The Conversion Bureau - The Return of the King

by Dan_s Comments

Chapter 1: 1) Hail the King

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The Conversion Bureau - The Return of the King
Hail the King by Dan's Comments
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The warehouse in Baltimare was ordinary, even prosaic. That was intentional. The collection of unicorns had assembled, with many earth ponies and pegasi to support them. Even a thestral, diamond dog, and a griffon here and there among the crowd. All of them Newfoals, and all of them came as close to hating their new condition as their condition allowed. They meant to do something about it, again as much as their condition allowed. Many had been shocked that much of the 'knowledge' and 'practices' of magic that had been so much falderal on Earth, had real and substantial power and effect in Equestria. Circles and sigils and candles, crystals and spices and metals, singing in foreign tongues and sky-clad dances and invocations to ancient names all had increased the power of the spell far beyond what any mere unicorn could accomplish. And the might of dozens had been melded into one.

Tonight the powers that be of Equestria would understand that their power was not absolute. They would understand that power molded itself to the hand that wielded it. They would understand that humanity would not be ground under the hoof of a conqueror. And they would live in fear of what next their inducted foes would hurl against them.

That the Newfoals would be detected was not a worry for them. After all, the Equestrians knew any magic the Newfoals learned would have to be of Equestrian basis. They knew Newfoals couldn't really do anyone any harm, that part of them had been excised. They knew human religions were all lies so they couldn't possibly call on any old powers. The Newfoals assumed when they were arrested, it would be time in a 'reeducation camp' for each and every one of them. They would endure, because that was all they were capable of now. They couldn't be angry at the mistreatment they received every day, they couldn't take up arms against their masters, and they couldn't feel fury at what had been taken from them and every other Newfoal who had survived the Conversion, and every human who hadn't.

They had decided on one name, one force, one entity. It was one known worldwide, but not really worshiped by any human nation, tribe or culture. The original suggestion had been flippant, a joke that failed or a snarker pointing out the inherent impossibility of what they were doing. But it had the right feel to it. The Equestrians would treat it as a joke, would ignore the danger until it was too late. It would be perfect.

Twilight Sparkle had arrived with a detachment of Royal Guards almost the instant she'd detected the spell casting. That the spell was over and was winging its way across Equestria was lost on her. The Newfoals were laughing and dancing, like the children she knew they were. Twilight regarded most Newfoals as she had the Cutie Mark Crusaders: full of weird ideas and never sure of their place. That so few had cutie marks she suspected was why they never grew up. Princess Celestia had engineered their change and had assured all that Newfoals were incapable of violence, or even anger. While it irritated Twilight that many took advantage of the Newfoals because of this, Princess Celestia had reminded her that they were not her problem.

Still, she thought, This was a massive spell. All that magical energy had to have gone someplace.

She looked at the paraphernalia assembled and shook her head at the Newfoals and their crazy ideas of how magic worked. Yet she couldn't shake a nagging suspicion that somewhere amid all this nonsense was something that might actually be real. She made a note to investigate this during the interrogations, but that would be for later.

I'll send the Princesses a letter in the morning, she thought, Then we can question them. They can't have done something really important. But that magic had to go somewhere.

She rolled her eyes as the Newfoals began arguing. An officer had asked what they had done. Now they argued, like polite, little foals, over the correct pronunciation of the thing. Neither name told her anything, and she'd studied all their so-called religions. That was no god I ever heard of, she thought.

I am awake. It is hardly the most shocking revelation on its face. But moments ago, there had been no me. Now there was, and I am awake. Ten thousand faces blur through my memories, ten thousand lives lived in my past. Different skin tones, eye color, gender, and skill sets. But all are me. There are no gaps, no flaws in my personality. All the disparate pieces flow over and around each other. There is a blending beyond the Equestrians and their talk of Harmony.

Now a flash of anger. A soldier dying to protect a child, only to have the child convert and kill him. A young mother ripped from her family by an auto accident by the death of a driver killed by an Equestrian. Faces burned as they were shoved into the Barrier by laughing ponies. Thousands more, but over in an instant. I pause, as if waiting for the legion cry for vengeance, but nothing comes. With the unification came the desire for no more bloodshed, no more needless sacrifice, only a desire for a new life, a new home for those few who have retained even a shred of their humanity.

