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Chapter 19: Chapter 19- Fix it Fix it Fix it Fix it!

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Okay, Spike is taking us to the park. We got a few strange looks when we went. I’m sure my black on Spike’s purple and green tends to stand out. That’s going to lead some questions later, I’m sure, but for now I need to devise a way to deal with Twilight. She’s going to be at the park. I know she’s going to run into the CMC and then after that she’s going to use the “want it,need it spell”. Sooo maybe if we make it before she makes it to the CMC maybe we can stop her from… wait. If I stop her, she won’t learn her lesson… but it’s more a lesson for the others so shouldn’t I let her cast the spell?...GAAAAH! I don’t know! Okay, okay, stick to the plan! Observe and interfere IF necessary.

It took some time but Spike and I made it to the park. There were ponies playing all around and even a few swimming in the pond in the center. Overall, fairly serene and calm, yet lacking a certain manic purple unicorn. Hmmm, she should be here. Did we beat her here? Hmmm....

“Are you sure, she’d be here?” Spike said mentally, while physically he was sucking wind from running so hard, poor guy’s legs are going to be sore tomorrow. Once, we find Twilight, I’m going to make sure she give Spike a break.

“She has to be here, Spike. It has the most potential for a friendship problem to be present...or for one to be made.”

“But I don’t-Wait...”Spike put a hand over his eyes as he peered at a bush for some reason. Then the bush rustled, and I instantly understood why he was looking at it, because Twilight popped out like some sort of deranged jack-in-a-box. Her mane was disheveled and her eyes were near pinpricks. Worse she had this evil smile and twitch going on with her eye. Spike and I shuddered at the sight. Okay, if the sequence of events holds true she’s going to- There! She spotted the CMC and crap I forgot how fast this escalates! She already pulled the doll! GAH! Dante. Plan. Think. NOW!! The lesson! What was the lesson?! Duh, duh.....Twilight freaks. Then riot, then Celestia, Then other rest of the girls show up and they learn...that...that...GAAAAAH! I can’t remember!!! ...Wait. I remember something important. If you see the doll you want it (duh) ...So I probably need to stop her before she enchants that horrid thing! That might be important...but would that destroy the lesson (whatever that is)....GOD DAMN IT, I’m going in circles! Where’s Netflix when you need it!? Hmmm. Wait, Spike said Twilight went to her friends to look for a problem. The lesson had something to do with the others, not Twilight.

“Spike, I need to know something, quickly! How did the others act towards Twilight’s...freak out?”

Spike got to thinking, Twilight was still pitching her doll to the girls. AAAAH!

“Uh...uh. I don’t- OH! Rainbow Dash asked if she was okay, but she didn’t seem that interested. Ya know kinda...not concerned. Does that help?”

“Not concerned? Like she didn’t care?”

“No, I think it was more that she didn’t think it was such a big deal.”

Huh, weird. I thought the girls always helped each other with their....OH! OOOOH! That’s the lesson! Listen when a friend is freaking out over something! Holy balls I’m some kind of stupid! Ok, lesson set! Now I just need to make sure it gets learned! Come on, brain I need you to work with me here! Ok, have Spike write to Celestia...or has he done that? Time for some improv!

“Ok Spike, I have a kinda, sorta, almost, plan. There’s only one thing in Equestria capable to quelling this kind of crazy.”

Spike was already one step ahead of me, “You mean the Princess? I think she should be here soon, I wrote to her earlier. I was worried that Twilight’s...crazy was getting out of control. I figured she could help.”

Excellent! “Good thinking, Spike! Ok, part two and three, I need you to go get the girls, but first. How good is your throwing arm?”

Spike seemed ok with the first part, but questioned the second before he seemed to catch on to my thinking. “It’s...decent?” Spike stated hesitantly.

I didn’t need to be to hear thoughts to know there wasn’t a lot of confidence in his words. This complicates things. I realize this wasn’t the most dangerous situation I’ve dealt with in the last twenty-four hours, but it had the potential to create injury. But is it right for me to interfer? Well, considering if I hadn’t interfered Princess Celestia would be dead...eegh. Do, don’t do? ... Man, I’ve never had to think on a decision like this before. I could say for us to wait, but I can tell Spike is getting more worried by the moment. Eh, thinking is only going to get me so far. Let’s play this by ear and adjust as things go. Perhaps I can reason with Twilight down, then have her explain things to her friends? I need to do something. Spike’s worried and me doing nothing isn’t going to help.

