The Siren Song: Dazzle Dazzle, Little Stars

by Shadowmane PX-41

Chapter 1: One Last Song...

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The night sky was familiar to Adagio, Aria and Sonata, as they returned home for the night. They had decided to seclude themselves from the outside world, never showing their faces to anyone but themselves. They had every right to do so, as they felt their necks where their jewels once hung.

After taking a pounding from the Rainbooms' final song, The Dazzlings had lost everything. Their dominance, their powers of persuasion, and even their ability to sing of all things. Looking back on it now, even after it had subsided, brought up painful memories as the whole crowd had turned on them in the end.

"How? It was all going so well too..." Adagio contemplated that question as she had arrived back at the house, waiting for Aria and Sonata to catch up with her. "I thought we were unstoppable..."

"Ugggh, you're still torn up about that? You need to let it go, Adagio," Aria sighed as she took out the key and unlocked their front door. She too suffered a heartbreaking defeat, but didn't want to show any signs of weakness, even when all hope was lost."The past is in the past, and as far as I'm concerned, that was all a fairytale come to life."

"A fairytale?! How do you consider what THEY pulled a mere fairytale?!" Adagio yelled in denial as she threw Aria in and pinned her to the wall. The fury in her eyes seemed unquenchable at this moment. They'd lost everything and Aria was saying it never happened. "You must have felt it too, didn't you, Aria?

"Jesus, calm down! You're gonna attract even more unwanted attention," Aria said as she and Adagio locked gazes with one another. Aria knew that Adagio really hated her now after what had happened back at CHS. "I don't want even more scorn for my actions!"

"Well, too bad, Aria, because I could go all night with this little argument!" Adagio said as she tossed Aria into a bookcase, causing all the books to drop onto her head with sheer force. As the Siren rubbed her head in pain, she suddenly felt Adagio weighing her shoulders down, as if to signify the burden she now bore. "You needed to have sung louder in my opinion!"

"Hey, don't take it out on me because YOU underestimated those sorceresses!" Aria said as she shoved Adagio back into the garage where they used to practice for their songs. She looked at Adagio with her own brand of seething hate now as her own leader was feeling sorrow for her actions. "You should have known better than to underestimate the Rainbooms!"

"I know that..." Adagio dropped the billiard balls she was about to throw and instead broke down crying. She had every right to cry, she'd lost everything, and knew that they'd never get their powers back. "The only question is, what now? We can't possibly show our faces there again. Especially after all the heinous acts we've committed..."

"Well, we could always try and skip town and find another country to live in," Sonata said as she pointed at a map of the world which had been placed on the nearby wall. "I hear there's this great city in France called Paris, which is known as the City Of Love. I'm sure they'd welcome us with open hearts and fine food."

"That does seem like a plausible option, Sonata. But I have to ask you one thing," Adagio said as she got to her feet at last to look at her comrade. She could tell that Sonata had suffered from this defeat as well and was now trying to find what was best for all of them. "How are we, three teenage girls, going to be able to get the money we need to even get to Paris?"

"Oh, right. Oopsies," Sonata merely chuckled at the realization. They had to rely on money to get things now, as they had lost their powers of seduction and persuasion in the aftermath of their final battle with the Mane 6. It was indeed a crippling blow to three Sirens who could get everything they wanted, purely by singing.

"Face it, Sonata, we're gonna have to face the music eventually," Aria sighed as she slumped herself against the wall and accepted her fate. She knew full well that there was going to be no running from their crimes. "There's no way out of our punishment, we're gonna have to head back to CHS tomorrow, so we WILL have to take all the scorn from everyone else for our actions."

Suddenly, Adagio remembered something and ran upstairs to her room to get something. Aria and Sonata had also seen their colleague going up to get something and decided to follow her up. They wondered whatever it was that Adagio was searching for in this dire time of need.

"Adagio, what are you looking for?" Sonata asked as she saw Adagio ransacking her own bedroom to find something of great importance. She looked at Adagio made a mess of things as she threw clothes all over the place and pulled drawers out completely to find what she was looking for. "I hope it's food, because I'm starving."

"It's not something edible, Sonata. Do you think I'd keep food up here to turn rotten?" Adagio said as she went over to her main bed at the end of the room to find it. She completely threw the mattress out of the bed frame and checked inside the pillows as well. All this time she was searching, she could feel her smile grow once again. "But anyways, there is a way to escape our punishment, and even become loved again."

"And how do you propose we do that, Adagio?" Aria said as she walked into the room to get a closer look at Adagio's scavenging. If Adagio had that smile on her face, it usually told Aria that she did indeed have a plan. "It's not like we can find those gems again in this world. They were one of a kind, and they got destroyed. So how do you expect us to-"

"With this!" Adagio held up a piece of sheet music, which caused Sonata and Aria to flinch in surprise. They remembered that piece of music clearly and were shocked that Adagio still had it with her after all this time had passed. "I'm sure you're familiar with this song, right, girls?"

