Dante's Little Apple Surprise

by Tatsurou

Chapter 8: Ladies Pony

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Once the Leviathan crashed, Dante forced a way out for them the only place he could find; through the beast's eye. Leaping out in a shower of blood, he saw a message in blood on the rocks, pointing inward, saying 'Welcome', and having a jester mark. "So this is the next stage."

Applejack, for her part, kept spitting out blood and wiping at her coat. "Ick!" she complained. Glancing up, she saw someone watching. "Hi Mama!" she said happily, waving to the Lady.

Dante spun around. "Oh, it's you!" He smoothed back his hair, hoping to try and be suave again. "Can I interest you in a date this time?"

"I said I have my fill of crazy," she pointed out. "Besides," she said, drawing a hand gun and pointing it at his head. "I don't date guys who stink like blood."

Dante glanced down at himself, realizing what a mess he was. "Dang. I definitely need a shower." He then pulled out his gun.

They both leaned to the side, taking out the monster behind the other with a single shot. They then went back to back, shooting down the monsters that converged on them, drawn by the dead leviathan.

"So tell me," Dante asked over the sound of gunfire, "what's your name?"

"I don't have a name!" she replied as she continued to shoot.

"Okay, then what should I call you?" Dante replied. "Cause I'm certainly not calling you Mama like AJ does."

"I don't care," she replied. "Whatever you want."

"Whatever, Lady," Dante replied, leaping away. As he came in for landing, Applejack fired off several volleys from Cerberus and Artemis to take out a good portion of the monsters surrounding Lady. "I'll get back to you after I've found someplace to clean myself up!" With that, he turned to enter the tower.

"Bye Mama!" Applejack called out.

"Farewell, Lady!" Agni called.

"When next we meet, we shall serenade you again!" Rudra added.

"Oh gods no," Dante groaned.

"Balls," Cerberus agreed.

Inside the tower, Dante continued onward, searching for both the way forward and someplace to clean himself and Applejack up. Before he found either, though, he encountered a new type of monster: a giant spider with a partially human face.

"Dang, these things just keep getting uglier and uglier," he complained.

One of the creature's heads exploded from a well aimed energy arrow.

"And you keep getting better and better at shooting," he praised AJ.

AJ, for her part, spat out more leviathan eye blood. She then looked up at Dante with a frown, her coat and mane matted with blood.

"I'll find someplace to clean you up soon," he promised, decapitating another spider monster that tried to use the distraction for a sneak attack. Seeing smaller insectoid creatures leaping from the corpses, he quickly targeted them with his handguns to destroy them before they could get on him.

In the next chamber, there was a statue emitting light into a series of reflectors. It didn't take long for Dante to re-angle them to shoot the light into the other statue, opening the next door.

The archer enemies in the next room proved little challenge between Ebony, Ivory, and Artemis. The next chamber's sarcophagus carriers fell to the same strategy of before, with AJ's arrows causing the raised demons to attack the others rather than Dante. A large chamber following with the sound of a waterfall at first seemed like an opportunity to clean up, but they couldn't reach the water.

Heading through another path, Dante picked up a piece of Ambrosia before fighting his way back out. Back in the waterfall chamber, another path Dante hadn't noticed before led them under a waterfall. However, the water was too cold for AJ, so he could only rush through, getting the worst of the blood stains off himself. Passing through the Limestone Caverns behind the waterfall, he eventually reached a relief which revealed a door when he placed the Ambrosia on it.

Behind the door, Dante found himself in a sunken opera house. As he walked in, a swarm of bats converged into the shape of a curvaceous, scantily clad female, her bust concealed only by two hanging tresses of her crimson locks. She laughed as she took shape. "Welcome, sir," she said, her voice an inviting purr. "Is this your first time here?"

"Yeah it is," Dante replied. "You'll be nice to me, won't you?" he asked playfully.

"Of course," she replied. "I'll treat you so nicely, you'll-" She paused, her walk having taken her around to Dante's back, where she spied AJ. "Oh, you poor dear!" she said, lifting AJ out of the carry straps. "So soaked with blood and shivering, you look so miserable!" The bats suddenly brought a basin of warm water and a towel, which the vampiric woman promptly used to scrub Applejack clean. "There now, isn't that better?" she asked, drying AJ off and wrapping her up in the towel.

AJ smiled happily, snuggling into the towel.

"You know, I'm kind of a mess myself," Dante pointed out, gesturing to the blood still stuck to him.

The woman grinned eagerly, setting AJ down. "Oh, I'll clean you up real nice," she said, licking her lips eagerly.

A series of energy arrows erupting from the vampiric woman's body: one through her head right between the eyes, one through the heart, one protruding through each nipple, one through the center of her stomach, one through each joint of her arms and legs, and an additional one pinning each still fluttering bat to the walls. A sphere of ice also froze her crotch. "My Papa!" AJ snapped possessively.

"Oh, how dominant!" the woman moaned around the arrows protruding from her, shivering from the ice. "I like it." Her body suddenly glowed with bright light. When it faded, a purple guitar sparking with electricity rested in AJ's forelegs. "He is your Papa," the woman's voice echoed from the guitar, "and I'm all yours, Mistress."

Smiling, AJ proceeded to play the guitar, rocking out as she headbanged along with the song she played.

"How is she doing the chords with hooves?" Dante wondered.

"Nevan!" Agni proclaimed. "So you have decided to join us!"

"It is good to have you along!" Rudra agreed.

"Agni, Rudra," Nevan purred from the guitar. "So you two are here, too? What made you leave your posts?"

"He is the son of Sparda!" Agni proclaimed.

"We are bound by the Master's will to obey the Young Master!" Rudra added.

"Oh, I can see he's his father's son," Nevan purred. "It makes me want to-"

"My Papa!" AJ barked.

"Of course he is, Mistress," Nevan agreed obediently.

Dante groaned as he picked AJ up. "Great," he mumbled to himself. "Another voice for the peanut gallery, and this one sounds sexy."

"You know it, mister!" Nevan crowed.

"Balls," Cerberus groaned.

"Oh be quiet, puppy," Nevan ordered.

"It is good you have joined us, Nevan!" Agni spoke up.

"Yes!" Rudra agreed. "Now we can surely serenade Lady much better for the Young Master!"

"Oh, that's going to be fun!" Nevan purred again.

As AJ giggled, Dante groaned, hanging his head in despair as he headed back out to climb the tower further.

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