Birds of a Feather

by IcarusFics

Chapter 4

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Author's Notes:

Hey everyone! Thanks for waiting more than a year for these chapters, here is the soughta cloptional bonus chapter, for your masturbational pleasure.

Gilda and I walked into into the spare room that Twilight had set up for us and I looked around at the contents. She had set up a very basic double bed with a table in the corner and a few books had been piled on it. The books interested me a bit as I was willing to learn more about this world I was in, but the bed was infinitely more enticing right now. I groaned in relief and flopped down on the bed, reveling in the softness of the mattress and duvet.

“Oh my Goooood, Gilda. I never knew how much I could miss a bed until now.”

Gilda walked up behind me and them crawled onto the bed, joining me in mutual satisfaction.

“Oooh, I hear ya there, Sky. This bed is incredible.”

“Yeah... “ I moaned again, content in lying there in silence for a while. Gilda seemed to have other plans as she rolled over to face me.

“So, Sky. How are you liking Ponyville?”

“Honestly, it's kinda nice. I can't tell right now if my enjoyment is coming more from how much I missed being around modern society, or if I actually like the place, but I do think it's the latter.”

“Good, cos I was thinking… Maybe you'd want to stay here with me for a while? I mean, I don't really have anywhere else to go, and I actually seem to have gained new friends since I came back. It just seems like a waste to give that chance up, ya know?”

“I think I do, Gilda. Honestly, I'm happy to go wherever you go.”

“Aww, lame.” She smiled warmly and placed her lips against mine. I leant into the kiss more than before and found myself more than eager to continue it. As the passionate kiss got ever more passionate, a warmth began to spread through my belly down to my groin and I began moaning in pleasure as my arousal increased. I could tell my moans and our kiss were doing similar things to Gilda as I heard small moans start to come from her as well. I pushed even further into the kiss and picked up the pace, writhing my tongue around with hers and feeling the texture of it. It was probably from the fact that we were in a much more private and relaxing environment, but I felt myself utterly enthralled by the passion that we shared and began to moan ever louder. Gilda’s claws began stroking my torso up and down, sliding against the nipples that I had hidden beneath my fur and feathers, eliciting a higher pitched, shorter moan than usual from me. She continued stroking me, going lower and lower with her claw every stroke until it began to come in contact with the skin just above my clit. I pushed my hips upwards, begging for her touch as I squeaked in pleasure.

“P - please, Gil… I… I need it…”

Gilda took a break from her own moaning to smile and giggle at me, causing my cheeks to somehow flush an even deeper red.

“You need… What? Tell me what you need.”

“I need… you… your claws… I want them.”

“What do you want me to do with-”

“Fuck me!” I shouted, louder than I probably should have. I lowered my voice a bit. “Please, Gilda. I need you to fuck me.”

“I think I can oblige.” The beautiful Griffon said before slowly sliding a singular claw into my dripping cunt. I groaned a long and high pitched groan of satisfaction as I felt the amazing appendage slide into me. I looked down at Gilda’s crotch which was equally as wet as mine, so I brought my own claw down and began rubbing her labia slowly. She moaned deeply and pulled me into a kiss but didn't stop her own claws progress, which had now slipped entirely into my snatch. She swirled it around in me, driving me to shudder and speed up with my own rubbing. I looked into her beautiful amber eyes with a half lidded stare and kissed her again, trading saliva with her and thrusting my hips in time with the thrusts of her claws. I began to feel a familiar pressure building up Inside of me and my moans became quicker in frequency and higher in pitch the closer I got. Just as I felt like I might be reaching the point of no return, Gilda suddenly pulled her claw out of me and brought it up to our faces.

“No, Gilda… I was so close.”

She grinned, brought her dripping claw to her beak and began slurping my juices off of the appendages. She grinned and rubbed my snatch again for a few seconds before bringing her claw back up.

“Why don't you have a taste?”

I immediately opened my beak and stuck out my tongue, licking the claw with great fervor. I let my juices swirl around in my mouth, reveling in the familiar taste, feeling the heat from in between my legs somehow increase even more.

