The Good Griffon Inside

by The Darling Cookie

Chapter 1: The Good Griffin Inside

"Gah, what dweebs...trotting around and being..dweebs..pfft...they're pegasi, I don't know why they just don't fly instead of trotting like dweebs.." a griffon snided to herself, chuckling at what she deemed was a funny remark.

The griffon kept gazing on the residents of Cloudsdale, not moving from her window and just peering at the pegasi with such disgust. She never liked this time of year, and especially hated what it stood for; for her, giving was a foreign concept that will never be translated to her.

"My parents never gave me anything and neither did Santa Claus, so why should I?" the griffon continued, only talking to herself.

Despite her beautiful outside look, Gilda's personality was rather ugly and had much to be desired. She wasn't always this way however and deep down Gilda had always had a feeling that she was a good griffon. But she knew reality would set in and she would be labeled by the ponies as "Grumpy Gilda", which in turn actually made her grumpy.

"Pfft "Grumpy Gilda"...I hate that name.." she scoffed, squinting her eyes in dislike as she watched some of the ponies walk around holding hoofs and wearing santa hats.

Gilda then decided to stop watching the "dweebs" and turned around, walking into her kitchen. She looked up at her clock and noticed that it was almost mid-day. Her stomach started rumbling in response and she looked into her pantry, hoping that she didn't have to go outside on Christmas Eve. To her horror, she found nothing in the pantry and gasped in suprise.

"Noooo! Noooo! Please, please, please, PLEASE don't make me go outside!!!" Gilda almost shouted outloud.

She desperately looked around her apartment, looking for anything she could eat real quick but despite her heavy searching, she ended up empty-clawed.

"UGGGH! I have to go outside with those dweebs! EWWWWW!!" she said, rolling her golden eyes.

Gilda went into her room, grabbed her purse and keys, and headed towards her door, opening it with defiance and causing it to swing open quickly. She let the door slam and locked the door, rushing her way down from her apartment with a fast glide towards the grocery store. Although she could not directly hear the residents of Cloudsdale, she knew what they were saying as they gawked at her descending towards the store.

"Grumpy Gilda! Grrrummpy Gilda!!!" she imagined them all saying while laughing.

She ignored them and shrugged off their stares, landing quickly right in front of the store and almost falling down, causing her cheeks to blush in embarrassment.

"Whatever, I totally made that landing...they're just jealous" she told herself, trying to make herself feel better.

She then went into the store, pushing her way through all the last minute shoppers and rushing over to the food aisle. Almost immediately she noticed there was hardly any pony there, except one lone jasmine colored pegasus. Gilda also noticed her eyes started drifting from the mare's translucent cyan eyes to her sides and eventually towards her rear, and caught herself doing that, withdrawing her eyes right away.

"Hi!" the mare said excitedly out loud, speaking to Gilda.

Gilda's cheeks became red once again as she realized the mare knew what she was doing. But instead of the mare getting upset, she just simply smiled at Gilda, turning around while smiling with her eyes as well.

"Oh hey. Umm..well I got to go dweeb." Gilda said, attempting to hide her embarrassment.

Gilda started to turn around and face away from the mare but the mare spoke again, making Gilda stop in her tracks.

"I'm Raindrops heh. Don't you know it's rude without saying hi back silly? Hehe" the mare continued.

Gilda looked back at the mare in slight surprise, and gulped, scratching her head in confusion.

"R-Raindrops? Whatever dweeb.." Gilda hesitated, rolling her eyes.

The mare nodded her head and continued smiling, almost bringing Gilda to a smile herself.

"Yes silly that's my name. Why are you acting like no pony has ever told you their name before?" the mare innocently asked, not knowing of Gilda's status in the town.

Gilda replied with a look towards the ground and to her side, avoiding the mare's eyes.

"Oh. Well it's nice to meet you-" Raindrops continued, waiting for Gilda to speak.

"Gilda. Or "Grumpy Gilda" like every other pony calls me." Gilda replied, looking to her other side and blowing air at her head feathers in a scoff.

Raindrops grimaced at Gilda, her eyes meeting Gilda's drifting beautiful golden eyes. Gilda immediately looked away, ignoring the warm feeling she started feeling in her chest when she looked at Raindrops.

"Gilda is such a pretty name. I like it." the mare said to Gilda sincerely, smiling at the griffon again.

Gilda responded with a scoff and started to grab cans of food off of the shelf, attempting not to look at Raindrops.

"Hey umm Gilda if you're not doing anything tomorrow, you can stop by my place and we can celebrate Christmas together! I have a feeling we'll be best-est buddies!" Raindrops said with such glee any frown could be turned upside down.

