Five Nights at Pinkie's

by Jay David

Chapter 1: Five Nights at Pinkie's

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit, this isn't going to be the best job in the world. I mean, all I've been asked to do is watch over this place for about a week or so, and that's it. Not exactly a long-term career choice, I know. Still, beggars can't be choosers, especially in this economy. So, I guess I’ll just swallow my pride and just do my job. Besides, who knows? Maybe they'll like my work here enough to keep me on longer. It can't be too difficult, right? After all, who'd want to break into some old pizza place anyway? It's hardly the best maintained building in town, judging from all the stains on the walls, the chipped paintwork, and let's not forget that annoying flickering of my light here in my office. Nobody’s been here in years and yet they still need someone guarding it? Doesn't make sense to me, but if they're paying me to watch it, I'm not complaining.

As I look around my tiny office, I think over this place. Pinkie's Pizza. There was a time, years ago, when this was the most popular place in town, especially for kids. I remember coming here a few times myself, mostly on Birthdays. I used to love it. The food, the music, and especially the animatronics. A smile creeps over m face as I consider those nostalgic memories. True, as an adult I know this was hardly the best food to eat at the time, but I was a kid. I didn't know any better. All I cared about was that this was a fun place. My smile fades as I ponder how my childhood self would react if I saw the place now. Practically abandoned, no customers in years, the building falling apart a little bit each day. It was a sorry sight.

Looking down at the handheld screen I was given, I turned it on and began watching the feed from the various security cameras dotted about the place. All's clear on the western front, as people used to say. Nothing to report in the dining room, the kitchen, even the main hallway. And then I looked at the final camera. The one that looked at the stage itself. And there they were. The animatronic ponies that made this place so beloved by children. Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Applejack. I remembered them well from my past visits here as a kid. Though I'll admit that those things were looking more than a little worse for wear. Their fake fur was ripped in a few places, there was layer upon layer of dust on them, and I could see a fair bit of rust in the metallic joints they had. Yes Sir, those metal mares had seen better days, that much could not be denied.

And then it hit me. I only saw five mares on this screen, and I was sure there was supposed to be six. Old memories resurfaced in me, leading to a small smile forming on my face as I check a different camera, this time looking at a smaller stage to the side of the one the other five mares were. The smaller stage was covered by a purple curtain, but I knew she was there. Pinkie Pie herself, the star attraction. She was always the most popular character, though if memory served me, her model kept on braking down, hence why they kept her off to the side like this. It'd be nice to see her again, though I doubt the higher ups would appreciate me leaving my office just to take a tour down memory lane like that.

So, I simply reclined back into my chair a bit and looked through a few more cameras before I suddenly jumped with surprise at a new and loud sound. That initial fear subsides as I realised that it was just the nearby phone on my desk, leading to me letting out an embarrassed laugh over my reaction. Having calmed down, I reached forward and pressed a button on the phone, allowing me to hear the caller. There was a bit of silence to begin with, but soon enough I began to hear a man's voice on the recording.

"Er, hi there! It's me. Er, look, I just wanted to record this message for you for when you started this job. I, er, actually had this job before you. Just finishing my last day now in fact."

Ah, so this was my predecessor. I leaned back into my chair and carried on listening.

"So, there were a couple of things I wanted to run by you before you really get settled in there. Firstly, there's the formal introduction. I know it's not necessary, but it's kind of a legal thing I have to do so..."

I hear the sound of him clearing his throat before he continued.

"Welcome to Pinkie's Pizza, the most party-tastic place for kids and grown-ups alike! We thank you for your decision to work for us and to help ensure that this quality establishment remains a place for all to come and have a happy time."

I scoff at hearing this. Quality establishment? This place? Years ago, perhaps, but not anymore.

"Yeah, sorry about that, but it's kinda part of the job. Anyway, onto the important stuff. First of all, the building has a limited power supply, so try not to keep too many lights on there overnight. Not unless you absolutely have to of course for...obvious reasons."

Obvious reasons? Why would he say that? What was he expecting to happen here exactly?

"Now, I feel the need to inform you that the pony animatronics have a few...irregularities."

I raise an eyebrow at that as I keep listening.

"Now, they were pretty complicated machines in their day, and they've developed a few kinks here and there over the years. Most notably, the fact that they tend to get a bit stir-crazy at night. They have this thing called a free-roaming mode. Let's them walk about at night."

I look at my phone with incredulity. Is this guy for real?

"They used to be able to do that during the day years ago, but then there was an incident with some of the kids and...well...let's just say there's a reason parents stopped bringing their children here."