"Have you gone insane, Adagio?! We swore an oath to never sing that song." Aria looked shocked as she remembered that song all too well. It was a song that she could never have forgotten, even if she'd suffered total amnesia as a side effect of the Magic of Friendship's power.

"EVER!" Sonata randomly said to add to the moment, which got Aria to shoot a rather unamused glare right back at her.

"We swore to not sing it, UNLESS, our plan went horribly wrong in the end. Did you forget that?" Adagio said as she brought the piece of music down to her chest, so that they could all see it properly. "And do you consider being blasted with a massive deluge of Equestrian Magic as our plan going wrong?"

"Even so, that song has power beyond comprehension, even for those who haven't heard it." Aria calmed down a little once she finally remembered that song and its' properties. It was a rather bizarre piece of music for Adagio to hold onto, even after they'd lost the power to sing. "On another note, I don't even think we can sing that song anymore either."

"You don't even need to be able to sing it. The lyrics themselves are magical, and anyone who can recite this song, no matter how bad or good they are at it, can still be able to draw out its' power." Adagio smiled as she began to walk back to the garage. She had something to achieve from this after all and was now hoping that Aria and Sonata would follow along with her desires as usual.

"Well, I'm still not sure about that song..." Sonata looked a little concerned. She was still wondering if they'd be able to pull it off without their pendants to give them power. "We don't even know who'd be willing to care for us once its' completed."

"Oh, I have someone in mind..." Adagio smiled as she, Aria and Sonata made it back to the garage and shut the door. Adagio had the perfect figure in mind, someone who she'd seen so much potential in. "She's been through hell and back, just like us, so she knows how it must feel. Also, she can choose how she would want to raise us."

"And who is this girl you're talking about, Adagio?" Aria decided to ask with a little bit of concern in her eyes. There was absolutely no-one they'd ever met who'd be willing to take them in once the song they would sing finally finished. She couldn't even think of anyone who still loved them after that little debacle at CHS.

"Why, Sunset Shimmer, of course." Adagio smiled as she took one of the chairs and sat down on it, reminding her fellow kin of the one girl they'd spent some alone time with during the Battle Of The Bands blood feud. "She turned into a monster herself, so she too knows how it must have felt to be defeated like that."

"What if she doesn't want to accept us?" Sonata's concern begun to show again. She remembered that Sunset Shimmer was allied with The Rainbooms, the band that ultimately ended their reign altogether. "What if she just leaves us to die in the big, bad world, without anyone to look after us?"

"I've already thought ahead on that." Adagio scribbled some words on the bottom part of the song, as if it were some kind of message card to someone. "When you write on the free parts of this song, they become a little letter to the carer you wish to have."

"Oh, like some kind of information card? I always love seeing those cards." Sonata smiled as she went over to a nearby box and opened it. She felt some sense of nostalgia as she picked up museum guides and leaflets, savouring the memories as she did. "In fact, I've been keeping a few of those cards for myself, just so I can remember the memories."

"But anyways, I've been prolonging this for too long." Adagio said as she opened the garage door and took up one of her old, unused microphones. Her tone of confidence gave seemed unbreakable at this moment in time. Adagio was doing this, regardless of the decisions of Aria and Sonata. "Now, I'm singing the song, are you two joining me, or not?"

"Adagio, you have to be the craziest girl I've ever had the pleasure of knowing," Aria sighed joylessly at first, but then she cracked a little smile and took up another of the mics. Once she did, she looked at Adagio with the same amount of confidence. If what she thought was right was singing this song, then Aria decided to follow along with her. "And I like a little craziness. I'm in, what about you, Sonata?"

"Well, if you're going to be cared for by another, and I'm not there. It would be weird," Sonata took the third of the mics and smiled at the others. She knew that they would leave her behind if she refused, and she knew nothing about living without her sisters. This made her share in the confidence that the song would yield positive results. "So, I guess I'm in as well. I've always wanted to be a kid again. It's such a fun lifestyle."

"Alright then, girls." Adagio walked out into the moonlight and help the microphone up for their one last song. Her sisters followed along with her, ready to sing their last magical song together. "I hope you remember how this one goes." She looked at Aria and Sonata, who were also ready. "Let's take it from the top. One, Two, Three, Four..."


Their voices were still a little bit choppy, but they had learned to re-adapt to singing without some dark magic altering how their words came out. It seemed to work, however, as the three former sirens began to float in midair, their bodies wrapped in a magical veil of light as their song continued...

Once the second chorus had ended, the Dazzlings were cocooned in a golden magic veil as the song's magic enchanted their current forms. Aria and Sonata were cocooned completely at the end, leaving Adagio to finish the song once and for all. The last thing they did was smile happily before they were sealed away in the golden cocoons of light.

Once the three cocoons had been completed, they turned into three golden balls, which combined into one big golden ball. This ball of magic flew out of the Dazzlings' house and through the beautiful night sky, illuminating the dark and cloudy sky with a magical stream of colour and wonder.

