The Conversion Bureau: Rise Again

by kildeez

Chapter 7: Chapter VII: The Final Message

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This is a message to the sapient creatures of the universe, from Earth. As you may be aware, our world has recently undergone some drastic changes, both in how our laws of physics function, and in our companions here. As you also may have heard, we recently drove off an entire armada sent here with the sole purpose of enslaving all who lived here. While we are rather upset that our first contact with a truly alien species would be so negative, we are willing to overlook this small fluke in what we hope is a long, prosperous, and mutually beneficial relationship between our kind and the various children of all stars. All we ask in return for this incredible act of mercy and goodwill is that you remember one thing:

Earth, and every single one of its inhabitants, is under our protection. Both the ponies of Equestria and any wildlife they bring with them are now our charges, and we will do whatever it takes to defend them. If any of you wishes to question how far we are willing to go to uphold that last statement, we are transmitting with this message an abridged history of our species, and the knowledge that we have discovered certain frequencies in the magical harmonies we are attuned to that would resonate with the very same processes maintaining your conscious beings, your “souls,” if you will. Do not tempt us.

If a single hair on the head of one of the creatures in our charge is harmed, we will know.

We are now one with powers beyond understanding.

We are no longer creatures of flesh and blood, but are capable of so much more.

We are a force, granted powers to do as we please.

We are determination and strength.

We are will.

We are love.

We are pain.

We are hope.

We are sorrow.

We are joy.

We. Are.

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