Dazzling Sun

by Rated Ponystar

First published

Sunset Shimmer takes the powerless Sirens into her home and grows closer to them.

Nobody has seen the Sirens since the Battle of the Bands, and nearly everyone is fine with that. Months later, Sunset Shimmer feels her entire life is going better then it ever was since the Fall Formal. She has her best friends, the school no longer hates her, and it's summer vacation.

One night on her way back home from band practice, she finds the three powerless Sirens who are now homeless. Deciding to be a nice person, she takes them in, but the question becomes how long will they stay? And what will happen to them in the future?

Commissioned by: Dashhole

Edited by The Myth and DBZorDie and InsanityCorps


The last chord of the electric guitar echoed in Rainbow’s garage as Sunset and Applejack sung the last of the chorus. When it was over, the group panted and, as if rehearsed, grabbed their water bottles before chugging the things down; their pony appendices also fading now that the music was done. Ever since Fluttershy became their new head lyricist, she had been writing song after song with inspiration suddenly kicking her with confidence. Of course, the others had been writing songs of their own, but no one did it better than Fluttershy. If it wasn’t for the fact she wanted to be a veterinarian, she’d would have been perfect as a lyricist for hire.

“Man, Fluttershy, what are you trying to make with that one? The next ‘Stairway to Heaven’?” asked Rainbow Dash, crunching her empty water bottle while wiping the sweat from her brow.

“S-sorry, is it too long? I can shorten it,” said Fluttershy, hiding behind her tambourine.

“Nah, that’s a compliment, really,” assured Rainbow Dash, stretching her arms. “It’s just really hard to play, especially after all the other songs we’ve done.”

“I agree with Rainbow Dash. Perhaps we should hold on playing that song in future concerts until we can play it without exhausting ourselves,” pointed out Rarity.

“Awww, but I could go for playing it again,” said Pinkie Pie, the only one not tired looking. How she got her energy, nobody know.

Sunset Shimmer was packing her guitar as the others talked about what to do with the song. Personally, she wanted to say her piece, but her voice was way too tired to even talk. All she wanted was to get home, order pizza, have a nice shower, and get to bed for the weekend. Applejack noticed her packing up and asked, “Ya hittin’ the road?”

“Yup, I’m beat. I’m gonna take the weekend and relax. We still on for the water resort park next week?” asked Sunset.

Pinkie Pie seemed to perk up upon hearing this, and her hair exploded into a bright pink cloud. “Definitely! And best of all, Twilight’s going to be there with us!”

“Oh, I can’t wait to show her the bikini I’m making for her! She’s going to absolutely adore it!” shouted Rarity, clapping her hands.

“I can’t wait to see the aquarium. It’s been so long. I hope Mr. Sharky hasn’t forgotten about me,” said Fluttershy with as much excitement as there was for the shy girl.

Sunset placed her guitar over her shoulder and made for the door. “I’m sure she’ll love it. See you later girls, goodnight!”

“Goodnight, Sunset! We love you!” shouted the five, much to her embarrassment.

“Girls, how many times do I have to tell you? I forgave you for what happened with Anon-A-Miss. Really, it’s water under the bridge,” said Sunset, shaking her head. It had been a dark moment in their friendship when that incident occurred, caused by Apple Bloom and her friends. It made her the most hated person in Canterlot High again, but thankfully, the situation was cleared up. Although, she did feel bad for the three friends whose popularity was still low.

“We know, we just wanted to let ya know just in case,” said Applejack with a smile.

Sunset nodded to her friends and waved goodbye before she left Rainbow Dash’s yard, making her way down the street. Thankfully, she didn’t live too far away from her, and it was a nice night for a walk. Sunset hummed to herself as she thought about what her life was like now. Despite having been redeemed in the eyes of her peers for being a complete bully and power hungry egomaniac, Sunset still felt like she had more to accomplish before she could throw off the shackles of her past. She had spent so much of her life being arrogant and hurtful towards others. It had only been a year since her quest to redeem herself, and while she had accomplished much, she still felt like she had much more to do.

Plus, I only have one more year of school left, thought Sunset as she tried to think about what she wanted to do with her life, and where she was going to live it.

Despite being a pony from birth, she loved being a human and the new adopted world she had come to appreciate in her years living in it. She loved working with computers, and had a knack for coding. Her teachers often suggested she'd go to college to learn more and make a career out of it. However, Sunset was resistant to do so. It wasn't like she didn't have the grades, the problem was funding. Despite living alone, most of the money came from the state to support herself, and it would end when she graduated high school. She could try to get a scholarship to help out, or get a full time job somewhere and save for college.

The other option was going home to Equestria. Twilight had told her that, for her role in stopping the sirens, she had been pardoned for her crimes against Equestria. Sunset was free to return home, but to what? She had no parents to go back too, Celestia had taken her in from the orphanage as her ward. She could live with Princess Celestia, or Twilight, but the former she was still ashamed of seeing, and the latter had done so much already for the repenting Sunset it didn’t seem right. Plus, it had been ages since she had used Equestrian magic like a unicorn, or even walked like a unicorn. Not to mention there were no computers.

While the mirror could help her transport between both worlds, she didn’t know which one she wanted to live in. I only have one more year. I can still figure it out later.

Just as she was about to cross the street to get to her house, she heard the sound of trash cans being knocked over behind her. Nearly jumping out of her boots, she turned around and saw someone down on the ground, rubbing their head. Concerned, Sunset walked over, “Do you need a hand?”

When Sunset got closer, she saw who it was that fell and gasped. The person's hair was messy, and she didn’t have her ponytail this time. Rather, it was flowing freely in the wind. Her clothes were ripped up and look like they hadn’t been washed in a long time. Even without these changes, the most iconic thing was the fact that the prized necklace she and the others associated with this girl were gone; destroyed in the Battle of the Bands. Sunset felt her entire body freeze up as she saw Sonata Dusk rise to her feet while holding her head. “Thanks, but I think it would be best if the world stopped spinning.”

“Um, it’s not. You just crashed,” said Sunset, with caution, ready to reach for her guitar as a weapon if need be. Even if she and her friends got rid of the magic of the sirens that didn’t mean they weren’t dangerous.

Sonata shook her head, stared at Sunset and gasped. “Wait! You!”

Sunset prepared herself, her fingers closer to the zipper of her guitar bag...

“I need your help!”

... and then she almost fell off her own feet upon hearing this. “Wait, what?”

Before she could ask further, Sonata grabbed Sunset’s hand. With a pleading face, she bit her lip and said, “Aria told me to get help and you're the first person I saw! Please! My friend is sick!”

Although it could have been a trap, the scared look in Sonata’s eyes reminded her almost of Fluttershy whenever she needed help. Plus, even though Sunset didn’t like to admit it to anyone, she was a great liar. It was a skill she had developed over her years as the tyrant of Canterlot High. That included making her able to see through lies as well. There was no sense of falseness from Sonata’s calm or in her body language that Sunset could detect.

Plus, I’m sure this is one of those lessons on friendship Princess Twilight would want me to do, thought Sunset as she nodded. “Okay, lead the way.”

Sonata squealed with joy before dragging Sunset down the alley so fast she could have sworn her arm was gonna pop out. They ran for almost ten minutes before they entered into what looked to be an abandoned storage garage. Sunset was surprised, yet again, to see that this was where the sirens had been living in for nearly half a year. Ever since they fled in shame, Sunset and the others had tried looking for them all over town. After two months of searching they came to the conclusion that they had fled which Rainbow Dash called “good riddance”.

Entering the garage, Sunset spotted the other two sirens inside. Aria Blaze was holding onto a sweating and heavy breathing Adagio Dazzle. Both of them were similar to Sonata in terms of messed up hair and dirty clothing. If Sunset didn’t know them before, she would have assumed they were homeless girls on the run.

Aria’s eyes widen with shock and then growled upon seeing Sunset. “What are you doing here?!”

Sunset gulped at the death like stare and was already starting to regret coming here. Sonata might have been the nicest of the three, but the other two she knew to be downright sinister if need be. Luckily, Sonata came over and smiled at her fellow siren. “She’s here to help us!”

“Why?!” asked Aria glaring at Sonata now.

“You said to get help, right?” asked Sonata, tilting her head.

“You bubble head! I mean a doctor or a EMC or even a fricken stranger!” growled Aria, face palming. “Not one of the students at that high school that are responsible for what’s happened to us!”

Sonata turned to Sunset and rubbed her chin. “Huh, I thought you looked familiar.”

Aria mumbled something to herself but her anger was quickly subsided when Adagio started coughing really loud. Both of the sirens went over to her side and held on to her. “Hang on, Adagio,” whispered Aria with a gentle look of concern that Sunset had never seen before. “We’ll get you cured with... whatever it is you have, I promise.”

“Yeah, we’ll be here with you all the way!” shouted Sonata, doing her best to smile, but it was clear she was trembling with fear.

Seeing this bond of sisterhood between the three powerless villains brought a realization in Sunset’s eyes as she stared at them. They... they care for each other, thought Sunset as a smile graced her lips. I guess there is some good in them after all.

Remembering why she came here in the first place, Sunset gathered her thoughts and made her way to Adagio. Pressing her hand against the lead siren’s forehead, she felt it starting to heat up to the point where she could feel the sweat. The intense breathing and semi-conscious state only brought it to one conclusion. “She has a fever. How long has she been sick?” Sunset said to Aria who looked surprised to be addressed.

“I... I don’t know. She hadn’t been feeling well for a few days, and all of a sudden she collapsed,” answered Aria, frowning as she gently caressed Adagio's cheek. “I didn’t know we could even get sick... I guess Adagio’s worries were true...”

“What worries?” asked Sunset, checking for a pulse to judge the heart beats.

“That rainbow thing you guys did? It broke our pendants and took away our magic. Adagio said that without them, we’re just like everyone else in this world,” said Sonata, biting her lip. “We can’t use magic to protect ourselves. We can’t feed like we used too. Plus...” Sonata gulped. “S-she said without our magic to s-sustain us... w-w-we’ll a-age and d-d-d...”

The room suddenly got ten degrees colder as Sonata didn’t even bother finishing the word, instead she hugged her knees closer to her chest. Even Aria seemed to avoid gazing at anyone, and focused on the floor instead. Sunset felt her blood turn ice-cold as the implications of what she and her friends did finally hit her. But it makes sense. If their magic was the only thing that has kept them alive for so long since being banished nearly a thousand years ago, without it that protection goes. thought Sunset, feeling guilty. She had to stop them from what they were doing to her school, but she didn’t want this to happen. Are we... am I responsible for this?

Adagio’s coughing woke all of them from the depressing moment as Sunset reminded herself what was more important to focus on hand. She lifted Adagio up, surprised by how light she was. Probably hasn’t eaten anything filling in a long time.

“We need to get her to my house. I have medicine that can help,” said Sunset.

“Why should we trust you?! It’s your fault she got sick in the first place, you and your little band of bitches!” shouted Aria, getting up with her hands clenched.

Sunset forced herself to not slap Aria for what she called her friends and instead glared at her. “Because I’m probably the only person in all of town that is willing to help you three after what you tried to do. You have no money for a doctor, and I’m willing to even order pizza for you three to share with me. So unless you want to take your chances without me, I suggest you shut the hell up, and follow me home.”

Their silent glare went on for some time until Sonata raised her hand. “I’m going with her.”

“Sonata?” asked Aria, taken back by this change of events.

With a rare serious look on her face, Sonata stared at her friend. “We need help, Aria. I know you don’t like it, but Adagio is sick. She could have ignored us and left, but she’s trying to help us. If this is what it will take to save Adagio then I’m fine with it.”

Aria crossed her arms and closed her eyes. “Fine, but this doesn’t make us friends.”

Sunset nodded as she guided the two out of the garage, carefully holding onto Adagio.


Sunset had just finished pressing the hand towel on Adagio’s forehead when she started to spur. She muttered something and coughed before opening her eyes. Upon seeing Sunset, she began to panic and tried to escape the guest bed, but was gently pressed back down. “Shh. Shhh. Relax, you’re safe. I’m not gonna hurt you," assured Sunset, giving the leader siren a warm smile.

Adagio tried to say something, but all she could do was moan and lay her head down on the pillow. Sunset grabbed the medicine off the nearby dresser and poured a spoonful of it. She reached her arm out to Adagio who looked at it like it was poison. “It’s not gonna kill you. It’s going to make you feel better. I promise.”

“... friends...” croaked Adagio.

“Oh, they’re fine. I promise. They’re eating pizza I ordered in the living room,” replied Sunset, inching the spoon of medicine closer to the mouth. “Now, open wide.” Adagio stared at it for a bit before she opened her mouth and took the spoonful in one gulp. She stuck her tongue out due to the taste, but swallowed it. “Good, now get some rest. It will be a few days until you're fully recovered. I left a bottle of water by the stand, and the bathroom is right across from your room should you need it. I’ll be back in the morning with soup and crackers.”

Sunset shut off the light and was about to close the door when she heard a whisper. “... thank you...”

She smiled to herself before shutting the door. Even if Adagio once tried to nearly doom her school, it did feel good to do what she did. Entering the living room of her apartment, she found the other two sirens gorging themselves on the pizza she ordered. They ordered everything they could on their orders while Sunset kept to her usual onions and mushrooms with extra cheese. The fact that they ate entire pies by themselves showed just how hungry they were.

“Sunset Shimmer, you are the best!” shouted Sonata before biting half of her last slice off. “Oh, I missed this so much.”

“Yeah, remind me to never make fun of fast food again,” whispered Aria, chewing on her crust. She then asked, “How’s Adagio?”

“She’s asleep, but I’m sure she’ll recover,” said Sunset, grabbing her own slice. “You three are welcomed to stay until she gets better.”

“Aww, thanks Sunny!” said Sonata, making Sunset raise her eyebrow at the nickname. “You’re a really nice person despite our attempt to enslave your school and drain everyone of their energy so we could get back to Equestria.”

Sunset paused before looking at them with wide eyes. “That’s why you wanted to steal their energy? To get back to Equestria?”

“That was the plan!” said Sonata with a smile. “Well, it was also to feed and keep ourselves alive for another hundred years, but mainly to break the curse on us.”

“Sonata! Do you really want to tell her all this?” hissed Aria.

“What’s the harm, Aria? It’s not like we can use magic again,” said Sonata, shrugging.