Many of the townspeople had seen the golden ball, leaving a streak of magic as it shot across the sky like a shooting star. They also believed that it truly was a shooting star and began wishing on it with their best wishes. Such a wonderful sight had never been seen in their world before and it made them smile with glee, filling them with hope and confidence of their own.

Some people also heard music as they saw the ball of magic and began dancing to it. It was truly a magical sight for all to see, even if it wasn't what everyone thought it was. The Dazzlings' last song could be heard across the entirety of the town and it sounded like a heavenly gift of music from the gods themselves.

Sunset Shimmer had returned home at long last, smiling a smile as she shut the door. She had been forgiven, defeated three sirens turned human, and was now one of the best students at CHS. As she looked out of the window, she smiled at the moon above, knowing that all her darkness was long gone and replaced with the light of friendship. It truly warmed her heart to know that her evil ways were at long last a thing of her past.

"That was one amazing climax..." Sunset smiled as she gazed upon the shining stars forming some great constellations. She smiled at each of the star patterns, as they reminded her of Twilight quite well. "I gotta hand it to ya, Twilight, You never cease to impress others."

Sunset then went over to the nearby kitchen and got out a snack for the night. It was her favourite, banana yogurt. She ripped the top off and went to get a spoon to eat it with. Once she was happy with the spoon, she went over to her couch and decided to turn on the TV to see the news report.

"...Making it the second attack on the human world we've had since the Fall Formal catastrophe a while back," The news reporter said as the images of the Dazzlings' defeat began to show on the screen in front of her eyes. "The perpetrators for this attack were three girls, known as Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk. If you see them, contact the local authorities immediately, and be sure you don't let them out of your sight."

"Oh, those are their names?" Sunset chuckled at the report as she took another bite of the delicious yogurt. "Pretty fitting for girls who affiliated themselves with music most of the time."

"Upon their defeat, a group of scientists at Starswirl Labs are now working on the possibility that a completely different world exists, and that we stand on the edge of it," The screen changed to a research facility with a familiar face standing in front of the doors. "The research is being lead by the industry's top scientist, Twilight Sparkle, who bares a striking resemblance to the mystery girl who prevented both of those attacks on our world."

"Wait, what did you say?" Sunset got to her feet as she saw the Twilight of this world clearly. She did look like Princess Twilight, save her messier hair and nerdy glasses. It made Sunset grow a little concern at the fact that this world had a Twilight counterpart as well. If the two should ever meet, she dreaded the consequences.

But before the report could change, the TV went off, and a rumbling could be heard getting louder and louder. She put the yogurt down and ran outside, her sense of panic starting to grow once again. It had only been at least half an hour since The Dazzlings were beater

"Can't we keep this place under control for five minutes?!" She said as she found the keys to her front door and unlocked it rather hastily, so that she could run outside to see what the cause of that seismic activity was. This world didn't catch any breaks with this new occurrence, from what Sunset now thought

She could see the ball of golden energy shooting across the sky, but getting lower and lower to the ground rapidly. She was worried that it was going to crash into the house for a few moments, but saw it drop its' axis quickly, so that it hit the ground instead. She sighed a sigh of relief once it had barely avoided hitting her.

There was a dust cloud after all that, and Sunset had to fan the dust away to see what had happened. She let out little coughs as she got rid of the dust cloud, and saw the big surprise inside. She'd never seen such an event like this happen in the Humane World, at least not from her experiences.

"I hope this isn't aliens..." Sunset looked a little worried as the dust began to settle at long last. She wondered what could possibly have come from this event. When the dust finally settled, her questions were answered once she saw a small wicker basket with three familiar faces sleeping in the soft blankets.

"Oh, you've gotta be kidding me..." Sunset looked a little surprised when she remembered who it was sleeping in the small basket. She was surprised to see three infants sleeping rather soundly in a wicker basket. At first, she thought they were some complete strangers, until she she recognized their familiar, yet childish faces which she'd never be able to forget after what happened tonight...

Author's Notes:


First off, I guess my computer was just in a coma of sorts. Thank my dad for bringing it back to life. He has saved my active nature on FIMFiction.

Anyways, I made this story a few hours after seeing Rainbow Rocks for myself, so I hope you like it. I had this idea tucked away deep inside of me, and wanted to release it once I'd seen the Dazzlings for myself, to see how the idea of them was executed in the end. And it was done pretty well.

Also, on another note, I've been playing a lot of Bayonetta recently, and I thought that Fly Me To The Moon (Cereza's Lullaby) worked so well for the three of them, as it sounded Dazzlings-esque and had three singers singing. I personally think that Equestria Girls 2 could have been improved and lengthened at certain points, but it was still a fantastic sequel to a fantastic movie.

Also, if someone could make me some cover art for this story, I'm welcome to accept it into this story and make it seem more believable. The cute scenes will come in the next chapter, this is just to ease you all into the concept. Also, if you want to see my review for Rainbow Rocks, the link is here for your pleasure: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/382311/shadow-reviews-episode-14-equestria-girls-2-rainbow-rocks

Until next time, guys and gals, this is Shadowmane PX-41, signing off...

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