Sucker for a Cute Face

by Eyeswirl the Weirded

Chapter 58: Epilogue: Arguably Insubstantial Coverage

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Today was the day!

Today, a little longer than eight years after the day they met for the first time on the bench, Fluttershy was going to be married to Adagio Dazzle! She'd tried to have it set on the same day, but there had been surprises and shenanigans and delays on things. Even so, Adagio had assured her that she could work with two anniversaries; one for teasing, the other for romance, so Fluttershy made peace with not having just one special day to think about. It might have been nice, though...

Still, she hadn't stopped smiling since she woke up this morning, because today was the day! Out in the wide, open space of Canterlot Central Park, tents and tables and chairs and decorations had been arranged in just fifteen minutes! Pinkie had come a long way with her party cannon. There'd be cake and dancing and friends and all those lovely things, but first they had to do the walk-down-the-aisle-and-say-I-Do part.

Straightening up the bow-tie to her tuxedo, Fluttershy stood in front of a full-length mirror in the tent she'd been directed to for privacy. Not that she hadn't been seen in various states of undress a few times by now, but she wasn't about to get changed where people would most likely see her again. Adagio was (hopefully) getting dressed in the other tent at the moment, the two of them not to see each other until things officially got started. It was one of those wedding rules, Fluttershy had never really thought about why.

Rarity, wearing a simple, but elegant purple dress, all but flew in through the flappy doors of the tent at that moment, but before Fluttershy could ask, Rarity had a question of her own.

"Why, oh why would you turn down the chance to wear a beautiful wedding dress on the day of your wedding?!" She stepped close enough to start fussing over Fluttershy, absent-mindedly adjusting little folds and arguably invisible imperfections as though fine-tuning a piece of delicate machinery. "Not that I should complain, I suppose, I did get to make one for Adagio, after all." She regarded Fluttershy with a raised eyebrow and a little smile. "She was surprisingly well-behaved throughout, by the by; didn't so much as wiggle those hips of hers at me even when I had her undress."

Fluttershy giggled. "She's really come a long way since high school, huh?"

"She's not the only one," Rarity muttered to herself as her eyes traced over the stretched lapels on Fluttershy's chest. They'd re-tailored that suit twice for a more comfortable fit and Fluttershy could probably still send one of the buttons flying with a quick movement. One could only imagine the back and shoulder pains. "Really though, my past sessions with her have always been so..." she tinted pink, "taxing that I was worried I'd be needing spa trips for a week straight."

"What," Fluttershy asked with a playful smile, "you're not used to it from Sonata?"

Flushing brighter, Rarity's eyes narrowed. "Miss Dusk is a coy, cheeky little thing at the best of times, but you of all people should know that your bride-to-be, is vicious."

Giggling again, she grinned apologetically. "I'm sorry she makes so much trouble for you."

Satisfied with the state of the suit, Rarity let out a little breath, stepped back, and smiled warmly. "Ohh, all three of the sirens are lovely to work with for the most part, even Aria is more cooperative than Applejack or Sunset."

Fluttershy frowned a little. "Sunset probably has trouble finding outfits that go with the eye-patch."

"Too true," sighed Rarity before perking up, "but the day she's the one walking down the aisle, we'll know she can do so in a charming suit, thanks to you." A perfectly-groomed purple eyebrow was again raised. "Really though, why did you want to wear a suit today?"

"Because it was the only way I could convince Adagio to wear a dress. We agreed that at least one of us should, and if I did, she wouldn't."


Fluttershy smiled brightly. "Don't worry, you'll see pretty soon!"

"Hm... Well, I should probably be off to get fitted, I'm still under oath for the previous wedding."

As Rarity left, Fluttershy tried not to giggle. She would have said that a ball and chain was kind of excessive, but the way Rarity went after the bouquet at the last wedding they went to had really left no room for compromise.

Anyway, waiting a minute or two, she dared peek out of the tent, finding no one nearby or looking in her direction and the adjacent tent similarly unguarded. Feeling a familiar, giddy thrill, she darted over to the other tent, slipping in before anyone so much as turned their heads. There she saw Adagio, standing before a mirror in the carefully-tailored wedding dress she'd eventually been convinced to wear today.

