The great Mirror screw-up.

by Fictional Fanatic

Chapter 1: What happened to those 30 moons?

What happened to those 30 moons?

"Rainbow dash, whatever was the reason you had to come and get me, in the middle of class?" Complained Rarity as they walked down the corridor.

"Just hurry up, I'll explain everything as soon as everyone is there." Rainbow Dash responded trying to speed up Rarity from her slow pace.

"Really now? And could you pray tell me how in the world you got permission from Principal Celestia to get me excused from class?"

"Ugh, It's important and I had to explain everything to her for like 5 minutes. Just drop it until we get there!"

"Alright, alright... Where are we going again?"

"AURGHH! Just follow me!"

"Alright, you don't have to raise your voice like that."

" Okay, everyone here now?"

"No, I think we're still missing Pinkie Pie and Sunset Shimmer."

"What could it be to take so long?"

"Well, I dunno ahbout Pink's but Ah heard Shimmer's showing some'un around CHS today."

"Well, I for one think we have waited long enough, what was it you were gonna show us dear?"

"Fine, but you'll be the ones telling Pinkie and Shimmer. Okay. You all know that the portal is only supposed to open like every 30 moons or so?"

"Yeah, wat about it?"

"Well, I think it broke or something, look." Rainbow dash said while reaching out her hand and touching the reflective surface of the portal, making it react to her touch.

A collective gasp could be heard from the rest. As well as a loud eep from Fluttershy.

"What dus dis mean?"

"Well, whatever it means, we should wait for Shimmer. She might know what to do." Rarity stated, making the group nod in affirmative.

"S'ppose we can only wait then. Any of you gott-"

"Guy's wait for me!" Came the voice of Pinkie Pie from the side of the building running straight for them.

"Chucks, seem's Pinkie's coming now. Not long before Shimmer be here soon."

"Um... Pinkie is going awfully fast, you guys..."

"You're right Fluttershy, HEY, Pinkie why are you running so fast?!"

"You guy's are never gonna believe who I saw today!"

"What do you mean Pinkie, also could you no-"

"Catch me!" Pinkie suddenly exclaimed jumping into the air with her arms stretched out.

"Wuth the-"

"GROUP HUG!" Pinkie exclaimed while enveloping all seven of them, pushing them all back.

"PINKIE!" The whole group exclaimed at the giggling seat belt that had bound them all together. Now watching in horror as she had just pushed them all backwards, towards the portal!

Now as a horror struck bunch together with a giggling party planner they all struck the surface of the portal and disappeared.

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