Sucker for a Cute Face

by Eyeswirl the Weirded

Chapter 25: Chapter 25: Squeaky, Health-Conscious Pillow

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Monday morning had felt weeks away, but the weekend eventually passed and Fluttershy again found herself on the bench, eagerly awaiting her favorite siren.

Chances were high that she was going to be startled again, badly, but she knew it would be out of love! Love of startling her, maybe, but as she had given Adagio permission to do whatever she wanted, it would have been very silly not to expect her to utilize it. The thought kept her heart beating a little faster since the moment her mother dropped her off, half-expecting Adagio, whom she knew knew where and when she got there, to spring on her before she'd even reached the bench, but as ever, she was kept guessing. Was the wait part of it? It didn't feel like a stretch to think so, she was as nervous now as she would be if Adagio were already giving her one of those stares.

Nothing had been sprung on her Friday, nor over the weekend. Was Adagio just letting her sweat it out for a while? Rainbow seemed to like doing that with someone she intended to play a prank on, but Fluttershy got the impression that Rainbow was just too lazy to think up a prank right away. The thought tickled her as she drew another tiny correlation between Adagio and one of her friends, wondering if that could be used to bri-

Her head was seized from behind, turned in quick, but gentle fashion, and locked in a passionate kiss. She melted almost instantly, the sudden embrace of smooth, full lips pressing against hers sweeping away all other thoughts. When it broke half a minute later, Fluttershy ragdolled over on the bench and landed on her back, leaving her red in the face and breathing heavily. Looking up, she could see Adagio leaning over the back of the bench just like she used to, grinning down at her with affectionate (if darkened with eyeliner) eyes and a little blush of her own.

"Morning, Sweetie."

Still catching her breath, Fluttershy managed a smile back. "M-morning." Hoodie and jeans today. She always looks so soft and huggable with those on, I wonder if- Her heart stopped for a split second as Adagio vaulted over the bench, coming to rest as her rear impacted Fluttershy's stomach. "Oof!!"

The girl using her as a cushion leaned back leisurely, one arm casually draped over the back of the bench as she turned her head and grinned cheekily. "Comfortable? I am."

"Uhm-" herbutt'stouchingme!! "I, uhh..." If nothing else, Fluttershy felt very, very warm. "You're, um, k-kind of-"

"Heavy," said Adagio with a mock-pout, draping an arm over her face in melodramatic fashion, "it's alright, I've heard it all around the school, you can tell me I'm too-"

"N-no, that's not it at all!" Fluttershy squirmed as she tried to sit up, only able to bend her spine enough to raise her head and the upper-most part of her torso a little. "You're not too heavy, it's, j-just, um..." Her current position made hiding in her own hair difficult. "i-it's just, y-your, b-bottom is, uh..."

Adagio smirked viciously, wiggling a little where she sat. "Yes? What about it, Sweetie?"

The sensation against her stomach sent shivers up her spine and straight into her brain, making it hard to tell if her vision beginning to blur was from dizziness, or the little cloud of warm air rising from her own face. "I-it's, uhm, j-j-just, k-kind of-"



The forcefulness of her delivery surprised the sitting siren a little. "Oh? How would you describe it, then?"

Fluttershy's reply was immediate and delivered without a single stutter. "Nicely-rounded, plump enough that it sticks out a little, especially when you bend forward a bit, it's wide, but proportionally still looks normal, and yes, big, but not in a way that just looks fat, more-so considering that even when pumping your hips, I've never seen you jiggle even a little bit, though it's crossed my mind that that might be because I've never seen you in tight enough pants to notice!"

In the ensuing quiet as Fluttershy tried to catch her breath, Adagio stared in wide-eyed shock. "You've really been looking, haven't you?" This goes a little beyond just appreciating my form... I've been admired before, but not to that level of detail! At least not that anyone had commented on aloud, as far as she knew.

Still glowing herself, Fluttershy smiled that endearing little 'caught me' smile, but it quickly became a concerned frown. "Are people really calling you fat?"

"Uh..." She might have preferred less crude descriptions of her hips than the ones she heard, but other than that, she shrugged. "Not in those words. Don't worry, most of them are only noticing what I wanted them to."

"But do you think you're too heavy?"

Adagio blinked once in surprise as something occurred to her. That description a second ago, was that the culmination of a lot of time spent ogling me, or an attempt to make me feel better about a perceived insecurity? It could have been a bit of both, she supposed, but regardless, she looked down at Fluttershy with what could only be called a loving smile and gently tussled her hair. "Definitely not. Trust me when I say I get my share of exercise and that my body is exactly the way I want it to be."

The girl-turned-cushion smiled too. "What do you do to stay in shape?"

