The Cuddles Trilogy

by Jay David

First published

Twilight and her friends gets cuddled...a lot

Twilight gets cuddled by an unexpected visitor. Spike is most amused, whereas she is most definitely not. And this begins a long and definitely not terrible string of similarly-themed disasters


The first light of morning was pouring in through the windows of the main bedroom of the Golden Oaks Library, and outside could be heard the beautiful songs of the many birds that had woken. Slowly but surely, the eyes of the young dragon, Spike, began to creep open with this new light. In moments, he was roused, groggily lifting his head up from his pillow and letting out a loud yawn. After a brief session where he debated back-and-forth on whether he was going to just stay in bed for another five minutes, he elected to just get out, but not before he looked up and noticed that Twilight's bed was empty. Makes sense, he thought to himself, since she probably pulled another all-nighter last night. He chuckled to himself on thinking that before hopping out of his bed and making it up before starting his walk downstairs. A grumble from his stomach gave him cause to smile, hoping aloud that there was some decent breakfast to be had this morning.

However, as he began to make his way down the stairs, he began to hear something. It sounded like a groaning or a mumbling, but it didn't sound like Twilight making it. Cautiously, he began walking more slowly until he eventually reached the point in the stairs where he could see what was on the ground floor. Peering down, he surveyed the main room of the library, and it was not long before he caught sight of Twilight. But when he saw her, Spike's eyes widened with shock. She was sitting down, with a somewhat nervous look on her face. But that was not what shocked the young dragon. Instead, it was the fact that she was not alone. A strange creature was next to her, like some kind of clothed and hairless ape. Something Spike had never seen before. It was kneeling next to Twilight and, in a move that greatly confused the drake, was embracing her. It's head was leaning against her shoulder and had a look on it's face that Spike could only describe as contentment.

The young dragon moved further down the stairs, but when he did so, he accidentally caused one of them to creak. This sound alerted Twilight to his presence, and her expression changed immediately, her eyes practically begging for him to be down there with her. Not wanting to let her down on this, Spike immediately rushed downstairs, until he was now only a few feet away from Twilight and her visitor. He glanced at the two of them, with Twilight looking somewhat uncomfortable with all this, until finally, he broke the silence.


The lavender unicorn let out a sigh.

"Yes, Spike?"

"What...is that thing?" he asked.

Twilight turned to her new "friend", who at his point was completely oblivious to Spike being here, before turning back to her assistant.

"I honestly have no idea. I just came down to breakfast like normal and...there he was. At first I was intrigued as to what he might be, but as soon as I said "hello" he...well...you kind of see what he did."

Spike looked to the creature, who was still holding Twilight close. The look on his face made it clear that he was enjoying this a great deal, to which Spike couldn't help but chuckle.

"I think he likes you, Twilight."

Twilight glared at her assistant after he said that, to which Spike merely let out a nervous laugh in response.

"So...er...have you tried teleporting away?"

But Twilight merely shook her head at that.

"I tried, but he just teleported right along with me."

She turned to her visitor and tried gently pushing his head away from her with her hoof. Unfortunately, this had little effect as he simply resumed his pose soon afterwards, much to Spike's amusement. After frowning at her assistant yet again, Twilight let out a sigh.

"I can't stay like this! We have to find a way of getting him off me!"

Spike opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted when the mysterious creature actually started speaking.


Spike stared at him for a few moment before slowly turning his head towards Twilight, raising an eyebrow in confusion as he did so. Twilight shrugged her shoulders as best she could.

"That's pretty much all he says."

The young dragon looked at Twilight's latched-on companion for a few moments before an idea popped into his head. He smiled a little and began running towards the door, which Twilight noticed immediately. Her expression once more became a pleading one, as if begging him not to leave her alone with this thing. But when Spike turned back to look at her, he gave her a reassuring smile before running out of the door. Twilight let out a sigh, hoping deep down that her assistant could help her out of this. Her attention then returned to the creature embracing her, and then noticed that he'd moved on from simply hugging her to actually leaning his head against the fur on her chest, nuzzling it in an affectionate manner Twilight just didn't know how to feel about. Several minutes passed by with the unicorn just sitting there, until finally, Twilight's ears perked up as she heard her front door open again. As expected, it was Spike. But what Twilight hadn't been expecting was for her friend Fluttershy to be accompanying him. The timid pegasus looked around the room briefly before her eyes landed on the visitor, wherein she let out a brief gasp.