“It’s cool, Spike. Throw me as close to Twilight as possible. I’ll try to reason with her. Just get the others and bring them here. Hopefully, if I can’t do anything, maybe they can.” I stated this very calmly. This wasn’t a crisis, but damn if Twilight’s “broken” state didn’t make you feel like you were dealing with a big ball of crazy...which...I was about to. OOOOOOOOH boy, this is going to be a ride.

“Are you sure? What if I miss?” Spike asked with apparent worry in his thoughts.

“Then I’ll slither. Don’t worry about missing. Just do your best and I’ll handle the rest.” I stated calmly. Spike’s a kid after all, and considering this is his surrogate mother/sister having a freak out. Best I can do is try to put him at ease.

Spike’s spirits improved, if only a little. “O-okay, I’ll do my best!”

“That’s the spirit, Spike. Now let’s try to bring Twilight back to sanity.”

Spike gave a confident nod and slinked my way into Spike’s right palm. Spike lifted me and assumed a pitching position. With me firmly in his clawed hand, he lifted his front left leg and hurled me with all his might. Oddly enough, Spike has a hell of a pitcher's arm, but his aim leaves something to be desired. He got me close to where I wanted to go (near Twilight) however, where I ended was face to face with the trunk of a tree to the left of Twilight. The sensation of my body going numb...I hate this feeling. I relate it to the feeling when you lay on an arm or leg for too long. The worst part is it fucks with my already limited vision. So now the auras I can see are all distorted and mixed together.

The only indication I as to where Twilight might be was the sound of Sweetie Belle saying, “I really like her mane!” in an extremely excited tone....too excited....wait.

SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! I’m too late! Should have acted earlier! Okay, okay, prevention is over, now it’s time to damage mitigation. I took a moment to let my vision return to where I can actually discern different auras. When my sight was in better condition I could make out Twilight’s purple aura tussling with, what I could only assume, was the CMC. After Twilight got unceremoniously ejected from the tussle, I made my move and linked up with Twilight. It felt like the she’d taken a couple lumps during her attempts to wrestle Smarty Pants from the Crusaders.

I was fortunate that Twilight’s mind wasn’t in as manic a state as she appeared earlier, but her anxiety was still apparent in her thoughts. There was a definite state of panic but it seemed split between thoughts. One was obvious, "I'm going back to Magic Kindergarten if I don't find a friendship problem to solve" and the second being, "I can't get the girls away from Smarty Pants!" The latter was quickly taking hold of her mind. I decided to make my presence known, "Twilight, I'm getting the strange sensation ya done goofed. Care to elaborate?"

Twilight quickly snapped out of her rapidly growing panic and turned her focus to me. "OH, Dante! Thank Celestia! Maybe you can help me! Then we can solve two problems at once! Hehe.” Twilight stated still slightly crazed. “I cast a spell on my Smarty Pants doll to get the girls to fight over her then maybe I could help them learn to share, but I can’t seem to get them away from Smarty Pants. I’m sure with the two of us we can get her back.”

Hmmm, I can still feel the crazy...but the situation is about to rapidly escalate...best not think about things to come. Twilight's still in crae-crae mode but she still might be listening...no, she's still thinking of how she can fix this and still get a letter to Celestia before sun down. Considering there wasn't much I could do to stop this, I could at least do some damage control. Maybe I could keep riots to...minor mob levels?.....Yeah, that seems...probable. Right?

Meanwhile, while I was having my discussion three fillies were having a Royal Rumble for a plushie. "Okay, I'll help you. Grab the one I can’t get and then you can take that spell off the doll.”

That statement didn’t seem to jive with my host. I already felt her trying to determine how to turn the situation around. Man, I’ve been desperate to make a deadline especially in law school. Hey, I don't have to worry about that anymore...probably not the best time to think about that. But seriously, this is some crazy mixed with paranoia and sprinkled with some unrealistic fear. I hope Celestia talks to Twilight about this fear at the end of this. This kind of neurotic behavior is not healthy.

