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Chapter 21: Chapter 21- A fairly calm day....finally.

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The weird/awesome thing about holding a conversation in a dream is you can share information really easily. Luna and I were able to have full blown conversations for what felt like hours, but I was reminded that it was less than a few minutes. Luna said it has something to do with the progression of time in dreams. Time runs faster...or was it slower? I think it was slower. Yeah, that makes sense. Anyway, we managed to chat about what I should tell Rainbow tomorrow and how best to incorporate the CMC into the Nightmare Night scare plan. Once we got that out of the way, we moved onto something Luna seemed very interested in: Human technology. We were on the topic of games when I started to notice Luna was getting a bit curious.

“Do tell of what games your people have. We have seen the advent of arcade cabinets, which seems to be popular with foals and adults alike.” She started happily before turning a little sad, “Tis unfortunate that they are only available in Manehatten and Ponyville.”

I had to think about that. Did they have those? I mean I trusted Luna’s word, but I was trying to remember if I ever remember seeing an actual arcade cabinet. I mean I remember that Button Mash cartoon that had it and...OH, right, he was from part of the Hearts and Hooves song. So they do have those. Neat!

“Well, we still have arcade cabinets, but they’ve gotten a bit more advance and way smaller”, I responded with a sheepish smirk.

“How so?”

DREAM IMAGERY GO! I produced an image of my Xbox One and Xbox 360 back home (Yeah, I owned an Xbox. I got them because it was on sale both times and they were bundles...and I couldn’t afford to get a PS4 before I got hit by the space rock) “These are home consoles. The round white one is called an Xbox 360 and the rectangular one is called a Xbox One. Imagine an arcade cabinet...but in your home and way better graphics and fun.”

Luna got off the couch and looked at the two consoles. She looked a bit perplexed. “We don’t understand. How does one play games with these?”

Oh right...forgot a few components. I put my imagination to work and replaced the wall with the fireplace with the fanciest Ultra High Definition TV I could remember, then let the cords hook up to the TV and produced four controllers (Two 360 controllers, and two xbox one controllers)

“There we go. Now an arcade cabinet is just a small screen hooked up to a special motherboard with some kind of input stick and buttons. Consoles are about the same but they add a bit of complexity.”

Luna listened to what I stated as she investigated each controller. “These...devices seem very similar. Why is that?”

“The white one goes to the 360 which came first, the black one goes to the Xbox One which came after. Both are pretty fun and had some awesome games.” I explained as Luna messed with the analog sticks, buttons, d-pad, and triggers.

“How interesting.” She worked the controllers over in her magic until she came to realize something. “These ‘controllers’, they work without being connected? How does that work?”

“Magic” I said snarkily.

Luna shot me an unamused look. She was obviously skeptical of my answer.

I laughed a bit and let gave her the real explanation, “Ok, it’s not magic. They’re wireless. They send a radio signal that the consoles can pick and interpret the signals as commands from the controller.”

Luna’s skepticism seemed to evaporate as she accepted my more serious answer. “Truly thy technology is quite impressive. What kind of games do they play?”

Based on the look of curiosity and the childlike smile growing on Luna’s face, I could tell that I had just been handed an opportunity to blow her mind. And I am not the type of guy to let a rare opportunity pass by. I let a smile grace my face as I started listing off as many genres
and subgenres of games I could recall: first/ third shooters, racing, puzzle, strategy, fighting, adventure, RPG, sports, and so on.

Luna’s face went from a childlike curiosity to full blown awe. “That many? On one device? How -zing, We h-...that We mi-...” The hell? What’s going on? She’s starting to sound like a phone call with bad reception and the room is spazzing out. Is something wrong?

Luna looked around and grumbled a bit under her breath. “Oh, fie. You’re waking up.We will have to-... this next time. We look for-...to thy next....” I missed some of what Luna had said, but I was able to fill in the gaps.

I quickly gave Luna a thumbs up and attempted to let her know I looked forward to our next visit as well, but I felt the room vanish in the blink of an eye.