Adagio giggled. "So inquisitive..." I should be asking questions too... She's known me long enough that it won't look like I'm plotting something heinous, right? "I don't know if you got to see it while I was sick, but we renovated one room back home into a gym of sorts. Weights, monkey bars, a few machines, a scale, you get the idea."

She kind of didn't. "Monkey bars?"

"I don't know what else to call them, a series of rods hanging from the ceiling." She couldn't remember why they wanted to have those installed, now that she thought about it, but she smiled regardless. "Sonata likes swinging around on them making animal noises, which annoys Aria while she's on the treadmill. Sometimes that leads to a longer work-out in the form of Aria getting mad and going up there after her, the two of them trying to grapple the other with their legs to fling them to the padded mats below." Adagio grinned almost devilishly, a hint of red warming her face. "Have I mentioned how glad I am that we agreed on keeping fit in our underwear? We don't always exercise together, but there are days that those two make quite the show..."

Predictably, Fluttershy squeaked, holding both hands over her mouth as she involuntarily pictured it. It must have been written all over what was visible of her face, because Adagio let out a triumphant cackle.

"And since I know you're wondering, yes, that includes me. Admittedly, I'm not as... lively a spectacle as the monkey twins, but I focus more on building muscle. You might recall?"

"Whuh... W-what do you mean?" The look of wicked glee on Adagio's face suggested she had been hoping Fluttershy would say that.

"Oh," she said while quickly seizing one of Fluttershy's hands, "need a reminder? Alright then, just-" she slapped the hand to her own thigh, mentally bracing herself for the possibility of another squeeze, "this."

Fluttershy's heart thumped almost audibly as the familiar feeling danced across her palm and fingers. That this was a familiar feeling sent her head spinning even faster. Yes, it did feel like muscle, but not to the point that she wasn't still fairly soft, not unlike the hindquarters still parked on her belly. "...eep."

The next move would have been to brush Fluttershy's hand across her own leg a few times while tracing a finger of her own hand along Fluttershy's thigh, but Adagio didn't want to break the girl's brain just yet. Giggling as she let go of Fluttershy's wrist, Adagio's smile turned a little more friendly than mischievous. "What about you, Sweetie?" She lightly tickled the stomach she sat on, drawing little shivers. "Any weight-watching secrets from an animal lover?"

"Oh, um..." Thinking about it for a minute as her pulse slowly returned to normal, Fluttershy smiled. "Walking the dogs at the animal shelter usually helps keep me pretty healthy, in addition to mainly eating fruit and vegetables." She decided not to mention the other kind of walking she'd integrated into her daily life, as that was technically more psychological exercise at this point.

Dreadful temptation arose, but Adagio resisted the urge to ask about what way Fluttershy went for walks. "All of the dogs at once, or do you have to take turns? Either way sounds strenuous."

With a smile that depicted fond recollection, Fluttershy shook her head. "Ohh, they're no trouble at all. I usually take everyone with me at once, and I don't even need leashes most days."

"No trouble?" Adagio absent-mindedly scratched her head with a fingertip. "Then, it's not much of a work-out, is it?"

Blink. "Um, w-well... Not, a big one, I guess."

"Hmm..." The evil smile was back. "In that case," Adagio leaned over Fluttershy's face, resting one hand dead-center on her chest to keep balance, which immediately drew a gasp as Fluttershy went scarlet, "why don't you come over to burn calories with us some time? It doesn't have to be an exhaustive work-out, but I'd happily oblige if you really wanted to get sweaty." She drank in Fluttershy's fidgety, flustered whimpers with fiendish delight, softly, slowly shifting her weight back and forth on the girl beneath her.

"I, I, I'd-" With a hand resting just barely above her breasts, the pressure and warmth of that big bottom gently brushing against her, and eyes that offered even more leering down into her own, the combination of sensations quickly proved maddening. "Haba, muh-"

"Remember," Adagio added huskily, "we'd all be in our underwear... Or, if you like, maybe even less?"

Brain was then out to lunch as Fluttershy went light-headed. She grabbed the arm on her chest and yanked it downward to pull Adagio in for a furious lip-lock! What happened instead was Adagio getting startled by the sudden shift in her weight-bearing arm, losing balance, making a frightened expression Fluttershy would probably remember forever, and falling in the direction she was pulled; straight into Fluttershy's face. They knocked heads with an audible BONK!

Dazed, Adagio rolled off and fell to the grass, not moving.

Fluttershy quickly sat up, worry clear in her face. "Are you alri-" Agh! Vertigo. Big time. Then the actual pain of the blow sunk in and Fluttershy drew a hand to her forehead, but she did her best to focus on her floored friend, who dozily sat up and rubbed the upper-left side of her own head.

