From Brony to Pony?!

by Fictional Fanatic

Chapter 1: Chapter 1. 7th of October, start

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I awoke with a frown on my face. Great, another day staying at home being sick. I thought to myself as I felt the mild headache and my unusable nostrils.

For the past few days I had been sick with a simple cold. Well, rather simple if it would go THE **** AWAY! Now seriously, I was really getting tired of this shit. I had spent to much time going back and forth at home, having to take care of myself and take the medicine meant to help me. Now, for some this is standard. You get sick, you rest and take some medicine and you get better after a while.

Well, not really me. I for one, almost never get sick! And when I do, I'm only sick for one day, I'm not even kidding. All it takes is something against the symptoms and a good rest and I'm fine and dandy. Yet, somehow this forsaken 'common cold' wouldn't leave me alone.

Don't get me wrong, it was great to have some off time from my job, but when you're unable to enjoy it to the fullest, it's kind of a downer. Also, I was starting to run low on medicine, Note to self, remind mom to get some more medicine. I thought.

Now, I might not be a morning person, but that has never stopped me as I had inherited my fathers ability to forcefully set my internal clock to wake me up every morning at 6 AM. Now, why would you want to wake up at 6 AM? you ask? well, waking up as early as 6 AM allows for a great deal of time to transpire between the point of waking up and getting out of the house. Plenty of time to get ready and plan the oncoming day without having to stress, as well as being fully awake before having to leave. Also, 6 hours of sleep are plenty to survive a whole day.

SO, time to get up i guess. I think to myself as I look at my alarm clock standing next to the bed, showing me 06:03. Now I did say I had an awesome internal alarm, but I'm not stupid, of course I'd have a real alarm as a fail safe.

Actually getting out of bed I look around for some clean clothing lying around my room, I see none. Sighing I walk towards my closet and take out the first white shirt I see. A pair of blue jeans accompanying them. Throwing these pieces of clothing onto a chair leaning against the wall. Walking past them I pick up all the dirty clothes I have accumulated in my room these past few weeks. After getting rid of laundry material I got back to my room, still only in my undies. I had abandoned the idea of wearing pajamas a long time ago.

I went back to my wardrobe and pick up a clean pair of undies and make my way to the bathroom having only the thought of a warm shower in mind. After the shower I change my undies and got dressed, I went to take a look at the calendar hanging in the kitchen... after having to blow the living crap out of my nose a few times first.

October 7th, nothing special planned for today... again.

Now, despite my age of a mere 17 years of age I did already have a job, and I didn't go to any kind of fancy school, I was home schooled and had plenty of time to pull off my studies as well as having a job and time to sustain a hobby. But seeing as I was sick and wouldn't be working until I got better. And seeing the rest of the family was still sleeping I would have to make breakfast for myself... again, but I didn't really mind. Cause I could make any kind I wanted, so I went with my favorite, pancakes!

For everyone wondering I am not a big fan of working in a kitchen. I do enjoy the food and sometimes the processes of making the food, but I am not the one to willingly cook as long as someone else is available. The reason? Well, it's simple. It is simply the fear of setting fire to the kitchen... It is embarrassing but my fear comes from a time when my parents forced me to cook for the sake of being able to, in my complete boredom I had at some point left the kitchen with the stove on and a frying pan full of cooking oil waiting for it to heat up so I could fry the food. However during my absence from the kitchen I completely forgot about the safety hazard I had left in the kitchen.

I think you can guess what happened?

It wasn't until I heard something fall in the kitchen that I remembered what I had been doing there a few moments back. Rushing into the kitchen I saw to my horror how flames where stretching from the frying pan and almost licking the ceiling where they had melted some plastic of the lamp and a big decorative screen had melted of and fallen to the floor. In my panic I did the only thing that came to mind, I grabbed the frying pan and put it in the sink and poured water on the frying pan. (Do not do this at home) I now realize how stupid that was. But fortunately it had the best possible outcome as I had enough head on my shoulders to make sure I was out of harms way and that the fire was immediately extinguished.

Boy do I remember that day, I got a lot of scolding from my parents. I also had to fix the lamp, clean the walls and ceiling that had been darkened. Thankfully nothing had sustained lasting damage, I was even able to fix the lamp.

Now back to reality. After having made a good amount of pancakes from the pancake mix we had. I ate enough pancakes to fill the void in my stomach, while still making sure there was still enough for the rest of my family.

After eating and blowing my nose once again I left for my room. Now I say it's my room, but in all honesty it is actually our guest room. I was the only resident in our house to sleep on the bottom floor, I even slept on a couch. This was however only the case as I had to give up my room on the top floor to water damage caused by a leaking roof. The couch was one of those you can turn into a bed, but considering how lazy I am I would only remove all the pillows of the couch and add everything you need to call it a bed.

