A little loopy.

by FaelaArts

Chapter 1: L1&L2

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“Sweetie Belle, wake up, it’s time for school!” Groaning as Rarity’s voice called through the door, Sweetie reluctantly rose. Giving a yawn, she rubbed her eyes as her light grey fur bristled from the morning chill. It was going to be another cold week, it seemed. Her mind briefly turned to her dreams, but before she could focus, they vanished like her weekend from her memory.

“I’m up!” Rising, Sweetie looked around her room. Her room was neatly furnished, and it had everything she needed; a soft bed, a vanity unit, and a mat in one corner with some toys on it, most being teddy bears. Truthfully she didn’t play with Mr. Snuggles or Miss Poofsy anymore, but they still held a special place in her heart.

Brushing her hair, she breathed in, suddenly smelling something in the air; fluffy, yummy, tummy, pancakes! Not even stopping to check her hair was in its right place, she instantly dashed downstairs, at the table so quick, you’d swear she had teleported.

“I’m off! See you Rarity.” Bounding over, she gave her sister a quick hug, and then trotted outside. Looking around, it took a few moments before Apple Bloom appeared, rounding a corner, and she smiled. Waving a hoof, they both clothed the distance, and began to make the long trek toward school.

“..., ..., ..., diamonds..., sand..., formed.” as Cheerilee spoke, Sweetie tuned out for a moment, going cross-eyed as a pressure began to appear in her head. What was with this headache, had it been something she’d ate? Had Rarity poisoned her!? WAS SHE GOING TO-No, even she knew that was ridiculous. Still, it was thoughts like that that made the day go a little faster.

“Why not get Sweetie Belle to answer, since her sister has a Cutie Mark of diamonds.” Sweetie turned, and glared at Diamond, opening her mouth to make a quip. Cheerilee was, sadly, too quick to interject.

"That's a perfect suggestion, Diamond Tiara. Oh, since your name has diamond in it, why don't I give you the first question instead?" Cheerilee’s words caused Diamond to glare, and Sweetie couldn’t help the smug grin on her face. However, all too soon that faded as her headache began to become more distracting, and Sweetie raised her hoof.

"Miss Cheerilee? Can I go to the nurse, I don't feel so good." After Sweetie spoke, Cheerilee put her hoof on her forehead, it was warm to the touch. Biting her lip, Cheerilee nodded.

"Yes dear, make sure to tell her what the problem is when you get there.” Upon arriving, Sweetie managed to get herself sent home early, on the promise she headed right for bed. Doing so, her mind drifted off the moment she hit the pillow.

“I say we try getting our cutie marks in hole digging!” Scootaloo nodded as Apple Bloom spoke, and both beamed at Sweetie Belle as she played with her paper plane using magic. Even now, Sweetie couldn’t believe how far her magic had come in just a few short days.

“Sure! Let’s go!” Following the two into town, they grabbed shovels, and began to dig a hole. It was dirty work, but soon enough they were quite far done. Taking a break, they checked their flanks, only to be disappointed as they remained mark less.

“WOAH!” A form fell atop of them, causing them to scream in panic, and try to flee. After a few moments, they realised it was just Noteworthy, and relaxed. Two heads peeked into the hole, and Sweetie shrunk down as Rarity’s voice called out.

“You are so grounded.”

“Today's lesson, is on Tides. You see, the moon in the night sky is also responsible for the tides of the ocean. Too close or too far, and we would not be the Equestria you see today. One of Celestia’s greatest fears during the birth of Nightmare Moon was of this. Now can anyone tell me why Princess Luna may have not done so, even if it would have been to her advantage?” Cheerilee regarded the class.

“Uhm, because deep down she was a nice pony after all?” Snails shrunk slightly as the entire class laughed at him, but such behavior was quickly halted.

“Actually, that is what most Ponies believe. According to Princess Twilight herself, Luna only wanted her subject's admiration. Perhaps, deep down, she still cared for life, even in the depths of despair.” Cheerilee began to draw white dots on the chalkboard.

“Which is why, I want to ask you children if you would be interested in a School Excursion to see the stars one evening. You would need to sign permission slips of course, but it would be a good experience for all of you.” Turning, Cheerilee waited, and all the kids began to nod enthusiastically. Staying up late, on a school night? This was going to be awesome!

“Goodnight Rarity,” whispered Sweetie, hugging her sister as she slowly climbed the stairs to her bed. The weekend promised to be a good one, full of fun and adventure, and Cutie Marks! Maybe, that is. Snuggling into her covers, a soft sigh escaped her lips. What a good week, she almost wished it wasn’t over.

Without another thought, her mind sunk into dreams.

Author's Notes:

It was a long time coming! For new people to the series, welcome!
See the Sequel to ALL here!

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