My Little Heartbreak: Creativi-Tea

by Jet_Black1980

Chapter 1: Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost

Chapter one

Paradise Lost

I lay on the couch looking at the flat screen monitor before me. I had just bought it. Something that I really had to force myself to do, seeing that the old clunky CRT monitor worked just fine. But it took up a good portion of the table, the screen was starting to go and well...the thing was massive. So a new monitor was what I got. It’s around five o’clock and a lazy spring day off from work.

My ears perk up as I hear the door open from downstairs. “Hello?” a tired and curious voice comes. I have already jumped up and slipped through the narrow gap between a box and a table just to greet her at the top of the stairs. “Hellllloooo?” I echo back to her while nearly falling down the stairs just to see her smiling face.

She stands there looking tired, exhaustion and frustration melts away from her face when I open my arms to greet her. She clasps my hand after it brushes against her cheek. I run my fingers through her red hair, my gaze transcends into her beautiful chestnut brown eyes and I wrap a hand around her back. Some might call my girl names ascribed to her weight. I would call her beautiful from the inside-out.

I then wrap my arms around her in a loving and passionate embrace, my body pressed against hers, and the two of us drink in a fiery kiss. When it finally breaks, I look at the goofy expression on her face. She’s happy for a moment. That makes it all worthwhile. “So how was your day my sweet?” I ask her.

She responds with a merfing-merwl. I have a terrible habit of spoiling the mood. Saying the wrong crazy thing at the wrong or maybe right moment that can totally and utterly take a moment out back and shoot it Old Yeller style. She walks to her bedroom and flops down on the bed. Seeing that I have showered, I flop next to her.

“That bad eh?” I ask sympathetically.

“You don’t want to know.” She replies turning her head and looking at me. For a moment there is nothing but drain and worry on her face. Then she sees that I am shirtless and her expression changes from that of exhaustion to a mischievous imp.

“Wha..?” I ask in a not-so-innocent-manner.

She quickly rolls over and pins my arms down. “I think you know what..” she whispers, her face drawing close to mine. I close my eyes and puckered my lips ready to enjoy a slice of paradise.


My eyes snap open and instead of a face I love, I see a face I fear-Celestia’s. A scream rushes forth from my throat and I am still unable to move. Her eyes look like twin suns, her horn is glowing with magic that looks like a solar flare and her face is void of emotion.

Then a voice comes out from the distance..
“HB... HB...HB...HEARTBREAK.” It says in frustration. Looking to my left I see Twilight. “Wake UP.”


My eyes jar open, morning light assaulting them and I gasp. I can feel cold sweat dripping off of my forehead. Ugh, a flood of emotions are ebbing at my senses and now there is a pounding in my head. I push myself up and rub my head.

“Owww.” My eyes narrow to stop the light from coming in.

“Good morning!” Twilight says cheerfully.

I look at her momentarily and then flop back down. Normally I would be pretty awake. I would be able to just push myself out of bed, be awake, and at least able to tolerate the morning. “Then again, I had a computer, the ability not to be confused every time I went to the bathroom and an energy drink almost always nearby. Add to the fact that Celestias’ face has been burned into my brain for the past week,” I think to myself with a hoof shielding my eyes. “and I am sure that is the formula for an unhappy...heartbreak.” . “Just...five...more...minutes Twilight?” I plead nuzzling my face under a pillow.

“Not today Heartbreak.” Twilight replies. “Today is an important day!”

“I thought I asked you to call me HB..” I say muffled under the pillow.

“I would but you aren’t getting out of bed. And as every good student knows. ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a pony healthy, wealthy and wise!” She replies pulling the pillow off of my face with her magic. I grimace at the pony version of that saying. A strange early morning thought passes through my head as a pony Ben Franklin says it.

What would his name be?” I ponder in the mid-morning waking fog. Benjamin Flanklin? Geeze, what a horrible pun. Bad brain. You don’t get any reward for that. Twilight makes a face when I look at her.

“Gah! Geeeze, you look like you didn’t sleep at all last night.” She says as I flop back down on the bed.

“You mean past week Twilight.” I reply. “Seeing Celestia’s face every night in my dreams will pretty much do that.” Out of the corner of my eye I can see Twilight’s expression turn from serious to worried.

“You’re still having nightmares?” She asks.

I roll my eyes. “I was in the military for a year and four months, Twilight. After getting out I was still having nightmares about being there years after I got out. What happened with Celestia was a week ago.” I look at her sternly. “What do you think?”

“They have a military where you are from?” She asks looking a bit curious.

Fuck,” I think to myself. I can see where that is going. “Yes Twilight, they have a military.” A quiet forms on this moment. It grows pregnant and finally bursts with another question.

“Sooo...” Twilight begins. “Did you kill anypony?”

I twitch at both the nature of the question and the way it sounds in my head. I just can’t ever see anypony from the show asking that question. “No Twilight,” I reply. “I almost flunked out of boot camp on the first day, and never made it out of tech-school.”

“Boot camp? Tech-school?” Twilight asks.

I stomp my hooves on the bed. Too many unwelcome questions about subjects I don’t want to talk about. “I don’t want to talk about it anymore, Twilight.”


“Not talking abooou-” I turn my body and misjudge how far I need to go to get out of bed. Which of course means that I fall with half my body still in the bed. “About it.” Grunting I pull the rest of myself out of the bed. Congratulations Twilight, this round goes to you seeing that you got me out of bed.

“Why not? Was it really that bad?” Twilight asks.

“What are we talking about here Twi’? The military or my world?” I ask walking tiredly towards the bathroom.

“Either one I guess.” she replies.

“Yeah, let me get back to you on that.” I say closing the door behind me.


Twilight looked at the closed bathroom door sighing a bit. “It’s only been one week Twilight, you can’t expect her to come down from something like that and not act like that. Plus there is the pressure that she is facing.” She rolled her eyes. Heartbreak wasn’t the only pony here facing pressure.

The Princess had given Twilight and her friends the task of teaching the Elements of Harmony to this strange, confused and thus far, often snarky pony. While these could be easy lessons to teach, what wasn’t easy was going to be Heartbreak’s task from the Princess. She was to write her a letter once a month explaining what she had learned about the Elements of Harmony and something profound that she learned about herself.

Profound life lessons don’t just fall from the sky.” Twilight thought as she heard the rushing of water come from the bathroom. “However, if we don’t start searching, we’ll never find anything.” Heartbreak came out of the bathroom with her hooves a bit wet.

“Ugh. I don’t think I will ever get used to that...” She comments.

“Get used to what?” Twilight asks.

Heartbreak blinks and makes a funny face. “Um.. Hooves. Washing them. Yeah.”

“What they don’t wash their hooves where you are from?” Twilight asks. Heartbreak’s stomach growls in response.

“They don’t have hooves where I come from.” She says curtly. “Now, how about breakfast? Then you can tell me what is so important about today.”

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