Ah, so that's why Mom and Dad said I couldn't come here anymore. I'd have liked to hear more about what happened, but something in my gut told me it'd probably be for the best not to probe too deeply. Instead, I carry on listening.

"So...yeah, they might walk about while you're working there. Try not to let them see you, okay. Coz, ya know, they have this nasty habit of seeing people and thinking they're other animatronics, only without their covers. And since that's against the rules...well...let's just say it'd be best if you don't get seen."

I look at my phone nervously as he says that. Knowing it's a recorded message, I know that it's not going to be possible to ask further questions about that, but still, that's all he’s going to give me? The beeping sound of the phone lets me know that he's ended his message, and so I am once again alone in this place. Well, except for the so-call roaming animatronics. I let out a dry chuckle at that. Yeah right. I'll be it's just this guy's way of psyching me out. Some kind of last-day-on-the-job-joke he was planning. Yeah, that's it. There's nothing to worry about here. So, I pull up my handheld again and look at the feed. As suspected, nothing's out of the ordinary. The place is quiet, nobody's trying to break in, Pinkie's still behind her curtain, the four mares on the stage are...

...wait...weren't there supposed to be five mares on the stage?

My heart skips a beat as I frantically search the other cameras. I know it's just my imagination, but even so, it never hurts to be careful. However, my eyes widen with shock when I set the camera feed to the one watching the main dining area. There, standing in the middle, was the white one, Rarity. She was just standing there, doing nothing. I gulp loudly as I watch her. This is some kind of joke, right? Someone is in here moving the animatronics around when I'm not looking. That's what this was, I'm sure of it. And yet, as I look at the rest of the feed, I don't see anyone else. So, either these intruders are really good hiders or...no...I have to get that idea out of my head. It's ridiculous. I'm not in any danger from these things. I press more buttons and look upon the stage again.

An icy grip takes hold of me as I see that there are yet more absences. Fluttershy and Applejack are no longer there. After a few more quick button presses, I see that they've both reached the back rooms, where the spare animatronic parts are kept. Like Rarity, they're just standing there, doing nothing. My breathing becomes heavy now, and I realise that there's one here I haven't checked on in a while. I look at the feed aimed at Pinkie's curtain, and for a moment I almost drop my handheld. The curtain is pulled back, and I see a pair of motionless blue eyes staring back at me from the darkness behind it. This is all getting too much for me. If it's true, that these things really are roaming freely, then what exactly do I have to fear from them seeing me? I wasn't told.

More buttons are pressed as I look around the place. The main stage is now completely empty, with it's original five mares all taking up places around the building. Fluttershy is still in the back room. Applejack has since taken Rarity's place in the dining hall. Rainbow Dash is lurking in the bathrooms. Twilight is in the front entrance hall, just staring out of the window. And as for Rarity, I can't see her. I check the feed a few more times before I finally locate her. And when I do, my heart skips yet another beat. She's there, standing right outside my right door. My head snaps in that direction and I see her dull eyes peering through the window. My reaction is immediate as I leap out of my chair and press the button on the side of the door, shutting it immediately. But that doesn't deter the white unicorn. She's still there, staring at me with those dead eyes.

I don't want to look at them anymore, so I turn off the light. It's not much, but not having to see that creepy thing is a comfort at the very least. However, turning the light off brings forth a new thought in my mind. I was warned not to use up too much power. How much do I have left? I haven't been checking it so maybe I should look at it before doing anything else. Looking at my screen, my eyes widen as I see that I'm only at twelve percent. And it's only three in the morning! I have to stay here another three hours! But I can't just shut everything off, they'll get in for sure that way. I know it's a risk, but I have to keep checking the feed. I look at the screen, seeing that all the ponies are exactly where I left them. I then check on Pinkie's camera, and that same look of shock crosses my face yet again.

Her curtain lies vacant, with no sight of the pink pony there at all. I check the other cameras immediately, in a frantic bid to find her. I know it's using power, but I can't leave a single one of these things unaccounted for. Finally, I look through the feed from the camera on the hallway to my right. Now, I can see her. But, sadly for me, she isn't remaining stationary like the other five. She’s galloping down the hallway as fast as those old metal legs can carry her. I leap out of my chair yet again, throwing the screen onto the floor as I run towards the door button. I smash my fist into it in a desperate bid to get that thing closed and keep me safe from these mechanical monsters. But, the door doesn't close. It stays open, the button stubbornly remaining it's usual red colour. As terror grips me, I let out a single utterance.


And the last thing I see in this world is that rusted pink pony leaping towards me.

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