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Chapter 16: Chapter 16- Talking Foresight

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Sometimes you’re your own worst enemy. This was about as true as could be when it came to my relationship with my brain. When we worked together, we were an amazing team, but there are times (more than I’m willing to admit) when he is not my friend. Times when he reminds me of the worst possible scenarios, took me to that dark place where my worst thoughts were corralled, or just left me hanging. The latter was what I was dealing with now. Luna caught on to my thoughts leaving me flustered and my brain on temporary vacation. Only through a very desperate act did I manage to halt the trolling Luna was preparing to deal. If anyone ever questioned if Luna and Celestia were related...they are. Just based on how devious they can be when messing with someone, they are without question, related.

Speaking of the Lunar Princess, she was a bit sore that I cut her fun short;however, she was quick to remind me, with a smile, that my punishment was still to be implemented.

I had to admit, so long as I was attached to Luna I was vulnerable to her hearing my thoughts....but then again. A door once opened can be entered both ways. I just had to be vigilant and maybe I could catch something to counter with. In the mean time, time to get serious, there’s no way Celestia missed my knocking.

Sure enough, the two of us were soon greeted by the Solar Princess...only there were two things that I noticed were new about her. For one, Celestia was in a night robe that looked to be made of some pretty fine silk ( based on how shiny it was) and secondly, her mane was pink and corporeal. The hell? I thought her hair was always in that flowing ethereal state. Then again, Luna’s hair wasn’t ethereal right now, either. I wonder what that’s all about? Eh, add it to the list.

Celestia, herself, looked like she had been sleeping and everything about her seemed to confirm this. Her mane was matted and wild in several locations and she had a half-awake look on her face. She let out a yawn and rubbed her eyes with a hoof, “L-lulu? It’s very early. *Yawn* Is everything okay?” she said in a groggy tone.

Luna gave up her plots to make me suffer (for now), and looked to her older sister. She addressed her in a very serious tone, “We are afraid not, dear sister. Dante has returned with distressing news.”

That bit of information seemed to be enough to wake Celestia up from her grogginess, “What did he say?”

Luna let out a sigh, “He insisted that the both of us be present, so that he may inform us together. He hath informed us of his suspicious, but we are skeptical.”

Celestia cocked her head slightly and looked slightly confused, “Why?”

“He has yet to produce proof of his claims.” She said that while questioning why I was so dead set on having both of them present.

Celestia looked uneasy, I think the fact that I hadn’t show valid proof had her on edge. I know Luna certainly was. Well, while my proof wasn’t exactly physical, I had one bonus on my side. I could share my memories. All I had to do was recall the Royal Wedding (well the important parts, at least) and share them with Celestia and Luna. Unfortunately, that meant I’d have to be in contact with the both of them without linking. I’d shared thoughts between more than one pony before, it wasn’t exactly pleasant and possibly the closest I’d ever come to experiencing schizophrenia, but this was important and I could forgo my own displeasure to get the word out. “Luna, I can’t prove my claim but I have something close. I just need you to stand next to Celestia.”

Luna perked at that with a slight hint of curiosity and confusion, “We don’t understand. Why make such a claim, if thou have no proof?”

“I promise I’ll explain when this is over. Actually, what I’m about to show you both might explain plenty.” Yeah, I wasn’t being very specific, and Luna was right. I was hoping that once I shown Celestia and Luna my recollection of the wedding they’d at least consider the possibility. I either had to convince them the invasion was coming and have them be ready, or them have no idea and the changelings would waltz right in. Even if they did find out eventually, it’d be better the sooner they found out.

Luna was still reluctant, and I think she was still actively combing my thoughts. Damn, she was curious...or extremely intrusive. Either way, she did oblige with my request and sat next to Celestia. I disconnected myself from Luna but remained in contact. With a little reaching I made contact with Celestia and I felt both their thoughts at once. Ugh, too many voices. Do not like this! Ngh, focus, focuuuuus. Okay, start with the village then go from there. I started focusing on what happened in the village. I replayed the scene Night Glory and I witnessed upon entering the underground cavern, Grif’s testimony, and lastly the changelings who assaulted the two of us. Celestia and Luna’s mind went into shock at the state of the captives, Griff especially. When the memory of the changelings came up though, I could feel something emerging in the back of Celestia’s mind. It was another memory, Celestia’s memory. A city burning and destroyed, with ponies scattered about, withered and emaciated. Then images of a fight.

