Eureka: The Last Pyromancer

by Sir Hat

Chapter 1: The Trial of a Pyromancer

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I stood before the jury and judges, Celestia herself presiding over my trial. I shifted my hooves out to stand tall and proud before our leader. I breathed slowly through my nose, respectful even in the face of execution. The ponies surrounding me were not my peers, unicorns, pegasus, and earth pony alike were to decide my fate, not my own kin.

A loud tapping from the podium at the head of the room called everypony to order. "All to order," Celestia commanded, drawing the room to stunning silence. I felt goosebumps run across my forelegs as she spoke. The thunder carried in her voice rocked the stone courthouse. "Now ruling in, Equestria versus Eureka, charges are as follow: illegal use of magic, Pyromancy, endangering of a pagus, endangering of a village, burning of three square acres, spreading ash over the western hills and White Tail Woods, slaughter, and creation of a phoenix." She turned to face the caged bird, squawking and tossing smoldering feathers about like mad. She turned back to me with a harrowing glare. "How do you plead?"

I took a deep breath. "Guilty." I looked up at her, dead in the eyes. "I plead guilty, if defense of my home and my family is a crime I plead guilty! If you will exile me, throw me to the wolves, so be it! I have sinned, I have broken your laws! But I broke only what I had to! I--"

"Enough!" One of the guards surrounding me stomped his hoof. "By the admission of guilt you are--"

Celestia's magic sent a pulse through the room, sending papers flying about and tossing my mane back in the process. "Captain...please." She turned to me, the glowing in her eyes settling down and revealing her gaze against me once again. "Eureka, as this may be your final hour, plead, sway my jury and sway myself. Your cause is uncertain to us, your crimes unforgivable, but perhaps your reasons fair. So I beg you, plead."

I stared up at her, my eyes darting from her radiant form to the stern eyed ponies watching me from the stands. "Plead? Plead?! I shall not plead!" I looked up to her, keeping my head low. "Princess, I have nothing to plead! I have committed the acts leveled against me, but I have done each with no ill intent. I do not aim to plead, only to explain, not to excuse, to elaborate." I looked to the stands. "I fear my words will mean little, but if I must into exile, then may my deeds be known as purposeful!"

Celestia bowed her head slowly, my heard aching to see our princess kneel to one as simple as I. "Then regail us, where have our failing left you? Where has our strength been too little, and your need so great as to turn to the forbidden?"

I looked back to her, catching my breath as she sat back before me. "Winter...."

Author's Notes:

Inspired by this chapter

Just a quick short I felt like putting to paper. It might come up later, and giving some story to side characters helps. Even if it's rather short.

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