Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

by David Silver

Chapter 1: 1 - Welcome to Canterlot

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As the train ascended the mountain towards the capital of the kingdom, Silver Lining peered out of the window to watch as the impressive monument of equine engineering drew ever closer. A hoof landed on his shoulder along with a familiar presence. Rough Draft spoke softly, "We're almost there."

Silver Lining twitched an ear towards Rough, "Yeah... Sorry about all this. I mean... not warning you ahead of time. I didn't get much warning myself."

Rough Draft snorted softly, "It was my idea that brought us to Manehattan in the first place. It was my idea to look for adventure." He wrapped a foreleg around Silver and gently hugged the colt, "I didn't expect my human friend to become my colt, but it's definitely still an adventure."

Silver leaned into the embrace, enjoying the closeness a moment before he bobbled his head, "I'm really glad you were with me, and still are. Look, I have it mostly down!" A look of concentration came over Silver's features as he let the magic build within him and flexed the internal muscle that released it. Magic flowed freely in the curved spire of his horn and a soft silvery light spilled free. The light was steady and would have been a good light, if it wasn't bright enough in the cart as-is.

Rough Draft nodded his head, "You picked up on that fast, but you've been practicing it constantly. Is it that interesting?" He placed a hoof alongside the horn. The contact made the muscle contract, and the magic stopped flowing quickly.

Silver made note to practice holding open even while touched or otherwise distracted. He nodded at Rough, "Yeah. Trixie won't teach me anything else until I have the light spell down pat. These gangly limbs are cute, but not so good at holding things. I'm not going to be satisfied until I'm moving things around."

"And with good reason," came the voice of Trixie. "We arrive in a few minutes. Trixie suggests you gather your things and be ready. That goes for you too, Rough Draft."

"Yes Ma'am," replied Rough Draft, setting Silver on the ground and moving over to his saddlebag.

Silver didn't have much to pack, "Do you think Luna will return my things?"

Trixie snorted softly, "Trixie doubts this. They are alien artifacts, and you have surrendered to the Equestrian government."

Silver shook his head, "You say it like I was under arrest or at war or something."

"You were," argued Trixie, "in your own way, and you gave up. Equestria is a good winner, and only demands you be a good pony as her terms." She poked Silver gently, "Today we stay with a friend, tomorrow, Trixie will have us a place of our own. Don't expect a house, they are frightfully expensive."

Rough Draft rose up, his blue bag secured into place, "It's no trouble, Trixie. An apartment won't kill me. I've lived in one before." He looked towards Silver, "You?"

Silver nodded quickly, "For most of my childhood. Houses became something of an adult experience for me, oddly enough."

Trixie smiled, "Then it is fitting that you are returned to an apartment for your new foalhood."

The train soon pulled into the bustling station. Many ponies waited outside to board the line, but were forced to wait for those on the train to get off, including the young colt that was once David. Silver's eyes swept over the city with curious eyes. Unlike the cartoon, there were a lot of little details to be seen. Though the city was still magnificent, Silver could already pick out where it was a tiny bit less than the perfection shown in the cartoon.

The trio pushed through the crowd and emerged onto the streets. Silver wondered if they would hail a taxi like in Manehattan, but Trixie kept walking. This was the first time in over a day Silver got to practice with his young limbs. His gait was uneven, but he wasn't flopping over every two steps, which he considered a victory. He paid attention to his walking, at first trying to actively manage his still-alien body, then letting go and trying to not think about it. He certainly didn't micromanage his human walking, he decided trying to do so as a pony wasn't going to help.

They arrived at a large manor on the right hand side of the city. The castle stood imposingly in clear view, but that was not their goal. Trixie did not knock, simply brushing the gate open with her magic and striding past. She was soon at the door and her magic wrapped around the knocker there, striking it against the wood. Silver watched the magic at work, quite glad he could still perceive the auras of pony magic even before they built up enough to produce 'light'.

A well-dressed stallion opened the door, dressed as a butler, if Silver had to guess. He regarded Trixie a moment, then looked beyond her to Silver and Rough seated behind her. "Are you expected?" he asked with a high-class and somewhat snooty tone.

Trixie waved it off, "Of course Trixie is expected! Get Fleur."

The butler raised a fine brow and turned away. The door glowed with a dark blue magic as it shut behind him. Silver glanced at Trixie, who looked confident as ever. Soon enough her patience was rewarded as the door opened with a pale magenta aura and revealed Fleur Dis Lee. When her eyes found Trixie, a bright smile overtook her refined features, "Trixie Lulamoon! Are you here to perform for us this evening?" Her voice was smooth as butter, and her physique, if his new pony perspective was to be trusted, was enchanting. Silver did little but watch her, while Rough shuffled a bit nervously in place.

Trixie returned Fleur's smile, "Trixie is glad to see you as well. She may be convinced to bedazzle you and yours with amazing feats, but she is here because she needs a place to stay the evening for herself and her friends." She gestured back at Rough and Silver. "Trixie will be moving to Canterlot and it is too late in the day to secure lodgings."