Not having been noticed yet, she kept quiet as she cherished the way Adagio looked herself over and over and over in the long, white dress, from the veil that hung about a foot past her unbound hair, to the thin, lacy patterns covering her arms and back, to the immaculate gown that flowed closely over her curves all the way to the floor, covering the sharp, white heels beneath.

She was still wearing her red, gleaming pendant as well, thanks to Princess Twilight. It had taken her years as a passion project (during which Sunset occasionally updated them on Twilight's excited ramblings about getting to work with authentic, Coltlantian magic and her triumphs/frustrations therein), but all three sirens had been returned their repaired, fully-functional gems, both as a gift, and to make sure nopony in Equestria (which, she'd told them, could do with fewer ancient, powerful artifacts floating around, if she was being perfectly honest) could misuse them. The museum would do just fine with inert replicas, thank you very much!

By this time, it hadn't even occurred to anyone that the sirens might go back to what they were, something that was pointed out only weeks after the three of them gratefully accepted the gems, put them on, and sang a soft, soothing melody to purge them of all the bitterness and hatred they'd allowed to corrupt the stones in the first place.

Just as with that day, Fluttershy's favorite detail wasn't really related to the clothes or jewelry, but the rare expression on Adagio's face. The tearful, heartfelt grin of the day she got her gem back was a very strong contender for Best Face in Fluttershy's mind, but today's look was especially precious. It wasn't often that she got to see that kind of wobbly, self-conscious smile and demure blush as Adagio did a few little twirls and curtsies in the mirror, a delicate anxiety in her eyes as the awareness that everyone she knew would soon see her like this danced obtrusively in her thoughts.

Eventually, Adagio caught sight of her observer in the reflection, making a startled noise and whirling around to look directly at her, wide-eyed and blushing, before breathing out with relief. "Sweetie..." An eyebrow arched in mild annoyance. "I'm pretty sure it's bad luck to see each other before things actually get started."

"That's okay," she replied with a grin, "I'm already the luckiest girl in the world."

Adagio's cheeks grew brighter, but as much as she'd have normally eaten up that kind of talk, she turned back toward the mirror with a huff. "Remind me again why I'm the one wearing the dress?"

Stepping closer, Fluttershy smiled a little wider. "Do you remember that Halloween costume party from a few years back?"

"The one where you went as a forest nymph?" She spared a smirk over her shoulder. "Vividly. You were wearing more paint than cloth, and I'm not the only one who noticed."

"Y-yes," she replied through a bashful giggle as her face warmed, "but, a little before that, when you were still picking out your costume?"

Adagio tensed. "Err...Yyyeeesss...?"

"When you were trying on different outfits from the costume room?"

"You snuck up on me then too," she quietly sulked.

"Hehe! Sorry about that, but I couldn't really help it with how absorbed you were in the way you looked in the wedding dress, just like today."

Covering her face in both hands, Adagio groaned. She felt a little better when Fluttershy stepped forward to wrap her in a hug, most of her frustration and embarrassment escaping through a quiet sigh. "I know what these dresses are for, what they mean in this civilization, and picturing myself in these shoes, I... I like it, but, it just doesn't feel right. It's like when we first came to this world, or when we came back to CHS, like I'm out of place in my own skin, like I shouldn't be where I am, at least not like this." In the context of the current situation, she read the tender caress of her neck by Fluttershy's cheek as affectionate and soothing, not amorous.

"You didn't like the bow at first either, right? Or the cute little outfit with the skirt?" She squeezed Adagio's midsection a little harder. "I won't ask you to get used to it or anything, because it's when you're not confident that you show a side of yourself that I'd have never believed existed if I didn't get to witness it myself, and it's a side I love very much."

Gently holding her bride-to-be, her chin resting on a cushion of orange fluff draped over Adagio's shoulder, Fluttershy closed her eyes. "We've both heard plenty of times that we're an odd couple, that we don't make sense together, that people can't imagine why we'd fall for one another. I've never felt the need to explain myself to anyone about that, but... You've told me countless times that I'm cute and adorable, it's something I get pretty often, but you hide your soft, delicate center whenever possible, especially in public. That used to make me sad, but, well, you've helped me show my um... bolder side over the years, even if it didn't have to be all the time."

