A Second Chance

by Jay David

Chapter 2: The Morning After

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The first thing that woke her was the bright light of the sun pouring in through her window. Slowly, Twilight opened her eyes, rubbing them as she took in her surroundings. She was still in her room, but given her early wake-up call last night, she was far from rested. Ugh, I feel like I've had two tonnes of books dumped on my head. However, as the seconds passed, her eyes began to snap open. I...I remember! The dream, or vision or whatever it was! I remember...things that haven't happened. All my friends! Wait...I'm going to have friends? Yes, lots of them! And I love them, or...will love them, or...ugh, this is going to get confusing. Wait, what was I doing today? Turning, she looked upon the already-prepared travel bags beside her bed, leading to a small smile creeping onto her face. Of course! The journey to Ponyville! Wow...I've never been, but...I know it like the back of my hoof now. This is amazing! All these thoughts! Her expression then changed to one to joy as her mind conjured forth even more images and knowledge. And the spells! I...I never knew I could know so many!

With her smile turning somewhat mischievous, she threw back her covers and hopped out of bed, landing on all fours before looking around. Soon, she caught sight of a nearby table, and upon it lay a bowl of fruits, apples, pears and the like. Still smiling, Twilight walked over and picked up an apple, placing it carefully at the side of the bowl. Okay, let's see if I can do this. Taking a few deep breaths, Twilight closed her eyes, concentrating hard on her magic, at which point her horn began to glow. As it became brighter and brighter, she lowered her head, aiming the horn right at the apple. In an instant, she let forth her magic, and the apple was engulfed in her bright purple aura. Opening her eyes, Twilight broke out into a massive smile as she saw that there, lying in the spot where the apple once stood, was now a fresh orange. Success! I can't believe it! I've never even attempted a transmogrifying spell before, but now, it's like I know it by heart! I can't wait to try out all the rest of it!

However, moments after thinking that, the young unicorn suddenly felt very tired, even more so than when she first woke. Raising a hoof to her head, she took a few deep breaths to recover. Whoa...I've never had a spell take that much out of me before. But then, I guess it was a pretty advanced spell. And that was one of the lesser ones I know now too. I'd better hold off on trying out the bigger spells for now. Lowering her hoof again, Twilight smiled as she looked at her successfully-transformed fruit. The older me probably wouldn't even have to break a sweat casting stuff like this, being an alicorn and all. At that thought, Twilight's eyes snapped open. An...an alicorn?! Oh my gosh, I get to be an alicorn?! I mean...I remember becoming one, even though I haven't technically become one yet, but...

"Ugh! This is going to give me a lot of headaches, I just know it!"

Before she could dwell on that, however, she was alerted to the sound of creaking in front of her. Looking up, she saw that Spike had now entered her chambers, looking upon her with some concern.


The young unicorn looked at him, and in an instant, her mind became flooded with memories that had yet to occur. Images of her tiny dragon growing to the size of a near-skyscraper, going on a rampage. Images of a crush on a certain white unicorn. Images of an Empire, saved from the clutches of a dark King. When Twilight looked upon her assistant now, it was with that knowledge, and she took a step backwards as new thoughts and feelings and ideas grew within her.


The young dragon hesitantly entered the room, closing the door behind him.

"When I saw that you weren't waking up as usual, I thought I'd just let you sleep in today. I just came up to see if you were finally up and-ARGH!!!"

Before he could react, he was taken aback by his lifelong friend lunging towards him, wrapping her forelegs around him and holding him close in a warm hug. Needless to say, Spike regarded this out-of-nowhere behaviour with some concern. Twilight, by contrast, could not have looked happier, as she held her friend close, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Spike...I'm so happy you're here."

The young dragon darted his eyes from left to right, not quite knowing how to respond to a statement like that.

"Um...thanks, I guess?"

Finally letting go, Twilight took a step back and placed a single hoof upon her assistant's shoulder.

"Spike. You really are my number one assistant. You know that, right?"