“Why do you want to go home so badly? Do you have family?” asked Sunset, curious about the reasons behind the three. She never thought to consider there was a logic to their behavior, just the focus on beating them. For Sunset and her attempts, it was to gain the means to show Princess Celestia she was worthy of being a princess and an alicorn. To show that she was powerful and better. And that plan got turned into creating a demon teenager army to rule the world.

“We don’t have family” muttered Aria, frowning. “Our families abandoned us when we were captured by Starswirl, and they disowned us. Apparently, we were at risk for our people going to war against Equestria because of our actions. They allowed us to be exiled.”

“I... I’m sure they would forgive you if you went back,” said Sunset, trying to be supportive.

To her surprise it was Sonata who snorted. “No, they clearly don’t want us. Not after my own dad said he wished he never had me.”

“... I’m so sorry,” whispered Sunset, who couldn’t even think of Princess Celestia saying such a thing to her. “But why then go back?”

“... because it was our home,” whispered Aria, looking away. “We just... we thought we paid for our crimes long enough. We just wanted a chance to live our lives without wasting away in a magicless world.”

“But you hurt so many people to do it,” pointed out Sunset.

“Normally, we don’t go as far as we did, but we were desperate,” muttered Sonata, hugging her knees. “To feel actual Equestrian magic for the first time in nearly a thousand and two hundred years? We didn’t care what the cost, we wanted this chance to be free. Maybe it was wrong in your eyes, but it was the only option we had in ours.”

Sunset Shimmer didn’t know what to say. I guess I can understand that. Maybe it’s not right, but it’s understandable now that they explained it.

“It doesn’t matter anyway,” whispered Aria, pounding her fist into the couch. “Without our magic we’re gonna be like the rest of these mortals. Even if we did get back to Equestria, we’d be just regular ponies like the rest of them.”

“So are you giving up on life? You can still make the most of it! We all do, and we’re not immortal,” said Sunset.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about..” whispered Aria, getting up and walking away. “I’m gonna take a shower.”

Once Aria had left, Sonata smiled at Sunset and walked over, putting a hand over her shoulder. “Don’t worry, I get what you're saying. I’m actually not as bothered as Aria is. She’s just still bitter that we lost.”

“Is she ever happy?” asked Sunset.

“Oh, she used to be, but ever since...” Sonata’s eyes widen as she looked down. “Sorry, I can’t say. I promised.”

Sunset wanted to pry, but figured it would be best to let it go. “Are you two okay sleeping on the cot in the couch?”

“It’s better than the cold pavement,” said Sonata cheerfully. “And tomorrow I’m making waffles!”


Sunset laid down on her bed, staring at the ceiling as she thought back to what the girls had explained to her. The more she thought about their situation, the more she began to feel sorry for them. They have nobody. Not in this world. Not in Equestria. It’s just the three of them by themselves. To spend over a millennia banished from home, trapped in a world completely alien to your own, and forced to feed on those people just to survive? It must have been hard. Still doesn’t excuse them for what they did.

Yet, she could see the girls weren’t pure evil as she originally thought. It was obvious that they cared for each other, and they didn’t want to enslave the world, or take it over, like Sunset did. They just wanted to go home.

So what happens when Adagio gets better? They leave? Go back to the streets? thought Sunset as a crazy idea occurred to her. What if they live with me?

Sunset shot straight up from her back and shook her head. “Are you crazy, Sunset? You’re talking about three formally evil girls who hypnotized everyone into being jerks and drained the energy from your entire school! Why should you help them further?”

Because you were helped when you were at your lowest? said a voice inside of her head. Didn’t you once try to take over the world? Kill six friends? Hurt and bully so many people to tears? Didn’t you seek redemption once? Fought for it? Struggled for it? And finally earned it after so long? Sunset didn’t answer herself. And how did you do it? With your friends.


Even though she was still learning the magic of friendship, she knew that if Princess Twilight was here, she would tell her to make friends with the three sirens. Maybe they can be made good? Maybe I can change them like my friends changed me?

It was worth a shot and she knew she couldn’t do this alone. Her other friends would have to help out as well. If she could convince them that is. I’ll focus on helping Adagio get better for now. We’ll cross the other bridges when we get to them.

With a plan in hand, Sunset gently set down her head and went back to sleep.


It didn’t take long for Sonata to quickly show how kind and bubbly she was. It almost made Sunset forget her previous evil actions. Sonata, as it turned out, was a really good cook and loved doing so, saying she learned various dishes from Italy, China, France, England, Germany, and Poland during their travels. Besides cooking, she was always watching TV or chatting with Sunset on anything that came to her mind. She was always smiling, even when sad or bad topics wet brought up. If anything, she was almost like Pinkie Pie’s twin. Still, she had a serious side, even if it was rare. She always made sure to check on Adagio first, and never joked around when taking care of her friend. It showed how much she cared in her heart.

Aira was the more difficult one to get along with. She preferred to sit on her own, read whatever books there were, or watch classic movies from the 20’s and 30’s. According to Sonata, they were in Hollywood at the time and it was an important era to Aria for, again, reasons she couldn’t tell. While Aria was less of a talker, it didn’t make her a bad person per say. Oh sure, she didn’t like dealing with stupidity, or some of Sonata’s insane babbling, but more than once did Sunset watch Aria play with one of her neighbor's dogs. She even asked if she could walk it once or twice for a few bucks. Thankfully, Aria had also grown less suspicious of Sunset as well. Sure, they weren’t “instant buddies” like Sonata had done, but they had a certain level of respect.

Adagio, who didn’t stay sick for long, was definitely an alpha girl. She had an aura of command and intimidation that Sunset remembered when she first met the leader of the three. When she could speak again, Sunset found her quite intelligent as well. She easily helped Sunset with her homework in record time-as thanks for helping her-and even explained some things in history that books had gotten wrong. When she was able to walk on her own without falling, she was instantly hugged by her two friends and the sight warmed Sunset’s heart. Immediately, she started to plan what to do next once she was better. Where they would go. How much cash they had. Where to beg and sleep. Adagio planned it all.

Naturally, spending so much time at home had caused her friends to be worried. She had to cancel a few plans which made it look suspicious. Sunset decided to tell them a half-truth, that she was taking care of some people who lived in the apartments and didn’t want her friends getting sick. They took the lie, although Applejack was still unsure.

Before Sunset knew it, an entire six days had passed and Adagio was back at full strength. They decided to celebrate with another pizza barrage. While they waited for the pizza, Sunset decided now was the best time to put her plan into action. She walked over to the three who were watching a game show called “Lingo” and cleared her throat.

“Um, everyone? I have something I want to say,” said Sunset.

“You’re finally kicking us out?” asked Aria, but the small smirk on her lips proved it was only a tease.

“No, but I want you three to move in with me,” said Sunset with a smile.

The reactions were perfect. Adagio spat out her soda onto Aria who turned to Sunset like she had grown three heads as her jaw dropped low enough to fit an entire fist in her mouth. Sonata had gasped and her face looked like that of a fish looking for air until a smile threatened to tear her face apart. She raised her hands in the air. “Woohoo! We get to live with Sunny!”

“Wait a minute, we didn’t agree to anything!” said Aria, who got up and stared at Sunset with suspicion. “Why do you want us to live with you? What’s the catch?”

Sunset sighed. “Look, I used to be in a position like you girls long ago. You know of my...past that I told you about last night, right?”

They nodded.

“Well, I know what its like to be left with nothing. Maybe not as bad as your girls have it, but I know what it feels like. I guess a part of me sees something of what I once was in all of you and I want to help you out. Maybe even get you to be forgiven by the town like I was,” said Sunset, rubbing her shoulders.

“It would be nice to not go around town with glares in our direction,” said Sonata.

“The thing is, and I won’t lie, you’ll have to work for it. That means trying to make up for what you did in what manner you can. I doubt you can go back to school, but you can still help around the community in some way,” explained Sunset, before shaking her head. “That doesn’t mean you get to be here for free. You all need to get jobs to help pay rent. We all split the chores. And we’re each responsible for ourselves when we mess things up. But if you agree to this you get a home, food, and... me as a friend.”

The three looked at each other before Adagio motioned them to come closer. They whispered to one another for sometime, until they broke up and Adagio nodded her head. “We agree, but two conditions.” Sunset nodded back. “One. You have to help us sing again. Even if it was to use our magic, we still are sirens. We need to sing good.”

Sounds reasonable.

“And two... we want to visit Equestria,” finished Adagio. “We don’t care if it’s for a day. An hour. Even five minutes. We just want to breath the air of our home for a bit.”

Sunset bit her lip. That will be difficult to do. Princess Celestia might not allow it at first... but if I can prove they are good, it might work. Plus, Princess Twilight might be okay with it.

“It may take some time, but deal,” said Sunset as she held out her hand and shook it with Adagio.

The doorbell rang as Sonata cheered. “Yeah! Pizza party!”

While the three head for the door, Sunset took out her cellphone and began to call for all five of her friends. I have a lot of explaining to do...

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A Day With Sonata

It didn’t take long for word to spread that the sirens were living with Sunset, which sent many people from school into a large demand for them to pay for their actions. Sunset did her best to convince them that the sirens had already paid for their crimes and asked that they trust them to her, even promising to take full responsibility for their actions. She reminded them that they owed her, and even brought up the Anon-A-Miss incident despite her wishing not to. In the end, Principal Celestia agreed, but they were to not be anywhere near the school; a deal the sirens were all to happy to agree too.

Her friends were not as hard to convince. Although they were a bit angry that Sunset didn’t tell them immediately what she was doing, they decided to trust her with the sirens. After all, they trusted her when they were trying to teach her friendship and it seemed the right thing to do. Even Princess Twilight supported Sunset Shimmer’s efforts wholeheartedly.

It was awkward at first when Pinkie Pie hosted the “Welcome to The Gang Sirens!” party. However, when Sonata saw tacos she and Pinkie Pie became the best of friends, even acting like twins at times much to the horror of both sides. More than once had they tried seeing who was the better chef. Surprisingly, despite having hundreds of years of experience, Pinkie Pie was an even match for Sonata much to the shock of her best friends. Sonata eventually became friendly with the rest of the girls, but Pinkie was her second best non-siren friend. First, being “Sunny” of course.

In a surprising twist, Applejack learned that Adagio had known her grandfather after she asked about her last name and if they were related to an old friend she met during her stay in England during World War II. Applejack asked for every story she could about her grandpa and even showed Adagio his grave in thanks.This connection ended up making the two fast friends. Rarity also got along with Adagio when she told her of the various fashion statements from the Victorian Era to the Roaring twentie's. Her first hand experience gave Rarity plenty of inspiration to work with and soon Adagio had another close friend/former enemy.

Naturally, Aria was the hardest to be friendly with and it took Sunset a push to make her finally get friendly. She mentioned to Fluttershy that Aria liked dogs and took her to the animal shelter where Aria fell in love with the place (as much as she denied it). The pets, especially dogs, took a huge liking to Aria despite her cold personality. She eventually warmed up to Fluttershy. Unsurprisingly, she and Rainbow Dash butted heads a lot with Rainbow not trusting her and the other sirens at first. It eventually became so heated between the two it looked like they were ready to come to blows until Fluttershy suggested settling it with a soccer match. Rainbow accepted, thinking it would be an easy match. Turns out Aria knew THE Pelé and whooped Rainbow’s butt good. Things calmed down after that, and, while they weren’t friends, there was a now some respect between the two.

Still, despite having made new friends, the four roommates were worried that they wouldn’t find jobs to help support rent. Rumors of what they were and what they did made them afraid that finding a job would be next to impossible. However, their fears were proven wrong when Sonata got a job working as a chef of all things in one month. Granted, it was at a diner, but the owner was so amazed by her cooking that he hired her right on the spot. Her friendly demeanor and playful attitude helped earned her the love of the staff, not to mention the customers loved her cooking.

Adagio was the next to get a job, but it was mostly by accident. Pinkie and Dash had come over asking Sunset for help in history, but Adagio was the only one around at the time. However, she easily helped them study and got them A+’s. It was Rainbow Dash’s first ever. They spread word about Adagio’s teaching skills, and soon she was getting hired as a tutor from many families around town and even a few in the city. Even students from Canterlot High were desperate for an increase in the grades that they were willing to work with their former slave master for help.

Sunset was worried Aria wouldn’t get a job the most, especially when summer was coming to an end. However, friendship saved the day again as Fluttershy heard about Aria’s plight and, with much pleading to her bosses, helped get her a job at the animal shelter. It was the lowest paying out of all three of them, but it was better than nothing.

Sunset saved and closed her final summer essay before looking at the calendar that indicated that next week she would start her final year in school. It had been such an interesting summer and most of it had been thanks to her new roommates. It had all worked out better than expected and Sunset found it a much welcome experience to finally living with someone after being alone for so long.

“Hmm, we should do something special,” said Sunset to herself as she thought about it. They would be seeing less of each other with her going back to school in a week. It would be nice to spend time with all of them. Even though they had all big plans of going to the beach with her other friends on Saturday, that still left five other days to do stuff.

Let’s see. Sonata has off tomorrow. Aria on Wednesday. And Adagio on Friday, thought Sunset with a smile. I’ll spend time with each of them, it will be fun.

With her week planned, Sunset began to look online for events she could do with each siren.


Wow, seven minutes,” thought Sunset as she stared at an open jawed Sonata whose drool was starting to make a puddle. She’s beaten Rainbow’s record when we took her to that surprise VIP Wonderbolts soccer match.

Sonata finally had her jaw come back up as she squealed and hugged Sunset so tight she started to feel her lungs crushing inside her ribcage. “I can’t believe you brought me to the 2015 Canterlot City CookCon! This is amazing! Thank you so much, Sunny! Thank you a million billion times!”

“Sonata... can’t... breathe...” gasped Sunset before she was released by a very embarrassed siren. While taking in deep breaths to recover, she looked at the large auditorium that was being used for the con. She had read about it online and figured a food lover like Sonata would enjoy coming here for a day. It wasn’t just about looking and eating various food from around the world, it was about cooking techniques, tools, what spices and oils to use, famous chefs giving talks and demonstrations about their work and more. Conventions weren’t normally Sunset’s thing, although she had been to a few Daring Do ones with her friends who were all big fans.

“Well what are we waiting for! Let’s go!” shouted Sonata as she took Sunset by the hand and dragged her inside.


