Found you I have, young Padawan

by The Darling Cookie

Chapter 1: Found you I have, young Padawan

There was a room full of men & women of varying species wearing robes and one particualry small green creature sitting in front of all of them. This was the legendary Master Yoda, a Jedi Master whose wisdom could see through any lie and whose appreciation of life was unmatched. A true master of the art of saber fighting & the force, Master Yoda was truly a force to reckon with. However, there was a new balance to the force sending ripples throughout the universe and with that Master Yoda spoke.

“Hmmmm, a new presence I feel.”

Master Yoda opened his eyes, slowly getting up from his mediation. He turned around to face the other Jedi Masters and their Jedi Knights, whom opened their eyes from their mediation as well.

“What is it?” one Jedi Master asked.

“Life. New life. Sensitive it is to the force. Discovered, it has not been.”

The Jedi Masters and their Knights looked amongst each other, all of them instantaneously feeling what Yoda felt initially.

“Yes feel them you do now. Guidance this new life requires, voyage I must go on alone.”

“Master Yoda, must you go alone?” another Jedi Master asked.

“Yes, embark alone on this journey I will. Fear not, for the Sith are gone and the Force is my ally. Return soon, I will, perhaps new apprentice I shall have.”

All of the Jedi Masters and Knights bowed their heads in respect towards Master Yoda and acknowledged what he said.

“May the Force be with you” all of the Jedi Masters and Knights said in unison.

“May the Force be with you” Master Yoda replied.

All of the Jedi Masters and Knights left the meditiation room, Yoda following behind the small group. A young padawan whom was waiting outside of the room approached Master Yoda.

“Can I go with you?” the young padawan asked.

“Only two can my spaceship fit. Alone I must go young padawan, for a new padawan I must bring back” Yoda replied, looking up to the padawan.

The padawan’s face became very disappointed & Master Yoda softly touched the padawan’s shoulder.

“Disappointed you should not be. A new friend I possibly might bring back.”

The padawan nodded his head, smiling at Yoda. Yoda smiled back, taking his hand off of the padawan’s shoulder.

“Late you should not be to your master’s session. Go now Jobius.”

Jobius nodded his head & bowed respectfully at Master Yoda, scurrying to his master’s room. Master Yoda continued walking towards his spaceship, which was just sitting outside of the Jedi Temple.

“BE boop da ti sha” CT-37 beeped, greeting the Jedi Master.

“Hello old friend, to a new galaxy we must go. Hmm?”

“Beep bo beep ta” CT-37 eagerly beeped, spinning its head turret around in its little compartment located in the middle of the ship.
CT-37 opened up the spaceship & Yoda climbed in, CT-37 starting up the ship and getting it ready for flight. Once all systems were online and Yoda was securely strapped, CT-37 closed the spaceship and slowly took off, aiming towards the sky and accelerating quickly into the stars.

“Hey Humming Joy or should I say Bumming Joy! Ahaha!” snickered a rainbow-colored pegasus.

A beautiful golden & white unicorn looked over to the pegasus who made the snide remark and gave her a disgusted look but said nothing in return.

“Whatcha gonna do Humming Joy? Whatcha gonna do? Oh that’s right, NOTHING!”

Humming Joy kept ignoring the overtly obnoxious pegasus because she knew it wasn’t worth fighting about. The pegasus was going to say something again but was quickly hushed by the teacher entering the classroom.

“Good morning, how is everypony this wonderful morning?” asked Mrs. Ross.

The classroom responded back to Mrs. Ross in a somewhat cheerful tone, all of the young ponies greeting Mrs. Ross in unison. Mrs. Ross smiled at the class and proceeded to start the lesson for the day. Humming Joy used her magic to grab a pencil from her pouch and took notes down over Mrs. Ross’s lecture.


Humming Joy’s concentration was broken by a voice trying to grab her attention.

“Psst…yeah you..psst.”

Humming Joy looked around for the voice and finally found it; it belonged to a scarlet earth pony with a mane of black and white stripes.

“The name’s Jinx Parody, put it there!” the scarlet filly whispered.

Jinx stuck out her hoof which was then shaken by a reluctant Humming Joy.

“Don’t mind Rainbow Dash, she just says things sometimes. Instead of being called Rainbow Dash, she should be called I got no more cash. Always asking ponies for money.”

Humming Joy slightly giggled, putting her hoof over her mouth in an attempt to control her now sudden urge to laugh. Jinx Parody smiled at Humming Joy, her one orange eye and her mismatching green eye looking at Humming Joy’s golden eyes.

“What’s your name?” Jinx asked in a hushed voice.