"Ow..." She looked at Fluttershy with her eyebrows lightly furrowed, keeping the left eye shut. "Should I take that as a 'no'?"

She's hurt!! Fluttershy nearly leapt off the bench, kneeling beside Adagio with, once more, mildly startling speed, physically and verbally. "I'msosorry!! Areyouokay?! Areyoubleeding?! Letmesee!!"

Trying to shuffle away for some breathing room, Adagio didn't even have time to open her mouth before Fluttershy seized the hand covering the point of impact and gently but firmly moved it and a fluffy tuft of hair away to inspect for herself. The situation made her feel like she was back in bed with a cold; weak and defenseless before her cute, but aggressively helpful nurse. She knew she was neither of those things right now, but it was amazing just how quickly Fluttershy's tone and expression almost made her forget.

"Hmm," Fluttershy quietly hummed while examining the spot, "it doesn't look like you're bleeding, and, I don't think it'll even leave a bump. At least, not a big one, if at all." She stopped to look Adagio in the eye. "Just the same, would you like me to get you some ice? Or a compress? We should keep the area elevated, which should be easy, since it's on your-" The sound of girlish tittering made her trail off.

Adagio was giving her a rare kind of smile, almost regretful if it weren't so wide and happy. "Remind me never to get a real injury around you, Sweetie."

Fluttershy made a disapproving face. "Head injuries are no laughing matter, a concussion could have serious conseq-"

"Alright, alright," Adagio said with a more apologetic grin. She thought of pointing out that Fluttershy was apparently ignoring her own blow to the head, but she remembered that going against her nurse's wishes was a bad idea last time. Weirdly, that Fluttershy was getting so worked up over something so minor tickled Adagio in a less humiliating way than what might happen if she resisted, so she tilted her head forward. "Give it to me straight, Doctor," she said with a hint of amusement she couldn't entirely repress, "is it serious?"

Even if she sensed a little bit of sarcasm in there, Fluttershy took another look anyway. The little red mark on Adagio's head was already fading, so part of her felt silly for reacting so strongly. Still, this left her very close to Adagio's head, one hand on her scalp. She hadn't directly touched Adagio's hair since the time with the ribbon, but the scent of mango was every bit as rich. Up close, Adagio's skin was so smooth and flawless it was almost inhuman, like the nymphs she'd read abou-

"That silence is starting to worry me, Sweetie."

Her face warming up a little, Fluttershy giggled despite herself. "I think you'll make a full recovery." She sealed the notion with a little kiss to the point of impact, hearing a tiny, surprised gasp as all of the skin around it went fluorescent pink. Backing away a little, she felt a warm tingle of huggy delight as the flustered siren made a timid face.


Fluttershy couldn't help smiling a little wider at the expression, but she still had to ask. "Is something wrong?"

Looking at her, Adagio grumbled under her breath. "K-kissing it better... That's something you do with little kids, isn't it?"

The smile stayed. "I like to think it works for everyone."

Orange eyebrows furrowed slightly. Well, let's see how you like it! She quickly rose to her knees and leaned in to kiss the red mark on Fluttershy's forehead.

Rather than heating up like a stove, however, Fluttershy giggled, only turning a little rosy as she gave Adagio a sweet smile. "Thank you!"

Adagio blinked twice. Despite her continued embarrassment at their childish little exchange, she found herself wearing a tiny grin too. "Yes, well..." Am I overreacting? She's not mocking me even a little bit... Her smile twisting into a smirk, Adagio wanted to test something. "So, about that work-out idea..."

Now Fluttershy turned red, her eyes widened, and her breath came at an irregular rate as the mental images returned to her like a boomerang the size of a fridge. "Ah, uh, th-that, um, I-I-"

Standing up, Adagio brushed herself off and chuckled. "You don't have to answer any time soon, but the offer's open." She winked, "Think about it." then turned and walked away, her mature image evidently intact. Several paces from the bench, she smirked viciously, stopped, rested a hand on her cocked hips, and looked over her shoulder with a sultry gaze. "Really," she said while giving her 'nicely-rounded' behind a slow shake, "think about it."

As hoped, Fluttershy squeaked and shuddered in place at the idea, still sitting in the grass and glowing like a pink-haired stoplight. She quickly sought refuge in her own hair again, but didn't take her eyes off the cackling girl as she departed, hips swinging with a little more oomph than usual. It wasn't until Adagio was gone that Fluttershy regained control of her legs, sheepishly sitting on the bench as dread kicked in. Working out... Getting all sweaty... with the Dazzlings! All four of us! Underwear! Not thinking about this all day was going to be a challenge she was not looking forward to.