Feeling more than a little pride at hearing his favourite title, Spike smiled back at her.

"Sure I do!"

Twilight smiled even more affectionately.

"I appreciate everything you do. Truly, no mare could ask for a better friend."

Spike's smile faded, but only a little.

"Er...okay? That's great and all, but..."

Before he could finish, he watched as a lavender hoof was placed upon his lips.

"No...this needs to be said, Spike. You're more than a friend to me. You're family. And like family..."

Her eyes still welling somewhat, Twilight brought her head forward, gently placing it against Spike's.

"...I love you."

Spike's eyes widened with shock after hearing that. There was silence between the two, and for a brief moment, Spike wondered if he'd just entered some kind of topsy-turvy world. A world where his friend, Twilight, a mare known mostly for scheduling and seriousness, had somehow come over as a complete sentimental. Not that he didn't appreciate the affection though. Far from it. In fact, from the way he began to grown an affectionate smile of his own, it was clear that this gesture from Twilight had touched him deeply. It was a sentiment shared by his next words to her.

"Thank you, Twilight. I...I love you too."

As the two parted, the young dragon blushed a little and scratched the back of his head.

"Though, come to think of it, I don't think I've ever said it before now."

Twilight let out a little chuckle at hearing that.

"Well...that changes now. Because I will keep on saying it. Because I mean it, Spike, I really do. It's something I should have said long before now."

Once again, the young unicorn placed a hoof upon her assistant's shoulder.

"And I want you to remember. No matter what happens from this point onwards...I will never stop loving you."

Looking upon his unicorn friend, Spike tilted his head somewhat, regaining just a little bit of his earlier worry.

"Twilight...is everything okay? I mean, I know you're not that happy about going to Ponyville, but..."

Twilight's mind began to race as her assistant spoke hose words. That's right! As far as Spike's concerned, it's just been a few hours since I said how unhappy I was about going. In truth, I actually can’t wait to go there and see all my friends again...well...rather, for the first time. I wonder...no. I can't tell him. If I start going around telling ponies that I was given a vision of the future by myself from a few decades down the line, they'd call me a lunatic. Still...I have to make him think that everything's fine with me. But how? Thinking her options over for a bit, Twilight soon cleared her throat and put on a smile.

"Well, Spike, I had some time to think about this assignment the Princess gave us, and I think I was too quick to dismiss it."

Spike raised an eyebrow at that.


Twilight smiled and nodded.

"Really. I've never really been out of Canterlot before, so I figured it might be good for the two of us to get out and see a bit more of Equestria."

Apparently satisfied with her answer, Spike began to smile again.

"Great! And you're sure everything's okay?"

Twilight let out a chuckle and began to walk past her assistant, towards her travel bags.

"Yes, Spike. Everything's okay."

But, before she reached for her bags, she stopped, and thought hard for a moment. Spike looked on at this moment of hesitancy, seeing a smile creep upon her face. As she turned to face him once more, Spike looked upon an expression of confidence that he could not recall ever seeing on her before today.

"Actually...it'll be more than okay. I'll be great! No! It'll be perfect!"

Spike, momentarily taking in by the confidence his friend was displaying, found himself briefly awe-struck by her. Seeing this look, Twilight giggled a little before lighting up her horn, levitating the bags so they were now floating beside her. Twilight smiled to herself now, knowing everything she needed to. All the spells, all the events that had yet to happen, the knowledge of the friends she had yet to meet. Her older self had given her the chance to live a whole lifetime over again. A second chance. How many in this world would kill to have that kind of opportunity? Imagine all the good I could do, all the great things I can make happen, all the ponies I can help? This is great! As a yet another yet-to-be-memory came to mind, Twilight found herself having a mental chuckle. This is, as Rarity might say, the…best…possible…thing. Looking to her friend, Twilight gave a simple but affectionate smile, gesturing to the door beside her.

"Come on, Spike. We've got a chariot to get to."

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