"Oh my! I've never seen an animal like that before!"

Twilight was very much tempted to just beg for help at this point, but the moment Fluttershy had spoken, something began to happen. The creature lifted it's head up and looked right at her. It's expression had changed from one of calm contentment to one of excitement. It was a look that caused Fluttershy no end of worry. Before anypony could react however, the creature, to Twilight's relief, finally let go of her. However, this relief was short-lived as it then lunged for Fluttershy, tightly hugging her in exactly the same manner as Twilight had been just a few moments ago.

"Eep!" Fluttershy squeaked.

Now free, Twilight got up from her sitting position and looked over to her very worried friend, who at this moment was nervously watching her new admirer with a mixture of both curiosity and concern. Having now experienced what this looked like from the outside, Twilight afforded herself a brief chuckle, but then got down to business.

"Don't worry, Fluttershy. I'll look for a spell to try and send him home."

Fluttershy nodded at that and got back to looking at the creature that now embraced her, who once again was smiling in a contended manner. Both Twilight and Spike began walking over to one of the library's many bookshelves, and it was here that Twilight glanced down at Spike and spoke to him.

"Thanks for getting me out of that, Spike. But tell me, how did you know that would work?"

Spike shrugged his shoulders at that.

"I suspected this guy just really likes hugging cute ponies, so I figured I'd just find a cuter pony to get him off you."

Twilight considered that for a moment before looking away from him.

"Makes sense, but anyway we need to find a way to..."

Realising something, she stopped and thought over Spike's words for a few moments more before turning to look at him with daggers in her eyes.

"Hold on...what do you mean cuter?!"

Needless to say, Spike learned that day the meaning of "fear".

Cuddles 2: The Return of the Cuddler

Walking down the main street of Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle, accompanied by her number one assistant, Spike, were happily making their way out from their home and towards that of their close friend, Rainbow Dash. The weather was good today, and so everypony was out in droves, smiling and waving as their resident librarian passed them by. Twilight, naturally, returned the gesture to each and every single one of them. Spike, who was busy eating some gems from a bowl he was carrying with him, looked up to his oldest friend whilst munching down on a particularly tasty ruby.

"So...why are we going to Rainbow's?"

Twilight looked down at her assistant, giggling slightly at his clearly lacklustre table manners, before giving him his answer.

"She wanted us to see her latest flying manoeuvre, remember? I figured it'd be a good way for me to add to my study of pegasi flying skills."

Spike nodded at that, though didn't dare tell her that her study wasn't really of interest to him. What DID interest him though was seeing Rainbow show off some new technique. Even though many in the town, her closest friends included, had often rolled their eyes at the cyan pegasi's boasts, there was no question in anypony's mind that she could at least back up her claims on a regular basis. And so it was that the two of them eventually reached the outskirts of the town, making their way to the clearing that led to Rainbow's cloud-house. It was here that they were due to see her, but, surprisingly, she was nowhere to be found on the ground. Frowning at this, Twilight looked up at the bottom of the cloud-house, thinking that, perhaps, her friend had chosen yet again to sleep in today. So, clearing her throat a little, Twilight called upwards.

"Rainbow?! You up there?!"

There was no response from up above, however, the two of them did hear a voice coming from, strangely enough, the area immediately around them.

"Over here!"

Twilight and Spike both turned to see where the voice, which they instantly recognised as Rainbow’s, was coming from. Their heads turned to the direction of a collection of large bushes nearby, and for a moment, they both thought that, maybe, this was all part of some big prank Rainbow was trying to pull off. So, hesitantly, both of them began to walk over to the bushes, half-expecting their friend to leap out and scare them, or something along those lines. However, as the moments passed, that was not what they got. Instead, as they approached, they began to hear the unmistakable sound of grunting, perhaps resistance of some sort, taking place from the other side. Nervously, the two of them walked around the bushes to try and find their friend. Once on the other side, that was exactly what they got. However, what they had most definitely not been expecting was the manner in which they found her.