Glancing around for her book-bag, she saw it on the ground beside the bench, likely knocked there when Adagio sat on her. The variety of feelings that instance had given her was something else that would have to wait until she could get to her diary to get out. She thought about bringing it to school to write these things out whenever she had a moment alone, but she mentally blew that candle out immediately, and the risk of anyone, even her friends, seeing her diary was all the sand that ever needed to be poured on the wick. Picking up her book-bag, she remembered something.

Oh, shoot, I forgot to tell her about Flash!

And to offer candy again. She noted to try starting with that next time.


Slinking through the school in silence, Adagio remembered something too.

Oh, sea spray, I forgot to ask her about a safeword!

Shaking her head at her own scatter-brained moment, Adagio kept moving. If Fluttershy knew what a safeword was, anything that would get the message across would almost definitely lead to another three-act play on her face. If she didn't, Adagio looked forward to explaining it to her! Either would be nice, really, but not if it meant there would be witnesses, as she didn't want things public yet. It wasn't that being able to play Fluttershy like a squeaky violin (the simile struck a slightly bitter chord with her) out in the open didn't appeal to her, but she didn't want to subject the poor girl to any emotional pain at the hands of her peers.

It wouldn't even matter if I hadn't, as Aria put it, gotten a spotlight on myself. If people knew what we did together, they would talk, and Fluttershy doesn't need that.

That wasn't even accounting for the other primary possible complications, as Adagio had had time to compile in her head:

-Fluttershy's friends taking issue with their relationship.
-Adagio's friends taking issue with their relationship.
-The more extreme moments Adagio would subject her to (and there would be extreme moments) breaking school rules, likely landing Fluttershy in hot water with the staff and possibly her parents.
-Fluttershy's grades slipping (so far, so good) if she got too distracted on a daily basis.
-People thinking Adagio was just bullying her and rushing to her "aid."
-The chance that, no longer fettered by thoughts of keeping things private, Adagio would go completely overboard and wind up just bullying her.

It was that last one that worried her most right now, doubly so as Fluttershy had, just days ago, given her express permission to do whatever she wished to her. The temptation wasn't quite murder, but it was there. On that note, this morning went pretty well! Her brief ruse of insecurity regarding her body fat index made her feel a little underhanded, in a bad way somehow, but she'd confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt that Fluttershy found her physically attractive. She was sure now that even with how often she'd noticed Fluttershy practically chewing on her, it wasn't just the idea of getting intimate that flustered her.

...It's not insecure to wonder that, any normal person would have been all over me by now! In a variety of ways! She still didn't take advantage of the situation today, even when I was sitting on her... unless her idea of feeling someone up on purpose involves headbutting them?

It seemed more likely that Fluttershy just wanted another kiss and miscalculated, now that she thought about it. Regardless, Fluttershy's interest had to be at least partially sexual, so the idea she came up with late last night (or early that morning, give or take) was still on. Smirking, Adagio patted the photograph in her pocket, just wishing she could be there to see the look on Fluttershy's face when she found it in her locker later today. The smirk fell away when she happened across a very different image hanging just outside the Art room.

"And then there's this," she muttered to herself. It was still there, Fluttershy's sketch. She didn't even entertain the idea of removing the picture herself, both because she'd specifically told Aria and Sonata she didn't want anyone touching it and because it seemed like doing so would hurt the artist's feelings somehow, if only indirectly. Looking at the many delicately-traced marks that formed her own sleeping face, Adagio sighed. "I liked the demon painting." It really brought out Sunset's eyes! The real tragedy of that conflict was that the world never got to find out what Sunset could have done with those claws.

Thanks a lot, Sparkle.

Shrugging at senseless thoughts of what might have been, Adagio let them fade out, lamenting that her recent deal with Fluttershy meant she probably couldn't play her usual game in the mornings anymore. Just as well, perhaps, some teachers had taken to just quietly accepting that the school was haunted or something, which made for boring sport.

Author's Notes:

When I said this one would be mainly from Adagio's POV, as in, another chapter mainly following her through the day, I neglected to account for the possibility that their morning together would go longer than I intended. Same old, same old.

Until next time!


In other news:

You may have known that this story isn't a clopfic, that I specifically said there would never be clop of this many weeks ago. At the time, it had never occurred to me that someone would volunteer to do just that, and they did!
For those interested in our two heroines throwing caution to the wind and going at it like I'm never going to write them doing, there is now something to satisfy all your bench-coitus-related woes!


I'd like to thank GenerousGypsy for writing a pretty faithful depiction of what the couple's first time might be like! And while we're at it; everyone that's showed their continued interest in this story! :pinkiehappy:

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