The Wonderful Life of Ford Mustang

by RoyalRainbow

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 – Mad Dash for Baltimare

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Author's Notes:

And just so you know (though you probably figured this out already), no, this has nothing do with the Christmas classic, "It's a Wonderful Life." If you want some holiday cheer, you can read my previous story, "The 1st Hearth's Warming Eve of Ford Mustang."

Also, I want to point something out regarding with the "Human" tag for my Ford Mustang stories for those who are new in this series. Though the namesake OC is no longer a human in these stories, the tag must remain since this is technically a "Human in Equestria" story. Just FYI, mind you.

Special thanks to Mariacheat-Brony and Rated Ponystar for pre-reading my chapters for me.

Chapter 1 – Mad Dash for Baltimare

Floating high above the outskirts of Ponyville is a small yet humble castle in the sky. Its central tower is magnificently sculpted out of the same clouds as the natural ones it’s built on top of. And a weaving rainbow arches over the tall, narrow building while the foundation’s small colorful pools trickle over the cloudy edges which create such elegant waterfalls to showcase their shimmering brilliance. This one-of-a-kind structure originally housed only one owner, but now, it has two owners in which they proudly call their home. Of course, their joint ownership became officially permanent ever since their very special day yesterday.

Inside the master bedroom, covers as fluffy as the clouds themselves begin to stir as somepony emerges out of the cushiony surface. It is a tall Pegasus stallion with a light bluish coat and a rich, cerulean blue mane with a golden yellow streak on each side. And on his flank is a recently earned Cutie Mark: a silhouetted headshot of a dragon that shares the same rich, blue color as his mane and tail. This Cutie Mark not only symbolizes his extraordinary Draconian Magic, but it also represents his unquestionable heroism for his most valiant deed when he was facing against his ultimate enemy. For this humble stallion happens to be Ford Mustang, former human being of Earth who has earned himself some impressive titles recently: Vanquisher of Arrogon the Destroyer, honorary knight of Ponyville, and now, a happily married stallion to the mare of his dreams.

Sitting upright on his side of the bed, he lets out a big, soft yawn before his turquoise eyes gradually open up. With half-lid eyes, he verifies his familiar surroundings. His slick, black suit, white shirt, and loose bowtie are piled alongside of the bride’s sparkling gown and other fashion accessories. The discarded clothes serves as a warm reminder to Ford on the extensive amount of passionate lovemaking they went through last night. He also chuckles to himself on how much of scolding he would receive if their wedding fashion designer and good friend, Rarity, finds out on how they treated their wedding clothes so carelessly. Then, he turns to his right and smiles tenderly over his new wife, Rainbow Dash.

Silently, the smiling stallion enjoys the wondrous sight of his lovely, blue angel. He first glances at the dazzling Prismatic Diamond Ring on her left fore hoof, which was a precious gift given to him by his deceased master and friend, Hindel the All-Seeing Dragon. Then, he looks with admiration at Rainbow’s gorgeous, multicolored mane as its long, vibrant strands drape around her neck and shoulder while her somewhat messy hair still maintains some of that smoothness and shine. And finally, his gaze locks on to her adorable, sleepy face and that completely contented smile of hers.

With a broader smile, he carefully leans forward with his chest brushing against her back, holds her left fore hoof with his own that has a golden wedding ring on it, and gently kisses her on the cheek. From that simple affection, she steadily awakens from her own slumber as she lets out a short, adorable yawn. Turning her head to face her husband, she lifts her eyelids up slightly, which still had some mascara from yesterday evening, until her gorgeous, magenta eyes lock on with Ford’s warm gaze.

“Good morning, Mrs. Mustang.” he greets to her with a playful grin.

“Good morning to you too, Mr. Dash.” she greets right back in the same manner.

“I sure hope you’re not confusing me with your father, Rainbow.” he states it with a very shrewd smile. “But then again, if it’s just between the two of us, I won’t mind being your daddy every now and then.”