“Oh god, Gilda, please… I need to cum! I need it so much!”

“Nah, not yet.” She chuckled, moving away from me and leaning over toward the bag she had brought in with us. “I have something a little more exciting in mind.”

Just as I began to imagine what it might be, Gilda pulled out a quite large, phallic shaped object with what looked a bit like like a butt plug on one end and the rest of the dildo on the other. It's strange shape confused me a bit, but as long as it eventually went inside me, I didn’t really care.

“Oh my god.” I whispered and began rubbing myself in anticipation.

“Pretty cool, right? Dash gave it to me as a thank you present.” Gilda turned the dildo over a few times. “This bit,” Gilda motioned to the butt plug shaped thing. “Goes in me, and this bit…” She motioned to to the rest of the vaguely horse dick shaped dildo before grinning her signature cocky grin. “I think you can guess where it goes.”

I responded by scooching back on the bed and spreading my legs wide, giving my girlfriend a generous view of my dripping Griffon pussy. Gilda took the dildo and slid the plug slowly into her cunt, the sight causing my heart to race in anticipation.

“Now, this thing isn't exactly small, so I'm gonna warn you. It might hurt a little the first time going in, but it doesn't take long before it starts feeling really, really good.” She said while moving forward to place herself between my hind legs and to position the dildo near the entrance to my pussy.

“I want it.” I moaned and bit my lip. “I want you. So bad.”

She pushed forward slowly with her hips and the slightly tapered dildo pressed up against my soaking entrance. I took hold of Gilda’s head and pulled her in for a kiss, inadvertently causing the head of the dildo to pop inside of me. I moaned heavily into our kiss as the seemingly huge dildo pulled my walls apart. Even with this new alien object inside of me, I still felt empty inside and so I edged down a little, letting it slide just that little bit deeper. I could tell Gilda could feel my heat radiating from my cunt, and she began slowly sliding herself deeper and deeper.

I gripped my legs around my girlfriend as I felt my insides part more and more, my body eagerly welcoming every millimeter of the rubber dong into me. I felt the dildo start to widen suddenly at a particular point along it and thought it might be finally hilted before the extra girth popped inside of me. I yelped and looked down between our legs only to realize that the dildo was only about half way inside. Holy fuck, how big was this thing? More than that, how deep was I? Would it even all fit? Gilda felt it was her duty to answer that for me and slammed her hips forward until her hips met mine. The sudden thrust and sensation of fullness finally pushed me over the edge and my mind was filled with incredible pleasure, radiating from everywhere in my body but concentrating at my groin. I felt myself clench against the lifeless cock inside me as I attempted to milk It of the cum that would never come. I kissed Gilda clumsily as my body continued to spasm from the incredible pleasure I was feeling. I never wanted it to end.

“That good, huh?”

I nodded quickly in reply and began to writhe my hips against her, trying to somehow push the dildo even deeper inside.

“And it didn't even seem to hurt you. You sure you sure you didn't get up to anything with Twilight and her “experiments.”?”

I shook my head. “No way! This body… me… I'm only for you. No one else.”

“Hey, relax. I was just pulling your leg. But don't get too relaxed yet, I am definitely not done fucking that tight pussy of yours.”

I couldn't even reply as the dirty talk was causing me to clench on the object even tighter, distracting me from whatever response I could have thought of. I felt felt a huge surge of pleasure as the ridges of of the cock glided out of of my pussy at the same time that I clenched down on it. Gilda began to speedily pull out and then slam down on me, every time she did so splattering a small amount of her juices against my legs. Gilda closed her eyes, letting her hips thrust on autopilot, sliding in and out over and over as the pressure began to build inside again. I pressed my forehead against hers, feeling her warm breath on my face as she fucked me intensely. I rocked my body along with my thrusts, enhancing the pleasure that both of us felt.

“Gilda, I'm - Ah! Fuck… I'm getting close!”

“Yeah? You are? Like it when I pound your pound your little pussy, huh? You know, I think next time, I'm gonna eat you out until you cum in my mouth.”

