A Date with Strawberries and Musicians.

by TheGreatEater

Chapter 1: Love and Foals

Holy Dash snuggled into Ditzy Doo as Ditzy's downy soft wing wrapped around her. They say across from Vinyl Scratch and Octavia at their corner booth of Blueberry's Bar and Grill for a group date. Ditzy was friends with Vinyl through one of her jobs as a Mail Mare, and Vinyl's penchant for accidentally destroying her equipment during her many experiments in 'taking music to the next level'.

And after Ditzy and her started dating Vinyl and her marefriend, and fellow musician Octavia Melody, decided to hold group dates every few weeks. But that's not what was on Holy's mind as she looked at Vinyl Scratch today. With Hearth's Warming coming around the corner, the two musicians were dressed for the season. Octavia in a tasteful Santa Hooves hat, but Vinyl was dressed up as Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

"So why are you dressed up as Rudolph?" Holy asked.

"I lost a bet," Vinyl mumbled embarrassedly.

Ditzy leaned forward and asked, "What was the bet?"

Octavia laughed merrily, "She bet Rainbow Dash that she could drink more liquid rainbow than Rainbow could. Without knowing just how hot they were."

"Hey it's an easy mistake. They look candy colored, so how was I supposed to know they're that hot. That and I see Rainbow and her sister eating them like they were going out of style," Vinyl replied defensively.

"Well, at least you know that even if something looks like candy you shouldn't put it in your mouth," Octavia replied back with a cheeky grin.

"Well, we'll see if you say the same thing tonight. Hogging up all my peppermint, zapapple eggnog," Vinyl pouted.

Octavia looked aghast, "But I love your eggnog. It's sooo gooood," she said a blush rising to her face she she practically danced in her seat.

Holy looked at Ditzy who was blushing just as hard, "that must be some good eggnog."

"Oh it is, it'll blow your mind," Ditzy said with a fervent nod.

"Well, I guess we should move on to a different subject," Octavia said diplomatically before giving Vinyl a loving peck on the cheek, "although you do make the loveliest reindeer of all."

"So what are you girls planning for Hearth's Warming?" Holy asked.

"Well we were thinking about going to see Octavia's parents this year. They haven't talked to us much since Tavi here fell for a non-classical musician. But I think they're warming up to her dating a DJ and a unicorn to boot," Vinyl replied.

"Don't say it like that Vinyl, they just are ... very traditional. But I love you, and that's all that matters in the long run. That and I'm sure they're going to change their minds when they hear the news," Octavia replied with a grin that made her practically glow.

"What news?" Holy asked.

"I'm having Vinyl's foal!" Octavia squealed.

After the group lunch and a round of congratulations for the happy couple. Holy trotted next to Ditzy deep in thought. Even though they've been together for several months now Holy felt a strong connection with Ditzy Doo. Their children loved each other, they themselves got along stupendously, and with Estrus season in bloom Holy couldn't help but think of a little Ditzy running around with her loving sisters to play alongside.

But as tempting as the thought was Holy knew that right now wasn't the time to act on it. Even less so since she lacked the magical expertise to do that particular spell herself. As she trotted alongside her gorgeous marefriend Ditzy spoke up, "you're thinking about having foals of our own aren't you?"

Holy blushed profusely, "I'm that easy to read aren't I?"

"No, it's just that in these few short months I've gotten to know you well enough, that and I was thinking about the same thing," Ditzy replied with an equally bright blush.

"Ha! We're quite the pair aren't we?"

Dizty nuzzled Holy lovingly, "that we are."

"So what do you think about it happening some day?"

"Well first we'd need to speak to our daughters about adding another pony to the family, but yeah, some day it'd be nice to have your foal."

"Or me having yours."

Ditzy let loose an adorable laugh, "we might have to take turns."

"I'd like that," Holy blushed.

Stepping closer to Holy she wrapped a wing around her and said, "have I told you lately how much I love you?"

"Not as much as I love you." Holy replied teasingly, giving Ditzy a light kiss.

"Nu-uh!" Ditzy whispered returning the kiss in kind.

"I can't believe Hearths Warming is coming right around the corner! And I was thinking, if you're okay with it, if you'd like to spend it with me and Mango?"

"I'm sure my little muffin would love that as much as I would. You don't mind if I see if Sparkler is able to come and visit too do you?"

"Of course not, heck, it's been ages since Mango had a christmas with her Auntie Dash. We can make it one big family event," Holy chuckled.

"Family ... that'd be nice," Ditzy said with a nod.

Holy leaned more closely to Ditzy, "Family."

As they entered Ditzy's house they saw Mango napping with Dinky. Her bright orange wing wrapped protectively around Dinky while Dinky was nomming on Mango's ear in her sleep. Holy wrapped Mango in her magic and started to lift her when Dinky moaned, "No, not my brave knight! I needses her!"

Holy stopped and both her and Ditzy d'awwed. Deciding unanimously to let the two fillies sleep as they were. As the entered the kitchen Holy was the first to speak, "I see the way those two look at each other and it reminds me of us."

"Ha! It does look it. They really are cute together, but if they'd get together what'd that mean for us?"

"Well ... they aren't blood related. And they grew up apart from one another, so I don't see any problems with it. If any do pop up I'm sure we could weather any storm life throws at us," Holy said laying a comforting hoof across Ditzy's.

"I agree. That and it'd mean our little family would grow even bigger."

"Yep. Well should we let their little love come out when they're ready to tell us? Or should we talk with them now about it?"

"Lets see how it turns out, and when their ready to tell us. We'll be there to listen, sound about right?"

"Sound right."

With that they decided to take after Mango and Ditzy and curling up on the couch next to their daughters curled up and fell asleep in each others forehooves. Each thinking that the up in coming Hearths Warming was going to be the greatest yet.

Author's Notes:

Special thanks to http://www.fimfiction.net/user/dj-pon3fan I knew that I wanted to do a Strawberry Muffin Ship again, as a birthday gift to myself. But didn't know where I wanted to take it. That bronies avatar sparked the inspiration for the fic itself beyond a simple 'I want to write something new today".

But yeah Holy Dash has so few ships, and I do enjoy writing her. Ditzy as well is a rather cute character to write. A loving mother, a caring pony, one of the best back ground ponies imaginable. Holy herself isn't all that bad either.

This fic takes place before the big reveal on Golden Wings, and a few months before Hearths Warming. There were no editor or pre-readers for this fic.

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