My Little Dashie: Fourth Times the Charm

by PonyManne215

Chapter 2: Journal

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Last night's Gala ended just as I knew it would. By that I mean it wasn't boring that's for sure. After I sat down, I saw someone walk out to the balcony of the ballroom. I didn’t see who it was but they walked in a very depressed manner. I got up to see who it was. As I walked out I heard a big crashing noise from the ballroom. It was Pinkie, that silly mare. She fell all over the punch table and all of it splashed all over everypony. I chuckled and bit but everypony else was a bit ticked off.

Anyways I turned my head and moved just a bit before I got knocked down on my ass. My head hurt and I rubbed the major areas while looking up. There was very a very distinct, royal smell ahead of me. You probably guessed it, it was Celestia. "Well of all of the ponies to bump into..." I said in a sarcastic voice. She didn't even answer me back. This started to annoy me. I got up. "Hey! What's the big idea? You knock me down and don't even say anything?" Knowing her, I was probably the last person she wanted to see. I did like this depressed sight but I knew it was wrong. What kind of man would I be if I let somepony just sit there while I enjoyed their misery. Besides, what kind of example would I set for for my little girl if I acted like this?

I walked up to the full grown pegasus and put my hand on her shoulder. I actually gave her a sincere smile, even though I don't like it, and ask her what's wrong. She turned and looked at me in surprise. "What do you care?" "Just tell me what's wrong." "Fine, it's just that every Gala, I greet and say goodbye to ponies. Then I am all alone. It's just that I have no one close. Twilight is a great student and the best I have but I mean I dont have any relationships as close as Rainbow and yours." she said as she started to shed some tears. "Well if it makes you feel better, I guess you could talk to me about these feelings...." She was now gawking at me, mouth agape. Then she did what I was definitely not expecting and hugged me. Seeing as what just happened, I hugged back. I still can't believe it, I'm now friends with Princess Celestia.

So now I finish writing of the events that happened last night. Oh and I got this new journal from some fancy store at Canterlot. Of course, it didn't come with a quill. So I had to stop at Quills and Mattresses for one. Luckily I got the last one, which didn't make sense to me because of the stores name. My breath is getting a little different every once in a while. Signing off for the night.


Pops is really turning tonight. I hear him tossing around in his bed. I think he's having a nightmare. I also hear him breathing pretty loud, not snoring but sort of like a loud puff. I'm gonna try to get into his nightmare to see what's going on. Then all I hear is the wind. I open my eyes and see I am back on Earth. I also see that I am in front of an abandoned house. It looked sorta familiar. As I get closer, I realize that it's Pop's house. I rush see a shadow in the window.
I couldn't see who it was; actually I think it was just some sorta shadow person. It had no clothes or features. It was just pure darkness. I looked at it when I notice that it's holding up its hand. I then feel my heart skip a beat. My mind is filled with many oncoming thoughts. 'What do I do? Who is that? How can I stop it?' My thoughts were stopped by a sudden scream. I snap back to what was going on when I see daddy looking at me crying. I can see him mouthing some words. "Run! Just run, Dashie, before it gets you!" I immediately run to the door and kick with all my might. I look back and see it hasn't budged an inch. I kick again. Nothing. Then a memory of daddy first found me pops up and I feel so much strength in my body. I kick for a last and devastating time. The door flies off its hinges and I run inside. My dad's face is turning blue. I run to the shadows side and hit it with everything I have. Then it turns around and looks at me. Red Eyes. That's all I see. Just two Red circles looking straight into my soul. I am stunned for a second, then I move quickly to its arm and try to pull it away from dad. It let's go of dad and starts to choke me. I can feel the life being drained from me as it holds me a fee inches from the ceiling. I was ready to die if it meant saving pops when I hear it.
A loud knock and scream. I wake up and see it's morning. I'm covered in sweat but I dont even hesitate for a second. I run to dads room and see that it's empty. I yell for him as loud as I can. "DAAAAAAAADDDD!!!!!" No response. I run into the hallway and see him very tired at the doorway. He turns around and asks me "Had a good night's sleep? These girls here just wanted you for something and I answered the door" I laugh. That horrible nightmare and the first thing he asks me is how was my sleep. Then I feel a weight on my head. I look up and see an orange filly with a purple mane. Blank flank as well. "Hey Rainbow Dash! Did you know you're the most awesomest and most supergreat pony ever? I was wondering if you'd give me a couple of tips, if ya don't mind." I look at dad and he moves aside. The Cutie Mark Crusaders were here. Probably trying another way to earn their Cutie Marks again. I nod and ask them to wait outside. After we are alone, I look at dad and ask him "What happened last night? What was that?" He Looked at me with a confused face. "What do you mean Dashie? What's wrong?" He didn't even look rattled. I guess I had that nightmare and Dad was sleeping alright. I decided to drop it and went to take a shower. After finishing, I ate some breakfast and said bye to pops. I was going out and helping Scootaloo and the others with whatever they needed help with.


"Phew" I said out loudly as I exhaled. She just left and now I can think about it. What happened last night scares me. I think she fell for my lie. I don’t like lying to her but I can tell her that I was having a nightmare that almost killed me. I sit down and think about the events. That shadow just showed up out of nowhere. It told me that my time was up and no one or no pony could save me. I knew this was a lie but still. I can't even think about it. It felt so real just like last time. The pain is so much and the dreams are so vivid. As if they actually happened! But I can't keep thinking about these things. Maybe I'll go to Twilight and ask her if she knows anything about this mysterious shadow. I have something important to do today so I can't think about this all day. I have to help Pinkie set up a birthday party for Rarity. I "Pinkie" promised her and she is someone you definitely do not want to cross when it comes to promises. I imagine she'll go crazy like that episode where AppleJack tried to leave that old western town.

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