While in my room I would browse the WWW and play a few games. Soon I could hear activity in the house. Taking a look at the clock I saw it was now 8:14. Man, time really does fly. I thought before getting up from my laptop.

Entering the kitchen I saw my Father sitting by the dinner table reading some news on his own laptop while holding a cup of tea. While many would argue that coffee is more effective in the morning my father actually dislikes coffee and therefore drinks tea instead. Next to him was a little monster in the processes of obliterating a perfect plate of pancakes together with such an amount of maple syrup that the tooth fairy would faint. This monster was of course my younger sister. While she was adopted she was still my sister and I treated her as such. Or at least when we weren't arguing. We would argue quite a lot, but we also had an agreement that we would never, never ever as much as touch a hair on each others heads. The reason? My father.

While I was 11 and my sister was 9 we for the first time had an argument that broke into a fight where we started to use our fists, my sister noticing my superior strength soon started grabbing anything she could and would land some painful hits with toys and other stuff. Naturally I applied a similar tactic. My father was Outraged when he came down the stairs to see what we had done, both of us thinking he was mad when he saw what we had done to the living room where in for a surprise. He practically exploded with more rage than we could fathom at the time when he saw the state we had beaten each other into. My father was normally the most professional and calm being on the planet, but with the amount of screaming and threatening (threatening of limiting our computer and TV access as well as grounding us, nothing such as beating us) he exposed us to we didn't even think about arguing over anything for a whole 4 months, that's how scary he was at the time. He had scarred us for life. Period.

This is also one of the reasons I am against violence, I would try to settle any argument with words. There are only a few occurrences when I use violence, when someone is about hurt someone else or when my one punch would stop more violence from occurring.

Therefore me and my sister had devised a system to keep ourselves from angering each other and a few signals to let the other know when they where stepping over the line. Something our parents where grateful for.

I was surprised to find my sister still at home, she would have to have left a while ago to get to her classes on time. But with my father sitting next to her and mother still not at work I could have missed something important, so I dismissed the thought. It's probably nothing, maybe the teacher is sick or something and they didn't get a stand in so the first lesson isn't happening. (While I am being home schooled my sister actually goes to school, I sometimes envy her as she has gotten pretty popular at school and now has lot's of friends while I only have a few) I thought, she could always look up info on the school's website. I decided to look at the website myself to clarify this mystery after a quick trip to the throne. (toilet).

After my visit to the throne I noticed neither my father nor sister where at the table anymore. The pancakes where gone, Hope mom already ate. I thought while grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl. While munching on my newly acquired fruit I let my thoughts wonder.

Arriving in my room I had only one thing on my mind, my bed. I'm not that lazy that I constantly sleep when I can, but when I am sick I mostly rely on one thing to get better, this happens to be sleep. If anyone would make me choose between something for getting rid of colds or sleep, I would most definitely choose sleep. So, as it stands, whenever I'm sick and stay home I sleep a lot.

While undressing and getting ready to sleep again I heard a lot more activity from upstairs. Whatever they're doing it doesn't concern me so I shouldn't really have to ask them what the're doing, if they needed me they would have said so. I thought while getting sleepy by simply looking at my bed. Soon I was falling asleep, while forgetting to look at my sisters school site. But, meh. I would find out what was going on sooner or later. And then I fell asleep.

Third person POV

Now the boy had finally fallen asleep, Thank you, now I'll be the one taking over. I am the 3rd person POV. Nice to ... well... what's the word... be read? I don't know, I was about to say 'meet you' but that doesn't work cause we didn't really meet. Guess Pinki- ... I will not speak her name, I do not wish to suddenly summon her before her time. Ah yeah, sorry. We got a bit off track I believe. I am the 3rd person POV and will be explaining what is happening while the boy is either unreachable or something needs clarifying.

The first thing is that the 'boy' is very forgetful and forgets small details or stuff that seem insignificant to him. The first one is of course his name. George E. Nirotub, the boy laying on his bed currently drooling. Another example of fine detail George forgot to mention that would clear up why his family is acting weird would be the date. The 7th of October, just so happens to be his Birthday. So while George did look at the calendar where this day was circled and had a big 'Happy Birthday' written all over he didn't even think about it cause he already knew, therefore forgot to mention it to you readers. Now I guess you realize why the family is acting strange? No? Well, they are obviously preparing his gifts and making sure it'll be a surprise!

Somewhere else: An unnaturally pink pony could suddenly be seen having a spasm and a big smile while miming the words "Surprise Party!".

What was that disturbance? WAIT, IS THAT TEXT ACTUALLY PART OF THIS STORY? THAT I, OF ALL THINGS CAN NOT SEE? WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS? I'll be right back, I gotta fix this. You can go back to George...

Author's Notes:

Haha, no.
Sorry, no more George for now. You'll have to wait for the next chapter.


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