Twilight agreed regardless and I got to work separating the fillies. I reached into the rumble with my tendrils and felt contact with two forms and produced: .....A Sweetie Bell and a Scootaloo! Ha ha! The remaining Crusader quickly snagged the doll and took off. Thankfully, Twilight was on point and snatched her up in her magic. Hey this may turn out pretty- SONUVABITCH, SCOOTS BIT ME!

"GAAH! OW!" Twilight yelled in response to the pain as well causing her to drop Applebloom, who scampered off with the doll in her teeth. I nursed my tendril that now sported a bite mark. Damn those molars hurt like a mother! As much as I wanted to nurse my appendage, the two fillies I had snagged were now charging off after Applebloom. “Twilight! They’re getting away!” I informed my host.

Twilight shook herself of the shared pain and worked to grab the fillies again. Unfortunately, the fillies were actively juking us and our attempts to snag them. Twilight was able to tackle the trio and thus force them to drop the doll. Then Big Mac showed up...wait. OH NO BIG MAC'S HERE! That's how the riots starts! Shit!

Twilight noted the farmer's presence and part of her relaxed a bit. "Oh, Big Macintosh, thank goodness. Could you help-" Twilight started but didn't get far as I used my new claw ability to create a makeshift cage around the doll. The image was enough to get Big Mac to “Eeeeh nope!” his way out of the situation. Whether it was the claw or the color shift in Twilight’s eyes but based on his expression he was quite spooked. Maybe that'll keep things to a manageable level.

"Dante! Why'd you do that?! He could have helped!" Twilight voiced in a more than apparent miffed tone.

"Trust me...he would tried to help, but it wouldn't have ended well." I informed Twilight.

Twilight wasn't buying it, and I felt some some agitation growing in her mind. "How do you know? He could have at least gotten the doll away from the girls."

"And what would have happened when he LOOKED at the doll?" I retorted.

Twilight was about to rebuttal when my words hit their mark. "He would have....become infatuated with Smarty Pants....how'd you know that would happen?"

.....Uuuuh....I think I dun goofed again. How am I going to explain this to Twilight? Dang it, Celestia was right. I shouldn't have acted on my knowledge of the show, but could I really have just stood...sat...do I even have an ass? Whatever, question for another day. Anyway, I feel like I would have been wrong of me to just tell Spike “Oh don’t worry Spike. Twilight’s psychological break will end with everything being just fine.” Because that makes me such a great male role model.

"Well...uh...I- " *thunk* “Huh?” *Thunk* *Thunk* “What is that?”

Twilight shifted her focus to my claw to see the three fillies bucking my claw near the wrist. They were at least smart enough to avoid the claws, themselves. Oddly enough, the kicks didn’t hurt. Just felt like someone was flicking my hand. Guess that hardened part is a type of armor. Sweet!

“They seem to be kicking your...wait, what is that? Is that a new ability?” Twilight said taking notice of my new claw appendage type. I told her I’d explain later, considering I still had three fillies kicking my claw in an attempt to get to the doll underneath. At least with Big Mac out of the way there wasn’t any worry of a town wide riot. I grabbed the doll with the claw and was able to lift it without causing damage to it. Well, maybe a nick or two, but nothing a little thread couldn’t fix. I was able to hold the doll well out of reach of the crusaders by keeping it well above Twilight’s head. Kinda glad Scootaloo can’t fly or this could have been tricky. Unfortunately, either by the overwhelming force of the universe or sheer act of God, a hawk happened to be flying by and must have saw Smarty Pants and ceremoniously yanked the doll from my grip.

This caused a domino effect I had hoped to avoid. This is the sequence of events that occurred as the bird took off with the doll. First, the CMC took off after the hawk, shouting about who the doll belonged with most. This then caused anypony within earshot to turn towards the commotion, spot the fillies and then look to see what they were looking at. This repeated the further the bird flew around the park. From there...well let’s just say dealing with three small luggage sized fillies was not longer our only concern. Small fights began to break out and several ponies got pegged with small rocks and twigs as some of the ponies attempted to knock the avian thief from the sky.

