My Little Diamond: The Quest for the Laringia Stone

by hawthornbunny

Chapter 1: Prologue and Theme Song

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Prologue and Theme Song


Diamond "DAZZLE" Tiara stared at her reflection in her dresser miror in her bedroom, gazing witfully.

"I wish I didnt have to attend school," said Diamond Taira, as she looked at herself in the miror while brushing her elagant two-color mane with a hoofbrush. "If I didnt have to go to school with those horrible crusaders. I could be out doing all kinds of awesome things if i didnt have to spend all my time in school!"

But Diamond Tiaras father Filthy "Rich" Tiara heard her talking out loud. "You have to go to school my princes, its the law set by Celestia herself"

"I know" said Diamond, "but you agree with me daddy dont you?"

"of course my princess, you are the greatest fille in Poynville everypony knows that" said Filthy Tiara. "But laws are what keep the Equestria running smoothly." He went back into his room.

Diamon smiled, a big fritful grin like a pink whale with shark teeth. "oh but daddy didn't you know... laws are made to be broken" she said when he couldnt hear.

My little diamond

My little diamond

Aah aah aah aah

My little diamond

I use to wonder why i needed friends

My little diamond

Until you all shared its magic with me

Seven gemstones

On a shiny crown

A cutie mark butt

Which looks the same

Silver spoon too

She likes metallurgy

And diamond is the best filly

That's why i'm diamond tiara

Do you all want to be my awesome friends


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