"Hey, guys," Rainbow said in an annoyed manner.

Before the young unicorn and dragon was their friend, Rainbow. But, this was completely unlike how they usually saw her. Sitting on the ground, not even attempting to fly, and bearing a look of great annoyance. But what struck them most was the fact that she was accompanied by someone else. Someone that, unfortunately for them, they had met once before. A hairless and clothed ape, his arms wrapped around Rainbow and holding her tight, with his head nestled into her mane while bearing an enormous and contented grin upon his face. This creature, which they had learned was called a "human", was something they'd encountered before. Not so long ago, this same being had been met by Twilight, and soon enough, she too had been ensnared in his dastardly cuddling attack. If it hadn't been for Spike's quick thinking at the time, she may well have stayed that way. Now though, here it was again, latched onto another of Twilight's friends, but seeming completely oblivious to how annoying it was to her. Regardless, it was a sight that soon led to Twilight giving herself a firm face-hoof and letting out a groan.

"Ugh! Him again!"

Spike dropped his bowl of gems on the ground when he caught sight of the human, looking up at Twilight with worry on his face.

"But I thought you got rid of it last time!"

However, as he said that, a look of confusion crossed his face.

"Wait...how did you get rid of it last time?"

Twilight groaned at that before walking towards Rainbow.

"There's no time to explain! Let's just deal with Rainbow!"

Rainbow, upon hearing that, nodded enthusiastically as her friends approached, all the while poking the human's head with her hoof in an effort to get him off her. When Twilight finally stopped beside her friend, she scratched her chin with her hoof while regarding the outsider. Spike too was pondering this whole mess, and looked up to the young unicorn.

"Should we get Fluttershy again?"

Twilight shook her head at that.

"No. Let's not get her dragged into this one."

She then developed a frown on her face as she began to eye Spike.

"After all, we wouldn't want a cuter pony getting mixed up in this, now would we, Spike?"

Spike let out a sigh at that.

"I'm never going to hear the end of that one, am I?"

Snorting, Twilight turned back to Rainbow, wherein she saw that the latter had begun flapping her wings hard, trying to get herself off the ground. However, the human merely clung on harder, to the point where he was almost dragged up into the air with her. Eventually though, Rainbow's strength gave out, and she collapsed to the ground once more. In this moment of weakness, she was suddenly taken aback as the human re-positioned his arms, so that now both Rainbow's forelegs and wings were pinned to her body, with the human's grip even tighter than before. Although Rainbow was understandably worried at this, the human just kept on smiling, letting out that contented moan Twilight had become so familiar with.


Rainbow let out an annoyed groan at that, turning to Twilight with a pleading look in her eyes. Twilight, rolling her eyes and chuckling at the sight of this, walked up to her friend and patted her head in a reassuring manner.

"Don't worry, Rainbow, I've got this one."

Although somewhat irritated that one of her best friends just treated her like a filly, Rainbow nevertheless kept quiet, hoping that she actually had a way out of this. Twilight turned around, gesturing to Spike to come over, which he soon did. With all four of them together now, Twilight closed her eyes and began to concentrate. Spike and Rainbow gave each other odd looks, making it clear that neither of them knew what their friend was doing. However, it soon became clear that Twilight was casting some kind of spell, as evidenced by the lighting up of her horn. Feeling somewhat worried, Rainbow and Spike closed their eyes, with the human just remaining oblivious to it all. In mere moments, the brightness of Twilight's horn reached it's apex, and all four of them were surrounded by a near-blinding flash. It was an experience to say the least, but in time, that light died down, and when Rainbow and Spike opened their eyes again, they found themselves, not in the field beside Rainbow's home, but rather in the basement of Twilight's treehouse.

The place was as they both knew it, filled with many gadgets and tokens of science dotted around the place. Both of them now knew that Twilight had cast her famed teleportation spell on them all, made all the more obvious by the queasiness Spike felt after having gone through it. Twilight, ignoring her assistant's plight, instead casually walked over to something her friends had not noticed the first time around. It was a massive cage, clearly designed for something far larger than a pony, forged from heavy iron. Twilight stood beside it and raised a hoof to open it up, after which she stood beside the open entrance and started to make her horn glow. Having already experienced her magic today, Spike and Rainbow closed their eyes yet again. However, this time, it was no teleportation spell that was cast, but rather a magic that Twilight used to create something out of thin air. When the spell was complete, both Rainbow and Spike looked on in surprise to see that, right in front of Twilight, was what was unmistakably a large plush doll of Fluttershy. Although confused by this, both stayed silent as the toy became engulfed in Twilight's magic, levitating upwards as Twilight finally spoke towards the human.