Adagio didn't respond verbally, but she did wear a proud smirk.

"I know the wedding dress makes you uncomfortable, but I think the way you react to wearing it, and other cute clothes, lets the beauty you hide shine through. So today, I wanted everyone to see it so they might understand what I see in you, if only just this once."

Very lightly brushing her fingertips over Fluttershy's hand, Adagio wasn't sure whether or not it was right to try to keep the lump out of her throat, but she wanted to be perfectly intelligible. "Golden Rule, hm? ...I suppose I could stand to show off all my strong points sometimes, but don't ask me to make a habit of it."

Affection and mirth shining in her eyes, Fluttershy released the hug to step around in front of her. "I love you."

Adagio lightly gripped her by the shoulders. "I love you too."

They confined themselves to a short kiss before Fluttershy had to sneakily return to her own tent and the ceremony began in earnest.


When it was time and the music started, Adagio would have traded a sack of wild badgers for what the heart-vice was doing right then, but she knew there was no avoiding this now.

Not true; I could still lift any side of the tent, slip away, and leave Fluttershy alone on the day of our-

No, there was really no avoiding this now. She peeked through the flaps of the tent door to see everyone, everyone she knew, either seated in the many rows of chairs or standing near the altar with Fluttershy.

This is probably how she felt that night in France.

...Fun times!


Taking a deep breath, she clutched the regulation flower packet in both hands and forced herself to step out where everyone could see her, immediately determining that the veil hanging in front of her crimson face wasn't nearly thick enough to properly hide it. She felt naked, standing where everyone could see her in this light, delicate declaration of love in dress-form, which might have been part of why she felt so vulnerable. She was almost literally wearing her feelings out in the open, but they were feelings that all present surely knew already. It showed in their eyes, and the tearful smiles and tender, whispered sentiments as she walked down the aisle kept her smiling too, so even as embarrassed as she was, it was far from a miserable experience.

When she finally got the end of the walkway, Fluttershy smiled at her. "How are you feeling?"

Adagio gave her a bashful little grin back. "Remember that time you got stuck in the Love Dungeon? When you strapped yourself into the-"

Growing rosy herself, Fluttershy quietly giggled. "Th-that bad?"

"Well..." Her smile unbroken despite her vibrant blush, she glanced out over the crowd. "I bring it up because you said, at the time... mixed feelings?"

Fluttershy blinked, then joined Adagio in wearing a slightly nervous grin. "Heh, heh, Oh, my..."


"...you may kiss the bride!"

With no hesitation, Fluttershy did just that, grabbing hold of Adagio to flip the veil by dipping her backward and planting a firm kiss on accepting lips, to the immediate roar of applause from the wedding guests.

As was usually the case, Fluttershy felt her self-consciousness bleed back in only after the very public deed, and she wasn't sure if that, a few of her bawling friends (Rainbow in particular), or the awareness that her mother was jumping up and down and screaming with a pair of pom-poms was the primary reason she was feeling so warm. Next to her, Adagio giggled.

"C'mon, we've got a cake to cut. But first..."

With a smirk and a flourish, Adagio tossed the bouquet into the air, Aria and Sonata immediately taking their cues as they switched on their mics and began rapid commentary.

"And there it goes, Ria, into the air, over the chairs, and into the gaggle of lonely ladies!"

"That it does, Nata, that it does! Much struggling and scrambling already at the center of the wedding mosh-pit, but here comes two-time champion and rabid bridesmaid Rarity, doing a pretty good job keeping up despite the ball and chain!"

"Ordinarily against regulation, folks, but the last couple weddings proved that girl needs a handicap!"

"Yea, you'd think she was waiting for someone to ask her or something."

"Haha, y-yea... Anyway, the bouquet is still bouncing like a volleyball as desperate hands fumble for a good grip!"

"With her last couple wins, you'd also think someone might take a hint and-"



The cake, to Adagio's pleasant surprise, turned out to be an unusual mix of chocolate, vanilla, and minty flavors. Nothing too extraordinary, because they knew they weren't going to be eating the whole thing themselves, but to Fluttershy, watching her wife's expressions was more enjoyable than a dozen cakes!