In response to that raunchy remark, Rainbow playfully smacks Ford for such crude humor. Quickly, he embraces her firmly as they start to giggle all of a sudden. After their silly laughter dies down, they share a deep, welcoming kiss to start off their first morning together as a married couple.

Once they have their first morning kiss, Mustang then asks, “So… did you get a goodnight sleep, angel?”

“Mm-hmm!” she nods gleefully as she nuzzles against his neck. “Best sleep ever!”

“That’s kind of surprising to hear.” he chuckles lightly. “Considering that there was hardly any rest for us after what we just did last night.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” she agrees with a chuckle of her own. “But you see? I told you that I was more than a match for you!”

He leans closer to his proud wife and compliments her with a tender smile, “I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Rainbow Dash.”

From receiving such praise, she offers a quick kiss to him. And after a quiet giggle to herself, Rainbow surprisingly becomes very quiet as she looks down while her face shifted in a more solemn expression.

“Hey, Ford?”


“Do you think… that was enough… to have our very own foal someday?” she asks with a hint of worry as she lightly rubs her belly.

Sensing the severity from her soft inquiry, Ford wraps her concerned angel with his fore hooves and wings before he reassures her with a sincere yet witty smile, “I don’t know, Rainbow. But that doesn’t mean we simply stop trying just for one night, right?”

As he states that, his left fore hoof glides right alongside Rainbow’s until he caresses her soft belly. From receiving that soothing touch of his as well as from hearing his strong yet simple reassurance, her smile widens significantly at the comfort of his big, strong Mustang. With a quick burst of strength, the grinning mare shoves the staggered stallion onto the bed and pins him to the mattress. Flabbergasted, he looks up and stares at the grinning Rainbow Dash, sitting on top of him.

“Then the game is still on!” she states boldly with that clever grin of hers.

With a smile matching that with hers, Ford pulls her in and seals it with a longing kiss. As they carry on with their extensive make-out session, their hooves caress one and another. While things are about to get serious, Rainbow takes a brief break as she murmurs something out of curiosity.

“By the way, what time is it?”

With a glance at the clock on the nightstand to his left, he answers, “It’s roughly ten-fifteen right now.”

“That’s nice…” she mumbles nonchalantly before she resumes where they left off. But as their kissing is about to be taken to a whole, new level, a sudden realization pops into her head as she abruptly ends their cuddling by sitting up straight with a deeply horrified look on her face.


Despite hearing that piercing screech, Ford couldn’t help but breaking into an amusing smirk as he impulsively teases her, “Oh-ho~! Already up for another round, eh? I had no idea you can be this frisky in the mornings.”

In a deeply flustered manner, she retorts with a furrowed brow, “No, not that, you featherbrain! Don’t you know where we’re supposed to be right now?!”

With a blank face, he blinks a couple of times before he drifts his eyes upward as he tries to recollect on what today’s schedule is. Once he realizes on where they need to be, his face matches that with Rainbow’s earlier, wide-eyed expression as he exclaims in a similar manner as hers.


“Later!” she responds sharply as she hastily jumps out of bed. “Right now, we’ve got to get ready to meet our friends in the Baltimare Harbor at eleven o’clock sharp before we board our cruise today!”

Frantically, she goes over a mental checklist as she paces around the room while trying to plan all of this out loud. “Okay, let’s see… we need to pack our stuff! Well, that shouldn’t be too much trouble compared to Rarity’s case. Then we definitely need to take a quick shower! Probably grab something to eat after that! Definitely have to make sure we have our cruise tickets, and take Tank--!”

Then, her eyes bulge out greatly as her pupils shrink significantly before she enters in a complete state of panic while searching for her devoted tortoise. “Wait a minute, where’s Tank?! We need to take him to Fluttershy’s animal shelter before we leave for the harbor! Ford, help me find him! Tank, where are you?!”

Instead of assisting her, Mustang is just sitting on the bed as he blankly stares at his panicky wife before shaking his head and chuckling to himself, “Heh, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was married to Twilight Sparkle instead.”