"Hey! Remember this one?"

This was the first time the human had actually noticed Twilight during all this, but when he turned to face her, he took one look at the doll and his face lit up with utter glee. Twilight, seeing this, gave a mischievous smirk as she used her magic to throw the doll right into the middle of the cage. As she'd planned, the human promptly let go of Rainbow and darted head-first into the cage, embracing the fallen doll with the same fervour he'd used to cuddle Rainbow. In this moment, Twilight kicked the door of the cage and shut it tight, magically creating a lock to keep it closed. The human remained oblivious to this, and the other three just looked at him, with Rainbow in particular seeming relieved.

"Whew! Thanks, Twi!"

The unicorn gave a nod at that.

"No problem. Now, if it's all the same to you, I say we get as far away from this creature as we can."

Rainbow nodded in agreement over that, and soon the two mares began to make their way out of the basement. Spike though, looked to the human before turning to his friends.

"So...we're just leaving him here?"

Twilight turned to face him with a reassuring look on her face.

"Don't worry, Spike. I'll bring down a bowl of milk or something later. In the meantime, we need to get him back home...again."

Spike nodded at that before following them up the stairs.

"So are you going to tell me how you got rid of him last time?"

Twilight chucked at that as the three of them approached the door to the main level.

"Well, Spike, what I did was..."

But her words were cut off as she closed the door behind them, leaving only the human alone in the basement, still content to remain with his life-sized Fluttershy toy. However, that solitude did not last long, as the silence was broken by the sound of boxes being knocked over, and a bubbly Pink pony bouncing out from behind them.

"Wow! That's the longest I've ever gone in a game of hide and seek before!”

However, a look of realisation then crossed her face.

“Wait...oh...I need somepony else in the game to play that! Always forget that bit!"

So, shrugging her shoulders, she began to walk towards the door leading to the outside of the basement. However, she'd barely made two steps before she passed the occupied cage, her eyes drifting in the direction of it's lone inhabitant, stopping her in her tracks. Although first showing clear curiosity at the strange-looking creature within, she tilted her head a little before forming a massive smile upon her face.

"Hiya! I'm Pinkie! Wanna play hide and seek?"

Author's Notes:

First published March 4th 2015

Cuddles 3: The Final Cuddle

Peace and quiet. That was one of the things Twilight Sparkle loved more than anything else. Just a quiet moment in the afternoon, curling up with a good book. And today, that was exactly what she was doing. However, this was no steamy romance or ages-old history book she was delving into. No, this was a book on all the creatures known to ponykind. For it was in these pages, she hoped, that would contain the secret to dealing with a problem she'd been having to put up with for some time now. And that problem, for now at least, was safely locked away in her basement. Okay Twilight, she thought to herself, you just need to figure out a way to send him home permanently. No biggie, right? At least that's what she kept on telling herself, for she knew that her "visitor" had already returned to Equestria once, though how, she didn't know. Regardless, his presence was becoming a problem for her and her friends, so it was her duty to see him gone for good. Unfortunately for her, her peaceful reading time was promptly interrupted by the sudden and unexpected arrival of a familiar yet bubbly high-pitched voice.


Letting out a loud yelp, Twilight backed away from her book, greatly started by the arrival of her friend, Pinkie. Although initially annoyed, Twilight had nevertheless got used to this sort of behaviour, and as such took a deep breath before addressing her.

"Pinkie, you really should announce yourself less...enthusiastically."

Pinkie let out a snort at that.

"Yeah, right! Where's the fun in that?"

Twilight shook her head a little before getting back to her book.

"So, what brings you here? Something I can help with?"

Pinkie started bouncing in a circle around Twilight while wearing her usual smile.

"Nope! Just wanted to hang out I guess. I just got done playing the all-time best game of hide and seek ever!"