Much less fattening, too.

The party was in full swing when the two of them started receiving individual well-wishing and congratulations from people, one of the first and most assertive in doing so being one glamorously-dressed Diamond Tiara.

"About time you finally gave her a ring," she told Fluttershy with mock irritation, "she wasn't gonna wait forever."

Fluttershy giggled, humoring her with a little bow and an apologetic tone, and not just because she knew it would get an amused eye-roll out of Adagio. "So sorry to have kept you waiting, madam."

"Don't mind her," said Silver Spoon as she playfully swatted Diamond on the arm, "I think she's just happy you two finally made it official."

There had been an uncertain period between the two of them in which Adagio hovered around the question, whether or not Fluttershy would really want to be legally tied to her, if that somehow cheapened what they had together to make it a rule, along with a distant, niggling voice from the back of her mind saying it might be seen as trying to trap Fluttershy somehow.

Her worries were finally dismissed when it came out that Fluttershy wasn't worried about 'if,' but how she would ask, terrified that any scenario she came up with wouldn't be as grand and glamorous as one would need to propose to a fluffy goddess. After some effort from their concerned/frustrated friends, Adagio had a ring on her finger and they were making plans for today.

"Not to worry," chuckled Adagio, "I've seen her book." She regarded Diamond with an amused grin. "How's it selling, by the way?"

"Pretty good," Diamond proudly announced as she puffed out her chest, hands on her hips and chin raised, "with some tips from our old gym coach, Shut Up And Go Get It is the best-selling, know-what-you-want-and-go-for-it self-help book in the state!"

Her father's money probably helped with advertising, Fluttershy noted, but everyone was polite enough not to say as much. Moments later, Diamond demonstrated the chief principle of her book by going to get some cake, Silver in tow.

"Make way for the three-time rabid bridesmaid champion!"

The couple turned their heads to see Aria, garbed in a tight, shiny, dark-green dress and her red pendant hanging from her neck, walking towards them with an unamused, slightly disheveled Rarity.

"Very funny, Miss Blaze," she scoffed as she straightened her lightly mussed hair, "but I'll have you know that I let Paisley have it this time." Politely lowering her voice, she spoke the rest to the ground. "Heaven knows the poor girl could use it if she's to continue this thing with Ringo."

Hands on her hips and a smirk on her face, Aria raised an eyebrow. "Didn't you get your hands on it first anyway?"


Adagio and Fluttershy giggled, the former looking at Rarity. "Speaking of, you haven't updated us on your career lately."

"Oh, it's dreadful," she all but swooned, an arm draped over her head as she spoke in heartfelt tones, "Not only am I regularly assailed with attacks on my professionalism for being romantically involved with my favorite model, but my competitors continue to swear up and down that it's strictly her- and I quote! -'cute face and hot body' that do all the selling, or worse, that Miss Dusk simply must be sleeping with any relevant party to see my wares in high-end shops!" She fell backward onto the couch that patiently waited for her. "Truly, some days it's more than I can bear!"

Still smiling, Fluttershy leaned over to whisper to her wife and borderline sister-in-law. "Verdict?"

Aria shrugged. "Eh, six out of ten."

"Have to agree," nodded Adagio.

Really, she remembered a time when Rarity's melodrama had flair, real passion, with and without emphatic gestures, waterworks, and shouting, but she guessed it was hard to stay as fired up with essentially the same material these last few years.

"That reminds me," Rarity said brightly as she stood up again, all signs of heartache dismissed, "can I count on you three to join in next month's showing? I know I'll be hearing about how I'm just lucky to know so many beautiful young ladies, but I've been getting that since the sand castle competition."

Rarity had gifted most of her friends with their own unique swimsuits almost a year before they actually wore them on a beach trip, and while everyone was just there to have fun, Rainbow Dash had caught wind of a contest going on just down the shoreline. One thing led to another and it turned out that a big name in the fashion industry was searching for inspiration in swim wear at the time. It was catching sight of the sirens as they reinforced the central tower that led her to ask where they got their outfits and a short, bikini-based fashion show on the drawbridge leading into Fort Shellhaven later that day. Rarity eventually reaped considerable profits from that evening, but...