I awoke to find myself in Twilight’s library. I was thankful, that I was still able to remember the dream I had. The look on Luna’s face was one I didn’t want to forget. Maybe the whole Gamer Luna thing wasn’t too far off. Hmmm...I wonder if Human Equestria has something similar to an Xbox or Playstation. If it does and I can get there, maybe I could buy one with a TV and bring it here. OH! Even better, a 3DS. At least it’s portable and has all the classic N64 games. Could be fun! I took a moment to stretch out some stiffness in my...wait. Oh, Twilight’s still sleeping. Guess I got driver for a bit. I finished my stretch and looked around. I found Spike still fast asleep in his basket. Little dude looked pretty tired....Maybe I should do something for them. Spike does a lot for Twilight and I’m sure Twilight is pretty burnt out from yesterday. Okay, today....I’m making breakfast! Maybe waffles? OH, no wait...omelets! I make a mean omelet.

All right! Let’s get to it! I headed off to the kitchen as silently as possible (which is hard with hooves and hardwood floors, by the way). Once I arrived I made a beeline for the fridge. I’m cooking for two so...three eggs a piece ought to do it. When I opened the fridge I found that, thankfully, there were plenty of eggs. Guess they must have just done their grocery shopping. What else do they have in here? Some onions...tomatoes...milk, gonna need that...tofu? Blegh, no thanks...lettuce, nope...got some green peppers, eh maybe....butter... oooh orange juice. Eh, there are some other things here but I’ll make due with onions, tomatoes and peppers. Alright, let’s get to work!

I collected my ingredients and rummaged around the kitchen for a skillet and a bowl. Okay, let’s see, the stove looks like it runs on gas. Ok, a flip of the knob released some gas and created a spark. Flame active, I got to prepping my ingredients. Pluuuuus, this gave me a fun opportunity to give my talons a nice workout (after a thorough washing, of course. I’m not a barbarian.) Okay, now that my extremely sharp talons are nice and sanitized. LET’S COOK!

Ok, if I can manage to get back to Earth, I’m finding a way to replicate these talons. They slice, they dice, they chop, they mince. They do everything! I don’t even think they dulled...at all! Although all the juices stuck to bladed part, they did their job superbly. Anyway it didn’t take me long to have a nice amount of diced tomatoes, onions, and a handful of chopped peppers. Now to the business portion, a few cracked eggs, a splash of milk, and just a bit of whisking to get them suckers nice and fluffy! Toss in some tomatoes and onions to finished it off, and the mixture was tossed into the skillet. The second the eggs started to cook a wondrous smell began to permeate the kitchen. Hmmm, damn I’m good!

While I let the eggs cook, I was able to do a bit of multitasking. I had my tendril working the omelette and used Twilight’s magic to pull out plates, utensils, and napkins. I’ll admit that it was moving a bit slow with the magic because I was worried about losing focus again and either dropping the plates or sending them into the ceiling. So, after a few minutes I had a perfectly shaped half moon omelette with bits of tomato and onion. The smell was awesome. Awesome enough in fact that it got Spike out of bed.

“*Yawn* morning, Twilight. Whatcha making?” Spike said sleepily.

I turned to look at Spike and gave him a tendril wave as I continued to work. Of course, Twilight’s voice rang out rather than mine...but I’m used to it. At least I still sound like me in my mind. “Morning, Spike. Twilight’s still sleeping. Figured I’d make some omelettes for you guys. You like peppers?”

I saw Spike change his expression to one of understanding, “Oh, thanks, Dante. Yeah, I like peppers, but can you add something else?”
I nodded, “Sure, bud. What do you want in yours?”

Spike let out a big ole smile as he gave his answer, “Rubies!”

Uh...okay, I should have thought of that...but...how does one cook rubies? I guess just throw them in? Eh, first time for everything I suppose. “Um...sure, tomatoes and onions cool too?”

Spike nodded with excitement and went off to grab, what I can only assume, was his gem stash. In the mean time, I put down the omelette on a plate and left if on the table. I got the next omelette ready and sure enough Spike came back with a small handful of rubies. I was able to take them all in one tendriled hand and I realized I had to figure out how to smash these things...Hmm could I smash them with Twilight’s hooves? Do rubies break like rocks?

“Uh, Spike? How do you usually crush these?”

Spike gave me a weird look, “Why would you crush them? Just toss them in.”

Oh...well...don’t I feel like an idiot.

I attempted to hide my embarrassment and tossed the rubies into the omelette along with the tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

“So...how you feeling? Sore at all?” I asked Spike. I remember his legs were burning yesterday. No way his calves aren’t lead right now.