Annoyed by her husband from not moving an inch from that spot, she snaps at him, “Ford, don’t just sit there! Help me out over here! We can’t be late no matter what!”

In a carefree smile, Ford leaps out of his bed and lays her hooves on her shoulders to ease her unnecessary worries before reassuring her in a calm voice, “Rainbow, relax. Everything else has been taken care of. We already dropped Tank at the shelter on the day before our wedding.” Then, he hovers to their large saddlebags that are sitting on one corner of the room as he points it out to her. “Our bags are fully packed as well, and our tickets are right here in the outer zipped pockets.” he says as he pulls out the two tickets from the pocket he said they were in. After putting the tickets back where they belong and securing them, he glides right back to the thunderstruck Rainbow Dash as she began to remember all of the things that Ford just mentioned to her.

Despite feeling foolish on forgetting that all was taken care of days ago, she sighs in relief before pulling Ford in for a loving embrace and lightly kids with him, “Oh. Well… I knew there was a good reason why I married you.”

“You mean besides the fact that I saved you from a terrible fate at the hooves of an evil tyrant, right?” he counters with a smirk and an arched eyebrow.

“Oh yeah. There’s that too.” she shrugs in mocking nonchalance with a smirk matching that with his.

After having a brief giggle with each other, they share a short, sweet kiss before the stallion gently insists to his mare, “Come on. Let’s take our shower first, and we’ll have some brunch with our friends once we get there.”

“Yeah, sounds good." She then says to him firmly even though she's displaying a playful grin on her face. "But remember: we can’t take too long in there. So don’t get any funny ideas, alright?”

With a clever smirk of his own, he only says to her, “I only promise to do my best.”


In the midst of soaring through the nice, blue sky, Rainbow Dash and Ford Mustang are flying at a very brisk pace with their respective luggage strapped to each of the Pegasi. For awhile, they’ve been very quiet to each other, mostly it’s because Rainbow is still ticked off at Ford for their supposed delay. For now, there are only a few minutes left before it becomes eleven o’clock since both of them didn’t leave as early as they originally intended.

“Come on, Rainbow! You’re not still at mad at me, are you?” he asks in an awkward chuckle.

“Of course I am!” she snaps with an angry brow. “This is all your fault you know!”

“Hey, I was just offering my services to wash your body, that’s all!” he rebuts in mocking innocence with an irresistible, sly smile.

“Don’t try to play so innocent with me, Ford!” she retorts as she harshly points an accusing hoof at him. “We would have been at the harbor minutes ago if you didn’t get so carried away as always!”

“Well, you’re the one who kept demanding more than that! Besides, you didn’t say 'stop' whatsoever, so you are equally to blame as I am!” he adds with increasing amusement as a bold smirk expands across his face.

Unable to come up with a proper response to the witty stallion, Rainbow Dash lets out a grouch and refocuses on the task at hoof in an increasingly panicky state. “Whatever! At this rate, we’re never gonna make it there in time!” Oh, we’re gonna be late! We’re gonna be late! We are SO going to be late!”

“Rainbow, it’s fine.” he says as gently as possible while he tries his best to calm her down. “So what if we’re going to be a few minutes late? Nopony is going to hold it against--!”

“We have to use the Sonic Rainboom.”

From hearing that sudden suggestion, the impassive Mustang stares at Rainbow with wide eyes before he reacts in alarm, “…Wait what?!”

“We need to unleash our Sonic Rainbooms at the same time!” she clarifies once again in an anxious manner. “It’s our only chance to meet our friends on time!”

Still with a blank look on his face, Ford exhales a heavy sigh before he shares his opinion in a weakening, steady voice, “Rainbow… I love you and everything, but that is without a doubt the most reckless thing you could have ever suggested! Never have we done two Sonic Rainbooms simultaneously before! Plus, I'm fairly new to this! So we are definitely not going to pull off such a dangerous stunt like that just for the sake of punctuality! Besides, what could have possessed you to recommend something as insane as--?!”