Celestia was wrestling with a tall black armored changeling, with deep emerald eyes with slitted pupils and an antenna like crown, Queen Chrysalis, herself. Something was off though, she didn’t look the same as I remember from the show. She looked less damaged, and she didn’t have the holes in her legs and her mane looked more intact and closer to hair. Even her horn looked intact and saber like rather than the jagged, and her wings weren’t shredded in the least. Instead they were full and rounded. This didn’t match up with my image of Chrysalis at all! Was this what she looked like naturally?The two were going back and forth until they both looked to be preparing spells. Chrysalis was charging up a spell and so was Celestia. I could feel the remnants of anger and rage from Celestia, a literal burning rage. Based on Chrysalis’ expression, she was feeling invincible. She wore a smug expression that made her look far more malicious with the glow of her horn. However, that look was shattered when Celestia unleashed what I can only call solar powered barrage of magic that perforated Chrysalis’ legs, chipped away pieces of her horn making it jagged and warped, and shredded the majority of her wings. The same was done to nearly every changeling that attempted to retaliate against Celestia. Yikes, personal note: DO NOT PISS OFF CELESTIA!

I let my memory finish, “That’s what happened tonight and I know the changelings being close is important....but Celestia, what was that you were thinking of?”

Luna looked to Celestia, “Indeed, what was that memory, dear sister? We knew of thy banishment of the changelings but we know not of what that was. It looked like the city of Trot.” Luna suddenly seemed startled. “Were changelings the cause of Trot’s demise?!”

Celestia let out a long sigh, “Yes, dear sister. It was the final straw. I had been receiving reports for months before the attack on Trot, mentioning changelings assaulting cities. We had been chasing them for the entire time. Trot was our chance to finally stop them. We arrived too late, though. The city was already raided and many of the inhabitants were in the same condition as the ones Dante found. We managed to subdued all the changeling and their queen. I thought banishing them to a sealed, inactive volcano would keep them from causing havoc again. I was obviously mistaken. Having them this close to Canterlot does not bode well. We must put the guards on high alert, who knows what Chrysalis is planning.”

Luna chimed in, “Dante has a hypothesis, but again he hath not shown evidence to confirm it.”

I couldn’t argue with Luna on that. I had nothing to support my hypothesis, but I was going to damn well try!

“What is your hypothesis, Dante?” Celestia asked.

Whelp...here we go. Stay focused don't mess this up,“I believe the changelings plan to invade Canterlot during the Royal Wedding of Shining Armor and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.” I replied with the fullest confidence.

That caught both the Princesses off guard. I hadn’t mentioned I knew about the wedding, or Princess Cadence. Both Princesses were demanding answers. They wanted to know how I knew about the invasion and about the details of the invasion. I layed it out for them with the two most prominent images I could recall.

“That’s how Chrysalis plans to get in. She’s going to disguise herself as Princess Cadence and use Shining Armor’s love to boost her magic, then over power both of you and use Canterlot as an all-you-can- eat buffet.”

Luna was flabbergasted. Her mind was going insane trying to determine how I had deduced all of this information. Celestia was just as frazzled at first but, she quickly figured out how I might know this. “Dante, you figured this out based on the show we discussed?” I confirmed with a simple, “Yes”

Luna seemed confused, I felt her probing Celestia’s mind searching for anwsers through the link I had made. Celestia must have figured out what Luna was doing because she put a hoof to Luna’s chest. “There is no need to do that, Luna. I have no intentions of hiding the conversation Dante and I had.”

I was happy that Celestia was willing to let Luna in, I could tell she wanted answers, hell she was practically demanding answers. I was fortunate that Celestia was willing to acquiesce.

“When Dante first arrived, he mentioned to me that his people had knowledge of our existence and the exploits of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, but we were considered fiction. I’m still researching how such a thing is possible, but I think that Dante’s hypothesis might be based on this knowledge.”

Luna was shocked but I could feel a growing curiosity, “Is this why thou encouraged us to go to Nightmare Night? Thou knows what the outcome will be?”

I had to come out with it, “Yes. I know what happens if you go, and I stand (figuratively) by what I said. Things will change if you go, and in all honesty, you deserve it. You are NOT a bad pony and your subjects need to know it.” I finished solemnly, but held the same assurance as I did the first time I stated it.

