A Dazzling Snow Day

by TheNewYorkBrony

Chapter 1: Ice Cold

"Dagi! Dagi! Ari! Ari!" Sonata called, running through the house, banging on their room doors. "C'mon get up!" She stopped to see if they would respond. Met with silence, she went to knock on Aria's door again but was taken aback when the purple haired girl opened her door before she could do so.

"Knock on my door again, and you'll be looking for your arms," Aria told her dully. Her long purple and green hair fell messily around her shoulders and her night shirt was bunched up at her stomach. "You know better than to bother me before I've had my morning coffee."


Aria held up a finger. "Coffee first, whatever you have going on in that empty head of yours second." She stretched and shuffled downstairs, practically hearing the coffee maker calling her name.

Sonata smiled. "Okay, one down, one to go!" She strode over to Adagio's room again and knocked for the tenth time that morning. "Dagi, wake up!"

The door slowly opened, and Adagio leaned against the door frame. "I know I'm going to regret this, but would you mind telling me why you're running through the house banging on doors like the British are coming?"

"It's a surprise!" Sonata insisted. She took Adagio's hand. "C'mon! Aria's downstairs already! I'll tell you after breakfast!"

Sonata kicked her feet happily like a little kid as she set her waffle on the table. She took a sausage from the serving plate in the middle of the table and put it in the middle of the waffle. Then, taking the bottle of syrup she had placed down earlier, drizzled some onto the sausage and threw some cereal on the waffle before turning up the sides in a 'U' shape.

Aria looked at her incredulously. "What the heck are you doing?" She asked, having watched the whole thing.

"It's a breakco." Sonata responded, taking a bite.

"A whato?" Aria repeated, eyebrows furrowing.

"A breakco. A breakfast taco. I invented it so that I can have tacos whenever I want no matter what I'm eating." Sonata explained taking another bite.

Aria just shook her head and took a sip of her coffee. She will probably never understand what goes on in that girl's head.

"Great, now that everyone's settled can you please tell us why you woke us up?" Adagio said, sliding into her seat.

"The school called and said we didn't have class today! There was a blizzard last night and there's like, tons of snow on the ground!" Sonata gushed, taking a sip of her apple juice.

"So how is that exciting for us?" Adagio asked her with a raised brow.

"We're gonna play in it!"

Aria spat out her coffee and coughed as some of it got stuck in her windpipe. "What?! Are you crazy?!" She demanded in a hoarse voice.

"I agree with Aria. This is completely asinine. It's freezing outside. Why should we voluntarily go out there?" Adagio raised a perfectly trimmed brow.

"Because it's fun. And we never have fun. All you guys do is sit around in here moping. It's really depressing," Sonata pointed out. "Plus we're humans now. We need to indugle ourselves in the things that they do. You know, things that are socially acceptable."

"The fact that you know what being socially acceptable means concerns me," Aria said, wiping up her wasted coffee. She threw the used paper towel in the waste bin by the fridge and went over to the pot to pour herself another cup.

"C'mon guys! We may never get a chance to do this again! Now that we're human, we could get hit by a bus tomorrow and die and would never have really experienced what it's like to have some simple fun!" The blue haired girl added. "Pleeeeease?"

"She does have a point, Ari." Adagio sighed. "And once Sonata sets her heart on something, you know how hard it is to change her mind."

Aria shoulders slumped. "Ugh, fine. Let me get my hoodie."

"Eeeeeee!" Sonata squealed, throwing her arms around the purple girl.

Aria groaned. She knew that this was a huge mistake.

There must have been snow up to their knees. The front yard of their house was stacked high with the stuff. Icicles twinkled when the sun peaked out from the white clouds. It had to be at least twenty seven degrees or lower and it hadn’t even stopped snowing yet.They weren’t exactly dressed for this either, all three donning jeans, hoodies, and sneakers.

Adagio, being the one most foreign to cold, shivered miserably as the frigid, unforgiving wind whipped around them. “How in Aquastria can this be fun to humans?” She chattered. “I’m f-freezing my butt off!” She pulled her hood over her head and rubbed the sides of her arms for warmth.

Aria, who was moderately used to the cold weather, shrugged. “Beats me. But it looks like Nata’s having the time of her life.” She pointed at the youngest girl, who was twirling around and laughing like a child on Christmas.

Sonata chased after a snowflake and giggled when it landed on her tongue.

Adagio and Aria watched her run past them, kicking up snow in her wake. The flurry fell all around them, sparkling like glitter when the sun peaked out from behind the clouds again.