The open riot did nothing to soothe Twilight...obviously. Her desperation was mounting and I was dumbfounded on what to do. I thought once Big Mac was out of the way I could handle this...stupid hawk messing up my near flawless attempt to fix stuff. Twilight and I attempted to get the doll ourselves with some mild success. Somepony was able to get the hawk to drop the doll and there was a full out brawl over it. We couldn’t see the doll through the fight but thankfully somepony must have kicked it, as it was sent into the air long enough for Twilight to snag it with her magic. This thus made US the center of attention and in that moment Twilight and I shared a very short and simple thought “Run”. To which Twilight took off at full speed. I was hoping Spike got back with the girls or Celestia showed. As fit as Twilight might look on the show...she's kinda...puggy. Thankfully, the former appeared first.

Huh, this is still kinda close to how the episode went...wait...OH MAN, does that mean I tried to fix this for nothing?! Is this like a messed up Twilight Zone where you know what’s going to happen but some stupid string of events makes it happen as it should anyway? Is there a science for this? Like time-travel-to-a-place-that-is-only-supposed-to-exist-in-fiction-ology?

Anyway, Rainbow, Rarity, Flutters, Aj, and Pinkie came to find an angry mob chasing us. Rainbow was the first to come to our aid, "Twilight! What the heck is...going... going-" Rainbow was starting to look at the doll and she was not looking away. Uh oh! I made a mid-sprint transfer onto Rainbow and forcefully turned her head with my tendrils away from the doll. Thankfully, she was able to keep her flight path but I may have used a bit too much power...I heard something click...twice.

"OW, the heck, Dante?!" Rainbow yelled out loud as she massaged her neck.

"Sorry, but don't look at the doll! It's enchanted to make anyone who looks at it want it more than anything else!"

"Wait, was this why Spike was freaking out? I thought he was just exaggerating."

I took that moment to point out the scene of Twilight being chased by a rabid mob over a very scraggly looking children's doll. "Yes, because this is just a perfectly normal thing, a perfectly normal person does when they're worried about something important to them." I stated sarcastically.

Rainbow seemed to get my point, "Okay okay, maybe Spike wasn't exaggerating. But this just seems really extreme. I mean I'm all for being extreme but why'd she go this far?"

"Not to cut you off or anything...but maybe we should help Twilight now. I think she's running out of steam." I stated as I noted that Twilight was really huffing as she tried to stay ahead of the mob, but was slowly losing ground.

"Oh, right I'm on it!" my host exclaimed as she darted to snag Twilight out from in front of the mob. She got Twilight, but Twilight failed to maintain her magical grip on Smarty Pants and the doll was left to the mercy of the mob.

"You okay, Twilight?" Rainbow ask as she flew Twilight to the others.

"Y-yeah...just...tired..." Twilight panted. Then she realized something was not with her. "Oh no! No no no!"

Rainbow put Twilight down next to the rest of the gang and her demeanor was clearly depressed. The girls works to ask what was wrong and what was happening. Twilight explained everything and what she had done. When asked why she had done it, she wasn't able to get far before a voice boomed through the area.


Everypony and myself went rigid. Sure enough, Princess Celestia was hovering in the air with a less than pleased look on her face. I wasn't even the one in trouble and I was scared to do or say a word. I just relegated myself to watching the scene unfold.

Celestia looked upon the the chaos befalling the citizens. Her horn lit up and it erupted into an all encompassing light that caused every single fight, brawl, and scrap to stop instantly. Several ponies seemed embarrassed to have been fighting over something so silly, and attempted to "discreetly" leave the scene like nothing happened. The offending Smarty Pants doll was the only thing left on the scene. Celestia turned to Twilight still looking majorly disappointed, "I'll see you at the library." Then without another word she took off towards the Golden Oaks Library. You know that feeling when your parents are disappointed with something you did? Then they don't even say anything just give you the disappointed look. Twilight was getting it to a degree I'd never seen before. She looked to be on the verge of tears. "Guess this is goodbye.", was all Twilight said before solemnly walking off toward the library herself. Leaving the rest of the mane 6 and myself to just sit in silence.

"Well...that was awkward."

Author's Notes:

Sorry for the wait on this. Life has been really getting the best of me. I've been wanting to maintain a schedule of uploads, but I don't think that's possible anymore. I will still keep the story going, but I'm gonna try to keep it as consistent as possible.

Like to give a quick shout out to Jcc10 and Darkpondj for helping out with this chapter. Also thank you guys so much for the continual support!

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