"Why? Don't you got like dweebs with you to celebrate with?" Gilda responded.

Gilda continued grabbing cans of food and briefly looked over to Raindrops and stopped grabbing cans of food. For a short time the two stood there in silence but it was Gilda who broke the silence finally.

"Okay, fine I'll go. I don't have anything to do anyways. I never do around this time of year because I'm too cool to be doing this "Christmas" thing. But I guess I can make an excep-"

"Oh really! Oh my Celestia that would be great! Yay!!!" Raindrops interrupted, yelling with glee and hugging the griffon.

Gilda almost chuckled at how cute the mare was being and noticed that warm feeling was coming back again, both in her chest and cheeks this time as the two were intimately close to one another. Eventually Raindrops realized that she was invading Gilda's personal space and apologized.

"Eh it's whatever dweeb" Gilda snorted, secretly liking Raindrop's embrace and hoping that she would do it again.

However Raindrops did not hug the griffon again and instead gave Gilda instructions on how to get to her house.

"I look forward to seeing you!" Raindrops excitedly said, winking at the griffon.

Gilda rolled her eyes and the mare giggled slightly, turning around to trot away but not before sneaking one more look at Gilda.

"She's adorable...I mean in like a dweeb-ish way...pfft..I definitely don't like her or anything....That would be crazy...heh" Gilda thought to herself, smirking.

She quickly checked out, flying out of the door of the store and back home with such speed. Gilda then put up her groceries and turned on the T.V. in her living room, crashing on it for a good couple of hours. Eventually she started getting tired as the night came by, her thoughts drifting to that of the mare she met earlier that day.

"Heh..Raindrops..." she mumbled, smiling at the thought.

She then closed her eyes, drifting into sleep right away.

Knock Knock Knock!

Gilda's eyes slowly opened, her eardrums hearing somepony knocking on her door rather rapidly and loudly.

"Go away you dweebs! Ugh!" she softly called out, hoping that the knocking would go away if she ignored it.

However she was wrong as the knocking remained consistent, causing Gilda to finally wake up and aggravating her to the point of insanity.

"UGGGH WHAT!" Gilda yelled, getting up and swinging open the door wildly.

She then immediately felt bad as she saw her new found friend standing in the doorway, smiling at her with such joy.

"Oh hey it's you. Hi." Gilda said.

"Hiya!! Soooo I found out where you lived. Hehehe!"

Gilda didn't know how to feel about that; to be creeped out or to feel flattered that Raindrops took the consideration and time to do so.

"Ummm...okay. So-"

"Can I come in???" Raindrops interrupted, practically letting herself inside.

Gilda almost chuckled as Raindrops wiggled her way into Gilda's apartment, settling on Gilda's living room floor, and setting down a present she had in her mouth the whole time.

"Wait is that for me?" Gilda asked, shocked at the present's presence.

Raindrops looked over to Gilda and smiled eagerly, nodding her head yes. Gilda smiled back, prompting a response from Raindrops.

"Hey look you're smiling! Hehehe!" Raindrops giggled.

Gilda continued smiling, blushing at Raindrops.

"No, I'm not heh. Christmas is for dweebs and I'm too cool to be one." Gilda said, denying her now joyous look.

Raindrops smiled at her and trotted over to her, hugging her tightly again.

"Then I guess I'ma dweeb then." Raindrops giggled, getting closer and closer to Gilda.

Gilda's heart started pounding heavily as the two hugged each other tightly, the two of them bringing their mouths closer to one another.

"Woah what's happening?" Gilda breathed out, her breathing starting to get heavier.

"Me changing your mind about Christmas" Raindrops replied, smiling at the griffon.

Gilda smiled and the two of them slowly got away from one another, deciding to just sit on the couch together.

"I know this may be sudden, but I'm glad I met you Raindrops." Gilda said, poking the mare.

The mare smiled back at Gilda and handed her her present.

"Open it Gilda" Raindrops excitely said.

Gilda nodded and opened the present, gasping in joy as she saw what her present was.

"Awh..this is for me?" Gilda asked Raindrops.

Raindrops nodded her head, hugging Gilda.

"To Gilda, a new and hopefully lasting friend. From, Raindrops." Gilda read outloud.

The present was a luxourious and beautiful golden watch, the finest in all of Equestria.

"You didn't have to..this is so nice! I didn't get you anything though Raindrops" Gilda said to the mare, feeling guilty about not getting a present for Raindrops.

"You smiling was enough of a gift for me." Raindrops giggled, her snout crinkling up with delight.

"Awh..stop making me blush!" Gilda laughed, her cheeks becoming so rosy once again.

The duo smiled at one another, holding hoof and claw as they watched T.V. with one another for the rest of Christmas.

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