Spike nodded a bit as he rubbed his legs a bit. “Yeah, my legs are pretty sore. Thanks for yesterday, by the way. I’m not sure what would have happened if you weren’t there”, Spike stated with sincerity.

About the same as would have happened if I hadn’t been there. Eh, at least he’s thankful. “Sure, anytime, bud.” I said with a smile. However, the short sentence seemed to elicit a giggle from Spike.

I gave Spike the same look he had given me a few seconds ago, “What’s so funny?”

Spike sat down at the table as I magically floated the omelette to him. Magic is kinda fun to use. Plus magic doesn’t get burnt. Not sure if my tendrils can get burnt, but I digress. “It’s just weird hearing Twilight speak like that. Twilight won’t admit it but she tends to speak really formally. When you speak it’s really casual. The disconnect is kinda funny.”

Well...I was never the fancy type...’cept when I got gussied up. Dress pants, dress vest, and strategically place silver (imitation) pocket watch. Sucks I could never find a top hat or a monocle, then I would have been the classiest of the classy. “Heh, yeah. I can see how odd that can be. Anyway, enjoy your omelette! I’m going to see if I can get Twilight to wake up.”

Spike gave a small nod and began to dig in. Based on a few blissful, “Hmmms” I’d assume I did a decent job. Gotta love that wordless appreciation. Now to add one more too the appreciation to stroke my ego just a little more.

“Hey Twiiiiilight. Wakey Wakey!” I cheerfully spoke mentally.

I received the response of several mumbles and grumbles followed by, “Just another minute.”

“Come ooon, I made OMELEEEETTES!” I sang as I tried to entice my host to waking up fully.

The offer of fluffy yellow delights seemed to have a dual effect. One, it got Twilight to rouse a bit from her sleepy state...and it make her stomach growl. No stomach may resist my culinary delights!

“Your stomach betrays you, Sparkle! You have no choice but to give in and succumb to your stomach's demands!”

Twilight laughed and gave into my less than threatening threat. I relinquished control of Twilight’s body by hopping off and letting her take control before hopping back on. “Alrighty, now hurry up and eat before it gets cold.”

“Okay. Okay. I’m going.”Twilight stated as she took her seat and started to dig in. Again ,my ego receive a wonderful little bit of inflation as I hear more content “Hmmms” from my host. Spike had long finished up and was cleaning his plate and utensils. “This is really good, Dante! Where’d you learn to cook?”

“My family mostly. My mom is an amazing cook and so is my grandmother. Learned a lot from them. Italian cooking mostly.” I felt a bit melancholy thinking about it. The time spent preparing in the kitchen. The time with my mom and grandmother.

I felt Twilight frown a bit as sadness crept into her mind, “You miss them don’t you? Your family, I mean.”

“Yeah...I do.” I replied in sullen earnest. No point hiding it.

“Did you want to talk about it?” Twilight asked with concern.

“I appreciate it, Twilight, but I’ll be fine. Enjoy your omelette.” I stated while attempting to hide my feelings with other random thoughts.

Twilight was skeptical, but she didn’t push the issue. I’m not sure if she could feel how much I didn’t want to talk about it or she was just respecting my wishes... It’s not that I didn’t want to remember, it was that...I just didn’t want to be reminded that I wasn’t going to see them again. Equestria is a cool enough place and the powers are cool, but...the whole thing was so abrupt. My family and friends were everything I had. Yeah, I had personal stuff too, but most of it was replaceable. I only have one family...or had, I guess. Either way, this is my issue to deal with. No need to drag Twilight or the others into it.

Anyway, Twilight finished her omelette (with praise and ego inflation), I helped with the clean up and putting away the dishes and silverware. It didn’t really take long, between Twilight’s magic, my tendrils, and Spike’s clawed hands we easily cleaned up the mess in a few minutes. Teamwork is the best kind of work, because teamwork gets it done fast!