Flushing red, Fluttershy held her hands to her cheeks. "Oh, that was so... embarrassing!"

"Yes," smirked Adagio as she lightly elbowed Fluttershy's ribs, "which I thought was why you agreed to it."

Eyes widening, Fluttershy let out low, sheepish giggles as she moved her fingers to cover her whole face.

Chuckling, Adagio looked back at Rarity. "I think we'll be back from the honeymoon by then."

"Well," Rarity said with an amused grin, "do have fun, but I'm still expecting all the details when you two return." She turned to Aria as Fluttershy giggled. "And you, Miss Blaze?"

Her lips and arm-crossing pose said "Maybe," but her little grin and that twinkle in her eye said "Count me in!"

The others were just about to tease her about this when they heard a male, regal voice.

"Next month, you said?"

Rarity chuckled as she turned to the source. "Yes, Prince Blueblood, some time next month. Truth be told, they're still working out schedules, but I'll let you know as soon as they affirm a date."

The pale man with a paler suit and long, golden hair beamed a bright, sparkly smile. "Much obliged!" He stopped to bow to the others. "Miss Fluttershy, Miss Blaze, Lady Dazzle."

Miming the use of an eloquently-decorated fan (which is the same motion as a plain fan), Adagio nodded very regally. "Sir Blood."

Walking next to him while dressed in her nicest hat, jeans, polished leather vest, boots, and simple (but very clean!) shirt, Applejack shook her head despite the little grin tugging at the corners of her mouth. "You two are still playin' that game? Been years now."

"It's probably because they met at that stupid masquerade Rare and Squeaky put on," Aria thought aloud, "the one you guys helped them set up."

Rolling her eyes, Applejack ignored that last part as she looked back at Blueblood. "Ya gotta know Ah'm not goin' with ya to this one."

"Yes, yes," he nodded, still smiling, "one-time thing, I understand."

Fluttershy giggled again, just feeling all warm inside at the way Applejack looked at her boyfriend. They had met a few years after high school, and one flowery courtship later, Applejack had conceded that maybe she didn't completely hate his attention and while they had their differences, he proved to have a strong work ethic, family values, and most importantly, patience for Applejack's stubbornness.

That he was built like her brother probably didn't hurt either, but Fluttershy tried not to think too hard about that word-choice.

"Anyway," Aria piped up, "you guys seen Nata?"

Applejack thumbed over her shoulder. "She an' Pinkie are over by the cake, singin' about chocolate or somethin'."

"Oh dear," said Rarity as she visibly scanned the tables, worry clear in her face, "is she trying to start that 'age of brownies' thing with chocolate-based carols again? I should find her," she said as she started off in that direction, "if nothing else she's bound to get the stuff all over her dress. And face. And, everywhere, really. Ta-ta!"

And off she went, leaving the four of them. Aria was just about to snark about how of course Rarity would worry about dresses before anything else when she caught sight of Big Macintosh wandering the wedding. She immediately tensed, pointing at him as she hissed at Applejack. "Hey! You didn't say you'd be bringing him with you!"

Glancing backward, Applejack shrugged. "Ah didn't bring him, he was invited, same as everyone else."

Blueblood thoughtfully brushed his chin. "Are you still uneasy about that time you and Mr. Apple were waiting out a thunderstorm in the barn and-"

Aria turned red as she all but shrieked. "NOTHING HAPPENED!!" A few heads turning her way, she flushed brighter and did her best to shrink down. "I, uh, I should help Rare with Nata, make sure she doesn't Chocolate all over everything, bye!"

Adagio chuckled as Aria left. "Silly girl."

Eyebrow raised, Applejack rested her hands on her hips. "Ah still think you had a hand in that little episode."

"Me?" She might have looked much more convincingly hurt if not for her smirk. "I have many talents, dear Applejack, but I can't control the weather. And really," she said as she coyly eyed her purple friend's antsy posture and inability to look away from Big Mac for more than a few seconds as she half-heartedly helped Rarity pull Pinkie's head out of a jar, "a little rain wouldn't have killed them if they'd just run to the house, but they made their choice, didn't they...?"

"They could be really cute together," Fluttershy said with a smile, "if they'd just talk to one another a little more."