That pushed me to breaking point and I came hard, pulling Gilda into a strained kiss as I did. My wings involuntarily spread out wide, shuddering as the muscles were filled with an insane spasming pleasure. Gilda came not too long after and I could tell that she was trying her hardest to kiss as well, but ended up pulling away and screaming, her wings trying to spring free of her bindings as all of the muscles in her body convulsed rapidly. My orgasm faded a little faster faster than before, but I looked at Gilda to see that hers was still going full ball, her thrusts still pushing the remnants of my orgasm to the limit. The plug shot out out of her pussy and and a small stream of her cum poured out along with it, clearly having gathered throughout our fuck session. My rapid clenching did the same thing to my end of the dildo and a it was flung toward the end of the bed. Eventually, Gilda’s forelegs gave out and a she collapsed on me. I angled her head toward me and I kissed her with as much passion as I could muster. She returned with short but passionate kisses, whispering “I love you” every time she pulled away for a breath. Eventually, she collapsed fully and let out a huge sigh of satisfaction.

“I've… never… cum like that in my life, Sky.”

“Me…” I panted. “Me neither. Oh my fucking god…”

“I love you, Sky.”

“I love you too, Gilda. Thank you.”

“For what? I should be the one thanking you. I've never felt… that close to any of my partners, but you… you make me feel so close. Like nothing could ever go wrong.”

I smiled and kissed her cheek tenderly, brushing the sweat dampened feathers out of her face. I stared into her beautiful golden eyes and felt my heart surge with content. This must be what true happiness feels like.

“Yeah, Gil. I know what you mean.”

I felt Gilda shudder again and a liquid dripped onto my thigh that was resting beneath her legs. An idea popped into my head.

“Hey Gilda, lie on your back.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Trust me. Lie on your back and close your eyes.”

She did as I asked and spread her legs, either on impulse or because she knew exactly what I wanted. I lowered my head between her legs and stuck out a claw slowly circling her hole with it. I suddenly plunged a claw inside began to finger her, thrusting in and out while curling my fingers toward me. I felt her clench around me and her back arched as she lay there and enjoyed the feelings I was giving her. I lowered my head again and in a split second, removed my claw from her pussy and plunged my tongue as deep inside her as I could. I heard her gasp for air and try as hard as she could to stifle her screams of pleasure. Wanting to hear those treasured sounds again, I began sucking on her clit, pushing the tip of my tongue around her clit’s hood.

That got me exactly what I wanted and Gilda couldn't hold her moans in any longer. She let out a long groan as more of her juices pooled up inside her only to be lapped up by my greedy tongue. A few rapid thrusts later and she came, a large amount girl cum shooting into my mouth. I lapped at her clit as she came, earning me even more moans of pleasure. I could tell Twilight could hear what was going on if she was anywhere in the house, but I didn't care. This was payback for turning me back into a man today.

After what seemed like a whole minute, Gilda finally stopped moaning and relaxed with another heavy sigh. I pulled myself to her and brushed her cheek with my claw.

“Want a taste?” I chuckled, remembering that she had done this for me earlier. She leaned in for a kiss and I let her take the remainder of her cum out of my mouth. She hummed into the kiss and I could feel a smile forming as we made out.

I pulled away and let myself flop down next to her, finally exhausted after the most intense lovemaking I had ever experienced.

“You do know you're amazing, right?” I giggled, looking at the incredible girl next to me.

“No… No way. You. You're amazing.” She panted, basking in afterglow of her most recent orgasm.

“Fine. We're both amazing.”

“S-sure.” She smiled, still catching her breath. “Let's go with that.”

“You know, Gil… I'm really glad you asked me to stay here with you.”


“Yeah. I was kinda worried about what you wanted to do after we got back. I was thinking, like, “Is she gonna want to go back home?” or “It's she gonna leave me here and go alone?”.”

“Of course not!”

“I know, but I always fear the worst. I'm just… I'm really glad I met you. I'm really glad I fell out of the sky, and I'm really glad you saved my life. Thank you.”

“No problem, Sky. I would go through the pain of hurting my wing a million times over if it meant I could have met you.”

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