From hearing her startling exclamation, Ford’s mind instinctively recalls the scene where his bride impatiently gives in to Pinkie Pie’s pestering by Pinkie Promising that she and Ford will make it to the Baltimare Harbor by eleven o’clock today. And as a former fan of Earth’s fictional show that’s loosely based off of the Mane Six’s actual adventures, he knows full well that no one, pony or otherwise, ever breaks a Pinkie Promise no matter what.

Seeing how they hardly have any other opinions to consider with what little time they have left, he eventually gives in and softly nods to Rainbow Dash, “…The Sonic Rainboom it is.”

Before they put their last minute plan into action, Rainbow extends a right fore hoof to Mustang, and he grasps it firmly with his left one. Once their hooves are secured to each other, she says to him, “Don’t let go, okay?”

“Never!” he assures boldly with a soft smile.

After smiling back to her ever-so devoted stallion, Rainbow makes a subtle gulp before she begins their countdown together, “Okay, on three. One…”

He cringes for what’s to come as the two coordinated Pegasi pick up incredible speeds for a daring feat that’s never been attempted before.



A Couple Minutes Earlier at the Baltimare Harbor…

At a local café that’s right alongside the city’s famed harbor, a lot of Rainbow and Ford’s friends are already there, including Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Big Macintosh, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Spike, Apple Bloom, Sweet Belle, and Scootaloo. While the adults wait for the two missing Pegasi as some of them enjoy their snacks and drinks underneath the tables’ parasols, Scootaloo looks up as she anxiously scans the sky for any signs of her figurative big sister and brother-in-law.

“Ugh! Where are they?” she worries immensely as she flutters her tiny wings rapidly. “They should have been here by now!”

Twilight Sparkle walks up to the little, orange filly and reassures her with a gentle smile, “Don’t fret, Scootaloo. I’m certain those two wouldn’t be late for their own honeymoon cruise.”

“Yeah.” Spike agrees with confidence. “You know how those two like to make their dramatic entrances.”

“I can understand Rainbow Dash for being fashionable late sometimes…” Rarity adds to the conversation. “…but I never would expect the same from Ford Mustang since he’s the more punctual of the two.”

The fashion designer’s fiancée, Applejack, giggles before she states with a sly smile, “Ah bet those two are still in bed and are continuing to have the time of their lives!”

Then, Apple Bloom steps forward and asks her big sister with innocent curiosity, “What would they still be doing in bed at this late in the morning, sis?”

A bit surprised by her younger sister’s questioning, Applejack has a difficult time answering that until she says, “Oh… well ya see… Ah… Ah’ll tell ya when yer older, Apple Bloom.”

Unable to accept that kind of repetitive excuse, Apple Bloom places her hooves on the table that Applejack and Rarity are sitting at and begs in a cutesy whine, “Awww! But you always say that! Why won’t you tell us? Dontcha trust me?”

With the younger Earth Pony’s pleading eyes locking on to Applejack’s uneasy ones, the older sister becomes hesitant before she assures the little, yellow filly, “Well of course Ah trust you, lil’ sis! It’s just that…!”

But once again, Applejack is at a lost for words as she tries to come up with something in mind that will prevent her from explaining that kind of education to a bunch of underage fillies. Unfortunately, due to her honest nature, she could hardly lie her way out of anything even if she tried. While AJ is still flabbergasted over this, the rest of the (former) Cutie Mark Crusaders join in with Apple Bloom as they push their pleading a little further with their big, adorable eyes, and pouty lips.

“Come on! Tell us!” Apple Bloom pleads once again.

Then, Scootaloo adds, “Yeah, we’re big ponies! We can handle it!”

And lastly, Sweetie Belle asks, “Please?”

With the Crusaders’ combined powers of their natural cuteness, Applejack is falling into their elaborate trap as the older mare finds it more and more difficult to say ‘no’ to the three fillies. So, the orange farmpony turns to the closest support she can find, which in this case, would be her future wife.

“Rarity, help me out over here, will ya?”