So after squaring away the kitchen, we made our way back to the main room of the library. Twilight informed me that she wanted to show me something she’d been working on. She took me to an isolated work table that had numerous books and notes strewn from one end of the desk to the other. When Twilight was close enough for me to see what was written on the notes, I noticed they were notes pertaining to me...well, what I was. The notes were on Symbios. Their physiology, potential diet, abilities, and hypothesis on their origins. I was surprised to say the least. Not that she had done it (it’s Twilight, she’s going to document anything new with as much detail as possible). What surprised me was how much she had. Candidly she admitted that most of the notes were conjecture and speculation, but the logic behind most of them were based on clear scientific speculation. This was the main thesis Twilight had thus far.

Symbio Physiology (Work in Progress)

Known Symbio (Dante Morelo) appears to be a few centimeters tall (freaking metrics, ...my inability to focus in science class has come to haunt me again.) and about a few centimeters wide. (Exact measurements to be determined later.) Skin Flesh Dermis Exterior appears to have a small layer of slime. This seems to act as some sort of protection, similar to some fish or eels. Considering that Symbios appear to be symbiotic in nature, it is possible that Symbios borrow fluids from their hosts to maintain this slime coat.

Visible appearance is black (possibly a very dark shade of blue). There appear to be small circular/oblong spots that could be eyes, however; discussions and first hoof experience has shown that Symbios do not see in the traditional sense. Their vision allows them to see the world in terms of how magic flows from and around ponies and the world itself.

Conjecture: Vision has evolved to assist in finding hosts.

Additional details

Symbio shows the ability to produce “tendrils” with five digits (fingers, as described by Symbio Dante). Suggests lack of magic and a need to be able to manipulate surroundings.


The Symbio diet is still inconclusive. Visual evidence seems to suggest that Symbios require a host in order to survive. Visual evidence suggests that Symbios become somewhat aggressive or spastic when they are without a host for a period of time. This could suggest that maybe Symbios gain their nourishment FROM their hosts. This is of course speculation. Subject has been uncooperative due to a fear of needles. (HEY! It’s a legitimate fear!... I don’t like pointy things inside me!)

Regarding symbiotic abilities

Symbio seems capable of “sharing” certain attributes with their host. One ability being a sort of advanced healing. Symbio hosts appear to receive advance healing abilities that can repair damage (damage here refers to bodily harm, lacerations, and/or broken bones) that would often take days or weeks to heal. Currently, reported injuries as severe as shattered rib cages were healed within seconds.

Further evidence needed (if possible): Symbio healing has been shown to heal through minor and severe damage, but distinctions are limited. Due to lack of information, speculation would suggest that it might be possible to fix most injuries. Similar to more advanced healing spells or spells used in surgery when closing incisions. It may be possible lost appendages may be regrown, but this is also speculation. Limit of healing ability has yet to be tested. Due to lack of severe injuries it is difficult to determine how far healing will work or if there is a time limit for when the healing will or will not work. Healing ability seems to suggest a need for host preservation. This may be due to the Symbio’s land of origin being potentially dangerous and a need to keep the host alive to sustain sustenance (Badlands, Zebrica, and the Everfree Forest come to mind)

Personal side note: Ask Zecora if she knows about Symbio or other potential sources. If no information avaliable, consider asking scholars in Whinniapolis about Badland species before city’s establishment.

Another ability is referred to as physical enhancement. Symbios seem to have a sort of innate ability to stimulate muscles and other organs of their host. Warning! Enhancement ability appears to be similar to a “fight or flight” response. Hosts report boosted strength for a short duration, followed by extreme fatigue and partial muscle failure. Again, this suggests a hostile living environment that would necessitate the need for this.

Symbios attach to host’s central nervous system, this allows for mental communication that is unheard of with most unicorn telepathy spells. Host and Symbio share all senses as well as emotions. One would assume this is to allow for better communication between host and Symbio and thus better efficiency in their actions.

Conjecture: based on known reports of the “Dark Eyed Warriors” (See Trail Blazer’s Unexplained Mysteries of Equestia page 155) this would collaborate with the idea of efficiency in the actions of host and Symbio.

Side note: Is it possible that the Symbios evolved from a type of warrior like society?

Last recorded ability is another type of host preservation ability. Should the host lose consciousness, the Symbio personality takes control of the host’s body. Host and Symbio can still maintain active mental communication (assuming host regains consciousness while Symbio is still in control.) So far it has not been determined how best for host to regain control without the Symbio first removing themselves from the host.

“Holy crap, Twilight! You’ve been documenting everything since I arrived and in impressive detail! Color me impressed.” I praised Twilight, causing her to blush a bit.

