What the flip?

by The Darling Cookie
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Emperor Short Flip, a penguin with an undying thirst for world domination, finds himself in a land of magical talking ponies whom attempt to convert him to the ways of friendship and harmony!
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Emperor Short Flip has been conspiring for a long time to conquer the Earth, and with it all those pesky humans. He amasses a huge penguin army, led by the finest Elite Penguin soldiers the Antarctica can provide. However his grand plans for world domination are cut short as the ice begins to start melting extremely fast in the Antarctic, as a result to a devious counter-plan developed by humans known as "Global Warming". With the survival of his species on the line and his thirst for conquering unquenched, Emperor Short Flip and his top general decide to use an experimental travel portal and find themselves and the rest of the penguins in a land of magical talking ponies. Can Emperor Short Flip convert to the ways of friendship and harmony? Or will his undying thirst for world domination destroy any hopes of friendship forever? Read to find out!

Written by me The Daring Cookie, (aka Mydarkcookie), cover art by xfkirsten from Deviantart.


2,606 words: Estimated 11 Minutes to read: [Cache]

1 Chapter:

  1. What the flip? [Cache] Jan 29th, 2015
Published Oct 8th, 2014


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