Even if she wasn’t as big of a food lover as Sonata was, Sunset found herself very entertained by the con. Even more entertaining was watching her friend go into explanation about everything they saw from the various pans used for different meals to the spices on display for taste testing. Since it was Sonata’s day, she let Sonata choose where to go and what to do. First off, she took to them to a Stir-Fry show where asian chefs displayed an acrobatic like style of cooking food in big thin pans and open fires. It was like watching kung-fu films, only with chopped vegetables instead of ninjas.

After that, Sonata took them to a small museum dedicated to Italian cuisine history. Sonata explained certain parts in vivid detail, having been there personally. One small area for the kids was creating pizza using ingredients and passing them over to workers who would cook it in ovens before handing them to eat.

“Hey, we should try it out!” shouted Sonata with glee.

“But we can get pizza at the food court” said Sunset, raising her eyebrow.

“Psst, yeah but come on. Making pizza never gets old no matter how old you really are! I mean, look at me!” proclaimed Sonata, pointing to her self. She grabbed a few chef hats and aprons before putting them on. After placing a hat on Sonata’s head, she said, “Come on, Sunny. It’ll be fun!”

Sonata chuckled upon seeing Sonata’s pleading eyes and nodded. “Okay. One pizza.”

After a small cheer, Sonata took them to an open table and began to set everything up. “Okay, I’m going to pound on the dough and start flipping it. You put these spices in the sauce and mix it up.” Sonata pulled a few bottles out of her pockets and handed them over.

“Where did you get these?” asked Sunset, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, I always carry a few special ingredients with me. You never know,” said Sonata before she closed her eyes and placed her hands together as if she was in prayer.

“Sonata?” asked Sunset, wondering what her friend was doing.

Suddenly, Sonata’s eyes opened and she began to pound the dough mercilessly with rapid fire punches. “Atatatatatatatatatatatata!”

Sunset was sure that everyone's eyes were on their table as Sonata continued to pound the dough like she was avenging her dead master or something. She then grabbed the dough and started making it flat before flipping it in midair like an expert. Sunset stared for a bit longer until she decide to focus on her task. All while wondering if Sonata had been watching too much Fist of the North Star with Pinkie Pie.

After putting in what she felt was the right amount of spices, Sunset began stirring for a bit before she gave it a taste test and found her taste buds satisfied. “Hey Sonata, I think the sauce is ready.”

“Huh?” asked Sonata, who miscalculated her next spin when she turned towards Sunset. The dough inched to the left and managed to land on both their heads. Everyone who saw them laughed at the sight, including Sonata and Sunset when they realized what happened.


“Mmmm, that was good. We make a good team,” said a satisfied Sonata with a thumbs up.

Wiping the crust from her shirt, Sunset nodded in agreement before wiping her face. “Maybe we should have you make the pizza’s from now on.”

“Nah, I like ordering pizza. There’s something neat about waiting until the food comes to you and you then eat it when its all warm and good,” said Sonata, as she turned around and eyed something from across the room. Sunset turned in the same direction and saw a little girl trying to flip pizza dough, but it kept landing on her table. She puffed her cheeks and looked ready to cry, but Sonata got up and walked towards her.

Sunset stayed quiet as she saw Sonata smiling at the little girl before grabbing the pizza dough, making sure the little girl could see her hands. “You gotta do it like this. See?” She then flipped it in the air a few times before handing it back to the little girl. “Try it.”

The little girl nodded before she repeated the same movement as Sonata did and this time succeeded in getting it to flip. The girl smiled with thanks before Sonata walked back with the same look. Sunset giggled which made Sonata tilt her head. “What?”

“Nothing, you just looked cute helping that little girl,” answered Sunset, sighing with nostalgia. “Kind of reminds me of my fillyhood when I was trying to learn magic under Princess Celestia.”

“What was your fillyhood like?” asked Sonata, putting her hands over her chin and looking at her with full focus.

Rubbing the back of her head, Sunset answered, “Well, it was hard to explain. I didn’t know who my parents were so I grew up in an orphanage. I loved reading a lot, especially magic. In fact, I was the best orphan in magic so when I got offered a chance to join The School of Gifted Unicorns, I managed to ace the test no problem. Princess Celestia saw me and I became her apprentice.”

“What was it like? Living with her?” asked Sonata, tilting her head. “I didn’t really hear much about her before we got banished, but Twilight and you talk about her like some kind of goddess.”

“She’s not a goddess, she can make mistakes and have fun,” said Sunset. “But she is very wise and loving. She sees all her subjects as her own children, maybe that’s why in some ways I’ve thought about he as my mother” Sunset smiled, thinking of all the close memories she had with her former teacher. Especially her birthday parties. It was the one day they never studied and had fun together, just the two of them. She then frowned. “But then I ruined everything with my arrogance.”

Memories of their argument about her “superior” behavior towards the other students and her demands to become a princess echoed in her mind. All the hateful screaming. The insults. And the final declaration that declared her expelled before she ran into the mirror, determined to prove her mentor that she was better than her. But I wasn’t. I was a fool. I blind, arrogant fool.

“Did you ever make up with her?” asked Sonata, raising an eyebrow. “I mean, you can go through that mirror portal and all.”

Sunset rubbed her arm. “I’ve... thought about it. But I don’t know what to say to her...”

“That’s easy, silly Sunny!” cried out Sonata with a big smile as she spread her hands. “Just give her a hug and say you’re sorry! Simple as that.”

“But... but I just can’t... I mean...”

“Sure you can,” said Sonata, waving her hand around like it was no big deal. “I’m sure she’s missed you after all these years.” Sonata then frowned, starting at the table with her eyes losing their spark. “Not like my folks...”

This got Sunset’s attention. Although her siren friends told her that they had no home to go back to in Equestria, she got the sense that there was more to this. “What was your childhood like?”

“Honestly? Before I met Aria and Adagio? It sucked,” answered Sonata, sticking her tongue out. “My parents never really wanted me. Hell, they didn’t want each other. It was an arranged marriage which is how half of our mates are formed in our society. I don’t know if that’s changed or not now.”

“I take it they didn’t like each other?” asked Sunset, seeing where this was going.

“That’s an understatement,” muttered Sonata, closing her eyes. “My parents hated each other. If it wasn’t for the fact that their parents were controlling them they would have divorced in a minute. I was never suppose to be born, actually. My mother got into heat and my father was unable to resist it one day and... well they had me.” Sonata shook her head as a rare angry growl escaped her lips. “I grew up under the care of nannies while my parents did their own thing. Mostly cheating on each other and they did it with the other knowing. Neither of them cared about me on any day, even my birthday.”

“That’s... Sonata, I’m so sorry...” whispered Sunset, putting a hand over Sonata’s.

“It’s fine. Things got better when I met Aria and Adagio at school,” said Sonata, smiling. “It was them who helped me come out of my shell and taught me to have fun. We all came from troubled families and hated our lives so we just did whatever we wanted for fun. That... didn’t work out for us in the end.”

“Were your actions against Equestria that bad?” asked Sunset.

“We...took it too far. We didn’t think of the consequences when we started putting pony towns into chaos and causing riots and violence. We didn’t know we had ruined so many lives... I don’t think we cared at the time,” muttered Sonata, shaking her head. “War was threatened unless we were punished so our people allowed Starswirl to banish us. The last thing my parents told me before I was gone was that they wished I was never born.”

Sunset just stared at Sonata with awe. Here was one of the most happy-go-lucky people that Sunset ever knew and yet she could still smile despite being told by her own parents that she was better of not existing? How can she live with that?

“I know what you're thinking,” answered Sonata with a small smile. “And the reason I can smile everyday and enjoy life is because I want to show my parents they were wrong.” She pointed to herself. “I’m alive. I exist. And I’m going to show that I deserve to exist by doing all I can in existence and having fun with it. I don’t care what they think anymore because I don’t need them to be happy. I have Aria and Adaggio. And now I have you and the other girls too. To me? I’m happy because I have friends who acknowledge my existence.”

“Wow, Sonata... that’s-”

“Holy moley!” shouted Sonata as she stared at her watch with horror. “We’re gonna be late for Gustav’s Live Cooking Panel! We gotta go!”

Before Sunset could say anything, again, Sonata grabbed her hand and they took off.


By the time the con was ending, Sonata and Sunset were both stuffed and tired. Just even the thought of food made Sunset’s stomach nauseous. The two of them were on the bus that would take them home as Sonata was double checking all the cooking stuff she had bought including a pan signed by Gustav himself. Sonata turned to her friend and smiled, “Thanks for the most awesome day ever, Sunny! You really are a good friend.”

“It’s no problem,” said Sunset with a smile. “I just wanted to do something before I have to go back to school.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Sonata, pouting. “We’re not gonna see each other that often, huh? I wish I could go back to school.”

“I think the hundreds of still angry students would have objections with that,” answered Sunset before sighing. “Besides, you don’t want to go through what I went though after my fall from grace. Not to mention the whole Anon-A-Miss thing...”

Even if it was a long time ago, Sunset still couldn’t get those horrible memories out of her mind whenever she thought about them or if ever came up in a conversation. The feeling of shame, guilt, and loneliness almost made it unbearable to even live. She was just grateful that it all worked out in the end. Even so, it was a pain she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy.

Her thoughts were interrupted when both girls were nearly thrown out of their seats. The truck screeched to a halt as the passengers began to complain about what happened. Sunset groaned as she held her head with one hand while helping Sonata up with the other. “You okay?”

“Yeah, but I think I broke my rear,” muttered Sonata, rubbing said area while hissing in pain.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” shouted the driver, trying to get his voice over the complaints. “We have experienced engine trouble! We are sorry, but we have to stop here. The next bus station is a few blocks so please make your way to that station where a new bus will come shorty.”

Despite a few more complaints, the passengers had no choice but to get off and head for other transportation. Some headed for the direction of the other bus stop, others called for a taxi service. After telling Aria and Adagio of their situation, Sunset decided it was best to get a cab as well since dark clouds had been growing in the sky and looked to be raining any minute now.

“Man, this sucks,” said Sonata as she sat down on a bench on the pavement.

“Don’t worry. I’ll call a taxi service,” said Sunset before she checked her wallet and cursed. “Damn, not enough cash. Mind waiting here until I get back from an ATM?”

“Sure thing,” answered Sonata with a smile.

Sunset nodded and took off down the street to search, hoping that Sonata would be alright on her own.


By the time Sunset managed to find a mini-mart that had an ATM, it was already raining. Wishing she had looked up the forecast before they left, a very wet Sunset rushed inside before she found the machine she was looking for. While waiting for her money, she heard the door open and in came three people she recognized from school with disgust: Lightning Dust, Gilda, and Starlight Glimmer. When Sunset stopped being the “boss” of Canterlot High it led to a rising of those who wanted power as well. These three were jerks in their own way, yet they were also best friends. Lightning Dust was the captain of the volleyball team who belittled anyone who wasn’t a match for her skills, even her teammates. Gilda used to be the captain of the soccer team before Rainbow Dash exposed that she had been extorting money from lesser graders who didn’t pay for “protection”. And Starlight Glimmer was a A rank student, and a member of the student council who acted like she was all for unifying clicks, but she was just power hungry and wanted everyone equal but her. The three weren’t so much as “friends” as they were an “alliance”.

Hoping they didn’t see her, Sunset kept her face hidden from the three as they paid for a six pack of beer with Gilda showing a licence that had to be fake. While the cashier rang them up, Starlight said, “Can you believe how much that bitch was crying when we took her stuff? I mean, what ever happened to that big bad scary siren everyone was so afraid of?”

“Yeah, check what she had as well,” said Lighting Dust, going through a very familiar bag. “All of this is a bunch of cooking stuff for some fair. Oh, and some pan signed by a ‘Chef Gustav’.”

“Hold on, I know that name,” said Gilda, grabbing it and checking it out. “Yeah, my old lady watches this guy on TV. I think we can sell this online and get a few grand out of it.”

While the other girls were voicing their agreement on the idea, Sunset calmly took her cash before reaching for a broom that was left over by the janitor...


Thankfully Sonata wasn’t physically hurt by the time Sunset made it back to the train stop. The crying siren lifted her head from her knees to see Sunset smiling at her while holding back her bag. Upon recognizing it as the one those three mean girls took from her, she instantly jumped up and hugged Sunset.


“I overheard them talking,” said Sunset, wincing a bit as she felt the bruises from the fight affect her from the hug. Still, she wasn’t as bad off as the other three thanks to that trusty broom. “Don’t worry, I taught them a lesson.”

“T-thanks,” whispered Sonata with a smile as she looked at her stuff in the bag, sighing in relief upon seeing it all there.

“Did they hurt you?” asked Sunset, touching her shoulder.

“No, all they did was insult me like said I was ugly or something...” muttered Sonata, downtrodden.

“Ah ignore them. You’re actually kinda cute,” said Sunset with a smile which made Sonata blush. “Anyway, let’s get that cab.”

Five minutes later it came and both girls were on their way home. But Sunset didn’t notice that Sonata moved closer to her friend and rested on her shoulder with a smile on her face.

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A Day With Aria

With one siren pleased, that left Sunset one day to plan what to do with Aria tomorrow. Currently, Sunset was trying her best not to bang her head against the table she was working on. She had been searching online for four hours and hadn’t found a single thing that could make Aria happy. Sonata was way too easy to find for, and Adagio she had a few ideas already on what to do with her.

Aria, however, was quite the difficult individual to deal with. She always seemed to have a chip on her shoulder against everything and anyone, even if she was nice to them. The middle oldest of the three didn’t like doing much, and Sunset was very sure there had to be a reason for it.

Looking up from her computer, she saw Adagio practicing a few notes with her, mostly fixed voice while Sonata was watching TV with a bored Aria. Smiling, Sunset had to pat herself on the back for helping the three sirens get their singing voices back as promised; the band had been considerable help throughout the process. They were still far off from the perfect voices they had originally, but they were far from the horrible sounding ones they had weeks ago. The other promise, the one about Equestria, was still in the works. Princess Celestia, thankfully, was not against the idea, but she was finding it harder to get permission from the siren’s council back in their kingdom. While none of the girl's immediate families were around anymore (something they didn’t cry about sadly) they still had relatives who were fighting their return in fear of “damaging their family honor”.