“I’m Humming Joy, nice to meet you Jinx” Humming Joy replied, smiling at her new acquaintance.

Jinx smiled back at Humming Joy and attempted to stealthily make her way over to Humming Joy in order to take the empty spot next to her.

“Jinx, what are you doing?” Humming Joy whispered, giggling at how silly Jinx looked.

“Trying to get the seat next to ya’, a nice pony like yourself shouldn’t sit alone” Jinx replied.

Humming Joy’s cheeks slightly blushed at the kind response, silently applauding Jinx’s successful little mission while Jinx slipped into the empty desk on her left. Mrs. Ross was completely oblivious to Jinx’s seat change and continued with her somewhat boring lesson.

“So are you new to Ponyville?” Jinx asked Humming Joy in a whisper.

“Yeah, my parents and I moved here just last week. I’m still trying to get to know everypony but I guess I met the wrong ponies first.”

Humming Joy looked over to Rainbow Dash, whom was sticking her tongue out at her. Jinx flipped her hoof at Rainbow Dash, which provoked Rainbow Dash to tell the teacher immediately.

“Rainbow Dash, I will not tolerate interruptions during a lesson!”

“But Mrs. Ross, Jinx fl-“

“Rainbow Dash be quiet and listen otherwise you will be sent to detention!”

Rainbow Dash grimaced and pouted, crossing her hoofs and staring at her blank sheet of paper that was supposed to be her notes.

“Good. As I was saying, the sun….” Mrs. Ross said, continuing with her teaching.

Jinx and Humming Joy both slightly laughed at the wannabe bully.

“See? She isn’t that bad so don’t worry about her. She’s just jealous is all” Jinx softly said, grinning at Humming Joy.

Humming Joy grinned back and nodded, finishing up her notes as soon as the bell rang for the next class.

“So what class do you have next Humming Joy?” Jinx asked, following Humming Joy to the door.

“I have band right now and I’m kinda excited for it.”

“Band? No way me too!”

“What do you play Jinx?”

“I kind of play the trumpet.”

Humming Joy’s face became completely surprised at the fact that the both of them play the same instruments.

“I play the trumpet too! That’s cool, really cool!” Humming Joy said, smiling at Jinx.

However Humming Joy did not put too much thought into how Jinx actually played the trumpet due to her being an earth pony unlike Humming Joy who can use magic. Nonetheless, the duo went together into the band room, grabbed their instruments from their lockers and proceeded to take seats next to each other. Pretty soon, the band teacher arrived shortly and greeted the entire class.

“Hello I’m Lyra Heartstrings or you can call me Mrs. Heartstrings. Today I want to see what level you are at with your individual instruments, so with that let’s head outside!”

“Woah she’s gonna let us go outside? Awesome!” said one of the students nearby the two.

Jinx and Humming Joy picked up their trumpets and headed towards the band doors with the other students, going outside and following Lyra to a nearby field by the school.

“Ok, here is fine kiddo's. Please make yourself as comfortable as you can and make sure you make small groups with others who play the same instrument as you! Ok, now that everypony is in a group let’s begin. I want trumpets first, starting with the left side” Lyra boomed, looking at the small group of trumpets.

There was a certain shy looking pony on the far left of the group whom stood up and raised her trumpet in a shaking manner. But before that pony could play her trumpet, a loud noise thundered above the group of them. Jinx and Humming Joy looked up, completely astonished at what they were both collectively witnessing with the class. An object in the air was descending, clearly metallic and under its own power. Finally, it reached the ground near the class and hovered for a minute before finally landing softly on the grass.

“What in the name of Celestia is that?” Lyra asked to no pony in particular.

No pony answered her question because they were all too busy staring at the metallic object in front of them. However, a popping noise was heard and it looked like the object was opening on the outside and to confirm it, a small green hoof-like object grasped, coming from inside on the outside of the object. The hoof-like object was then joined by the rest of the green body, resulting in a small green creature whom stood on the metallic object and then jumped off onto the similarly green grass.

“Whatahubasaywada…” Lyra mumbled, her mouth still opened in utter amazement.

The small green creature, clutching what appeared to be a cane, strided forward slowly towards the class and, to every pony’s surprise, spoke to them.

"Close we are CT-37 but a stop we must take."

CT-37 agreed in a beep, giving Master Yoda a notice that the ship's fuel was running low.

"Bring us to Ferton, nearby we are right now."

