tells only the worthy. I have to do this. I can't stop doing this. This is the very reason why I'm a princess, and I can't just shy away from my duties..."

"Twilight, we know what you're going through, and that's perfectly fine." Fluttershy wrapped a hoof around Twilight's shoulders, making her jump with how suddenly she had made it to her chair. "But you have to understand, you need some time off of your work..."

"Listen, girls, I appreciate your help, but this is something that should be left more in my hooves rather than—" Before Twilight could finish, a blue aura of magic lifted her out of her throne. She was then pushed out of the room and into the corridor by her friends "—yours..."

Since she was free from watching her own world, Twilight loosened her shoulders and thought about the things she could do with her time. Though many possibilities ran through her head, she decided not to let her mind become overloaded with choices on what the town of Ponyville could offer her today. In the end, she slowly trotted towards the front door of her castle.

When Twilight was outside, she was hit with warm rays of the morning sun. However, just as she left, she grimaced and began to wonder how her friends would be able to handle staring at the map. It was a job that involved hours and hours of peering at each different area, waiting for the problem to surface so that they could tackle it. Twilight realised that not all of her friends were that devoted to staring at a bunch of projections for the time that she would be out, especially not Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie.

Twilight then turned to the town and saw how harmoniously the ponies of Ponyville were living. Sighing in relief about how tranquil the town looked, she decided that it was in her best interest to relax and interact with some of her subjects. Turning her slow walk into a slightly more energetic canter into the town, Twilight began to wonder what potential friends she could meet today, as well as the different outcomes each one would bring. She could discuss with Miss Cheerilee how the fillies and colts were getting along in their studies. Or, she could meet Mayor Mare to talk about politics and discuss upgrades and various other changes to the kingdom. There were so many possibilities running through her head at that moment, that Twilight didn't realize that she was now in the town itself.

Eventually, she could hear her stomach rumbling. Even with how early in the day it was, Twilight knew that she was hungry and needed some food. With no more time to spare, she wandered off to the nearest cafe to get herself something to eat.

Meanwhile, back in the throne room, Twilight's friends were all staring at the many different corners of Equestria. As they gazed at the map, they began to feel like they had been put into the body of the princess. They had all been drained of everything but their diligence as their eyes refused to leave the different corners of the world, just in case another problem came without warning.

Before any of them became too lost in focusing on the map, Rainbow Dash pulled her head up and said, "Geez, how does she put up with this every day?"

"I know..." Fluttershy looked at each different section of Equestria on the map before looking at Rainbow. Even though she constantly blinked to keep her eyes from watering up, the image remained exactly the same. "The more we look at this map, the more and more we notice each time..."

"Yeah. Now that I look at it, there are precisely forty-nine-billion, three-hundred-and-fifty-six-million two-hundred-and-eighty-seven-thousand, nine-hundred-and-fifty-eight rocks on the rock farm." Pinkie Pie stared at her family's land and counted out the rocks with hasty movements of her hooves. "Looks like we made the right thing in getting Twilight some air, right?"

"Yes, though I am curious to know what the poor dear's doing out there whilst we're watching the map..." Rarity looked out at Ponyville and put a hoof on her chin. Twilight had been keeping her eyes solely on the map for a while, making her quiver with how she thought she was coping outside. "I just hope she's not deciding to add some secret entrances to the castle, otherwise we'd never get her to leave this room..."

"Don't worry, Rarity. We've locked the room down from the inside out. Twilight's not getting back in here unless she knocks and asks politely..." Rainbow Dash flew over to the doors, pulling the handle and then pushing the door afterwards. No matter how much force she applied, they were locked tight. "See? Twilight isn't getting back in."

"Yeah, but ah am curious to know what she's doing out there..." Applejack turned her head towards one of the windows, seeing Ponyville was filled with life and active ponies. She mainly pondered about Twilight and what she was doing outside.

Back in Ponyville, Twilight was leisurely sipping on a milkshake, sighing in content as she took intervals in between her drink. Birds were chirping, flowers were growing, the sun was shining, and all of the ponies that she could see were all having a good day. As she looked at the scene, she realized just how right her friends had been.