Then something happened. Something I didn’t expect. Luna blushed. A full, couldn’t hide it even if you wanted to, blush. Now, a true gentleman would not abuse this moment for his own personal revenge, a true gentleman would pretend he did not notice such a show of emotion...but it was not so long ago, a certain princess had taken advantage of my momentary emotional exposure, soooooooooo. I put on the best troll voice I could muster,“Is that a blush I sense, Princess Luna?”

And because karma is both a bitch and a good friend, Celestia got that devious smirk and added this little gem, “Luna, you are blushing.” Trolling does not spare anyone, family included.

Both statements had two glorious effect, firstly, Luna’s blush deepened. Celestia's vision gave me a good look at Luna who was a burning crimson from ears to muzzle. The second effect was Luna got seriously flustered and the pitch of her voice climbed an octave, “Uh...we..nuh...it’s just...he was...mmmmmh~” Then she covered her face with her wings. Ok, flustered Luna is pretty damn adorable. What I would give to have a cheeky smile, right now. I left her to recover her composure and slithered onto Celestia. She berated me a for teasing Luna, not that it didn’t keep her from giggling a bit herself.

Celestia gave a, “Anyway, Dante, I believe your concerns are well founded, however, I cannot justify dispatching guards without proof to show that such actions are necessary. I can have the guards increase patrols due to the assassination attempt and the changeling’s being close but I can not dispatch them to .”

Damn it, I should have known. Then again what did I expect?

Oh hey there’s an invasion coming.

Really? How do you know?

Oh I found out about it from a show that only exists on a world you don’t know about.

Most legit proof EVER!

However, my sarcastic self-deprecation was made null by Celestia’s additional comment, “However, I’d still like to investigate the changeling’s intentions. The fact that they have attempted to kill me and are so close to Canterlot can not be mere coincidence.”

Well, at least Celestia was being understanding. "So, what are you going to do?"

Celestia looked to Luna, who had cooled down a bit to a light pink, and shared her thoughts, "I'm going to have a small team keep an eye on Princess Mi Amore covertly. If she is acting out of sorts, we shall investigate further. What we need is definitive proof that the changelings are planning an invasion. I greatly appreciate your concern Dante, and your service to our kingdom. I will make sure you are rewarded in time. For now, I would like you to continue to learn more about yourself and your abilities. We will handle things from here."

Optimum situation? Not really, but at least they were aware. Plus, I did need to mess around with my abilities some more. So far my repertoire wasn't all the spectacular. The down time would be appreciated after everything that happened tonight. "I understand, Princess. Thanks."

"Of course, Dante." Celestia took a peek out her balcony window. The moon was reaching the final phases of it's arc. Celestia turned to face Luna, who was now back to her normal shade of midnight blue. "Well, it's nearly time for the sun to rise soon, so I'll forgo going back to sleep. Luna, you are going to bed soon, correct?"

Luna nodded.

Celestia gave Luna a warm smile and asked, "Would you mind letting Dante sleep with you for the day? After everything that has happened I'm sure he could use the rest."

I'm guessing Luna stopped listening after "sleep with you" as she immediately looked embarrassed and the blush returned again, "T-t-tia! How canst thou suggest thy only sister sharing a bed with-with-"

Celestia face hoofed, "Luna, Dante is nearly a tenth your size! And, what makes you think he'd try something?"

Luna looked like she wanted to rebuttal, but her retort stopped in her throat. She let out a sigh of defeat. "Very well, then."

I took that as my cue to move over. I made my leave of Celestia and nestled myself in Luna's mane. Once I was settled, Luna said her good day to Celestia and I gave a wave good-bye with a tendril. We were nearly out the door when Celestia stopped us one last time, "Dante, might I ask a favor?"

I made a nodding motion with the my still present tendril. Celestia spoke her request calmly and evenly, "I realize you have knowledge of things to come, but should an event regarding my student or her friends arrive, I'd ask you not interfere unless necessary. Any lessons they might learn should be learned without outside guidance."

Decent point. I had already made some kind of change by alerting Celestia and Luna about the invasion, but my interference seemed to solidify Luna going to Nightmare Night...Hmmm, best to play it by ear and use my discretion. I made the 'okay' sign with my tendril to confirm I understood. Celestia gave a gentle nod and wished us both good day.

