White Lightning and Steel Resolve: Origins

by TheGreatEater

Chapter 1: Intro

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Here are the few things you need to know about this AU to understand what's going on:

3,000 yrs ago: Celestia when she was younger was trained by a Kungfu Ninja Master in the arcane arts of Martial Arts and Ninja Magic. She centuries before the defeat of Discord finished her training and was from then on called Kungfu Ninja Princess Celestia, or KNP Celestia. Her sister on the other hoof could not learn the legendary Kungfu Ninja arts. For when she was younger a giant radioactive space rock filled with the rare magical radiation of a dead planet struck her. Infusing her with the planets power.

After the infusion she gained the ability to transform into a Kaiju 50 times her normal size that was able to breathe plasma, shoot lighting bolts, and gather the power of the planet [for those who willingly offered her power] for special attacks. But that power was tied to her emotions as much as anything thus making the legendary arts unteachable to her. But as a side effect every time she used her power the magical radiation of the dead planet seeped into the ground. This in turn created Metas. Or Beings that had super powers. Although none of the sisters know that LunaZilla was the cause of such events.

2,500 yrs ago:Shortly before the fall of the Black Empire [a union of the Fallen Dark God, Tirek and King Sombra [who in this AU is the demon son of Tirek and a crystal pony]. Star Swirl before his disappearance created an order of Battle Mages, who invented many powerful magical artifacts for fighting the Dark Wars. The most powerful of these were called RESOLVE units. Standing for REsonant Spirit of Operations and Logistics VEssel units. A symbiotic artificial soul merged into a magi-tech armor that would grant special powers to the wearers. Including some basic ones. The RESOLVEs were named; Steel, Crystal, Sapphire, Garnet, Bronze, and Mercury [Mercurial]. After it's fall. The RESOLVE units faded into obscurity even more so than the Knightly Order of Battle Mages.

995 yrs ago:LunaZilla angry and jealous that her sister was loved, while she caused ponies to run screaming in terror yelling, "LunaZilla! LunaZilla!" was overcame by her darker emotions. And one of Tirek's creations, whose name was "The Nightmare", a corruption and reprogramming of "Paladin('s) RESOLVE" [an experimental RESOLVE that was turned before it could be finished], who merged with LunaZilla making Nightmare Kaiju. Even with all of her Kungfu Ninja powers, KNP Celestia couldn't defeat her sister empowered by The Nightmare. So she used the Elements of Harmony upon her, unfortunately they were never meant to be wielded by one pony, much less those not in harmony with the element they are working with.

So her sister was bound to a Volcano in the moon. Soon after that Celestia got a prophetic dream. After 1,000 yrs into the future, The Planets will align and explode the volcano releasing her sister back upon the world. And if she were to save her she must gather those new ponies in tuned to the EoH so that her sister may be saved.

989 yrs ago: The new EoH are born. They share many similarities to what you are familiar with, Key differences:

- Celestia's school is "Celestia's School for Gifted Mages and Ninjas." It doesn't discriminate against any race as long as they are interested in any aspect of Magic or Ninjjutsu, and can pass the test.

- Twilight Sparkle fails at martial arts. She would be the Wimp Lo of Kung Pow fame, in terms of skill, but she's at least attempted to be taught correctly. But she can't seem to get it at this point of the timeline. Doesn't help she doesn't have friends to help her out.

- Twilight's nickname is the Sparkle Fairy, since her signature spell is the "Wing Spell", reinforcing it to prevent it's instant destruction. She's also a mad scientist. Who has a hard on for science and sufficiently analyzed magic [Even more so than on the show]. She can usually be found with a lab coat on, "Just in case something 'pops up'".

- Metas pre-Meta-Rift made up 10% of the worlds populace. With many of them having power equal to a high level unicorn, or whose Meta-Powers were confused with normal Magic. Thus not many Metas hit the P Rank.

And that's it as of now. If anyone's interested in looking at the current draft of Power Rankings, and Skill explanations that pop up in those who get a Character Sheet. Here they are.

[Power Ranks]


Author's Notes:

The Power Ranks and Skills were made because I wanted to do Character Sheets for characters that I eventually did them for. It ended up with a 1 - 9 with two left over which became P for Paragon and D for Deity. I find it interesting that I was originally inspired by both Caster Levels, Naruto Ninja Ranks [mostly the RPG forum based games], and Yu Yu Hakusho Demon / Spiritualist Ranks.

This origin story funnily enough wasn't the first to come about. Rather it was the fourth story. The first one was when the Rogue Gallery finally gets together to form their giant Organization. My personal favorite villain so far, and the one I first made was Doctor Arachnid, whom we'll get to in Chapter 2 that introduces the Rogue Gallery, and when they were effected by the Meta-Rift Event.

I hope y'all enjoy the show as it were. There are no Editors or Pre-readers yet for this fic. So if you see any errors, let me know, and as always any comments or critiques are appreciated.

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