Today (The day before tomorrow)

by Fictional Fanatic

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Awakening, First Encounter.

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Chapter 1 Awakening, First Encounter.

Glimmer Thorn suddenly opened her eyes but quickly closed them again due to the pain. Her head felt like it had been shoved through a wall. Once again opening her eyes, slowly this time, she took in the view of the cottage she was in. The cottage she realized must have been the inside of a tree seeing how both the walls and the floor where made of one and the same giant piece of wood. All around the walls where masks of different kinds and a few shelves with either some books or bottles of some kind. In the middle of the building there was a cauldron on top of a fire pit. The only source of light where some lit candles and the fire in the fire pit to keep the brew in the cauldron brewing.

All this Glimmer took in whit a glance before she noticed somepony next to her, or rather some zebra.

"Well, looks like you're awake, that was quite the shake." The zebra said as Glimmer looked at her.

Next to the bed Glimmer was lying in was standing a zebra with gold-colored rings around her neck and right foreleg, also wearing a golden-colored earring on each ear. Her cutiemark was a sun made out of a spiral with triangles representing rays coming from it. The zebra it-self had a light and dark gray coat with stripes on only her legs and mane and tail, however her mane having white and dark gray colors instead.

"Where am I,who are you?" Glimmer asked trying to understand her situation better.

"I am Zecora, see. And you are in my little tree." Zecora answered with a little smile seeing how the unicorn was trying to realize where she was.

"And now who might you be, pony running into my tree?" The zebra asked before the unicorn could ask another question.

"My name is Glimmer Thorn and... wait, did you say i ran into your tree?" Glimmer asked with a surprised tone in her voice while looking around the insides of the tree more closely.

"Yes" Zecora answered shortly amused at the unicorns surprised look, but a little worried at the same time.

"Well, that explains the headache, but... I can't remember anything!" Glimmer realized as she was speaking to Zecora. The horror soon showing on her face.

"That is horrible to hear, but i have a potion to help with that fear. Now I think it's time for you to eat, as sleeping that long is quite a feat." Zecora told Glimmer before walking up to a shelf starting to look at the different books.

"How long was I out?" Glimmer asked. At the same time feeling the hunger that her headache earlier suppressed.

"You've been sleeping for two days, none of my potions helping in any ways." Zecora said in rhyme once again and started reading something from the small book she was now holding.

Glimmer deciding to follow the zebras advice got out from under the covers and stepped down on the floor. When after two days in bed she stepped onto the floor she almost fell and had to rely on the bed for stability as her body soon adjusted and her balance returned. Now getting real hungry she scanned the room for food and saw a small bowl on top of what looked like a small drawer next to the bed.

As she was enjoying her first meal in two days, she noticed that Zecora had stopped reading the book and was now packing it down into some saddlebags with a few other things.

"I will have to go to Ponyville for getting something, or else my potion is no longer an option." Zecora explained with a barely acceptable rhyme to answer the unicorn looking at her. Now finally able to get a good look at the unicorn for the first time since she had found her unconscious outside the house.

The pony called Glimmer Thorn had a white coat, her mane was reaching down to her neck and was rough and a little wild yet beautiful in it's own way looking a little like actual thorns at the ends, the same going for her quite short tail. Both the mane and her tail where wine red only a few shades brighter than the color of fresh blood. And her eyes where green, reminding of the color of emeralds. The cutiemark was two branches twisting around each other with one having leaves and the other having thorns. But the most peculiar thing about the unicorn was actually her horn, the horn was not like the rest of the coat, all white, but half black and half white in the normal twisted pattern horns had.

"I will hopefully be back soon, so you don't have too leave this room. But if you're bored out of your mind, you could help me clean if you'd be so kind." The zebra said as she left.

Having nothing else to do, Glimmer found a broom and started cleaning, as she had to repay the kind zebra who had taken care of her and given her food. Yet at the same time, using the time to try and remember what she could have been doing out in the scary forest, she had now seen outside the windows.

Zecora was not actually sure if she would be able to find the ingredient she needed to finish the memory fixing brew she was going to make. She was hoping, as not having ones memory actually could drive somepony crazy, she had seen that once before and didn't want to see it happen again. But at least she could always ask some of the ponies in town for help if the missing ingredient wasn't for sale in ponyville. She was sure Twilight would agree to help.

Not wasting any time she increased her pacing speed a little so she could make it to ponyville a bit before noon.

When Zecora reached ponyville she turned towards the market as she usually did, once there however she was unable to see anypony.

"Now the're not scared of me again I hope, I don't think i'd cope." Zecora thought as she instead started to walk towards the library trying to find Twilight to find out what was going on. Next Chapter: Chapter 2 Flower Dance. Estimated time remaining: 15 Minutes

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