No sooner we got outside Celestia's room, Luna started bombarding me with questions. How much did I know about upcoming events, how much did my people know about Equestria, what did we think about think about Equestria, what were my people like, etc.

I was having a hard time keeping up with most of her questions and had to request that she ask one question at a time. Luna was still eager for answers but agreed to take things a bit slower.

Luna took a moment to consider her first question to ask me, “We would like to know...about thy people. How dost they know about our subjects?”

I had been considering this for a bit now. How did a cartoon for little girls turn out to be a real plane of existence? Maybe it always existed and Lauren Faust just happened to catch glimpses of this universe? Or maybe that theory about a thought being so strong that it could create it’s own reality had some validity? Ugh, I was good at biology but this is quantum theory. I can’t confirm this shit! Well, might as well adhere to K.I.S.S and go from there. I relayed the same information I told Celestia when I first arrived. Luna accepted a little better compared to Celestia, but she had been segwayed into it a little better.

“So thy people can see the lives of our subjects, but only small parts?”

“As best I can tell, I’m not certain how it’s possible.”

Luna’s thoughts seemed to consider some possibilities. Dimensional viewing seemed to be the one that kept popping up the most. Guess that sort of follows along with my hypothesis. But there was something that kept nagging her mind. She kept wondering about how I looked compared to my dreams. Couldn’t blame her, be weird to see someone one way but differently in another. “You’re wondering about what I looked like in the dream, right?”

The comment broke Luna’s train of thought, “Indeed...what was that form thou took?”

I never thought I’d have to repeat myself on this topic so much but, “That’s what I used to look like, when I was human still.”

Luna sounded a bit surprised, “We recall our sister mentioning you having a previous form, but this is most drastic.”

“Yeah, that’s one word for it” I replied mirthfully.

“So...what were thy people like? Could they use magic?” Luna was starting to get that eager curiosity that Celestia and Twilight got at times. Coming from Luna it sounded....oooooh no you don’t, you traitorous bastard! The mind has ears! We barely escaped last time!

“Who art thou berating?”

“The treitorous villain that is my mind. He conspires to sabotage me on a constant basis and I shant allow him to do me harm more than once in a single day!”

Luna gave a soft chuckle, “A bit dramatic, wouldn’t thou say?”

I gave Luna my most serious yet light hearted tone, “Luna, you have the luxury of having a mind that isn’t working against you. If you did you would realize why this is important.” I finished my mental correction process and resumed answering Luna’s question, “Anyway, no humans do not have the ability to use magic. We did supplement our inability to use magic with incredible technology and ingenuity.” That last part I said with as much pride as possible. Some of the stuff we came up with, as far as technology, made it look like we could use magic half the time. I lament on the fact I probably was going to be stuck in a world with little to no technology, but hey, at least there was real magic here and whatever other Symbio powers I had.

Luna’s curiosity was growingand her face matched it with a contemplative expression. “What kind of technology hast thy people created? Our scholars have considered the possibility communication between two devices using wires, a receiver, and a miniature speaker.”

Wait, they were just now developing telecommunications? Wow, they have a long way to go before they reach cell phones, but you’ve got to start somewhere right? “You mean telephones. Yeah, we have those...they’re a bit more advanced and could do more than just make calls, but hey maybe y’all can get there eventually.”

Luna’s contemplative look swapped to confusion, “So thy society has ‘telephones’ but they can do ‘more’? What doest thou mean by that?”

Hmm, I wonder how much Luna’s mind will explode if I tell her this. Well, if it blows up too much I can always heal her. Commence mind blowing! “Well, for one, our telephones are wireless and small, about the size of your hoof. Secondly, they can take pictures, play music, and the best of all they have access to the internet.” I started with a bit of excitement.

Luna was near dumbfounded, her mind was racing at how such a thing was possible. She eventually came to one logical conclusion. A false conclusion, but a conclusion none the less.“Tis...tis a lie, a joke! Thou art merely saying that to have a laugh at our expense! Tis not possible for one device to do so much.”

Well, she was right about one thing, this was funny, but not for the reason she thought. “You know, as well as I do, that it’s hard to lie like this. Search your feelings, Luna. You know it to be true!” I popped a few memories of me fiddling with my smartphone just to show it was possible.

Luna’s denial was scrutinized as she searched my mind for any hints of deception, for the miniscule chance I was making up the memory. Needless to say she came up with nothing. “Tis...tis as thou say. Tis the truth.” Well, not the response I was hoping for but close enough.