Sunset had to roll her eyes at that. It had been over a thousand years, but according to Princess Twilight, the kingdom of sirens had changed very little since then. It reminded her of some of the countries in this world which were still stuck in the eleventh century in terms of laws and culture. Everything had to modernize if a civilization was to continue and prosper from laws and religion to economics and education.

Still, the problem at the moment was what to do with Aria Blaze. While Aria had long stopped showing open hostility towards Sunset, she still blamed her somewhat for their current state. Why is she so angry all the time?

Just as she was thinking about this, Sonata turned to the old movie channel on the TV where a young actress, no earlier than eighteen or so, appeared on the screen which made Aria gasp, Adagio and Sonata turned to their life long friend with wide eyes as she stared at the screen, growling paler with each minute.

Completely lost, Sunset watched as Aria slowly got up and walked towards the TV where she placed her hand on the screen. The said actress was saying her lines to herself while Aria was caressing her cheek. Sunset didn’t know what made this actress so special except that she was quite a looker. She had long hair, a thin, curvy body, and her eyes were shining in the light like diamonds. The only thing missing was the color due to the movie having been around in the black and white era.

“A-Aria...” whispered Adagio as she stepped forward to touch her friend, only to have it knocked away. Aria stomped out of the living room, but as she did Sunset saw something that she had never seen from Aria.

A tear.

A single tear drop.

The door to Aria’s room slammed shut, shaking the living room. Sonata bit her lip and lowered her head. “I... I’m sorry, Adagio... I didn’t mean too.”

Adagio sighed as she rubbed her temples. “It’s fine, Sonata. It wasn’t your fault.”

Now completely curious, Sunset got up and walked over to the other sirens. “What’s going on? Who was that actress and why did she upset Aria so much?”

“W-well...” Sonata was blushing as Sunset entered the conversation. The former bully had to raise her eyebrow at that. Ever since they came home yesterday, Sonata had done nothing but blush whenever she was around. “It’s... it’s... complicated...”

Turning to Adagio, Sunset asked, “Is she going to be okay? She looked really upset?”

“It may take a few days,” answered Adagio, crossing her arms and shaking her head. “I keep telling her to move on, but she refuses to after all these years.” She then eyed Sunset, as if examining her, and then said, “Because of all you’ve done for us, I guess you deserve to hear the truth. Just you though, not your other friends.”

Sonata gasped and covered her mouth. “B-but Adagio! Aria will be upset!”

“Yes, but Sunset has a right to know now that she just saw all that,” replied Adagio.

Deciding to sit down, Sunset sat right next to Sonata - who did a little ‘eep’ and blushed even more - while Adagio grabbed a chair. “Well, I guess we should start by explaining something about us that we... might have failed to mention.”

“We’re gay!” said Sonata happily.

“Um, okay? How is that a problem?” asked Sunset, raising her eyebrow. If she had to be honest with herself, she was a bisexual.

“Well, we know that’s not a problem in Equestria. You openly allowed such relationships even when we were living back in our world,” said Adagio, smirking. “But in our home kingdom such a relationship was looked down upon. It was one of the reasons we got along so well as friends originally.”

A thought came to Sunset that made her blush. “W-wait... are you three... um... together in any way?”

Adagio and Sonata grinned before chuckling. “We have been... intimate with each other before. But nothing romantic.”

“Just some good old bed humping fun!” shouted Sonata with a laugh, much to Adagio’s disapproving stare.

“Yes... that...” muttered Adagio, shaking her head. “Anyway, we had to be careful about our sexuality in this world. Most of the places we went to also disapproved of our sexuality. However, we occasionally found someone who was like us. Aria...” Adagio closed her eyes. “Aria found love in nineteen-thirty two by a young actress named Gazing Star.” She turned to the TV where the actress was now talking to a young man. “That actress to be exact.”

Sunset’s eyes widened as she stared at the TV in shock. Princess Celestia told her she considered her immortality a curse, rather than a gift. And now I know why. If Aria really loved this woman then after living for so long...

A thought then occur in Sunset’s head. “Wait, if this was in the 30’s then such a thing would have been seen as...well...”

“Immoral?” asked Adagio, shaking her head. “It wasn’t a public relationship, but a secret one. The two had met when Aria was looking around the city and got lost. Gazing happened to be there to help her out and the two were smitten with each other after that. They started seeing each other more and more.”

“They were so cute together! And they really loved each other too!” said Sonata, who sighed and pouted. “I was so jealous of them.”

“I’ve never heard of Gazing Star that much, was she a popular actress?” asked Sunset, trying to remember the name.

“Not really. She mostly did B-rated movies, and the only A-rated film she ever did...” Adagio closed her eyes and clenched her fist. “It didn’t do so well in theaters... because someone saw her kissing Aria in a park.”

“Oh no,” whispered Sunset who already saw where this was going.

“When she was exposed, she was blacklisted, the movie bombed and everyone who was a part of it blamed her. She got harassed pretty much everyday, and while Aria did her best... she ended up taking her own life in shame,” whispered Adagio.

Sunset shook her head. She could forget that there were times when people could be cruel to those who were outside of the norm. In Equestria, such a thing could have been taken for a normal relationship and not an abomination. While humanity has improved somewhat over the years, it was still far from full wide acceptance like her old home. “That’s... horrible... how did... how did Aria take it?”

“She... she was never the same since,” whispered Sonata, wiping tears from her eyes. “She used to smile a lot, and she was very nice to strangers. She had a passion for life whenever she was with Gazing, but after she died... she’s got so angry. At the world for their mistreatment. At Gazing for killing herself. But I think Aria’s mostly angry at herself for failing to save her.” Sonata sighed. “We tried to help her, but she refuses. I know it hurts, but want to see her smile again...”

“We’re all she has left,” whispered Adagio as she got up and made for the bedrooms. “That’s why I think she’s unwilling to let go of what happened at the Battle of the Bands still. She thinks she failed us just like she failed Gazing.”

Sunet didn’t say anything else as the sirens left to comfort their friend. If anything, she felt like she understood Aria a bit more and why she was who she was. Sunset got up from the couch and went back to her computer, typing in Gazing Star online. There were very few sites about her, even more so providing information. The closest she ever got to finding more info on this tragic actress was a site dedicated to those who were persecuted for their sexuality.

She was about to close her internet when she saw something on a site for an independent movie theater. Clicking it, her eyes widen with amazement at what was in front of her. A smile stretched across her face. Now she had something...


“Why are we going to the other side of town?” asked Aria, crossing her arms while they rode the bus. She had been very annoyed, making sure to note it with her tone, when Sunset got her up early and dragged them out for a day of fun. Surprisingly, Sonata looked upset to see them leave together, but neither of them paid attention to it for long.

“Because I wanted us to spend time together,” answered Sunset with a giggle as she looked out the window.

“Like you did with Sonata?” asked Aria, raising an eyebrow. “Look if this is to make me feel better because of yesterday…”

“It’s partly because of that,” answered Sunset, truthfully as she gave Aria a sad smile. “I really did plan on hanging out with each of you this week. You were a bit… difficult to find something to do with.”

“I’m going to not take that as an insult,” whispered Aria, turning away. “And about what happened yesterday? I’m not talking about it. You know more then enough so just leave it at that.”

“Okay, I won’t say anything,” said Sunset with a shrug. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Aria look at her with confusion, as if she was expecting Sunset to press forward. Sunset was no fool, she knew Aria wouldn’t talk about Gazing Star and their past love unless she got her into a state where she was ready.

Hopefully what I plan will do that, if not… Sunset sighed and wondered which cheek would hurt less from a punch.

The ride continued to go on in silence for awhile until Aria sighed, “I don’t hate you.”

Sunset, a bit startled from the break in silence, looked over at Aria whose glare at the ground was softened. “I know I seem a bit... ungrateful for what you’ve done for me and my friends, but to be honest you were right about what you said. We needed your help, I just was so... angry...”

“At losing your magic?” asked Sunset, with a small smile. “I understand. It was one of the first things I found hard to adjust when I came to this world too.” She then giggled. “Believe it or not, we’re both stubborn and prideful people.” Aria raised an eyebrow as Sunset continued, “I always thought I was better than everypony back in Equestria. I was arrogant because I was Princess Celestia’s prized student. I even thought I was better than her and deserved everything she had, including being a princess.”

“Kinda hard to imagine that being you,” said Aria with a snort. “You’ve been one of the few kind people after that whole Battle of the Bands thing.”

“My friends are kind to you too, Aria,” said Sunset, grasping her shoulder. “They want to be friends with you. I know it seems hard since they were the ones that took your magic away, but I was defeated by them to and learned how horrible of a person I truly was.” Sunset frowned as she thought of those hard days of earning her redemption. The shame, glares, insults, and distrust all the students had for her when she was exposed as the monster she was. It took a long time to get their forgiveness, and now that she had it she wasn’t going to waste it. “Sometimes you need to fall as low as you can so you can rise higher than you were.”

“... and what if you can’t gain back what you once had?” grumbled Aria, closing her eyes. “What if you’re afraid to let it go because you don’t want to forget it.”

“I think there is a difference between letting go, and forgetting things, Aria,” said Sunset, shaking her head with a smile. “Letting go of something means you won’t let it chain you from becoming a better person and moving on. Forgetting is just never remembering it ever happened again... but even the past mistakes and trials we had help shape who we are, even if they are painful. I’ll never forget my past because it will remind me of what I strive to avoid becoming again. But I let it go so that I’ll never be forever trapped in it.”

Taking a deep breath, and muttering a prayer, Sunset whispered. “Just like letting go of what happened to Gazing Star will help you find happiness instead of that emptiness inside of you.”

Aria whipped her head towards Sunset with shock and growled. Sunset, to her credit, kept her cool and didn’t flinch. The tension between the two was thick as neither girl turned away from the other. Finally, after what seemed like a full ten minutes, Aria turned away and hid her eyes beneath her hair. “What...what do you know? Do you know what it’s like? Tell me, Sunset Shimmer. Do you know what it’s like to come home one day and find the love of your life hanging on the ceiling with a note below her that says ‘I’m sorry’?!” She pounded the seat in front of her, with thankfully nobody in. “And then hear her name slandered and spat at because she was in love with me?! I hate it! I hate how her legacy as an actress is dirt because of these humans don’t understand what it really means to be in love!”

“... her legacy isn’t all ruined...” whispered Sunset.

Aria’s eyes open wide as she turned to Sunset just as their bus stopped. “What?”

“You’ll see. We’ve arrived at our event.”


Sunset had to count herself lucky that Aria hadn’t done anything but stare at the theater with wide eyes and open jaw. Taking a look at the board of movies being shown, she looked at theater number four.

The Days We Used to Have.

The last movie Gazing Star ever did before she died.

Aria’s eyes began to mist as she looked down and saw a huge line of people waiting to get inside. Sunset pointed to them and said, “They all came to see the film. It’s become a cult classic to people over the years.” She put her hand on Aria’s shoulder and whispered. “They told me that you’ve never seen her final film before. And I want you to know that we don’t have to see it now. You don’t have to if you're not ready, but if you want to move on I think this might be the best way to start.”

Aria turned to Sunset with gentleness in her eyes for once, none of the snark scowling or anger in her beautiful eyes. Only a look of thanks, but also fear. “I.. I don’t know if I can see it alone...”

Sunset held Aria’s hand as a blush decorated over the siren’s face. “You won’t have to face it alone. I’ll be there.”

Turning to the long line of those who came to see the movie her once beloved Gazing worked so hard on to achieve, she smiled and noded. “Okay, but you’re paying for the snacks.”


Aria never let go of Sunset’s hand as the entered the theater. A few smirking glances were sent towards them which Sunset concluded they thought they were a couple. When she told Aria this, the siren blushed just as badly but she never once stopped letting their hands touch. To be honest, Sunset didn’t mind half as much as she did. Aria was quite a hot looking girl, especially with that whole bad girl vibe thing she had going on. Of course, she doubted Aria would be interested in dating, especially when they were going to see the last movie her beloved had done.

Sunset decided ask a few of the other movie attendants if they were interested in the movie, and many surprised both girls when they said they had seen it many times. Apparently, it was a huge hit among LGBT groups due to the back story behind it. Gazing Star had been seen as a martyr for those trying to make a living in a world that had rejected her, and they decided she needed to be honored for her struggles.

Needless to say, Aria was moved to hear that her lover had indeed continued to remain a famous figure to others, even if it wasn't mainstream. She spent a lot of time talking about Gazing, while being careful of what to say, which made her smile grow even larger.

Soon, it was time for the movie to start. Aria froze just before she and Sunset entered. It took the latter’s squeezing of the hand to get her moving. After finding a seat, the film had begun. Aria sat there with her eyes watering every time Gazing appeared on the screen, saying her lines. The movie was about how one woman, played by Gazing Star, was being forced to marry a man who was in love with another woman of poorer class. Gazing Star and her husband conspire to break apart their marriage so they could separate, but over time she fell in love with him. At the climax, during the wedding, she is torn between having him as a husband or letting him be happy.

Even Sunset was fully into the movie as she and Aria leaned forward, trying to see what Gazing’s character would ultimately choose in the end. Gazing Star’s character ultimately said no on the altar, making a speech about love and how it couldn’t be forced, but found by a man and woman’s own desire to find it. She left the wedding with both families in an outrage as the man silently thanked her before kissing his real love.

Aria finally broke down in tears and dived into Sunset’s chest. Yet as she held her and comforted her, Sunset felt that not all the tears were of sorrow. Some of them were of joy and peace. “Thank you…” whispered Aria as she began to calm down, the credits playing as the two sat in the darkness with each other in embrace.

Sunset then saw something on the credits that made her gasp, and quickly drew Aria’s attention. She saw something small, written with the rest of the “thank you’s” on the credits and covered her mouth in shock. On the credits read:

“Special Thanks to Aria Blaze, a special someone in my life who believed in me”- Gazing Star

“Oh… Gazy….” whispered Aria as he wiped the tears from her eyes. She turned to Sunset and showed the biggest smile that Sunset had ever seen on her. “Let’s go… I… I think I’m ready…”


They decided to get something to drink, and made their way to a tea shop. Aria didn’t say anything after they left the theater, forcing Sunset to order them two jasmine teas. They sat in silence, drinking the tea sip by sip until Aria finally sighed and asked, “Why did you do this?”

“Hmm?” asked Sunset.