“Oh, it’s nothing really! I was planning to add that new ability you showed me yesterday. You called them ‘talons’, right?”

“Unless you can think of a better name, yeah. It’s just what they reminded me of when I saw them.” A thought did run through my mind. Twilight said several times in her report that Symbio abilities came about from a need for preservation. This was probably due to a hostile environment, so either the Badlands (don’t want to go there) or Zebrica (Guessing that’s like Equestria’s version of Africa). Considering that the resident Zebra was Zecora and I was going to be out by the Everfree later with Rainbow Dash anyway...yeah, might work. “Say was going to ask, how accurate do you think your hypothesis is about the Symbios originating from a hostile land?”

Twilight pondered my question, checking over details and information she had memorized. “I’m very confident that it is true. There are very few areas of Equestria that require the need for such preservative abilities. Even gryphons, who are war-like from the start, only have their talons and beaks. You have healing abilities, body control to preserve the host when they can’t, then you have your own appendages, and now you have bladed claws! All signs point to needing these for some reason.”

Well...that’s definitive. In that case, “Well, I was thinking. I’m going to be out by the Everfree Forest with Rainbow. Considering she can fly, maybe she and I drop by Zecora’s place and see what she knows? Then, when Rainbow drops me off afterwords I’ll report my findings. Sound fair?”

Twilight didn’t see an issue with it, so long as she got some results from my inquiry. “Sure! But let me write down some questions for you to ask her. I want to make sure we don’t miss anything vital.”

I agreed to the terms, thinking a small set of questions couldn’t hurt...at least that’s what I thought. When Twilight actually started making the list...if you could call it a list. After thirty items, I question if it’s still called a list anymore. I’m almost certain it becomes an inquisition after that.

Anyway, after Twilight’s inquiry / list was written out, she put it to the side for me to take with me later...my lawyer side made a little note to go through that list and narrow the questions down. No offense to Twilight but some of these questions seemed a bit...weird...and unnecessary. With that discreetly stored away, I chatted with Twilight for a bit. I was happy to have convinced her to let Spike relax for the day. Once I explained how sore he was feeling, Twilight was more than willing to give him a day to relax and recoop.

It wasn’t long after my chat with Twilight a knock came from the front door. Sure enough, it was my rainbow maned cohort. I gave a friendly wave with my tendril and Rainbow returned with her own...minus the tendril, of course. The two chatted for a bit, while I...just chilled and listened in like a voyeur...eugh...for some reason that brings up some unpleasant imagery. Wait, did Twilight catch that?! DAMN IT, BRAIN! You can’t go to R34!! Not when this is a cohabitation of the mindspace!

To my continuing string of luck, Twilight was too focused on her conversation with Rainbow to notice...I need to be careful. I’m getting too lucky. At some point I’m gonna run out of luck and then I’ll literally be S.O.L. Considering I’ve already died once, I think I’ll take a LONG rain check on doing it again.

Eventually, Twilight and Rainbow finished their chat and I hopped over to Rainbow. “Heeeey, Rainbow!” I greeted my host, kinda excited to reveal Luna’s idea. Being a conniving S.O.B is fun!

“Hey, Dante. Ready to finally give me all the details of this ‘plan’?” Rainbow asked inquisitively. She felt a little excited and her curiosity had her in a vice grip.

“Indeed, I do! I’ll explain everything on the way to the Everfree forest.” I replied, keeping her in my grips. Could I tell her? Yeah. Was it fun to keep her wondering? OOOOOH mama, yes! I can’t help myself.

Rainbow grumbled a bit that I didn’t tell her outright, but she let it slide for the time being. “Ugh, alright, but you better explain everything.”

“I promise I will explain it all. Trust me, you’re gonna LOVE this. This is gonna be the best prank you and I have ever been a part of!” I egged her on...and WOOO did it work. Her attention was mine and it wasn’t going anywhere.

“Go on.”

“In due time, my dear Rainbow, in...due...time.”

“OH, COME ON! You can’t say that and then not explain what you mean!”

I was loving this. I could feel her demand for answers. It’s so delightfully delicious! I’m such a horrible person, and I don’t care! BWAHAHA! I let my evil shenanigans drop, I need Rainbow to agree. If I hype this too much and break her expectations she might not go for it. “Okay, okay. Let Twilight know we’ll be back later and that we’ll stop by to talk to Zecora. Then we can get this show on the road!”