There was still something Luna had on her mind, she wanted an answer to, “Thou mentioned something before we have never heard of. Thou called it, ‘the internet’?”

Oooh this was gonna be a doozy. Glad I’m having this conversation with Luna and not Twilight. I think Twilight’s mind would actually explode with this one. “Ok, uh. How to explain this...Oh, imagine a library.”

“Huh? Why?”

“I’m making an analogy to make this easier to understand. Just go with it.”

“Okay?” With that I felt the image of a simple library come into focus in Luna’s mind.

“Ok, now that library has a lot of books with a good amount of information, correct?”

“Yes. It would.”

“Now that library has a lot of information but necessarily information on certain topics. So now imagine another library with a line attached to the first one.”

At my suggestion a new library appeared next to the first imaginary library in Luna’s mind with a simple line attaching the two.

“Now that line between the two libraries allows them to share information between them. So what one library may not have but the other does, can be shared in between them. Useful right?”

Luna gave a simple nod, “Tis indeed, although it seems quite pointless. Wouldn’t it not be easier to merely go to the other library to collect the information needed?”

“Normally, you would be correct. But if that library is miles away it becomes quite the journey for information. The internet is essentially millions of libraries around the world that are all interconnected. Through this interconnectedness they can share information between them almost instantaneously. Anything you ever wanted to know could be accessed and read anytime you want.”

Luna was back to dumbfounded and confused, “Again, how is such a feat possible? There is no such location capable of housing that many books! The building twould need to be of an impossible scale!”

“Easy, we use computers. They’re devices we created to store most of that information.That information is sent to the internet where it can be accessed by other computers any where and everywhere in the world.”

I think I may have broken Luna with that one, she stopped walking completely and was just standing still in the hallway as she attempted to contemplate such a feat. She considered it similar to dragon fire, but dismissed how complicated it would to pinpoint the information needed then direct it back to the source. Then she stopped, “That’s it! Tis impossible to locate a single piece of information amongst a sea of books! Twould take too long!”

She thought she had me. Found an inconsistency in my statement. However, there was one thing she didn’t know about. Google. “We have search engines for that.”


“Essentially they are programs designed by humans to search the internet for the required information. The search engine searches every computer there is until it finds the something pertaining to what the searcher is looking for and presents it to the them. Sometimes you get exactly what you’re looking for, other times you have to sift through a bunch of nonsense before you find the right info.”

Luna was now on her haunches. She was still searching my memory for something to disprove my statement. I decided it might be a good idea to stop her, “Trust me, Luna. As hard as it is to fathom, humans did it. It took us years to do it, but we did. I’m certain, given the same amount of time, Equestrians will figure out how to do it too....or invent a spell that does something similar. Who knows?”

My lunar host was still in an incredulous state as such a thing was still boggling to her mind, but my previous statement seemed to snap her out of it. “What makes thee think so?”

“Because, had I told someone in my world fifty years ago what I just told you. I have no doubt they’d have reacted the same way. Nothing is really impossible, it’s just that no one has figured out how to do it yet. Until then it’s just improbable.” I stated in a manner I remember some of my high school teachers used to speak.

Luna seemed to accept my philosophy and reversed her thinking. She started thinking of how something like the internet could be possible. She came to the conclusion it would still be a daunting task to corral such a copious amount of information, but for the most part it could be done. “Thy statement holds some truth. We can see that despite how difficult it would be to gather such a collection of information, it is feasible. What else hath thy people created?”

I started telling Luna about all the different technological wonders humans had developed as we walked back to her chambers.. I told her about our transport vehicles, the various robotics, and some of our medical techniques. It was kinda fun to talk to Luna about the human race and to realize how far we had come as far as technology when compared to Equestria. Although in their defence, and thanks to Luna pointing it out to me, most of our technology could easily be replicated with certain spells or made completely pointless if you were the right type of pony. We continued our back and forth until we reached Luna’s chamber and entered.

I was about to talk about different human cultures when Luna stopped me and made an observation, “Thou speak of thy people very highly, but...thou art very silence about thyself. We have yet to hear much about what kind of... ‘person’ thou art.”

I had to admit I hadn’t talked about myself too much. I often prefer being out of the limelight and just letting others take center stage. It’s not like I’m shy or anything, I just prefer to hang back and watch people. Not in the creepy way, I just like to people watch....don’t judge me!
I got a bit sheepish at Luna’s question, “I’m nothing too special. I’m just a guy.”