“Why did you… do all this… help me and everything. You didn’t have to,” whispered Aria, rubbing her shoulder. “I never gave you any reason to…”

“You’re my friend, Aria,” said Sunset, giving her a smile. “I did it because I wanted to help you.”

“Still, you must want something in return, right?” asked Aria.

Sunset shook her head. “No, I don’t need anything. I did it because I wanted to help you, and that’s that.”

“I…” Aria bit her lip. “I haven’t had anybody do that for me… not since Gazing…”

“How did you two meet?” asked Sunset. ‘If you don’t mind me asking.”

Aria’s smile curved as she stared into her tea cup with a dreamy look in her eyes. “Me and the girls decided to visit Hollywood cause we heard it was a big movie place. Adagio thought we could get a singing career there and feast for a bit. I went out to explore the city but I ended up getting lost along the way. Gazing found me asking for directions and said she would help me get back home. We spent two hours traveling before we arrived back at my apartment. Just like that she traveled halfway across the city to help me. A total stranger.”

“She sounds like she was a nice person. Did you keep seeing each other?” asked Sunset, sipping her tea.

“I wanted too. We got together more often as time went on. She grew up in the city, and wanted to be a famous actress, like so many. She was also a good singer, so sometimes she played with us when we did gigs at clubs,” said Aria before giggling. “I remember one time when she and Sonata competed to see who could swoon the most men one night with a love song and they both ended up getting chased by a horde of men wanting to give their numbers.”

Aria ighed as her smile began to fade. “I remember… I remember teasing her about it and she said she would have stopped if I chased after her. Took me a full minute to realize what she had said. When I did… we kissed… kissed all night…” Closing her eyes, Aria let a tear drip down as she took a deep breath. “I loved her. I was even willing to stop getting energy so we could live our lives together. Losing her… it hurt so much…”

‘I’m so sorry, Aria,” whispered Sunset, cusping her friend's hand.

“It’s okay…” whispered Aria, smiling at her friend. However, she then immediately gave a glare and warned. “If you ever tell anybody I cried though I will shove your boots down your throat.”

Sunset laughed as she raised her cup in agreement. Yup, she’s going to be okay.


It was late by the time they had arrived back at the apartment and both girls were ready to fall into bed. Opening the door, Sunset allowed Aria to enter first as they put away their shoes and bags. Sunset didn’t even bother brushing her teeth, washing her face, or anything else. She just needed a good night sleep.

Aria stopped before her door and turned to Sunset. “Thanks again… for everything.”

“No pro—”

Before she could finish she felt Aria’s lips touch her own for a brief second before she went into her room and slammed the door. Leaving a stunned Sunset alone in the hall.

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A Day With Adagio

She kissed Sunset.

Aria hadn’t kissed anybody since Gazing died. And yet, out of nowhere for reasons beyond her understanding, she had kissed Sunset Shimmer on the lips. So many thoughts were going through Aria’s head as she hugged her pillow inside her room; most of them focusing on how... good it felt to kiss another woman’s lips after so long.

She tried to justify it as a reward, like a big thank you to Sunset for helping her move on from her old love’s death. Yet, if that was just a simple thank you then how come she was still wishing she had made it last longer? Aria groaned and fell on top of her bed with a loud thud. Yesterday was nothing but awkward between her and Sunset. They kept looking at each other with blushes on their cheeks and, to her embarrassment, Aria caught herself checking out Sunset’s rear.

Which was-if she had to be honest-very nice.

I’m... I’m not actually falling for her? Am I? I mean she’s nice to us, cute, smart, and willing to go the extra mile to help us, thought Aria, turning her head to a picture frame that was taken a month ago. It showed her, her friends, and Sunset all posing at a summer carnival that Sonata pleaded to attend. But she was still the one who caused us to lose our magic...

However, that was becoming less and less bothersome. Most of the time the sirens had to worry about where to go and who to suck the energy from to keep their age from advancing. Without that need, life kinda seemed more.., fun. More in the moment.

If she really had to be honest, what was the point of them living longer anyway? Their families were dead, which wasn’t a huge loss considering they were outcasts even before their exile. They didn’t care about seeing their old kingdom again. And the only friends they had were Sunset and her merry entourage. What was the point of keeping themselves from aging anymore? The fear of death? Sure it was scary, even after all these years, but maybe it was time for things to start coming to an end.

After all, she and the other sirens had experience heartbreaks with all the deaths they had to see in their lifetime. She never really wondered if there was an afterlife for the dead or what not, mostly because dying seemed a bit silly for a being who was all but immortal. Yet would it be so bad to join the ones they lost to time? Including Gazing Star?

A knock on the door interrupted Aria’s thoughts as she stood up. “Come in.”

Sonata opened and shut the door behind her quietly which made Aria raise her eyebrow. Usually her energetic friend slammed doors open and shut without a care for her strength. Actually, she’s been acting strange ever since her trip to that convention with Sunset. Sonata hadn’t talked as loud as before or was always glancing at Sunset whenever she had a chance. She stuttered a lot more in front of her as well, often poking her fingers together while avoiding her gaze. Aria didn’t know if Sunset Shimmer had noticed, but she and Adagio had definitely. “What’s up?” asked Aria, making room for Sonata to sit.

Rubbing her thumbs together, Sonata’s face began to turn red and she gulped. “I... I feel weird...”

“Are you sick?” asked Aria with concern as she placed a hand over Sonata’s forehead.

“N-no... not that...”

“... is it that time of the month?”

“Eww! No!”

“Then what’s wrong? You’re rarely ever this... well... not you!” pointed out Aria, crossing her arms.

“I... I think something’s wrong with me and... it has to do with Sunny,” answered Sonata, whose blushed reddened after mentioning the nickname.

Aria’s eyes widened as her own personal experience started to reflect what she was seeing in her friend. Does she... thought Aria who didn’t know what to feel. On one hand, Sonata rarely ever had romantic interests like the rest of them. She was too much of a child and busy having fun to care about getting into a romance. Sure, she had bedded with a few women, including Aria and Adagio themselves, but only for fun.

On the other hand, Aria wanted her suspicions to be inaccurate. Mainly because she didn’t know if she was going to yell at Sonata for having the same feelings she did about Sunset.

“It’s... well...” Sonata bit her lip. “Whenever I’m near her I feel so... weird. Like there is a balloon in my chest that grows whenever I see her. I feel so hot and sweaty, and when I look at her I want to smile so badly but I don’t know why.”

Oh boy.

“I keep thinking about how she’s done so much for us even though we were so horrible to her,” continued Sonata. “I mean, she gave us a chance to pick up after our big failure. Nobody would have done that without some kind of reason, but Sunset did it to be kind. I... I rarely see that anymore these days. Such kindness.”

Aria just nodded. Today’s generation of humans was a lot more selfish than they were in the past. Sure, people helped each other, but they always cared about themselves first.

“And when she speaks about her past, the way she sounds so regretful and sad. I just want to hug her and... and tell her everything is going to be okay. Like she doesn’t need to beat herself up anymore because of it,” finished Sonata, sighing as she looked at Aria straight in the eye. “What am I feeling with Sunny? I... I want to be by her but I’m so afraid. I want to help her, but I don’t know how. It’s like I care for her, like I care for you and Adagio, but it’s so different. What is this, Aria?”

Aria closed her eyes and nodded her head. “I do know what you're talking about, Sonata. Because I feel similar too...”

“Really? What is it?” asked Sonata, tilting her head.

“Love.” Sonata’s mouth dropped as she stared at Aria who opened her eyes and gave a sad smile. “We’ve fallen in love with the same person.”


To Sunset’s surprise, Adagio said she knew where she wanted to do today. It was just a simple walk to the mall to hang out. Sunset, despite already making plans, agreed to her request and soon the two were on their way to the mall. The bus ride wasn’t as awkward or quiet like it was with Aria, but not as chatty as it was with Sonata. Adagio seemed to be the perfect balance, saying something when it needed to be said, but nothing to say when there wasn’t any need.

They talked about their friends, the events during Sunset’s time with Sonata and Aria (leaving the bullies from the former and the kiss from the latter out of the conversation) while talking about their big plans for the beach trip. When they arrived at the mall, Sunset found herself being grabbed by the wrist and dragged inside.

At that moment, Sunset found someone who could be Rarity’s rival in the love of fashion. There wasn’t a single clothing store that Adagio didn’t want to check out and try something. Although they didn’t buy anything (many of the clothes were beyond the word “expensive”) but had fun trying them all out. Sunset wasn’t much of a dress up girl, but still liked the feeling of nice fabrics against her skin.

Everything seemingly went fine as normal, except for one incident. Sunset Shimmer was getting undressed in a changing room to try out a dark red shirt that was designed for high end occasions when the door opened. Reacting on instinct, she covered her bare chest with her arms, but relaxed a bit when she saw Adagio, holding a pair of shorts. “Oh, for a second I thought you were some perv.”

“Relax. All the dressing rooms are occupied so I figured we could share one together.” Adagio rubbed the back of her neck as she began to blush. “That is... if you don’t think it’s too weird.”

“Um, no I guess it’s okay,” said Sunset, supporting a blush just as bad.

Adagio nodded and stepped forward, slowly reaching for her skirt and lowering it. Sunset didn’t know why she turned away like she did, it was just Adagio after all. Still, it would be rude to just stare at her...

Her curiosity won over and she decided to take a peak just as Adagio was leaning over to put the shorts on. She was still wearing her bright yellow panties, but her backside was.... was...

Sunset turned away with her face as red as a tomato. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That was wrong. That was bad. That was a little sexy, but....no! Bad! Bad! Bad!

“You know, since you’ve seen my cute ass, now you gotta let me see yours,” teased Adagio behind Sunset’s back, which made the former unicorn gasp and freeze up. She felt Adagio wrap her arms around Sunset’s neck and began to nuzzle her neck. “You got a nice body you know? If it wasn’t for the fact that we’d have the entire store listening in, I’d do you right here and now.”

Sunset opened her mouth, but didn’t know what to say. First Aria kissing me and now this? When did Adagio become such a flirt?!

“Besides if Sonata can stare at that butt all day, so can I.”

“... wait what?!”


“Sonata and Aria are in love with me?!” shouted Sunset so loud at the food court that half the attendants turned around and stared at her. Lowering her head to avoid the stares, she waited until they were back to focusing on their food before continuing. “I’m sorry, but what?! I mean, they can’t really be in love with me? Can they?”

“Why is it so hard to believe?” asked Adagio, eating a fry from her tray. “Sonata’s been staring at you and blushing ever since you went to that convention. I don’t know what happened, but she’s a total lost puppy when she looks at you. I can even hear her singing something with your name involved when she’s in the shower. And trust me, I know a love song when I hear a love song.”

I guess that explains the strange behavior she’s been having, thought Sunset, sipping her coke. “And Aria?”

“Doesn’t that kiss she gave you make it clear?” teased Adagio with a smirk as Sunset choked on her drink. “I saw it that night when you came home. I don’t know what you did to make her do that, but she wouldn’t kiss anybody unless she had some measure of feelings inside for them.”

This... this is weird thought Sunset. I have two sirens who are in love with me?! Is that even possible?! Wait a minute...

“Adagio... do you... also have the same feelings?” asked Sunset, nervously tapping her side of the table.

Adagio raised an eyebrow and smirked deviously. “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

“… why tell me all of this?” asked Sunset, shaking her head. “Why reveal that your best friends have crushes on me?”

“I guess it’s because I don’t want to see this turn into some kind of romance drama where everyone’s feelings are hurt from misunderstandings,” said Adagio, shaking her head. “Sonata’s too kind for her own good, and as much as she loves to be open and emotional, she’s like a kid inside. She’ll be shy about confessing to you, and she’ll never come out and say it. Aria? She might deny it at first, but she’s been in a loveless state for eighty years. She’ll latch on to you and not want to let you go if she realizes those feelings inside of her.”

“How do you know all that?” asked Sunset, who couldn’t find any flaw in her logical deduction.

“I’ve been with my best friends for so long that we know practically everything about each other,” said Adagio, smirking. She then gave a serious glare. “That is why I don’t want to see either of them seriously hurt. I know we can’t avoid a broken heart situation; that’s impossible in this case since they both are falling for you. However, the longer you delay coming up with a choice, the more hurt it will be. I’ll always be there to defend them, even at the cost of my own happiness.”

“What if I don’t have feelings for either of them?” asked Sunset, pointing out the obvious third option.

“Do you?” asked Adagio, rising an eyebrow.

Sunset opened her mouth to deny it but she stopped herself. She thought about Sonata’s bright smile and cheerful personality. Even the nickname “Sunny” made her feel warm inside. And Aria was beautiful with a hard shell to protect a lonely and saddened loner. She had a gentle side few saw, but Sunset thought it was who she really was inside. Both of the girls made her heart leap, and when she didn’t respond it made Adagio’s smirk grow.

“Told ya.”

“Okay! Okay! So maybe there might be… something between the two of them,” muttered Sunset, throwing her hands in the air. “But this is so sudden for me! I can’t just decide right here and now!”

“Well, that’s understandable, just don’t make it too long,” said Adagio, getting up with her tray. “Anyway, I guess we’re done here so we can just-“

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Sunset Satan and her Voiceless Siren friend,” taunted a snooty voice behind their table.

Sunset Shimmer groaned as she recognized it and turned to face Canterlot High’s biggest rich brat: Diamond Tiara. Followed in accompany by her lackey, and general suck up, Silver Spoon. Despite being in the seventh grade, Diamond Tiara ruled over her grade similar to how Sunset did with the entire school. Only while Sunset used fear, blackmail, and schemes to boss others around, Diamond Tiara used her wealth and popularity. Like others, Diamond Tiara tried to take Sunset’s place as Queen Bee of the school after her little “Demon” episode, but only succeeded in wrapping her grade around her little rich pinkie.

“What do you want, Diamond Tiara?” asked Sunset, annoyed that all taste in her mouth from lunch suddenly got bitter with her arrival.

“Oh, nothing,” said Diamond Tiara, speaking plainly as if talking about the weather. “Silver Spoon and I were just buying the latest and best clothes when we decided to take a break.”

“And where is your stuff?” asked Sunset, not noticing them carrying anything in their hands.

