NOT Doing Harmful Things to Your Waifu: Rainbow Dash

by kildeez

Chapter 1: Chapter I: Talking with Her

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“So then, he just waddles right over, and I’m still thinking, like, ‘what is with this guy,’ y’know?”

“Oh yeah, I getcha there.” I know better than I let on. Two months since I stepped off a subway platform in Queens and landed face-first in a grassy field outside a small village in a land of magic and talking ponies, and I’ve found myself drawn to one of the local celebrities. Rainbow Dash, a pegasus (or so winged ponies are called here), a future wonder bolt, and one of the most headstrong creatures I’ve ever met, pony or human. Sure, the other ponies have been friendly enough, and I’ve made quite a few friends during my stay here, but for some reason I always find myself drawn to this particular pony whenever she’s around. I could be having dinner with my best friend from back on Earth, and if she took a seat in the same restaurant, it wouldn’t matter. My buddy could be talking about whether or not Jack kissed Claire on Days of our Lives, finally relieving the suspense I’ve been holding in my chest since I left before I could have a chance to see it, and I would still be drawn to that shock of multicolored mane, those incredible, vermillion eyes, that cute little muzzle that sometimes scrunches up when she is deep enough in thought.

What is with this mare!? I ask myself for the fifth time in as many minutes.

“So this tortoise wanders over to me, and I’m still wonderin’ what he even thinks he’s gonna do, right?”

“Seems a bit judgmental for you.”

She cringes at that, biting her lip like she usually does when she’s a bit uncomfortable. It’s so cute my heart nearly stops. “Yeah, I know,” she says while rubbing at the back of her head with a hoof. “In hindsight, I was a serious jerk to the little guy. Got it in my head that my pet had to be some stupid ideal of awesome or whatever…”

There it is. That bit of deeper intelligence, buried under some brash, tomboyish model of speech. God, I love it. I only wish I could work up the guts to tell her that.

Author's Notes:

What's that...is that...why yes it is! It's another bandwagon! C'mon kids, let's hop on!

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