Sunset Shimmy

by shortskirtsandexplosions

Chapter 1: Morning, She's Shimmyin'

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Pinkie Pie smiled wide. "And so the rabbi said, 'No, you have chicken mouth!'"

All five girls giggled from where they stood on the front steps to Canterlot High.

"Hey, guys!" Sunset Shimmer's voice rang in the morning air.

Applejack glanced down, clutching a strap of her book bag. "Why, howdy, Sunset! How are you this..." She blinked, eyes crooked. "...mornin'?"

"Uhm..." Fluttershy leaned over, brushing aside her pink bangs. "Sunset?"

"Sorry I'm late! What's up?" A big smile was plastered across the teenager's face. "Wow, you guys are tall all of the sudden!" Her eyes narrowed. "Did you all buy new platforms?"

"Not at all, darling." Rarity gestured. "You're... crawling on all fours."

"Pfft! I am not!"

"Uhhhh..." Rainbow Dash nodded, face scrunched. "Yeah you are"

"Girls, for real, if I was crawling on the floor, I think I would know."

"Then would ya mind tellin' us the time?" Applejack asked.

Sunset Shimmer lifted one hand off the concrete courtyard so she could look at her watch. "It's about eight minutes 'til homeroom and—" She froze in place, blinking at herself. "Huh..." Her knees squirmed against the bottom steps of the high school. "Would you look at that."

"Is everything alright?" Rarity asked. "You seem rather... th-that is to say, your voice sounds—"

"Hoarse?" Sunset shrugged. "So I went to bed with a slight cough. No biggie. I took a lozenge and now things are clearing back up in the ol' tubes." Reeling backwards, Sunset wobbled slightly and at last stood upright. "I promise I'll be ready to sing my heart out for band rehearsals this evening!"

"Okay..." Rainbow squinted. "If you say so..."

"Say!" Sunset grinned wide. "Is it true that Principal Celestia is fundraising for a new Track and Field program next week?"

"Uhm... Yes." Fluttershy nodded. "I-I think so."

"Squee!" Sunset's forearms reared in the air while she clomped her left foot against the ground. "I've been looking for an excuse to stretch my legs! I bet if I gallop fast enough for the tryouts, they'll make me team captain!"

"'Gallop,' huh?" Rainbow cleared her throat. "Well, you'll have to be on the top of your game if you wanna beat me."

Sunset gasped. "You're competing too?!"

"You bet!"

"Great! We'll be saddle buddies!" Sunset leaned in and... rubbed her cheek against Rainbow's. "See ya in home room! I gotta jet!" And she bolted up the steps in a red-and-yellow blur.

"Uhhhhhh... yeah." Rainbow wiped her cheek, sticking her tongue out. "Ugh..." She glanced at the other girls. "Is it just me, or does Sunset seem a bit..."

"Euphoric?" Rarity suggested.

"Cuddly?" Fluttershy stammered.

"Missin' a few apples up in her branches?"

"Applejack!" Rarity frowned.

"Well, t'ain't normal for a person to act that way!" Applejack frowned back. "Especially out in public!"

"And just how do we know what's 'normal' for Sunset Shimmer?" Fluttershy asked. "All things considered, we barely know her at all!"

The other girls nodded and murmured in agreement.


"Reckon she has a point."

"Quite alarming, actually..."


They all looked down.

Pinkie Pie was squatting on all fours, staring up at them. "She's right! You girls do look tall!"

The others exchanged nervous glances.

The first bell rang. Students milling about suddenly hurried to their homeroom classes.

"Let's... uh... let's go."


"We'll talk about this later at lunch."

"Sure thing."

"Guysss!" Pinkie hissed and crab-walked up the steps. "Wait for meeee!" Fluttershy held the door open for her. "Thankie-Thankies! By the way, nice flower print, Fluttershy. Very pretty!"

"Uhhhhhh..." Fluttershy blushed red as a beet. "Uhhhhhh!"

Applejack yanked Pinkie up by her wrist. "Will y'all just walk normal?!" She stormed inside, growling. "Land's sakes!"

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