Applejack straightened her hat. "Maybe, but, Ah still don't think Ah like it."

"With due respect, Madam," Blueblood noted with a calm grin, "but for the longest time, you didn't like me either."

She blinked, quickly turning to face him. "Uh... Yea, but-"

"In fact, I recall you once using the words, 'Never! Won't happen! Nope! Not in a million years!'"

Not unlike Aria, Applejack blushed and crossed her arms. "And yer point is?"

Adagio and Fluttershy didn't hear what he whispered as he stepped closer to wrap her in a hug, opting to quietly give the couple some space. Fluttershy still felt the warm tingles when she saw Applejack's little smile over Blueblood's shoulder, which was why she felt a split second of panic when she heard Adagio cry out in alarm. Whipping her head around, she was relieved to see that it was just Ditzy Doo having latched onto Adagio from behind again, cuddling into her hair as she administered a full-body hug.

"Uh, y-yes," Adagio said with a slightly abashed smile, "good to see you too, Ditzy."

"Happy wedding day," she loudly, cheerfully announced while nuzzling Adagio's neck (which drew adorably girlish little giggles from the recipient) for what Fluttershy reminded herself were completely chaste reasons, "and many more!"

That probably wasn't quite how that worked, but the couple giggled anyway. Fluttershy's own laughter was interrupted as she was picked up from behind and squeezed in an especially tight bear-hug.

"Agh, M-Mom, can't-"

There were no words from Mrs. Shy, only loud, inelegant, tears-of-joy wails as she shook her daughter like a rag-doll for all to see. This ordinarily might have embarrassed Fluttershy more than it already did, but she could take solace in the knowledge that she'd already done much more humiliating things in the Love Dungeon. Quite happily, at that!

Of course, thinking of the Love Dungeon while in her mother's arms was the opposite of helpful.

I thought we were friends.

Hey, you're the one that brought it up! ...Speaking of, what do you think Adagio is bringing in that little black bag for the honeym-


About ten minutes later, she was freed from her mother's torment, but she didn't cherish the feeling of being loved any less. The fussing and well-wishing over her and Adagio eventually stopped, by which time Ditzy had gone to snuggle-hug other people at Adagio's suggestion. Truth be told, Fluttershy wasn't sure if it was to get Ditzy off her, or if she genuinely wanted more cuddles to go around, because when Adagio had fully mastered the art of hugging, the world was a warmer, softer, cuddlier place. Whether it wanted to be or not.


Turning, Fluttershy and Adagio saw the familiar face of this world's Twilight Sparkle, garbed in a simple, practical dress under her spiffiest labcoat, next to her girlfriend of about six months, Sunset Shimmer, whose long, black trenchcoat over a dark suit and eyepatch might have looked out of place to anyone that didn't know the kinds of adventures the girl had been on over the last eight years.

"Hey guys," Sunset said with a casual wave and a smile, "congrats on finally tying the knot."

Wearing a sparkly, purple dress that did nothing to hide her shoulders, back, or most of one leg, Trixie appeared from a puff of smoke, rapidly looking around in alarm. "You're doing that here?!"

"Tying as in marriage, Silver," Adagio clarified with an amused smirk, "but if you're volunteering your services again, I'm sure Sweetie and I can find a-mph?" She was silenced by her furiously-blushing wife gently pressing a hand to her mouth, covering about as calmly as might be expected.


Noting that Trixie and Sunset had both gone very red and very quiet, neither looking in one another's general direction, Twilight opted to fill the silence herself. "Conditions optimal, thank you for asking, at least until unhealthy amounts of cake are ingested some time within the next hour or so! Then we may be in for intestinal discomfort, but the risk is deemed worth it for the sake of festivity!"

"Uh... Yea," Sunset vaguely added as she angled her eye to at least be able to see Fluttershy and Adagio, "that."

"Trixie is also fine," she said with a haughty little smile.

This got Twilight's attention. "...Are you wearing a leather coll-"

Trixie immediately covered her neck as she turned to glare at Twilight, blushing brightly again. "Mind your own business!!"

Taking in the information that Fluttershy and Sunset looked embarrassed too and Adagio was just wearing a malicious grin, Twilight connected the dots herself and frowned. "Is someone cheating on someone else here, or...?"