Fleur stepped out on her slender legs, moving around Trixie to inspect her friends. "What an adorable little colt you have," she gushed as she brushed his silvery mane with a hoof, "And who is this?" She looked at Rough directly, then back at Trixie, "Trixie, if you have become married without inviting me to the ceremony, I will be most upset."

Trixie shook her head quickly, "It is not like that. Trixie is not married. This colt is Trixie's responsibility, but not her own." She gave a soft hmph, "Besides, any foal of Trixie's would have far more dazzling a coat color than earth brown."

Fleur seemed mollified by this as she nodded, "This is true. Come, we will get you settled in." She trotted gracefully into the house, and they all followed along. Clean, spacious, and tastefully decorated were the three descriptors that fit the interior of the manor. Silver didn't get a chance to take much of it in as he moved to keep up with the retreating flank of the rich pink mare. They arrived at a huge bedroom with a queen sized round bed. "I hope this will suffice. Our guest bedroom is a bit small."

Silver Lining rose a brow as he looked around, wondering just how large Fleur and Fancy Pant's own room was if this was the small model.

"It will do," said Trixie. "When is Fancy going to return? I will give you both a treat for putting us up for the evening."

Fleur looked pleased at the idea, giving Trixie a specific time in the evening before she trotted off, lost to sight quickly.

Rough had sat himself beside the bed, "This is a lot fancier than my old place."

Trixie waved, "Don't get used to it. We're only here for the evening. Ah, Trixie knows. You should go sign up Silver for school. Take him with you."

Rough tilted his head a little, "Which one?"

Trixie withdrew a map of the city from a pocket and unfurled it. She directed a hoof, "We will get a place around here, so..." She trailed her hoof along the paper, "That school looks acceptable. It is just for general education. Trixie does not think a special school is required, any will do."

Rough Draft quickly nodded, "Alright. Come on, Silver." He rose up and began walking right back out. Silver was not as eager. Those long colt legs kept him upright, but he was feeling a bit tired. He didn't say as much, but a pout was on his face as he walked a bit slowly. Rough Draft picked up on the tells and took Silver by the scruff. Soon Silver was riding Rough and looking far happier about life.

As they trotted through the streets, Rough asked Silver, "Do you want me to tell them about your 'special needs'?"

"Special needs?" asked Silver, "I don't have any of those, unless Luna gave me some allergies or something?"

Rough's ears twitched a bit as he replied, "I meant that you're, you know, not a pony inside."

Silver shrugged, "Would any of them know how to handle that? We don't even know how to handle that. I vote we keep that to ourselves. It would just confuse them, and if the other foals found out, it would just be ammo to target me. Bad enough I'll be showing most of them up in a lot of classes."

"And looking woefully inept in others," finished Rough Draft, "I won't tell if you don't want me to." He looked up, "There it is."

A fairly plain looking building. It barely looked big enough for one classroom. How could such a large city not have larger schools? It had a nice lawn in front, where some foals were currently gathered and playing various games. Silver saw some enjoying a swing or using a see-saw, while a bunch of the others were playing a game that looked like soccer.

They were soon past the playing fillies and colts. The interior looked well played-in. The walls were covered with eager, if crude, art, and some toys were scattered along the hallway. The first open archway they came across led into a mostly empty classroom, except the mare that sat behind the desk, eating lunch. She was a bright neon yellow in shade, with reddish hints at the tips of her ears. She had cyan eyes that regarded Silver and Rough curiously, "Hello," she said in a pleasant enough tone, "How can I help you?"

Rough trotted up to the desk with a smile, "Good day. I wanted to sign up Silver Lining here for class." He picked up Silver by the scruff and set the colt down in front of the desk, where he couldn't see the teacher very well. He reared up and leaned against the desk, able to see her over the edge.

"Hello," said Silver.

The teacher gave a light smile, "Hello. We're mid-session, but there's not much we can do about that. Are you his father?"

"Legal guardian," replied Rough Draft.

The teacher tilted her head a little, then looked down at Silver, "You poor thing. Don't you worry, we'll take good care of you."

Silver's ears pinned back as he wondered at her words. What did... "Oh! I'm not an orphan!" he protested.

The teacher gently ruffled the top of Silver's head, "Of course not. You have a nice-looking guardian right there. Now you run along and play in the yard while we do some boring paperwork." She nudged Silver and directed towards the archway they entered from, "It will be just a minute."

Silver didn't want to go and his traitorous body broadcast this fact loudly with a trembling of a lip, the lay of his ears, and even the way his tail flicked uncertainty. Rough drew him in suddenly, squeezing him and whispering gently, "Go on. You have to meet your classmates anyway." Silver had no good arguments against this. He nodded and slunk off towards the outside, leaving Rough with the teacher.

Rough worked with the teacher, as promised, it was only a few minutes before Silver Lining was an official student in the school. The other fillies and colts would take longer to convince.

Author's Notes:

Welcome to the next chapter in the story!

Sita Duncan, one of our lovely Ponyfinder artists, came through with a nice picture for Silver Lining, which you can see as the story picture.

New schools and cities are intimidating, so Silver may have made a few mistakes in his report of the events, be gentle on the new colt, but don't spare the corrections. How else can we learn?

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