“Oh, Jenkins is carrying them,” said Diamond Tiara, pointing to an old butler who was struggling to carry what had to be thirty bags of clothing in his arms. Sunset shook her head in pity for the old man. “But enough about me-as much as I do like the subject-it seems that you two ‘magical demons’ are acting really chummy. In fact, the way you’ve been looking at each other-”

“-it’s almost as if you’re both on a date!” teased Silver Spoon with a laugh.

“Just as I was thinking, Silver Spoon,” said Diamond Tiara with a nod to her friend. Looking back at the two, she grinned. “So are you unholy abominations screwing each other like fags? Or are you just starting at first base?”

Sunset growled as she got up and clenched her fist. She looked ready to swat Diamond for her comment, but Silver Spoon waved her finger in her face. “Uh-uh, Sunset Shimmer. You do anything to us and we’ll make sure not only you’re expelled, but arrested too. The police were very close to arresting you that day you went all evil, right?”

Glaring at the two brats, Sunset realized that they were right. Some had wanted her arrested for what had happened after the Fall Formal, but, surprisingly, Rarity’s father, a lawyer, managed to stop them from doing anything. He stated that a judge would have a hard time allowing the prosecution of a teenager who happened to turn into a “demon” without any physical proof. She still had to do community service for her actions, but the police warned her that any “magical” trouble from her and she would be brought to the station. Even worse, Diamond Tiara had the means and acting skills to make it seem like Sunset did do something “magical” to her.

“Diamond Tiara, you are-“

“Wait a minute,” said Adagio, snapping her fingers as she pointed at Diamond Tiara. “I thought you looked familiar. Your mother is Royal Tiara, right?”

Diamond’s smile quickly faded as she turned to Adagio and glared. “How do you know my mother’s name?”

Adagio snorted before she started to laugh like a hundred feathers were tickling her. “Oh, man! Is this rich! I can’t believe she actually married that Filthy Rich loser after all! And produced a spawn like you? Wow, the universe does have a sense of humor.”

“What are you talking about?! I demand to know how you know my mother, siren!” shouted Diamond Tiara, stomping her food. By now the entire food court was watching the scene unfolded, some were even taking videos via phones.

“Yeah! Speak up!” shouted Silver Spoon.

Adagio shrugged before answering. “Eh, nothing much. Only that I did your mother when she was in college.”

A hushed silence reigned over the food court as everyone’s eyes widened, including Sunset’s and Diamond Tiara’s. The latter slowly started to turn pale before she raised her finger, stuttering, “Y-y-y-you’re lying! Y-y-y-you filthy whore! My mother is a saint!”

“A saint? If you mean a saint by licking where it’s good, then yeah,” replied a grinning Adagio, which made some parents cover their children’s ears. “You’re mother was one of the many, and I mean, many girls I covered during that year when I posed as a college student. And I only did females, you’re mother? She did everything! Even three teachers once.”

Diamond Tiara’s face looked like it had suddenly sucked three dozen lemons in one go. She tried to open her mouth to say something, but all that came out was silence. Sunset couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of Diamond Tiara being suited up for once in her life. She then yipped when she was suddenly grabbed by Adagio via arm around the waist and pulled closer.

“As for the idea of me and Sunset here being lovers? Well, what harm would that be? We’re both of age, from a world that mostly accepts such a thing, and what we do in the privacy of our home is our business. So unless you’re so curious that you want to watch it and follow in your mother’s footsteps, I suggest you and you’re lapdog head on out of here.”

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon didn’t need to be told twice, they rushed out of the court like their hair was on fire. Everyone who was staring quickly went back to their meals or quietly began to talk about the events that had unfolded in front of them. Sunset, blushing, watched as Adagio smiled and took both of their food trays to the trash, before saying, “Shall we go?”

“Wait, did you really sleep with her mother?” asked Sunset.

“Of course not. I slept with her mother’s sister. That’s how I knew her so well,” answered Adagio with a laugh.


The bus ride back was now even more awkward then it had been.going to the mall. Adagio said nothing as she and Sunset focused on opposite ends of the bus in silence. Sunset played the incident with Diamond Tiara over and over again in her head. She was glad that the brat was taken down a peg, and wasn’t really worried about any ramifications. Rumors of what had happened had to have already spread out, and twisted into so many versions it would be impossible to tell the truth from fiction.

What she couldn’t get over was the fact that Adagio went so out of her way to defend her. She could handle Diamond Tiara on her own easily, she went to the same school with the brat after all. But the way Adagio cruelly destroyed Diamond Tiara reminded her of the visions she had when she first appeared at Canterlot High. It was like looking at the old Adagio again.

It made Sunset feel uneasy, but at the same time she couldn’t help but feel a bit warmhearted that her friend defended her like that. She also remembered how close they were, nearly cheek to cheek, when Sunset grabbed her. It was like Adagio wanted to pull her in closer, but hesitated for some reason. Why would she do that? Does she also like me too? She said it was for me to find out, but I she does like me, why not come out and say it?

The whole trip to the mall didn’t make sense. First she was flirting, then Adagio was telling Sunset her best friends were falling for her, she talked about how she always… defended them..

A single piece of dialogue replayed in Sunset’s mind. “I’ll always be there to defend them, even at the cost of my own happiness.”

She does love me, thought Sunset as she turned to Adagio who was texting on her phone. But she loves Sonata and Aria so much she’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness just so her best friends could have a chance to be happy.

It nearly brought a tear to Sunset’s eyes as now everything fell into place. The trip to the mall was like a date, and Sunset wanted to just have one before she gave her up. But now Sunset felt herself divided even more.

Sonata? Aria? Adagio? I don’t know who to pick! I care about them all, and… and…”” Sunset sighed and wished she could multiply herself so this wouldn’t be an issue. She didn’t want to break either of their hearts, nor ruin the friendship they had developed over the months. I have to figure this out.. but for now…She slowly slipped her hand into Adagio’s who froze up a bit before acting like nothing happened.

For now all I can do is this…

Author's Notes:

One more chapter to go

Midnight Thoughts

Sunset Shimmer would say she was very knowledgeable on many things. There was a reason she was a straight A student both back in Equestria and on Earth. But love was something completely foreign to her. Oh sure, she dated Flash Sentry for a few months, but that was only for her to get more popular. Even though they were on civil terms, it was clear that he regretted getting together with her.

If Sunset was to be honest, she knew nothing about love. And now she had three sirens who were in love with her at the same time. I thought learning about friendship was hard.

As she stared into the ceiling of her room, she couldn’t help but blush while thinking about each of the other girls who were sleeping soft and sound. Sunset could not deny that the four of them had grown close since she found them homeless and desperate in the streets. She was so used to them being here, that any time she didn’t hear Sonata singing in the kitchen, Aria watching TV, or Adagio practicing her singing that it didn’t feel like home.

Hugging her pillow next to her, Sunset tried to ignore the strange warm feeling in her heart as she continued to think about those moments they had together as roommates. From Sonata cheerfully treating each new day like an adventure, to Aria's sarcastic, yet often funny, comments about anything, to Adagio planning out their day and treating them all like an older sister. It was like one big family, really.

Sunset bit her lip upon thinking that. She never had a real family. She never knew her parents and she never had the close mother like relationship Twilight had with Princess Celestia. Yes, they did care about each other once, but not to the extent the newest princess had with their mentor.

She had friends, yes, but never a family. And never a serious desire to have, in Equestrian terms, a mate.

The problem was which one would she choose.

Let’s think about this. List them off one by one, thought Sunset as she sat up on her bed and took in a deep breath.

Sonata had to be one of the kindest and cutest girls Sunset had ever met. You almost forget she once tried to steal energy from brainwashed students. She had a perky attitude that could rival Pinkie Pie, with a heart as every bit kind and warm as Fluttershy. Sonata was fun and enjoyed being positive about everything. Plus, it helped that the “Sunny” nickname Sonata gave her always made her smile even in her lowest of moments.

Thinking back to the convention, Sunset clearly saw that there was an adult side to Sonata. She had lived in a home without any love and was clearly hated for what she did from her own parents who wished she wasn’t born. Yet, despite all this harshness, she still gave a bright smile and turned out to be alright. There was a sense of maturity to her, but a simple one with the idea that saying the kind and right thing would make you successful in life.

Sure, Sonata wasn’t the brightest nor was she the most mature. But she had a beautiful personality that made you want to be with her, friend or not.

The opposite was, of course, Aria. For a long time, Sunset had it in her mind that Aria was just unhappy with everything in her life. It made sense at first with whole exile and losing your magic thing. The idea that Aria lost a lover was something that hit her out of left. It showed that, deep inside, the sarcastic and grumpy siren was just a lost and hurt girl still dealing with the death of her lover. Sunset, even right now, wanted to hug Aria and let her cry on her shoulders.

It was clear that Aria was lonely, and wanted something more than friendship from anyone. Being immortal for a long time would do that. There was a soft side to Aria, one that was gentle and kind, but hidden from a shield that Sunset was sure few ever saw. With Aria, Sunset wanted to be with her because she wanted to care for her. Plus, it also helped that Aria was a damn good kisser.

And finally, there was Adagio. You had to be blind to not see that she was not only stunningly beautiful, but also a natural charismatic individual. She was smart, sassy, and sexy. And with that was also a responsible leader who had done everything to make sure her two best friends were safe and provided for. Everything she had done, she had done for Sonata and Aria. Adagio was even willing to let go of her own feelings so that at least one of her friends could be happy with Sunset.

How could Sunset not be attracted to her after hearing that. And it would feel wrong to choose Adagio who has sacrificed a lot to make sure her friends were fine. She had a right to have one selfish thing in her life.

Yet it also felt wrong to choose the others while leaving the other two unloved. Sunset sighed as she facepalmed. She couldn’t help it. She cared for each of them, but that wasn’t possible. This was Earth. Not Equestria where-

Wait! Sunset’s eyes light up as her brain started thinking a mile a second. Is it possible that...

Without wasting any time, she grabbed her magic journal and started to call to a certain princess in another world.


Sonata could honestly say she didn’t know a lot of things. Aria and Adagio were always the ones to turn to when she needed to remember something in the past or learn some new skill. However, being in love was an experience Sonata felt she had to learn on her own. And naturally there was only one place to go when you wanted to learn something in this age.

The Internet.

So far Sonata had seen multiple confessions on youtube, bad trashy romance poems, very wordy scientific studies on love that gave her a headache, and porn. A lot of porn. While Sonata would admit such knowledge would come useful at a later stage in a relationship, none of them were good enough to help her feel prepared on how to tell Sunset how she felt.

Sonata hugged her knees close to her while pushing away her laptop on her bed. She closed her eyes, letting her focus drift to the feeling in her heart as she pictured Sunset Shimmer in her mind. Her fire and golden hair that sparkled in the sun. Her gentle and kind eyes that could make you swoon. Those hypnotizing hips that swayed back and forth. That warm, burning and, dare she say it, lustful feeling that Sonata had very time she thought about Sunset made her want to burst.

She had never felt like this before in all her life. Happy? All the time. Sad? A few times. Hungry? More often than most. In love? Totally blank.

Making love or having sex was not new to Sonata. She had bedded many men and women over her time here on earth. Some of them more than once. But this was different from that time. This time she felt like she wanted to be in Sunset’s arms. Protected and safe. She remembered that feeling when those three bullies hurt her and took her stuff.

The feeling she had when Sunset and her hugged, not to mention the proof of how far Sunset went to make her happy. Thinking of that made the flame in her heart only grow bigger. She wondered if this was how Aria felt about her old lover whenever they were together.

Thinking about Aria made Sonata pout in frustration. She knew it was wrong to be angry at her friend since she helped her to realize what her truth feelings were. However, why did Aria have to also be in love with Sunset? It was great that Aria was finally moving on over Gazing Star’s death, but at the same time why did she also fall for Sonata’s crush of all people.

Maybe for the same reason you did, thought Sonata, sighing.

She was under no illusions that the only reason she and her best friends were alive and happy were because of Sunset’s kindness. If she had decided to just leave them to rot for their mistakes, it was clear that the sirens would have been in a worse state than before. Especially since they had no means of taking care of a sick Adagio.

Sunset risked a lot to have them live in her home, only asking that they help around the house and pay rent. Sonata didn’t think anybody else in the area would do that for them considering they tried to drain the energy out of everyone. Sonata didn’t hate humans, she actually quite liked them, but they were very selfish creatures who seemed to be looking out for themselves mostly.

Sunset didn’t care about that. She saw them in trouble and brought them to her home to be cared for. She had such a kind heart that Sonata only wished she could lay her head on the chest and hear it beating.

How do I tell her I love her? asked Sonata over and over again in her head.

Normally, when it came to something like this she had no problem expressing her feelings to people and just speaking her mind. However, something prevented her from doing this. She didn’t know if it was fear of being rejected? Or maybe she was just nervous of taking such a big step in changing her relationship with someone she considered a close friend.

“Ugh! Why does love have to be so confusing!” muttered Sonata to herself as she flopped onto her pillow. “Okay, Sonata. You have to tell her the truth. Just come up and say it tomorrow morning. Got it? Got it!”


Meanwhile, Aria had been looking over a picture of Gazing Star in her hands. It was the only photo she had kept of her previous lover before she died. All the others she had burned in a vain effort to forget the woman she loved so much, but couldn’t find it in herself to destroy the last one.

She slowly caressed her finger around her lover’s cheek and smiled. She knew that if Gazing Star was here she would tell her to take a chance with Sunset Shimmer. Love was something you had to grab when you see it, she always said. Aria hadn’t felt love in nearly seventy years and all it took was one day to make her feel it again.

It sounded like something corny in a romance novel, but deep down Aria was okay with that. What she was afraid of was the fact that she wasn’t the only siren in this house that loved Sunset. Sonata was an obvious one. The girl had shown so many signs it was a wonder that Sunset didn’t see them first. Adagio was the more subtle one, but she had her suspicions that she also liked the girl that helped save her life.

Aria never spoke of her emotions that much, but she would always love Sonata and Adagio. They were the only true friends she had for a long time since their exile into this world, and she would never want to ever part with them. But that’s what hurt about this so much. She wanted to be selfish.

She wanted Sunset to herself.

She knew there was no way they could share her. Three girls with one? This wasn’t like the old days where polygamy was legal. Two of the three was going to have their hearts broken. And deep down. Aria didn’t want that to happen to her again.