Twilight let out a chuckle while continuing to read her book.

"Oh yeah? Who with, Rainbow?"

It was here that Pinkie stopped bouncing, turning to Twilight while shaking her head.

"No, silly! I played it with your new pet!"

Twilight nodded to acknowledge that, but it was only after reading a few more lines on her current page that she truly took in Pinkie's words, turning to her with a confused look on her face.

"Pet? What pet?"

Still smiling, Pinkie answered.

"Duh! That hairless monkey thing in your basement of course! Though I gotta say, Twi, it was really mean of you to put him in a cage like that."

A few more moments passed as Twilight stared at Pinkie, watching her continue to smile as her words began to sink in deeper into her mind. Her eyes widened with a look of shock and horror as a terrible possibility made itself known in her thoughts, and before she knew it, she'd jumped out of her chair, running straight past Pinkie and towards the door of her basement. Pinkie watched with curiosity as Twilight magically caused the door to burst open, shortly before running down inside as fast as her hooves could take her. Down and down she went, before finally reaching the basement, and when she got there, she gasped loudly. It was as she feared; the cage was open. The human was nowhere to be seen, even as Twilight ran around the place, frantically searching for him. She started breathing heavily, and not even the calming trick taught to her by her sister-in-law Cadence could snap her out of it. Meanwhile, Pinkie had followed Twilight down here, still as oblivious as ever to her friend's current predicament.

"You know, Twilight, you should really get somepony down here to dust every once in a while."

Twilight spun around immediately after hearing that, taking a step forward before addressing Pinkie.

"Do you have any idea what you've done?! I was this close to finding a way of sending him back, and now he's out!”

It was at this point that Pinkie finally started to sense the worry in Twilight’s voice, as her smile began to fade somewhat.

"I'm...I'm sorry. It's just he was all locked up and alone."

Twilight wanted to be mad at her, to keep on yelling, but it was no use. Once Pinkie started getting sad about something, it was virtually impossible for anypony to stay angry at her. As such, Twilight just let out a groan before looking up at her again.

"I know you meant well, but you have to realise that him being out is a very bad thing. Let's just hope we can catch him before..."

But Twilight was unable to finish those words, as she was interrupted by the distinct sound of somepony screaming loudly. Both Twilight and Pinkie snapped their heads in the direction of the door upstairs, and after giving each other a look, they silently nodded before running together. Up the stairs they went, re-emerging back in the main room of the library before darting outside. The day was passing and the sun on the very edge of setting, but even so, it was sill clear enough to see what was going on. The streets surrounding Twilight's home were virtually empty save for one or two mares and stallions walking about, and as such it didn't take long for Twilight to spot where the scream had come from. There, lying on the ground not far from them, was a familiar pink mare with a blonde mane. Running towards her, Twilight looked upon the mare with concern on her face.

"Daisy! What happened?!"

The mare, Daisy, did as she was famous for doing, and began to speak and move in a very dramatic way.

"It...it was horrible! I was walking home, and suddenly, out of nowhere, this...this thing appears and jumps towards me!"

Twilight looked around, already suspecting what it was that Daisy had encountered. But like in her basement, there was nothing to be seen. Turning back to the fallen mare, she took a step forward and placed a hoof upon her shoulder, trying to calm her down.

"It's okay, Daisy. Just tell us. What did he do?"

Daisy looked up at her, looking as if she was too scared to even think about that. But, in time, she finally managed to get her words out. Unfortunately, they were exactly what Twilight had feared.

"He...he...he...CUDDLED ME!!!"

Twilight gasped upon hearing that, as did Pinkie. By Faust, Twilight thought, this is even worse than I feared it would be. However, before she could dwell on that, she began to hear the sound of approaching hoof-steps. Turning, she saw that it was her friends, Spike, Rainbow, Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack. All of them were running towards her, bearing looks of concern, especially as they looked down to see Daisy crying on the ground. When they finally reached her, Applejack spoke first.

"Twilight? What in tarnation is goin on?"

Twilight looked down to Daisy again before speaking up to her friends.

"We have an escaped creature in Ponyville. A human."