"Everything's going to be fine, Twilight." She relaxed herself, taking another sip of the milkshake. "The girls are keeping a close eye on the map, and if there's any problems in Ponyville, we'll be able to help out as quickly and efficiently as possible..."

Twilight's train of thought continued, constantly thinking about how the girls were getting along. "Pinkie Pie's probably making some jokes about the map at this moment. Applejack might be looking for the rest of her family's farms. Rainbow Dash is probably napping on the job, as usual..." She then shrugged and looked at the townsponies, getting many ideas of what she could do and who she could meet. "I probably don't need to go back to the castle today. After all, it's such a nice day out, and Celestia's sun is gracing us with its presence..."

Once she finished the milkshake, Twilight walked away from the table and went for another stroll around the town. Every pony that she passed by during her walk was smiling. She then came across three colts playing with a ball, and found that it had rolled to her hooves. She smiled and lightly kicked it back at them, waving before she left their sight.

However, the next sight Twilight saw was in a nearby bush as a tiny glimmer of light had caught her eye. She knew that there was something inside it and that it had reflective properties. With one of her eyebrows cocked, she walked over to the shrub and looked through the leaves to try and find the source.

Inside the bush, something was laying on one of the branches. Upon closer examination, it turned out to be a living creature. The thing that was reflecting the light was sleeping, it's belly slowly moving with each light breath that it took. The body of the sleeping life-form was mostly that of a unicorn, but it's legs were shaped like small twigs instead of regular pony legs, and it's muzzle had been replaced with a large nose. It had two curly blue antennae sticking out next to the horn, and had translucent butterfly wings. This was a Breezie, one of Equestria's rarest and most fragile life-forms, and it had somehow missed the journey back to it's home.

"A Breezie?" Twilight said to herself as she put her hoof to her chin. There was no denying it, this was Breezie, and quite probably the only one who didn't make it back home in time. "But why is it all alone? Shouldn't it be back home with the others?"

After more observation, Twilight remembered something. Breezies usually didn't have Cutie Marks, but this one did. In fact, it was a Cutie Mark of a stream of magic wrapped around a star-tipped wand. When Twilight finally figured out what that meant and who the Breezie was, she leaned her head closer and said, "Trixie? Is that you?"

The Breezie slowly began to stir from it's sleep, rubbing it's eyes as it sat up on the branch. It quietly muttered something in it's native tongue, then looked at Twilight. Once it had at long look at her, it stumbled backwards and blushed. It turned it's head away as it had been discovered. However, it didn't move from the branch, as it was too taken aback to do so. And if it did try and flee from the bush, it would have to face the unpredictable weather of Equestria.

"Trixie, since I'm not good at understanding Breezie, I'm going to ask if that's really you," Twilight said, getting the Breezie to turn back towards her. "Now then, is it really you, Trixie? Nod your head for yes, or shake it for no."

The Breezie responded by nodding slowly. That was a sign that it was Trixie Lulamoon; one of Twilight's old rivals in the magical arts, and the pony who exiled her when she was corrupted by the Alicorn Amulet.

"It is you?" Twilight remained lost for words whilst Trixie nodded her head once more. In all the years she had lived, she had never seen a pony other than her friends turn into a Breezie, let alone one of her old enemies. "But... how did this happen?"

Trixie tried to talk, but all that tumbled out of her lips was the language of the Breezies – one that was nearly impossible to translate for any regular pony.

Hmm... it also took away her ability to speak Equestrian... Twilight thought as she looked at Trixie, who now looked back at her with merciful and pleading eyes. She couldn't leave her alone in the bush, lest she go out and let the wind do whatever it wanted to her fragile little body. First of all, I should probably show her to my friends. They'll know what to do with her... Once she was finished making her mental plan, Twilight turned her attention back to Trixie and said, "Trixie. For the time being, you're going to come back to the castle with me. I know you've been through a lot, but I'm here now. There's nothing you have to worry about..."