Sunset had helped her move on. She had helped her heal. Seeing those final words of Gazing on the picture made her the most happiest girl in the world. She felt as if Gazing Star was really there to tell her this. Even after all the crap Aria had put Sunset through, she still did this as way to show how much she cared about her.

How could Aria not immediately fall in love after that?

She wanted to be in love again. She wanted to have someone to hug and kiss and even sleep with. She wanted her heart to be open to someone who cared so much about her. And this time, now that she had no magic, she was ready to die with that person years later if fate wielded it to be.

Aria slowly looked at the broken pendant she had wrapped around her neck. She could still remember how furious she was when the magic she had all her life was gone. She even wanted to kill Sunset at one point before they met for what had happened. And now she was in love with the very same enemy that had turned her into a simple mortal with no other means to prolong her life.

“I guess life really is funny that way,” whispered Aria as she slowly took of her pendant and put it in her drawer. It, like her feelings for Gazing Star, was a thing of the past. A past that she couldn’t have as unnecessary baggage.

It was time to move on. It was time to love again.


For a long time Adagio only cared about two things in the world: her singing voice, and her best friends. Nothing else mattered to her more then those two things. Losing her voice all those months ago made her feel completely empty and defeated. It was the only thing she had left of her parents when she was living back in Equestria. Unlike her other two friends, her real parents loved her. They taught her to sing and she sung for them every day and night. And when she sung, she imagined them standing beside her.

She only wished they didn’t die of that illness. Maybe then her life would be different. Her step parents were the real problem in her life. They only took her to show off to their rich friends that they also had a daughter so talented in singing. She sung on their tune and not her own. She was a bird in a cage, only to sing when her masters demanded it. She wasn’t allowed to have friends or see the world. Just sit in her room and play.

That’s when she started sneaking out. That’s when she found her real friends.

And now she was here, on a different planet, her step parents long dead and rotting, stuck in a situation that was tearing her heart apart. She knew when she fell in love with Sunset Shimmer, it was around the time that she got sick and saw a single person kind enough to not only help her, but care for her best friends as well.

Before it all happened, Adagio thought it was the end. She was going to die poor and in pain. Sunset saved her life. She saved all their lives despite everything that happened.

Upon seeing later on how Sunset would put her all into making them feel better and act so friendly, those feelings only grew and grew. She was going to tell Sunset at the beach trip her feelings, she had it all planned out and prepared. Only she didn’t prepare for one other thing.

She didn’t expect Aria and Sonata to fall in love with her too.

Adagio opened her phone which showed the picture of her best friends all having fun at a carnival together. She loved them. Sonata. Aria. Sunset. She loved them all. They were all she had in this world. That’s why she was so determined to lead and protect her best friends all those years. That's why she was willing to hurt anybody in order to keep their magic going. It was all for them. Maybe the acts were wrong, but to Adagio it was the only way.

Adjusting to their new life without magic or their immortality was hard, but thanks to Sunset they now had a way to live again. Even more reason to fall in love with her.

But now she was torn between two loves. The love for her friends and the love of her life.

If she took Sunset away from Sonata, who was going through her first love, and Aria, who was recovering from her lost love, she would never forgive herself. She knew that only one of them could have Sunset Shimmer and she would rather have it be one of her friends. A tear dripped down Adagio’s cheek as she thought further of it. She had sacrificed so much for her friends that a part of her hated it. She just wanted to be selfish for once.

And yet when she thought about Sonata’s goofy smile whenever she saw Sunset or Aria’s face upon giving that kiss...

Do it for them, Adagio. Do it for them.

Author's Notes:


The Beach Part 1

While the beach near the city wasn’t the most glamorous, such as Hawaii or Italy, even Adagio had to admit that it was pretty nice. She got out of Applejack’s truck along with Aria, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash while the rest of the girls were coming out of Rainbow Dash’s car. Pinkie Pie and Sonata, being the energetic ones that they were, rushed out and jumped onto the sand. Posing up into the air the two crossed their arms together and looked at the group with cheery smiles.

“It’s beach party time!” shouted the two with a loud laugh.

The group only smirked and giggled at the antics of the two before heading down the sand. Taking a look around, the beach was quite filled with families and teens trying to cram in one last summer time of fun before the upcoming school year started one week from today. There were a few juice bars, shower rooms, snack shacks, surfing board stands, and nearby the luscious sixteen floor hotel they would be staying at for the next two days. All paid for by Rarity’s father of course.

“Man, this is gonna be awesome! I can’t wait to get some training today!” said Rainbow Dash, already stretching herself. “I’m gonna need a good workout if I’m going to help bring the championship home this year for the soccer team.”

“Now, Rainbow,” said Applejack, grabbing her shoulder before she could head out. “Yer not gonna spent the entire trip by yerself. We’re here as bunch of friends, remember?”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say, mom,” muttered Dash with a pout.

“Ohh, I hope there are some nice fishes in the water,” said Fluttershy, viewing the ocean with sparkling eyes.

“Yeah! They would make great for dinner!” proclaimed Sonata, showing off a fishing rod and bait box she brought.

“D-d-d-dinner?” whimpered Fluttershy, eyes widening in horror.

“Yeah! LIke some salamon and butter, or shrimp curry! Oooh, or better yet Fish Tacos!” shouted Sonata with excitement while Fluttershy looked ready to faint.

“Ooh! And soy sauce! Can’t forget the soy sauce!” shouted Pinkie.

Rarity decided to step in before Sonata could give the poor PETA supporter a heart attack. “Why don’t we first step into the hotel and get ourselves ready for the beach before we decide on what to do.”

Agreeing on the plan, the girls all made their way towards the hotel with Aria constantly checking her cellphone. Knowing what she was up too, Adagio went over to her and asked, “Anything?”

“No, not a single text or message,” answered Aria with a frustrated sigh. “Where is she? She’s not bailing on us is she?”

Adagio thought back to the letter they found on the dining table from Sunset that morning:

Dear Girls,

I need to do something really quick before I can go to the beach. I know we were going to take my car, but I need it. Ask the others if you can ride with them. Will be there as soon as I can. Promise.

-Sunset Shimmer

“She’s never broken a promise to us before,” said Adagio, trying to hide her own worry. “She’ll be here.”

Aria stared at her but decided not to press forward with it and strike up a conversation with Fluttershy about adding new heaters to the shelter for the upcoming fall season. The truth was Adagio was worried. She was beginning to wonder if admitting to Sunset the feelings of her and her friends was the right thing to do. Damnit, Adagio, you just had to go and lay that out there for her, especially after what she had done with Sonata and Aria...

She may have overpressured the poor girl and sent her off, too afraid now to hang with either of them. I’ll have to apologize when she gets here... if she gets here...


After signing in to their rooms and putting their stuff away, the girls all agreed to hit the beach for some fun. Changing into their bathing suits, each of them had either a one piece bathing suit (Like Sonata, Pinkie and Fluttershy) or a two piece in their respective hair colors. Rainbow Dash, surprisingly, decided to go with a black and blue striped swimming skinsuit which she claimed would be better for her athletic activities.

The gang had setted up their beach site not to far from the water and started unpacking and preparing. Rainbow Dash was already challenging Applejack to a swimming contest and the two were plotting the race course. Rarity and Aria will placing the blankets down to perfection (at Rarity’s insistence) while also setting up the umbrellas. Adagio was getting sunscreen while Sonata was fiddling around with the radio they had brought for listening to music and such. Meanwhile Pinkie was... um...

“Hey, where did Pinkie Pie go?” asked Adagio.

“Surprise!” shouted Pinkie right behind her which nearly made Adagio scream out loud. Holding her hands, she had a box full of purple and blue ice pops ready for eating. “I decided to get us something sweet to eat!”

“Shouldn’t you hold off eating until you finished your swim?” asked Fluttershy as she accepted one anyway.

“Please, the worst you can get from this is brain freeze,” said Pinkie Pie, taking three in one hand and licking them all like a dog. The gang winced in disgust as they saw her slobber spread across the sand.

“Well, I have no interest in getting wet. So I’ll take one,” said Rarity.

“Me too,” answered Aria.

“What? But we’re at the beach! Why wouldn’t you want to get wet?” asked Sonata in shock.

“Well, it is cheaper to get a tan for your skin on a beach then it is at a salon,” said Rarity, putting on some sunglasses as well as showing off a face tanning mirror.

“Amen, girlfriend,” said Aria as she got out her own.

“Well, whatever floats yer bo-o-o-oh my god...” said Applejack looking past them with wide eyes and open mouth.

Curious the girls turned around and showed similar reaction, although for three certain sirens this was accompanied by also deep red blushes. Sunset Shimmer had finally arrived, but it was not at all what they were expecting. While most of the girls picked a two piece, they had at least done it with modesty to make sure that not too much skin was being exposed. Sunset, had disregarded that notion by dressing in very revealing white bikini that Rarity and Aria knew as a pretzel maillot.

Needless to say, the girls weren’t the only ones whose attention was bought. Males, and some females, on the beach all turned around and stared at Sunset either in admiration or lust. And again, it wasn’t hard to see why. Sunset had always been wearing clothing that had covered herself well enough so that nobody could really guess her...well, bust size. Now that it was out in the open for all to see, the girls couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.

Well, the non-sirens anyway. Those three were drooling a bit.

Combined this with her smooth skin, sunset colored hair flaring in the wind, and just drop down sexiness that she was oozing out of her? It was no wonder that Sunset had been ranked on the top ten list back in school for most attractive girls. Needless to say, a trickle of blood was dripping down each of the sirens as their crush was swaying her hips back and forth, giving those behind her one hell of a show.

Finally, she appeared before the group with a smile as if nothing was wrong. “Hey, girls. Sorry I’m late. Hit traffic on the way here.”

“S-sunset... dear what are you... I mean it looks great on you but...” Rarity couldn’t even finished her sentence.

“You look hot!” shouted Pinkie, zipping forward and staring at Sunset in any direction she could. “Man, if I was into chicks I’d so ask you out!”

“Well, that’s a bit why I got this,” said Sunset, showing off her outfit. “I want to make a few eyes pop out if you know what I mean.” She then turned to the three sirens who were all next to each other and gave a sultry wink. This only made them turn even more red.

“Heh, gotta give you credit for being so daring, Sunset,” said Dash with a nod of approval.

“Oh, my. I don’t think I could even think of showing off to anyone,” muttered Fluttershy, placing her arms around her chest. “I’d just die of embarrassment.”

“What’s to be embarrassed about? If someone thinks I look hot, I’m flattered,” said Sunset.

You are so not flat, though Adagio staring at the twin beauties in front of her. Not flat at all.

Sunset then noticed the ice pops in Pinkie’s hands and licked her lips. “Mmm, can I have one.”

“Sure!” said Pinkie handing over a blue one that was already melting.

Instead of asking for a new one, Sunset Shimmer simply took it and began to suck on it... slowly. She moaned with pleasure as the melted rod of blueberry flavored ice sank into her mouth as her lips sucked the juices as they dripped down her mouth. The gang watched as she took it all in, bit by bit, nearly swallowing the whole thing which surprised them. Once it reached near the end, she then began to pull back ever so gently. A large slurping noise could be heard from her as she let it pop out of her mouth a bit. “Mmm, tasty.”

She then placed it back in, increase the temp on her sucking as the melted ice slowly began to drip down her chin almost like a waterfall. Adagio’s eyes-as well as the others-watched as it trickled down her chin and onto her breasts. It cascaded down like a river, dripping with blue flavored goodness as the white bra slowly began to soak it up while it latched onto the skin. It dropped further down, even in between the breasts where nothing could stop it until it was now laid across her very smooth and flat stomach.

Adagio felt like it was getting hotter and it was not because of the sun. She could feel certain... urges growing inside her as Sunset increased her speed and sucked the living life of out of the popsicle. Back and forth, back and forth. It was so mesmerizing that Adagio wondered if this is what it like to have been under their magic spell?

She glanced at her best friends to see their reaction. Sonata had her mouth wide open while she saw her left eye twitch every three seconds. Aria had turned away at this point, but Adagio could tell she was glancing out of the corner of her eye. Turning back to Sunset, the siren leader had to wonder what their crush was playing at.

“Um, S-S-S-Sunset,” said Applejack, redder than her famous apples. “Yer kinda... gettin’ messy?”

Sunset stopped her eating and looked at the mess she made. “Oh, you're right. Hmm...” she then saw a nearby towel and turned to Sonata. “Hey? Sona? Can you clean me up?”

SONA?! thought Adagio and pretty much everyone else present.

With shaking hands, Sonata slowly got up and took the towel. Staring at the blue mess Sunset made over her semi-naked body, Sonata gulped and hesitated. “Um, I don’t...”

“It’s fine, besides,” Sunset then slowly pressed her hand against the reddened Sonata’s cheek before she whispered, “I know you’ll be gentle.”

That was too much for the youngest siren and she passed out a second later. Gasping, Sunset picked her up and carried her bridal style. “Oh no, she must have passed out from the heat. Don’t worry girls, I’ll take her get some help and get cleaned up! Be right back!”

And with that said she rushed off with a unconscious Sonata in tow. Adagio didn’t know if she had to be jealous or worried.

“What... what just happened?” asked Rarity, blinking at what she saw.

Adagio didn’t know what to say. Because she didn't know either.

Author's Notes:

Originally this was going to be one big chapter, but I'm kinda of going through a lot of less time to write at the moment due to me just getting a new job. Since I had enough I decided to split the chapter into three parts. More will come, as promised.

The Beach Part 2

Ugh... what happened? thought Sonata as she slowly got up, her head feeling woozy and something cotton like was plugging up her nose. Taking the bloody cotton balls out, she looked around and found herself in the hotel room she and her friends were staying in.

“Oh, good you’re awake.” Sonata froze up as she slowly turned around to see Sexy Sunny, as she was calling her now, look at her with relief. “You fainted and I grew concerned.”

“Y-y-y-you carried me?” asked Sonata, trying her best to avoid the twin melons that were still nearly visible in the swimsuit Sunset had. “T-thanks, Sunny.”

“Of course, you’re a very close friend to me, Sonata. Besides, you look cute when you sleep,” said Sunset with a smile, but this made Sonata only redder.

She thinks I’m cute! When I sleep?! Does that means he was watching me?! Oh god!

“Anyway, you should rest for a bit before coming back outside to join us,” warned Sunset as she made her way to the door. “I’m going to see the others, later!”