“AW YEAH! This is gonna be so awesome!”

Rainbow relayed what I had said, collected Twilight’s list of inquisition questions, and took off towards the Everfree Forest.

“Okay, we’re on our way. Details now!” Rainbow demanded as we speed toward the forest.

“Alright, alright! I promised I’d explain and thus I shall!” I countered. “So, a couple days ago I was in Canterlot and I had a lovely chat with the princess.”

Rainbow’s mind did a full backflip at the mention of the princess.“Princess Celestia?! She wants to do this prank?!”

“Close, but no. This little bit of brilliance is Luna’s. She planned this out, I just came up with the subject it’s based around. The prank will be for the upcoming Nightmare Night celebration. Still interested?”

Rainbow’s excitement died a bit when she found out Celestia wasn’t the one orchestrating this, but it didn’t extinguish. If anything her excitement turned to curiosity. “Hmmm, depends...What’s the story?”

“Ok ,back in my world we have a horror story about this creature that has existed since the dawn of time. It traveled the Earth, searching for small children. When he find them, he takes them away where the children are never to be seen again!” I narrated in my best spooky ghost story voice.

Rainbow was unimpressed, “Pssh, doesn’t sound so scary. Bet I could take him.” My host bragged.

“And you wouldn’t be the first...or the last.” I counter ominously.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Oh plenty of people have tried to stop the creature. There are historical pictures of valiant knights attempting to slay it...none succeeded.”

“W-wait, I thought this was just a story. How are there pictures of this thing?” Rainbow returned sounding a bit worried by how unshifting and serious my tone was.

“I told you, it’s been around for a long time... After some time the creature just became a story. Something to keep kids away from strangers and not go out into the woods...but then...people who heard the story started noticing some odd things in photos with children in them. A figure...just barely in the corner of the photos...watching the children play. A tall, slender creature.”

“A-a-and what of it? Probably...just some blur in the photo that looked like something. What’s that have to do with me not being the first to go after this creature?” She was getting nervous. She’s trying to rationalize the story, try to make it seem like just a coincidence.

“Well, not too long ago...some children started disappearing. Concerned parents took it upon themselves to go looking for them. What parent wouldn’t? But some of the one’s that searched the local woods came back...different. They’d talk about how they found a creature in a black suit and red tie, that had innumerable tentacles, and no face. Upon seeing it they were struck by this immediate sense of dread and doom and ran for their lives!” I continued on, stressing the seriousness and drama where necessary and throwing in some images to complete the spookiness of the tale.

Rainbow was enraptured. Her heart was beating fast, but it wasn’t from the flying. When we started, even as fast as we were going, her heart was steady, rhythmic, unfaltering. Now it was accelerated and erratic. Her mind was envisioning everything I was narrating (with ponies, rather than humans, but whatever). While she had her focus on heading toward our destination, her mind was clearly following my every word. “So what happened? D-d-did they find the children? What about the parents?”

“It didn’t end well. The parents started reporting seeing the creature hanging outside their homes. Electricity would fluctuate whenever the creature was near, and as the days went by their sanity became more and more strained. Eventually, they’d go completely mad. Yelling and screaming about something trying to get them...trying to kill them. They’d start shooting randomly into the forest, slashing at nothing with knives and blades. Then...”


“Without warning.”


“They’d disappear. No corpse, only whatever they had on them at the time left by the last place they were. None of them have been seen since again. The strange thing is, some disappeared from completely locked rooms, with no windows.”

That didn’t seem to satiate Rainbow’s curiosity. “Well?! What else? It can’t just end there?!”

“Well, a guy did document his experience with the creature...before he vanished too. He got the word out and got others to beware of the creature in the black suit and red tie. As far as anyone knows, the slenderman still wanders the world...looking for more victims.”

A set of goosebumps ran through Rainbow’s body. The story along with the visuals I was showing her seemed to have had some effect, and her following statement further enforced the idea, "That sounds...so awesome! Like it’s spooky but kinda interesting, and there are pictures and stuff, and...What’s the plan for this?”

Seems like she’s interested, “Well, here’s what Luna had in mind...”

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