Sunset immediately facepalmed. "Oh god, Twilight, don't-"

"Well, since you asked, it-mmph!"

Adagio was again directly shushed, this time by a hand from both Fluttershy and Trixie. They briefly locked eyes to agree that some things must never be spoken aloud. At least not at weddings.

Briefly scanning everyone again, Twilight smiled. She knew just how to move past this awkward phase! "I have found Sunset's labial folds to be most susceptible to-MMPH!" She got a hand slapped over her mouth too. Not so delicately, she might add!


Stepping back, Twilight giggled and blushed. "Well, yes, me too, but I was going to say-"

Holding up her hands in a grasping motion, Sunset all but growled at her. "Twilight, I swear, I will give you such a wedgie!"

Twilight giggled at her. "Ohh, you say that every time."

Sunset's eye narrowed. "Try me, Poindexter."

Twlight's smile vanished as her lips drew into a thin, worried line at the sound of her pet name. "We're... w-we're in public, Sunset."

Her eye shooting open, she glanced at the others as she flushed brighter than her hair. "Ah. Y-yea. So we are." She rigidly turned to face them again, a big, forced smile on her face. "Hey guys. Congrats on finally tying the knot."

"Oh, please," Adagio offered with a smirk, "don't stop on our account, you two are adorable together."

"Very cute," Fluttershy agreed with a nod.

"You should hear them baby-talk at each other," muttered Trixie, still not looking at Sunset, "it'd make you sick."

Ignoring the flustered sputtering of both, Adagio regarded Trixie with a mildly worried frown. "Someone really is going to call the police some day."

"Trixie cannot help it if she is in the same place at the same time as some other people!"

Sunset cleared her throat. "Uh, um, anyway, I-I think we came to share a gift?"

"Oh, right!" Twilight quickly fished through her coat. "We worked on it together, it's based on our time visiting Equestria! Specifically, the time we saw the Crystal Empire together and they activated the Crystal Heart!" She held up a little, round, metal-plated gizmo with a few blinking lights. "I was thinking that it would be amazing if one could harness and channel the alterations of light that come with the 'crystal effect,' and with some magic power and the right calibrations, we-"

"Don't spoil it for them," Sunset interrupted, smiling as she gave Twilight a friendly shove, "just show them. We even tested it thoroughly this time to make sure nothing goes-"

"I got it, I got-Oof!"

In an instant, Rainbow ran backwards into Twilight and Sunset in the effort to catch something, sending the three of them to the ground in a heap. Turning to look at them as best she could, she had the decency to look abashed. "Haha... sorry."

Sunset sighed. "Apologize to them," she said while pointing at Fluttershy and Adagio, "it's their wedding."

"Right, right," she said while hastily getting to her feet, "sorry for-"

"Oh, no!"

Those two words from Twilight Sparkle were usually good cause for alarm, everyone turning to see her standing over the device as it rapidly blinked and beeped, more light showing from a bent plate. It grew brighter and brighter in indirect proportion to the size of Twilight's pupils as she slowly looked up.


A pulse of magic erupted from the device, reaching most of the wedding area before dissipating. When it did, just about everyone was stark naked.

Pinkie Pie immediately yelled out. "WOO, NAKED WEDDING!"

It was shortly followed by Rarity's cry of dismay. "NOT AGAIN!!"

Fluttershy felt herself burn as she tried to cover up, much like the many frantic, embarrassed, exposed people ducking behind tables and chairs, Adagio making no such effort as she cackled with delight at these developments, but oddly enough, Fluttershy could still feel her clothes on her body.

"Oh, good," mused a furiously-blushing Twilight as she did her best to hide herself, "our clothing isn't gone, just invisible. It was supposed to make everyone look all crystalline and sparkly, but, uh... hurray for science?"

Trixie, making no attempt to conceal herself, crossed her arms. "Yea, you'll win a Nobel prize for sure. How long's this supposed to last?"

"An hour or so?"

"Cool." Glancing around, Trixie shrugged. "I'm going for some cake, you guys coming?"

