Derpy Days of Fashion

by CharmingChaos

Chapter 1: Preparation and Hesitation

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Preparation and Hesitation

"Oh, this has got to be just perfect." Rarity trotted back and forth, her horn glowing as she adjusted the hats, shoes, skirts, and everything else on her models. She'd taken care not to have Fluttershy in sight, just in case Photo Finish changed her mind.

Carrot Top, Berry Punch, Cheerilee and several others stood patiently in their outfits as Rarity frantically tugged and pinned, a whirlwind of nervous energy as she rushed from pony to pony, her perfectionist senses on overdrive.

Derpy Hooves, unlike the other models, was not standing still in her place. She had wandered away to talk to Rainbow Dash, and managed to trip over nothing at all. Now the grey, bubble-flanked pegasus was being led back to her place by a nervous-looking Rainbow Dash, who was doing her best to fix the gown still tangled around Derpy's hooves.

"My dear, you're doing it all wrong," Rarity pushed Rainbow Dash out of the way to put Derpy's dress back the way she wanted it.

"Erm serrer, Erm not a frshion desherner," Rainbow Dash protested through a mouthful of pins. The pins were roughly pulled out of her mouth in a cloud of blue-white magic as Rarity adjusted the costume on the pony standing in front of her. Dash rubbed her lips reproachfully. "Ow, Rarity. I'm not a pin cushion, you know. "

"Oh my stars, these shoes are simply ghastly, don't you think, Rainbow? The heels need to be so much taller, and, erm, sparklier, right?" Rarity scurried off to find some better hoofwear without even a glance at her friends.

"Um, Miss Rarity?" Derpy asked nervously when the white and purple unicorn returned. "I, um, I don't usually do well in heels."

"Nonsense, darling, they  look simply fabulous." Rarity gave Derpy's mane an affectionate pat, then jumped back as if shocked. "Oh! How careless! I've ruined your manestyle! Terribly sorry." She called over her shoulder. "Twilight? Bring the hairspray, darling."

The hairspray popped into view just in front of Rarity, and she caught it neatly in a little blue-white haze of magic.

"Thank you, Twilight. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without all of you." Rarity said to no-one in particular. "Oh, and Derpy dear, you can fly, remember?"

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