Twilight used her magic to levitate Trixie out of the bush as slowly as she could. She didn't want to do it too fast, in case she dazed and shook the poor pony-turned-Breezie. She then moved Trixie into her mane and let her burrow inside it, so that she was safe from the outside world and it's weather.

If she was turned into a Breezie by something other than a talented unicorn, then we might not be able to change her back... Twilight thought to herself as she turned and made her way towards the castle door. And if I just let her go out into the world without anypony to help her, then she might not even survive a day out there... She then shook her head to remove the thought. Then, she remembered something important. Then again, Fluttershy pretty much knows the language off by heart. So she'll be able to communicate with Trixie and relay her thoughts to the rest of us...

Trixie poked her head out of Twilight's mane, seeing the town of Ponyville once more as she rode towards the castle. The more she looked at how big everything else was, the more she wanted to hide again. Anything had the potential to be dangerous to her now. She had to be sure that Twilight and her friends would keep her safe before she could trust any of them. And while a part of her wanted to run away from her whilst she walked, she dared not to face the wind in her current state, as even the slightest breeze would make her feel completely helpless.

Twilight returned to the castle and shut the door once she was inside. Once it closed and the noise echoed across the hallways, she slowly walked back to the throne room, given more and more time to reflect on the irrefutable fact that Trixie Lulamoon was now a Breezie.

At first, she thought about how her friends would feel, especially the ones who weren't particularly fond of Trixie's actions in the past. She could foresee most of the pouts and scoffs from Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity. The three of them weren't really one to accept Trixie instantly, not with all of the bad stuff she'd done to them during her visits to Ponyville. She was somewhat sceptical about Pinkie Pie, but she knew that Fluttershy just wouldn't say no to a Breezie – even if it was Trixie.

Finally, she came to the throne room, but saw that the door was locked tightly. She came to the assumption that her friends would have taken every countermeasure to make it so that she couldn't get back in, even if she had tried to sneak back in. She didn't want to make an improper entrance, so, she used her hoof to knock. Immediately after she had rapped on it a few times, it opened, enabling her to walk back in.

"Hello? I'm back..." Twilight said whilst she walked through the door, being welcomed back by all of her friends as she made her way back to her throne. She relished in the comfort until she made it to her throne and sat back down on the lilac cushion.

"So, how was it, sugarcube?" Applejack asked as soon as Twilight got comfortable on her seat.

"Well, I had a great time out today, girls." Twilight began explaining to her friends in detail what she had done out in Ponyville. "I went over to grab a milkshake, got to see the beauty of the town, met some kids playing a ball game..." She then stopped when she came to the part that involved Trixie. "And I met someone special..."

"Oh? Who did you meet, Twilight?" Rarity asked.

"Hold on a sec, Rarity! Let me guess..." Pinkie Pie put her front hooves on her head, thinking about who Twilight could have possibly met in Ponyville. "Was it Mayor Mare?"

"No." Twilight responded.

"Princess Celestia?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"I wish." Twilight said, "but no."

"Cheesie?" said Pinkie Pie for her next guess. "Come on... I bet you a cake that it's Cheese Sandwich!"

"Well, you'd better start baking, Pinkie, because I didn't see him either..." Twilight said, watching Pinkie Pie face-hoof once she had finished talking.

"Well, I'm out of guesses, Twilight." Pinkie Pie walked back to her chair. Despite her failed attempts to guess, she remained her regular, bubbly self. "If I can't guess it, maybe you can tell us instead..."

"I'll do you one better, girls. I'll show you..." Twilight said, but then paused when she thought about how her friends would react to the situation. She composed herself and continued. "In the town, I ran into Trixie..." Twilight's words were accompanied by loud gasps from her friends. The very mention of Trixie had them on edge. "However, she wasn't a pony like we usually expect her to be..." Twilight then lit up her horn and slowly pulled Trixie out of her mane. Once she was out, she showed them to the rest of the girls. "In fact, she's become a Breezie..."

All of her friends' jaws dropped. They had not been expecting her to come back to Ponyville for a third time, especially not like this. Their gaze shifted back and forth from Twilight and Trixie. There were so many questions that she needed to answer, but for the time being, the girls kept their mouth shut.

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