Amused by all of this, the deviously smirking Rarity ignores the farmpony’s pleas before sipping on her drink. “Sorry, darling. You’re on your own on this one.” She is certainly thankful that she isn’t in the same boat as Applejack is if she were to try to explain it to her own little sister.

After glaring at the grinning seamstress, AJ turns to her big brother across from her as she pleads desperately, “Big Mac? A little help please?”

Startled at first, the big, red stallion responds firmly to his blonde-haired sister, “Nnnope. Ah ain’t touchin' this one.”

Just when Applejack is about to give up, Vinyl Scratch steps into the fray as she lays a hoof on the Earth Pony’s shoulder before she eases her worries with a confident grin, “Don’t worry, AJ! Let Aunt Scratchie handle this!”

As Applejack is puzzled by Vinyl’s generous assistance, the three fillies turn to the white Unicorn mare with the two-toned, electric blue mane and beam widely with hopeful smiles before the DJ begins by clearing her throat first. “Ahem! You see kids… when a mare and a stallion love each other very much--!”

“Vinyl!” Octavia interjects sternly as she stands next to her. “Don’t say it like that!”

“Oh, you’re right! How careless of me!” DJ-PON-3 responds to the cellist’s commands with a casual grin. “Here, let me rephrase that… when two respective partners of either gender love each of very much--!”


“Ow! Hey! I was getting to the good part!” Vinyl states with a chuckling grin as she rubs the back of her head that just received a swift hit from her disgruntled fiancée.

Wanting to preserve the fillies’ innocence, Fluttershy quickly changes the subject as she asks in a quiet voice, “So umm… do you think Ford and Rainbow are lost or something?”

With a cheerful, carefree smile, Pinkie Pie reassures the group with absolute confidence, “I wouldn’t be too worry about those two. They should be arriving ANY second now!” Then, her responsive, pink body spontaneously shakes like a jackhammer as she confirms with delight, “Ooo! In fact, they should be arriving in three… two… one…!”


Suddenly, the friends from Ponyville along with the citizens of Baltimare hear an earth-shattering boom as they sharply turn toward the source of the thunderous noise in the sky. From looking upward, the Ponyvillians gasp extremely as their truly astonished eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets. Of course, Pinkie Pie isn’t that surprise like the rest of her friends as she is able to see that one coming a mile away thanks to her Pinkie Senses.

For beyond the horizon, there is an extraordinary sight to behold on the outskirts of Baltimare. High amongst the clouds, an enormous blast of vibrant colors expand across the sky. While most of the city’s citizens try to figure on this unforeseen phenomenon, everypony else, including those from Ponyville, knows exactly on what it is: the Sonic Rainboom! But the legendary supernova is a little different somehow. Based off its waves of multiple colors, the Sonic Rainboom looks like it belongs to Rainbow Dash, yet merged within the multicolored explosion, there are hundreds of streaks that either feature a bold blue or a brilliant gold. And considering that there are only two known ponies that can pull off Sonic Rainbooms, it didn’t take long for the Ponyvillians to figure out on whom that second Sonic Rainboom belongs to.

“Wait, is that…?” Twilight asks in a startling manner.

“No way!" Apple Bloom gasps mightily.

“It can’t be!” Sweet Belle responds in the same manner.

But as for Scootaloo, her purple eyes grow just as widely as her smile as she announces with boundless excitement while energetically jumping up and down, “YES, IT’S THEM! THEY’RE HERE!”

As the Ponyvillians awe at the unique spectacle, two streaks of different sets of colors exit out of the merged supernovas. Upon their arrival, the long-awaited Pegasi make a smooth landing as their hooves skid across the improvised runway before they gradually stop in front of the café that their friends are hanging out at. After making their grand entrance, the two winged ponies stand up in different postures; for Rainbow Dash, she stands up tall with her chest held up high with pride and a cheeky smile stretched across her muzzle, but as for Ford Mustang’s case, he is hunching forward with his wobbly hooves spread far apart and is left completely breathless.

“Hey, ya crazy lovebirds!” Applejack greets with a welcoming smirk. “Y’all finally made it!”