Aria had to admit that the display was beautiful, but that didn’t excuse the fact that they were the only ones outside on their block standing around like idiots. She hoped no one from school saw them, because then that would just be the icing on the ice cream cake. She grinned at her own joke.

“Sonata!” Adagio groaned, (albeit a little too dramatically,) “Can you please tell us exactly what we need to do so that we can go back inside? My flawless skin isn’t meant for this cold and I’m tired of being battered by this dreadful wind!”

“I told you guys that we came out here to have fun. There’s no right or wrong way to have fun! You don’t instruct someone on how to have fun either. You just gotta go out there and have it!” Sonata called over to them. She then promptly fell back against the snow and began moving her arms and legs back and forth and stood up. “See?! Snow angel!” She said excitedly, pointing to it.

Aria and Adagio peered at her creation and frowned, looking very unimpressed. They both turned to walk back inside, having had enough of this.

“Wait! Come back guys!” Sonata panicked as her pleas fell on deaf ears. Quickly she bent down into the snow and scooped up two balls. She threw them at the girls in front of her with all her might.

One hit Adagio in the back of her head and the other one hit Aria on her butt. Both girls whipped around to face her with angry expressions.

“Whoops, hehe,” She said, before breaking into as sprint as both girls chased after her. Sonata bolted into the backyard and hid behind a tree. When she saw Aria and Adagio skid around the corner she threw as much snow as she could, pelting them with it.

Sonata heard Adagio whine, no doubt from getting her hair wet. She fell to her knees with laughter, not bothering to keep quiet. She let out a small “Eeep!” when a snowball came rocketing towards her and hit the trunk of the tree.

“You’re dead, Sonata!” Aria called out.

Sonata heard their footsteps crunch in the snow, and knew that they were closing in on her from both sides. She’d be toast, and there was nothing she could do about it. Unless....She took off without a second thought, sliding behind a different tree. Hastily, she produced a massive pile of ammo. Then called out to them, “Come and get me!”

She heard them running towards her and readied herself with a snowball in each hand. She stuck her head out from behind the trunk again. “Nana nana boo boo, you can’t catch me!” She taunted, sticking her tongue out before retreating behind her shield.

The trunk rattled from the force of Aria and Adagio’s throws. Sonata jumped. Even if they weren’t Sirens anymore, the two older girls were definitely stronger than her. She waited for a moment, then jumped from out behind the tree and started another assault.

Snow flew everywhere as the three girls bombarded each other with snowballs, soaking each other to the bone. By the time that they had run out of ammo and their arms were tired, they were laughing too hard to care. Exhausted, they plopped down in the snow smiling as they caught their breath.

“See?! What’d I tell you guys?!” Sonata said after a minute turning from being on her back to her belly. “Wasn’t that fun?!”

Aria rolled her eyes, but her smirk widened. “Yeah, yeah, I guess this was pretty cool.” she agreed, nudging Sonata affectionately.

“Haha! Cool! You said cool!” Adagio uncharacteristically snorted, holding her sides and kicking her feet in the air. “Because, because-” She stopped when she saw that Sonata and Aria where staring at her. She cleared her throat. “I mean, yes, this was quite enjoyable.”

“Okay that,” Aria said, pointing at Adagio. “Was total blackmail material,” She added getting up. “Our fearless leader just turned into a snorting dork! That was something Nata would laugh at!”

Adagio ungracefully scrambled to her feet. “I did not!” She said defiantly. “I just, slipped up!”

“Haha slipped! Because of all the ice and snow!” Sonata giggled. “Good one, Dagi!”

Aria folded her arms and gave Adagio a smug look.

“I’m going in the house.” The oldest girl grumbled, pushing past the both of them.

“Wait, where ya goin’ Dagi? You should just stay! You’ll have an ice time!” Sonata called to her.

“Yeah Dagi, why don’t you just chill?” Aria joined in with a smirk.

“I’m not listening to either of you!” Adagio shouted as she stomped up to the back door.

Sonata ran after her, laughing breathlessly. “Aw, c’mon Adagio don’t be such an ice queen!”


Author's Notes:

We just had a HUGE snow storm here in NY and I saw this pic by baekgup and i was like, "hey, this would be cute" and this happened. Sorry for all the one shots I literally only work 3 days out of the week sp my ideas get the best of me. Hope you guys like it! The next chapter of Sunset's Redemption will be up very soon!

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