“Yet thou art in another world, in a new form, and involved in a possible attempt to usurp control from our sister and us. We would like to know about you, as our friend.” Luna final part in a hopeful manner that made me feel bad for avoiding her question.

“Sorry, Luna. I...Ugh. I don’t usually talk about myself often. I usually just hang back and observe.”

“Tis fine. We are curious merely curious about thee. Of all those we have met, ye are one of the few who seems to be very open with us. We are...appreciative.”

Wow, this was a bigger deal to her than I thought. “Well, from the show, you always seemed nice and caring, especially with foals. Plus, you are regretful of what you did. If we are to believe in the legal system, when a crime is committed the committer is punished and given time to consider their actions. You were banished for a thousand years. I’d say you have had plenty of time to consider what’s happened and plus you’re not Nightmare Moon any more so, you’re just....well you.”

“We..uh...thank you.” Luna finished a bit bashfully...wait did she just..? “Also, we noticed thy referring to legal systems and justice. Why is that?”

“Oh, I was studying to be a lawyer before I came here and I was actively working as a paralegal.”

Luna seemed genuinely interested, “Was there a reason for such a career choice?”

“Well...I...you’re gonna think this is foalish....but it was because of the comics I read when I was younger.”

Luna seemed caught off guard by my statement if not slightly surprised by my nerdiness, “Comics? Really?”

“Hey, I told you it’d sound foalish. But seriously, there was this comic from my world about this guy who was blinded at a young age. At first it seems like a really bad disability, but he finds that his senses get heightened to the point that he can see through a type of echolocation. Eventually he becomes a lawyer and uses his heightened sense to pick out clients who were falsely accused and get them acquitted. I always remember that his clients were always super grateful and happy, so I wanted to be like that. I wanted to help people like he did.”

Luna giggled a bit, “That is...most admirable.”

Ok, she’s giggling and she was thinking that it was...cute? Cute? Da hell!? I’m trying to be sincere here! “Ok, why are you giggling and thinking it’s cute I take inspiration from a comic book?”

Luna was still giggling, “Because tis so foalish, yet thou take it so seriously. Tis...admirable to follow such a foalhood dream this far into stallionhood.”

Yeah, she said that honestly, but she was dancing around that “cute” thought she had earlier. “Still haven’t explained why it’s ‘cute’” I stated in an annoyed tone.

Luna caught onto my less than subtle annoyance, “Tis cute because tis...what’s the word our citizens use? Adorkable?”

....She thinks...I’m adorkable?...Conflicting emotions are conflicting. “I....uh....I ....thanks?” Curses she hath thrown me for a loop again! And she has me switching to ye olde speak! Gah!

“Hehe, regardless tis admirable to seek to acquit the innocent.” Confond her and that giggle! She makes me...feel.

That’s why she is so shippable!

Shut it, fanboy no one asked you. “Well, thanks. I appreciate it. I might not be able to continue my studies but at least I can do some good as I am.”

Luna suddenly started considering something but stopped when she noticed I was investigating. Damn, she was incredibly aware of my mental investigating. I guess the dream thing gives her a bit of an edge.

Luna let out a yawn before turning to her balcony. I felt her entire being encased in magic and reached out with her magic to embrace the moon. No seriously. She literally GRABS the moon with her magic and pushes it down over the horizon. The fact she does it like it’s nothing is not only impressive...but slightly annoying. You just moved the freakin moon. A bead of sweat or something would be appreciated! Interestingly enough just as the Moon fell the sun started to rise. Guess Celestia was paying attention.

Well, no point complaining. Luna made her way to her OH so super comfy bed. Aaaaah fleece! Once in her bed, she used a bit more magic to move the curtains on her windows to the full closed position. Based on how the light of the rising sun wasn’t piercing through, they had to be blackout curtains. With a bit of a shimmy Luna got into a comfy position and closed her eyes. “Good day, Dante.”

Eh a bit different but hey, when in Rome, “Good day, Luna.”

Author's Notes:

SWEET JAYSUS! that took some time. Missed my deadline by a bit but I had to make sure everything was looking decent. Used a few gifs for effect and a bit of experimentation. I don't intend to use them throughout the story but more of a way of conveying mental images. Whelp...it's about 12am...time to sleep!

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