“Mm-hmm! And just in the nick of time too!” Pinkie Pie nods with a smile.

“D-did… the two of you performed a Double Sonic Rainboom just now?” Rarity asks in a stammering surprise.

“Yep! We sure did!” Rainbow Dash confirms with a proud grin. “Didn’t we, Ford?”

In response, Ford lets out a heavy groan to serve as his compliance as he is still out of breath from that hasty Sonic Rainboom he just pulled off. Compared to Rainbow Dash however, she hardly broke a sweat from that.

“Ohmygosh! That was SO COOL!” Scootaloo exclaims excitedly as she gleefully hovers around the two latecomers in countless laps. “You two are as amazing as ever! You not only pulled off one but two Sonic Rainbooms at the same time!”

“Hey, Pinks?” Vinyl nudges to her with a knowing grin. “Isn’t this where you make one of your random pop culture references or something?”

Pinkie thinks about this while rubbing her chin, but then she shrugs it off with a nonchalant smile. “Hmm… nah, not really. We’ve already made the 'Double Rainbow' reference in the two previous stories anyway.”

Then, Twilight steps in and inquires in a disapproving manner, “What in Equestria would possess you two to pull off such a dangerous stunt like that?!”

“That’s… what I… said!” Ford pants in-between.

Sheepishly, Rainbow answers, “Well… we Pinkie Promised to be here by eleven o’clock, remember?”

The other ponies turn to Pinkie Pie with baffled expressions as they wait for the pink Earth Pony’s response. Then, she giggles in merriment before she explains to her friends as cheerful as ever, “Oh don’t be silly! I would never hold it against you two for not being here right on time! Jeez Louis! You two take things so literally sometimes!”

While the wide-eyed Rainbow Dash blankly stares at the smiling party pony, Ford Mustang is completely slack-jawed by that innocent response as he stammers in disbelief, “You mean… we did the Double Sonic Rainboom… for nothing?”

“Eeyup. That pretty much sums it up.” Applejacks nods with a clever grin.

Unable to comprehend this, Ford gives in to his fatigue as he faints heavily before he collapses on to the floor. With his momentarily limp body, he looks up to his concerned wife and asks of her in a worn out voice.

“Never again, Rainbow! NEVER… AGAIN!


After Ford’s quick recovery from his overdramatic exhaustion, he and Rainbow Dash join their friends as the newlywed couple enjoy a very hearty brunch from the café’s delectable selections. From there, the ponies reminisce on the good times they had from Rainbow & Ford’s wedding last night.

Roughly a half-hour later, the cruise ship nearby lets out a loud whistle to serve as a signal that it is time to board. After Ford and Rainbow say their farewells to their friends, they eventually board the enormous vessel and drop off their luggage at their luxury suite before they make their way to the railing. Once all of its passengers have boarded, the ship blows another whistle before it makes its gradual departure out of the harbor. From the railing, Ford and Rainbow wave to their friends down below as they wave right back at the couple.

“Have a wonderful trip, darlings!” Rarity waves with a pleasant smile.

“See y’all in a week!” Applejack tips her hat to them.

“Bring back lots of souvenirs!” Scootaloo calls out happily.

“And you featherbrains better be back in time for our wedding!” Vinyl shouts out with a grin. “‘Cause if not, I’m gonna drag you back myself so you wouldn’t skip out on the promise you made for me!”

Instinctively, the blue-haired unicorn felt a shiver when she can practically feel the deadpanned Octavia glaring at her. So she quickly rephrases herself with a sheepish grin, “I mean for us! I meant to say ‘for us’ of course!”

Luckily for Vinyl, the cellist breaks into an amusing smile as she wittily says to her before kissing her fiancée on the rosy cheek, “Of course.”

Eventually, the friends from Ponyville are out of sight as the cruise ship leaves the Horseshoe Bay. With their ship setting sail to the famed Delphi Isles, Ford and Rainbow share a brief kiss to commemorate their long-awaited voyage as they can’t hardly wait to begin their honeymoon together.

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