Some of them, like Rarity and Applejack, looked at each other with confused expressions. Fluttershy and Rainbow, however, looked at Twilight as if she'd just told them it was the end of the world, with Fluttershy letting out her usual "eep" after hearing her. Twilight understood the reason, as both of her pegasi friends had been on the receiving end of this human before. Rainbow did her best to try and comfort Fluttershy, but it was clear that this was a bad situation for all of them. However, it was Spike who spoke up about all this.

"So...the thing has escaped. What do we do?"

Twilight turned away and thought long and hard about that. In truth, there was something about this whole mess she knew her friends needed to be made aware of. But doubt gnawed at her as she considered that. Should I tell them? I don’t want to cause them undue alarm. But if this thing is loose, they have to know the dangers. Turning back to her friends, Twilight took a deep breath before addressing them.

"There's something you should all know. This creature, the human, it cuddles. That seems to be it's prime motivation for being in our world. I informed Princess Celestia about it after our first encounter with him, and she sent me some documents about their kind. As I researched them, I came to understand something."

Her friends all looked to each other, somewhat worried about the serious way in which Twilight was talking about this. Daisy, meanwhile, was slinking off back home, squealing with fear over everything she came across on her way there. Twilight, after making sure that only her friends were here to hear this, took a deep breath before continuing.

"Humans don't just cuddle because of impulse. They draw some kind of special energy from it, like how a Changeling might feed off love."

Her friends all seemed enraptured with what she was telling them, except for Spike, who stared at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Seriously? There's cuddle energy now?"

Twilight gave him a well-earned "shush" for that, before continuing to explain things.

"But the thing about all this is, they gain more and more energy the more they cuddle. The softer and more adorable the cuddlee, the stronger the cuddler becomes. Eventually, it'll reach a point where the cuddler has gained so much cuddle energy, so much power, that they'll reach critical mass."

Spike looked around at everypony as his friend was explaining herself.

"Seriously? This is what we're going with?"

That, needless to say, earned him another "shush" from Twilight, after which, Fluttershy meekly stepped forward and spoke up.

"Um...what happens when he cuddles enough ponies?"

Twilight let out a sigh, knowing that this would be the hardest thing of all to tell them.

"When that happens...he'll have gained enough power to change into what the ancient legends called...the great cuddle."

There were gasps all around, save for Spike of course.

"There are ancient legends about this? When did that happen?"

This time, Twilight just ignored him, and carried on speaking.

"When he becomes the great cuddle, he'll be...everywhere. He'll have become a constant point to all ponies. Present in any place where a pony may be, he'll be there, cuddling us for the rest of our lives."

Her friends looked at her with expressions of terror, while Spike just let out a groan.

"Remember when this used to be simple? Just a human cuddling ponies? Good times."

Ignoring the young dragon, Rarity stepped forward and started speaking.

"Do you mean to tell us that, if we don't stop this creature, he'll be cuddling us forever? All ponies, everywhere, at the same time? As in thousands upon thousands of the same human...all over Equestria?!"

A single grim nod was all Twilight gave in response to her friend's question, leading to one of Rarity's classic fainting moments. Sadly, there was no soft couch for her this time, so she inevitably landed on Spike instead, knocking the young dragon out immediately. Oblivious to the youth's plight, Rainbow stepped forward with a determined look on her face.

"Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's go out there and teach that human a thing or two about messing with ponies!"

The way she slammed one hoof into another made it clear what she had in mind for the guy, but Twilight raised a hoof, stopping her.

"No, Rainbow. If we get too close, he could latch onto us and cuddle immediately. We can't take the risk. Right now, we have to make sure he stays as far away from other ponies as possible. Hopefully, he's still in town so we can contain him."

Rainbow huffed at that, showing clear irritation at not simply being able to attack the problem. Twilight, meanwhile, thought hard about what to do next. Eventually, she thought of something, and a smile came to her face as she started walking away from the group. Although confused at first, all of her friends understood as she began to concentrate, her horn glowing it's usual purple, signalling the casting of a spell. Taking a deep breath, Twilight began to speak, and it was here that her friends understood what was happening, as her magic had begun to amplify her voice, making it incredibly loud.

"Attention Ponyville! This is Twilight Sparkle! There is a human loose in the town! I repeat, there is a human loose in the town. For the time being, I must ask that all of you remain in your homes and lock your doors. Do not come out until I give the all-clear!"