Looking at her and Sunset (whose eyepatch remained), neither of whom were even blushing much, Twilight blinked twice. "...I'm a little surprised you guys are so okay with this."

Trixie struck a proud pose. "The Great, and Powerful Trrrrrixie has nothing to be ashamed of!"

Sunset shrugged. "I've known the Dazzlings for years now, so I guess I just got used to it. Besides, remember that time Adagio and Fluttershy got everyone a free trip to a nude beach?"

Twilight scratched her head. "Oh, yea... At least there were no tan-lines." She turned to look at the couple in question. "Thanks for that, I guess, it'd been a really stressful couple of-... Where'd they go?"


Near the exit of the park, an invisibly-clothed Fluttershy carried her invisibly-clothed bride along the path, one arm under Adagio's knees and the other supporting her back as Adagio wrapped her arms around Fluttershy's neck in a traditional bridal carry. Adagio had made the cutest little sound and the most precious look of surprise when Fluttershy swept her off her feet, that alone making all those hours in their home gym worth it! Still, she regarded Adagio with a mildly rueful smile.

"Are you sure we should leave now? I was hoping to get a picture taken of me carrying you with the dress on."

"I know you're no stranger to nature walks by now," she grinned wickedly at the pigment change in her wife's face, "but if Twilight is right and this only lasts around an hour, I figured it was better if we did this part while we had the chance. Besides, we..." Thinking about it, she blushed herself. "If you really want, you can get a picture of me doing whatever you like in this dress when we can see it again. I owe you a custom picture anyway."

She liked the thought of that, but... "'This part'?"

Adagio smiled a little. "Just up ahead."

When they got to the exit, Fluttershy gasped. Waiting for them on the street was a huge, straight-out-of-a-fairytale pumpkin carriage drawn by four white horses. She looked at Adagio and got a cheeky wink back.

"Called in a couple favors for my favorite princess. I hadn't really planned on things going exactly like this, but remember how the regular carriage people wouldn't let us ride naked? When Twilight's gift went off, I figured this was as close a chance as we were going to get."

Fluttershy smiled warmly. "I love you."

"Hehe! Love you too, Sweetie."

The driver was a little confused (though by no means bothered) that his expected passengers were apparently missing their clothes, but having lived in Canterlot over this last decade, he asked no questions when they explained and it was off to the honeymoon.

It would probably take a little longer to get where they were going by carriage, but Fluttershy had always dreamed of a fantasy ending like this (fantasized, even!), and even while technically naked, couldn't be happier with the result. The effect might wear off by the time they reached their destination, but that was okay, because it'd still be a carriage ride with the woman she loved, a ride she would cherish as they rode away into the sunset.

"Just like that time you, Trixie, and I all-"



Author's Notes:

Some of you knew I would work Blueblood in here somehow. :trollestia:

You know I was originally intending to close this story with a bittersweet/downer (mileage may vary) ending? The plan was that the Dazzlings never get their voices back because they could never let go of their hatred of the Rainbooms as a whole on account of what was taken from them when no one else lost anything at all, even if they liked individual members. That, and Fluttershy thinking she'd be overstepping her bounds (and maybe she kind of did) by trying to fix it all with Twilight without asking them.

So, the Dazzlings remaining limited in their vocal range for life, it proves too great a loss to ever come to terms with, and even while Fluttershy stays with Adagio, her relationship with them and that of her friends are always kept apart, maybe some kind of aesop coming up about accepting some things as they are and all that. This was before I got the idea for the other two secret relationships, which might have messed this ending up a bit anyway.

However, thinking about it, just leaving a painful problem be doesn't sound right for a Fluttershy in love, and I think she more than earned her happy fantasy-world girl, so here we are. Hope it was still fun to read even when things were less about candy, more about tangled webs of feelings!

Last call for any questions you'd like Twilight to ask in the History chapter, and after that, I'll be starting on those spin-offs sooner or later. The first one is actually about Principal Celestia.
Then again, it might make more sense to write out the bits between Rarity/Sonata and Aria/Rainbow first,
then I could allude to their side-stories more often without it being confusing
plus there's less chance of accidentally retconning something
but then yet again, Celestia's bit takes place almost entirely after the events of SFaCF anyway, so-
I'll get back to you.

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