With a smirk and a wink, Sunset left the room leaving Sonata all alone. She stood frozen for a few minutes before sighing and grumbling. “Darn it! She’s left me all turned on! I can’t just go out there with her... body in my thoughts!”

She quickly eyed the bathroom nearby. “... ten minutes. That’s all I need.”


Despite what had happened earlier, the girls decided it was best to move on and continue their beach day. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Adagio, and Rarity all went out for a swim while Applejack and Rainbow Dash were already racing in the ocean against each other. Aria, not much a lover of swimming, decided to just start her tan now and was resting on her beach chair.

With mirror in hand she had the sun’s rays reflecting at her skin, which she could feel with relaxing comfort. She had always enjoyed the summer more than any other season and was determined to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible.

Just as soon as someone got out of her sun. Growling at the shadow that was ruining her tan, Aria took off her shades, yet kept her eyes closed, and yelled, “Hey! I’m trying to tan here!”

“Sorry, but I need you to help me with some sunscreen,” said a familiar voice. Aria opened them and saw that it was none other than Sunset.... right above her... and she could stare directly under her-

Aria turned away, beet red as she tried to push the image out of her thoughts but to her everlasting curse they stayed there in her head. Lowering herself to Aria’s level, Sunset held out a bottle of sunscreen and smiled. “I need our help getting my back and other areas I can’t reach. Think you can help? I really want to get out there and swim.”

Aria blushed upon hearing this. The chance to feel her crush’s body. So slim, smooth, and downright sexy? The fact that she had such a revealing swimsuit only made Aria’s decision come even faster. “Sure,” she said as calmly as possible, but her heart was beating like a drum.

“Great!” said Sunset as she handed over the sunscreen. She then went to one of the nearby beach towels and laid her stomach on it, resting her head over her arms as they folded over one another. “Be sure to get every spot.”

Aria slowly nodded as she pour the sunscreen on her hands and got right behind Sunset. Her eyes drifted down that smooth yellow back, all the way to her tight butt. Aria tried her best to avoid gazing at it but it was just... so... so...

“Like what you see?” teased Sunset, looking over her shoulder with a leery grin.

“Uh-h-h, no! I mean yes! I mean... just shut up and let me do this!”

Sunset laughed but didn’t say anything else as Aria finally got to work and began to rub her hands on Sunset’s back. She started on the shoulders, massaging them a bit as she cream began to stick to her yellow skin. Sunset moaned in pleasure as Aria went lower, her hands moving back and forth around the center of the back. She could feel every inch of Sunset’s smooth skin as she decided to go for the thighs next.

Sunset continue to sigh in pleasure as Aria felt her heart beat faster and faster with each second. Closing her eyes, Aria could feel her hands falling into rhythm as they continued to do their magic. “Is that enough?” asked Aria.

“Almost, I need one more place for you to get for me,” said Sunset, before chuckling. “Think you can go a little bit... lower?”

Aria’s eyes opened and became as wide as dinner plates. Lower than the back was... was...

“Y-y-you want me touch... your butt?” asked Aria, doing her best not to freak out. Her hands, fondling Sunset’s ass... the thought alone was making her shake.

“Why? You don’t want too, because I can get someone else to do it... maybe Pinkie Pie?” asked Sunset, rubbing her chin.

“No! Wait! I mean yes! I... I don’t mind!” shouted Aria, catching the attention of some nearby people. “Just... don’t tell anyone about this!”

“Lips are sealed,” said Sunset, pretending to do so with her fingers.

Aria took a deep breath and gulped. Her hands inched closer to those sweet, yellow buns that she had been secretly eyeing for awhile now. She was about a few inches there when-

“OW!” shouted Aria as she rubbed her head from the beach ball that hit her head.

“Sorry!” shouted Pinkie Pie, rushing up and grabbing the ball. “Fluttershy kinda hit it too hard. Hey, you girls want to join in and make it three on three?”

“Sure! Come on, Aria!” said Sunset as she got up and grabbed a stunned Aria by the hand.

“But... but...” stuttered Aria as she was dragged into the water.

But I wanted to touch that ass...

Author's Notes:

Just a short one this time before I move. Part 3 coming soon

The Beach Part 3

After enough fun in the sun as it were, the girls became too exhausted to stay outside for much longer and opted to head into the hotel. There, they dried off and got into their summer clothes while Sonata finally joined them, having calmed down. Well, as calm as she could be with Sunset nearby. Even Aria was turning just as red whenever the flirtatious sun haired girl was nearby.

While eating their dinner, Adagio continued to stare at Sunset with a confused glance as Sunset Shimmer continued to act like nothing weird had happened. For the life of her, Adagio couldn’t figure out what her game was. It would be one thing to be flirting with one of the three of them, but this was too much. Adagio didn’t know if she was suppose to be angry because Sunset was tugging all their emotions or jealous that so far she hadn’t been hit on.

“Is there something wrong, Adagio?” asked Sunset, knocking the elder siren from her thoughts. “You’ve been staring at me for hours. Not that I’m complaining of course, but you could just ask next time.” She said this all with a sly smile.

Adagio did her best to hide her blush, but she could see that she wasn’t the only one as all the girls were blushing from the comment made. It made the fight against the blush even harder when she felt Sunset’s foot rubbing against her’s as if they were playing a game of footsie. “S-Sunset, come on. Just quit it already,” grumbled Adagio, even though a small part of her wanted that foot to raise higher.

“Ah, but I thought you liked playing games?” asked Sunset with an innocent smile.

“I think it’s time we got dessert! Waiter!” shouted Rarity, nervously tugging her collar.

The built up tension was already making everyone, but Sunset, sweat. Each of them was blushing for one reason or another and it was clear they all wanted to ask Sunset what her deal was. Pinkie Pie, however, interrupted their train of thoughts by gasping. “Oh boy! Sunday’s!”

Nine bowls of the said treat arrived as the waiter put one down in front of each of them. They raised their spoons and were about to eat, until Sunset dipped first and took a big spoon filled of chocolate and whipped cream before suddenly pointing her spoon towards Adagio. “Hey, Adagio? Say ‘ah’!”

Oh, you have got to be kidding...

Gazing at the smooth and cold ice cream in front of her, Adagio gulped as it inched closer to her mouth. “C-come on, Sunset. I’m not four years old...”

“I-if she doesn’t want it, I will!” shouted Sonata, blushing as she raised her hand.

“S-so do I!” shouted Aria, uncharastically of her. In fact, everyone but Sunset turned to the normally stoic girl and just stared at her like she grew two heads. “W-what?! A girl can’t love ice cream!”

“No fair! I want to try Sunny’s ice cream!” shouted Sonata, growling at her best friend.

“Screw that! You touched her boobs! I deserve some attention!” shouted Aria, nearly breathing fire.

“Hey! I did not touch those! You, however, were about to fondle her buttcheaks like some pervert!” cried out Sonata.

“Pervert?! I’ll put my spoon up your nose for that!”


All attention turned towards an upset looking Sunset. “You girls will wait your turn. It’s Adagio’s time. If you argue anymore, I will not give you any ice cream! Understood?!”

“Yes, Sunset,” whimpered a saddened Aria and Sonata.

“They do know they have their own ice cream, right?” whispered Dash to Rarity.

To which she replied, “Hush, this is getting good.”

Turning back to Adagio, Sunset smiled and cheerfully lifted her spoon again. “Now, I believe someone was going to say, ahhh!”

“L-listen, Sunset. I don’t think...” Adagio was unable to finish as she saw Sunset giving her the puppy eyes of doom. Just the sight of her crush, whimpering and staring at her like an innocent deer, lost in the woods, was so heart breaking cute that it nearly made her squeal.

“Y-you d-d-don’t want to t-try my i-c-c-ce cream?” whimpered Sunset, getting all tearyeyed.

N-no... must resist... can’t... too... cute!

With her defences completely down, Adagio dived in and nearly ate the spoon. Damnit! Why am I so weak against her?!

Sunset clapped with excitement. “Yay!” She then opened up her mouth. “Now feed me.”

With that said, Aria slammed her fist on the table. “Okay! Time out! Sonata, Adagio, Sunset, to our room! Now!”

“Um, ok?” replied Sonata and Adagio who looked at each other with uncertainty. Sunset didn’t look bothered by this, but instead just smirked.

“Aria, if you wanted a different kind of dessert, all you had to do was ask,” teased Sunset with a smirk and wink.

“Oh my,” whispered Fluttershy, barely able to keep in her seat. The others weren’t too far away from the brazen comment as Aria tried to say something, but only blubbered a few lines before giving up and sighing in defeat.

Sunset giggled as she got up from her seat and walked towards the direction of the stairs, her rear end shaking a bit as she moved like a fox in heat. “I’ll go up on ahead. Don’t leave me to play by myself, girls.”

They just watched in disbelief as she turned around and gave a wink. None of them said anything as she went up the stairs, leaving them in a stunned silence. Applejack cleared her throat and said, “Well, Ah think a nice walk around the beach sounds nice. Who wishes to join me?”


“I do!”

“Same here!”

“Aw, but I wanted to see if the four of them have se-” Pinkie Pie’s mouth was shut by Rarity before dragging her away with the others, leaving the sirens to themselves.

The three blushing ladies fondled with their fingers as they tried to work up the nerve to follow after the same girl each of them had their hearts (and pants at this point) for. Sonata then nervously asked, “Um, Aria?”


“Is love suppose to be this complex?”

“I think the correct word for this would be baffling...”


The three sirens eventually made their way to their room where Sunset Shimmer was waiting for them on one of the bed's, legs crossed and warm smile on her lips. Each of the sirens didn’t know what to say or do in this situation, it was something completely new to them. Usually, they were the flirts and not the receivers.

When the door was finally closed behind them, Sunset leaned forward and said, “I assume you all have questions.”

“Questions? We are so beyond questions,” said Adagio, rubbing her temples. “We are at the point of answers. What the hell are you doing?”

“I thought it was obvious? I’m flirting with the girls who I love,” said Sunset, getting up. The hearts of all three of them pounded upon hearing the “L” word and they froze up again. “It’s clear you all have feelings for me. And I have feelings for all of you.” She walked over to Sonata and brushed her hair with her fingers, making the youngest siren shiver. “Sonata, you are the most positive and fun loving person I have ever met. You’re sweet, kind, and you love to always see the bright side of life. You are like a bright star in this dark world that I never want to see go out.”

“S-Sunny,” whispered Sonata, a small smile decorating her face.

The sun kissed girl then walked over to Aria and placed her hand over the latter’s heart. “Aria, you’ve been through so much pain. I realized that deep inside is a girl who wants to be loved and show her true self again. That true self is so beautiful both inside and out that I want to see her more often.”

Aria didn’t say anything, she just turned around to not show her blush.

Finally, Sunset went to the last siren and held her hand. “Adagio, you are brave, smart, and beautiful. You stand out like a star and have such a dedication to those you care about, it’s clear you are super nice when you want to be. But you’re not afraid to stand up for others and yourself. You’re also so selfless for sacrificing your own happiness for your best friends.”

“T-thank you,” whispered Adagio, but she shook her head. “But this doesn’t change anything! Even if you like all three of us, we can’t be together. You’re human and-”

“I’m not human.”

The three’s eyes widened as they stared at Sunset who smiled at them. “I’m from Equestria. I’m a unicorn. Just like you are sirens. We may look human, but we are not originally human. And in Equestria there is a certain thing called... herding.”

“Herding?” asked the three, having recalled the term once but it couldn’t click in their minds.

“In Equestria, it’s legal to have a herd of lovers. A polygamy if you will,” answered Sunset as the gears finally turned in the girls heads. “Meaning, by Equestrian law, I can love each of you equally and it would be accepted there.”

“But... we can’t-” started Aria until Sunset showed them a scroll. “What’s that?”

“It’s an official pardon from Princess Twilight Sparkle. Signed by both Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadance,” answered Sunset. “It means you’re free to go back home, girls. Along with me.”

The three instantly took the scroll and read it as fast as they could. It was filled with a bunch of political wording mumbo jumbo, but upon finishing it they all felt tears come down from their eyes. Home. They could finally go home. After nearly two thousand years of wondering in this alien planet... they could go back home as free as the day they were born.

They slowly looked up towards Sunset Shimmer who winked. “I told you I would keep my promises.”

One second later, Sonata dived at Sunset and kissed her, dragging her down to the bed as she forced her tongue into Sunset’s mouth. Aria was right behind her, pushing Sonata off as she licked Sunset’s cheeks before diving her own lips into Sunset, proceeding to suck the life out of her. This was all interrupted as soon as Adagio got into the action and knocked Aria away so she could have some fun, all while touching her breasts and rubbing them which made Sunset moan.

“Hold on,” said Adagio, ending the kiss much to Sunset’s sadness. “Aria. Sonata. Undress her and then yourselves.”

She marched away from the bed, grabbing something from the table nearby and placed the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside of the door.


The next morning, the same five friends who had left right after dessert were now sitting in the same table for breakfast... only none of them touched their food. They were all to busy glancing nervous looks at the four empty seats for their newest friends who had yet to arrive.

“So... did anybody else think the floor was rocking last night?” asked Dash to which the others said no comment. “Oh, come on! Let’s just accept the fact that Sunset and the sirens are now bed buddies!”

“Honestly, Rainbow, have you no tact?” grumbled Rarity, sipping her coffee. “And I believe they are now an item as it were.”

“Is that legal? I mean four way relationship?” asked Fluttershy, blushing at the thought.

“Might be some otherworld thing they do back in Sunset’s world,” said Applejack, shrugging.

“Here is your chance to ask. Her she comes,” pointed out Dash.

The girls turned around and saw Sunset Shimmer, dressed in a pink bathrobe, coming down with her hair so messed up it nearly gave Rarity a heart attack. Yawning, Sunset picked up a cup of coffee and muttered a “Good morning” before drinking it like it was from the gods themselves.

“So... wild night?” asked Applejack.

Sunset merely nodded.

“Are y’all gonna be busy today?” asked Applejack again.

Once again, Sunset nodded.

“How was it?” asked Pinkie Pie with a smile.

Sunset only smiled before walking away with a cup of coffee in her hands.

“... hmm,” said Pinkie Pie before she smiled at all her friends. “Hey, girls?! How about the five of us-”

“No,” said four unified voices.

“Ah, shoot...”

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