I open my eyes, and regard the sea. Its depths where the ponies will not come. Its darkness that even the Princesses fear. Its cold, deep embrace that nothing in Equestria understands and fewer still can survive.

Knowledge of Equestria also comes. Knowledge of their society, its customs and hierarchy. Its prejudices and its follies. And one fact known yet ignored by all. Lips skin back from teeth as the thought comes, Vengeance will be mine. I will enact a vengeance on Equestria beyond anything they could ever hope to achieve. Not by slaughter, at least not on my end, but by highlighting their lies. By doing what they never did. By proving how humanity conquers, not by the sword and slaughter, as the Equestrians do, but by out-thinking, and forming communities. By defeating a foe on their own ground, by their own rules.

I will destroy you, by being all that you claim but aren't, and by being better than you.

My destination is set, and I find travel automatic. In my myriad lifetimes, there is an archeologist. That is what I shall do, along with engineers and simple plumbers and ditch diggers, I will lay the foundation for the destruction of the ponies. Using what they cast aside and never took up again. Recycling. I enjoy the irony.

In one of the tents where interro - interviews were being held, another 'interviewer' heard the same story repeated, and began to wonder if the Newfoals had gone insane, or had she? "A character from a movie?" Sunset Shimmer asked the grinning Newfoal who nodded enthusiastically.

I know Princess Sparkle has a sense of humor, but this is beyond absurd, she thought as she made sure she hadn't misspelled any words or misused any punctuation on the report she would file with the princess. The princess had a bad tendency to focus on that to the detriment of the subject at hand. I still can't imagine how the twit beat me.

"You may return to your cell," she told the Newfoal and signaled the next to remain where he was. She trotted over to the main table, where several other 'interviewers' must have gotten the same story. The princess was becoming frazzled at their reports, never a good sign.

"I have three interrogations," Sunset Shimmer said as she added her folders to a growing pile which probably all pointed in the same direction, "All of them told the same thing. So unless they rehearsed their answers, I think we have a good idea what they were trying to do."

"A movie character?" one of the interrogators said and snorted, "What was it supposed to do, turn sideway and cut us all up?"

"Maybe it was supposed to scare us into turning them back into humans," another, a brassy mare, said and chuckled.

"This is asinine even for Newfoals," another from the capital's intelligence division said, "Ugly fella in any case. Of course it has to walk like them. Stupid Newfoals."

"And I was worried they'd actually done something," the princess said. She stared at the drawing, turning it this way and that. "Discord is scary. Tirek is scary. This thing looks like an oversized, misshapen duck. A plucked one at that."

The team chuckled at the princess' joke, because the boss' jokes were always funny.

The wave that crashed against the wall of ice had no witnesses, and no victims. Nothing lived here. Even the Windingos, who were responsible for the ice, were long gone. Despite the temperate clime, the pleasant winds, and the seas teaming with fish and sea life, nothing lived on land.

His head broke the surface and surveyed the ice cliffs that towered over even his substantial height. The arms were shorter than a human's, and the long tail would not aid in climbing this mountain of ice. The claws would carve through the ice easily enough. But within were cities, towns, roads, aqueducts, the lost art and science of three entire civilizations. And they would be humanity's blood price for what the ponies had done to them.

But the summit would be safe to start. A quick survey of memories: climatologist, archeologist, engineers, and a woman who'd lived her entire life in the snows confirmed what the gestalt had already surmised. A bastion of ice that had withstood a millennium of the Tyrant Sun would fall in minutes to the new god, the new king that strode Equestria's broad expanse.

Let the others know me, I thought, Let them leave me and my people be, or live in dread. I was forged of mankind's darkest fears. Empowered by his most fearsome weapons. The only one who ever beat me is dust and shadows, if he ever existed at all. Let the ponies know a true nightmare walks their world. Let them know their powers are my bread and butter. Let them know that all they have wronged will be avenged.

The great, plate-like, dorsal fins along my back and tail began to glow blue. The fire in my heart roared. And for a moment, the sun had not an equal, but a superior.

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