CT-37 chirped in response and directed the ship towards the Ferton system in the Outer Rim, within the Al'Nasrl sector. Master Yoda knew Ferton was a planet of mercenary activity but a politically neutral planet nonetheless. Within a few minutes, the ship was in the gravitational pull of Ferton and CT-37 expertly brought the ship down into the planet, quickly calculating a trajectory and landing space. Once CT-37 landed the ship, Master Yoda spoke, instructing CT-37 to leave the ship with him.

"Beep bobo ta ra?" CT-37 asked Master Yoda.

"Fear not my friend for the Force is with us always. Strong we are together, divded we are weak."

CT-37 spinned its head turret in agreement as the two of them descended down the ship, both of them landing on the cold, dark ground of the planet. Pretty soon, a humanoid approached them, asking them immeditately what their business was.

"Come for fuel we have yes. Accept Republic credits, you do?"

The humaniod smirked at the Master Jedi and pulled out a laser blaster, spitting at the ground and saying "Jedi scum". Master Yoda closed his eyes, using the Force to determine who else was there. He felt 3 other humanoids, all of whom had bad intentions towards not only himself but to CT-37 and the ship.

"Why don't cha get outta here Jedi?" snided one of the humanoids.

Master Yoda repiled by sitting down on the ground, deep in meditation and thought.

"Is he kiddin'? He ain't even doin' anything!" another humanoid remarked.

CT-37 started beeping rather nervously as the 4 humanoids started closing in on the small Jedi Master.

"Let's kill 'im!"

Master Yoda immediately opened his eyes, throwing his small arms up as he used the Force to throw the unsuspecting humanoids on the ground, knocking them out. However, one of the humanoids almost fell off and as a result was still clingling on the nearby cliff. Despite his struggle to maintain his grip, the mercernary attempted to draw his weapon and shoot the Jedi Master but Master Yoda used the Force, bringing him up before he could do so and down on the ground while removing his weapon from his hand. The mercernary flinched from pain and struggled to get up from the high fall he had endured.

"Only fuel do we require young mercernary. Not death. Pay you we can in credits."

But the mercernary ignored what the Jedi Master had said and drew a concealed blaster from his boot, firing at the Jedi Master. Master Yoda immediately whipped out his lightsaber, the green blade shining as it reflected the laser blast right back at the mercernary, whom almost got hit by the returning laser blast.

"Ok, ok. I give up! I'll take those dang credits...just get outta here!"

Master Yoda chuckled and payed the mercernary, whom reluctantly ordered his fuel droids to fuel Master Yoda's ship. Master Yoda thanked the mercernary whom scoffed at him in response and embarked on the ship with CT-37. Within minutes, CT-37 had the ship running again and took off, heading towards the stars once again. Once the ship entered space, Master Yoda closed his eyes and used the Force to locate the Force-sensitive life once again. He found it, instructing CT-37 to head in the direction he was pointing at.

"Hmmm, beautiful this planet is, much like Naboo. New life we will meet CT-37, yes?" Master Yoda said to CT-37 once the planet came into view, whom beeped back at him in agreement.

Master Yoda then instructed CT-37 to descend on the planet as they entered the orbit of the uncharted planet. Master Yoda was relieved that he finally found the planet after the 34 galatic day long journey both him and CT-37 had embarked on earlier.

"Careful we must be CT-37 but know this you do. Hmmm?"

The spaceship rattled as its sensors went off, indicating the ship's outer hulk slightly burning as CT-37 carefully lowered the ship through the planet's atmosphere and into a hovering phase and finally softly landing the ship on the ground below. Master Yoda instantly recognized what appeared to be grass and determined it would be safe enough for him to embark on the planet safely. He pressed a couple of buttons on his right side and the hatch opened up as he grabbed on the side of the ship. He then used the Force and jumped down onto the grassy ground, clutching his cane while he walked forward. He saw what appeared to be life forms, similar to that of Bordoks but more colorful in nature and immediately realized they were all looking at him with slight fright and anticipation.

“Hello, Master Yoda I am, beautiful this planet is. I come in peace, harm I shall not do for there is a special one here and greet this special one I must. Long I have travelled, across many galaxies for this special one. Yes. Hmmm, feel this special one I do amongst this group” Master Yoda said, smiling while approaching the group, unaware if the species were sentient or not.

The life forms watched Master Yoda walk closer to the group until he stopped, looking at each and every Bordok-like creature. He smiled again and looked over to a scarlet-colored creature, noticing that the creatures were indeed sentient based on their reaction.

“Hmmm, yes, sensitive to the Force you are young one. What is your name?” Master Yoda said, pointing at the scarlet-colored creature, gambling if the scarlet creature spoke Galactic basic or not.