It took a few moments, but there were clear signs that Twilight's message had taken root, as everywhere there could be seen lights going out in homes all around, as well as the sudden urgency of mares and stallions to get home as fast as possible. Satisfied with how this had gone, Twilight smiled to herself before turning towards her friends. She raised a hoof and pointed towards her home, and all of them got the message. They began to run in unison towards the library, with Spike catching up behind after having regained consciousness. With all seven of them inside, Twilight used her magic to shut the door tightly behind her, conjuring many locks and other items to secure it further. After making sure the door wasn't going to open anytime soon, Twilight let out as sigh before moving towards the book she'd been reading earlier.

"With luck, I’ll be able to figure out a way to send him back permanently. Or, at the very least, keep him away from other ponies long enough for the Princesses themselves to intervene."

Her friends nodded at that, huddling around Twilight to get a better look at the book she was reading. Spike, still nursing the spot on his head where Rarity had landed on him, took a seat and wasn't really paying attention to the rest of them. However, something soon caught his notice nearby, and he began to speak up.

"Um...Twilight? How long has that window been open?"

Twilight, as well as the other mares, all looked to where Spike was facing. Sure enough, there was one of her window, wide open and letting in the cool night-time air. A shiver passed down Twilight's spine from seeing that, and her eyes darted about the room. No! It couldn't be! He can't be...here! All of the mares seemed to have the same thought, as they too began frantically searching around for who they now knew was in here with them. Time passed and still no sign though. For a moment, they felt a brief spark of relief over it, but it was short lived as all of them heard the sound of creaking wood above them. Slowly, they all turned their heads upwards, and as they did so, their eyes widened with shock. For there he was, the human himself, clinging to the ceiling like a spider, and looking down on them with that same contented smile he always wore.

"Cuddles!" he called out.

All of the mares screamed as he dropped from the ceiling, arms outstretched as he approached them. They had no time to flee, an in an instant, he was on them, embracing them tightly. Cuddling six mares at once must have sent him over the edge at that point, for moments later, Twilight's fears were realised. There was a blinding flash of light as the human practically erupted in a dazzling display of magic, sending shockwaves in all directions, to every corner of Equestria. Everypony, everywhere, no matter who or what they were doing, was struck with this new and powerful magic. And when it finally reached the outermost borders of their world, it finally stopped. When the light faded and the dust had cleared, all ponies opened their eyes to see their predicament. It was as Twilight had predicted, the human had indeed been placed in all points of Equestria, wherever a mare, stallion or foal could be found. He was there, cuddling them tightly, smiling and humming contentedly. Farmers in their fields, pegasi in the sky, fillies and colts in their classrooms, even the Princesses themselves all now had the exact same human upon them, wrapping his arms around them and holding them close, nuzzling their manes and speaking only one thing throughout it all.


As for Twilight and her friends, they too were experiencing this problem. Although initially shocked at the sight of six identical copies of the same human in that room, they were soon instead focused on the fact that, like before, they were trapped within his grasp. Some, like Rainbow and Applejack, tried forcing their way out, but the hold was too strong. Fluttershy tried meekly asking him to release her, but he was too distracted with cuddling her to notice. Rarity had fainted yet again, and thus offered no resistance whatsoever. As for Twilight, she tried teleporting, but once more found that it simply teleported the human along with her. She groaned at that, instead resorting to trying to nudge the guy's head out of her mane with a hoof. Unfortunately, he just snapped back in there, still smiling all the way. Snorting in frustration, Twilight looked on to see Spike watching the whole thing, doing his best to hold back what looked like laughter.

"So...this is your life now?"

Twilight looked to her own human before looking at all of the others, who were still cuddling her friends, after which she let out a sigh before nodding. Still struggling to hold back the laughter, Spike spoke again.

"Every pony in existence cuddled for all eternity by the same human at the same time?"

Another nod from Twilight, and Spike continued.

"Well, look at it this way...at least he's happy."

Twilight narrowed her eyes at that before turning to her cuddling human.

"Why do you even do this?"

And for the first time, the human answered.

"Because you ponies are adorable. What better reason is there?"

Author's Notes:

First published March 15 2015

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