The rest of the creatures looked over to the scarlet one as if she knew what was going on.

“The..fo..for…force? I’m J-Jinx” Jinx stuttered, anxiously looking at the small Yoda and proving she was capable of speaking Galactic basic.
` “Hmm, speak Galactic basic you do. Most interesting this is yes. Nice it is to meet you young Jinx. Yes, the Force. Alive the Force is within every living thing, able you are to control it.”

Master Yoda looked at the metallic items on the ground and reached out with his claw, using the Force to levitate the metallic items into a circle, the sunlight dancing off the metallic surfaces of all the metallic items.

“Woahhh..” the group of creatures uttered in unison.

“Yes amazing the Force is. Beautiful, like the life here. A question I must ask about your species. Call it I must something unique yes?” Master Yoda said, smiling at the dancing items and finally bringing them down, carefully avoiding settling them down over some sunflowers on the ground.

A mint green creature stepped forward and smiled anxiously at the Master Jedi.

"We're called ponies Master Yoda. Well, we have names too heh. I'-I'm Ly-Lyra" Lyra said to Master Yoda, blushing a little.

"Yes, teacher you must be Lyra. Wise you are and full of compassion, much like a true Master Jedi. Listen to your heart you do, proud you should be of it."
Lyra smiled at Master Yoda again and Master Yoda smiled back and looked over to Jinx. He then walked directly in front of Jinx and looked her into the eyes.

“Teach you I will in the ways of the Jedi. A Jedi you can become. One with the Force, one with harmony and peace hmmm?”

Master Yoda reached on his belt and took off his light saber, holding it in his right hand. Immediately, it flashed to life, shining a warm green and humming lowly. The ponies around Master Yoda jumped back in surprise and shock but Jinx remained unchanged.

"Learn to make this you will one day. Great skill and strength this requires to wield, along with the Force. The most important tool this is to a Jedi. Never lose this you shall." Master Yoda said to Jinx in a serious, grim tone, the deadly but beautiful green light receding back into the hilt.

Jinx nodded her head acknowledging what the Jedi Master had said. Master Yoda picked up one of the metallic items on the floor, noticing it was an instrument of some kind and handed it to Jinx.

“Play this, if you can without hoofs. Experience you already have with the Force, a name you didn’t have for it before.”

Jinx nodded again as Humming Joy and the class watched her play the instrument. Amazingly Jinx was able to bring up the instrument with no aid of magic or her hoofs. Master Yoda chuckled happily, amazed at the sight of a new sensitive life form in the galaxy.

“Yes ready you are for training, my new padawan.”

“Padawan?” Jinx asked in a curious tone.

“Apprentice, eager to learn the ways of the Jedi. Strong in the Force you are young Jinx, clear of hate and full of compassion you are. Ready to commence training you are.”

Jinx looked at her classmates and Lyra, whom all looked at her with support.

“But I dunno Master Yoda, I dunno if-“

“Trust your heart young padawan, not your mind. Sharp your mind is but listen to your heart you must. Discover the galaxy and the universe you will, huge it is and full of life it is, able to come back here you can.”

Jinx looked over to Humming Joy, who smiled at her.

“I think you should go Jinx. That’s really cool what you can do and he can help you with training it.”

Jinx smiled at Humming Joy and nodded.

“Can I say bye first?” Jinx asked the Jedi Master.

Master Yoda smiled and nodded at Jinx as she went to all of her classmates and said bye to all of them and finally came up to Humming Joy.

“Well even though we just met, I guess this is it.” Jinx said.

“Don’t be silly, it’s not good bye, it’s I’ll see you later.” Humming Joy replied, smiling at her.

“Ok, I’ll see you later then.” Jinx chuckled, grinning at Humming Joy.

Jinx hugged Humming Joy tightly, which caused Humming Joy to blush a little.

“Promise to visit me when you’re a Jedi?”

“Of course Humming Joy, why wouldn’t I?” Jinx replied, smiling one last time at Humming Joy and winking at her.

The duo stopped hugging each other as Jinx turned around and followed Master Yoda.

“Bring her back I will, great wisdom she will be able to share with your planet.” Yoda said, smiling at the group and then turning around to walk back to his spaceship.

Jinx trotted right behind Master Yoda and both of them boarded the small spaceship, Jinx waiving her hoof bye at the class before CT-37 closed the ship and raised the ship off the ground, carefully calculating a route before taking off at the speed of light into the galaxy.

“See you later Jinx” Humming Joy said to herself as the rest of the class stared at the sky for a minute before picking up their instruments and heading back into the school as the bell rang.

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