A Child's Ponderings

by little big pony

Chapter 1: We'll be your friends

Dear Princess Celestia,

I hope you’re reading this, Princess, ‘cause Mrs. Scrolls said she’d send you would all of our letters and that you’d read them and everything! And I think that that’s really neat ‘cause I bet you’re busy an’ stuff but you do this 'cause you want to.

Hang on; Mrs. Scrolls just told me that we need to introduce ourselves in the beginning when we write letters to somepony. Isn’t that weird, Princess? Don’t we have to write our names on the bottom or something anyway?

Well, if Mrs. Scrolls says we have to do it than I guess we have to do it 'cause Mrs. Scrolls is a really smart mare, Princess, and I think that she might be the smartest pony ever, 'cause she knows stuff my pa doesn’t even know and he’s really, REALLY smart ‘bout stuff.

Hello, my name is Gum Drop and I go to school at Shady Springs Grade School in Baltimare.

Why do you think we have to put to capitalize the names of places , Princess? Is it ‘cause it’s like how I have to capitalize my name? Or do ponies just get mad when you write it different?

Hang on, Mrs. Scrolls just told everypony that we can only ask you a couple of questions, ‘cause if we don’t then we all might write too much stuff and then you wouldn't be able to read everyponies letters 'cause it'd take too long.

I’m sorry for all the questions that I’ve been asking you then, Princess. It’s not nice of me to try to take up all of your time and stuff. But if you have to ignore somepony’s letter, could you please throw away Crystal Shards'? She and her friends are mean to me and Tulip ‘cause we don’t have our cutiemarks yet! Mrs. Scrolls keeps yelling at her to stop being mean and I keep telling her that I’ll tell on her but she keeps doing it!

Did anypony ever pick on you when you were in school, Princess? I don’t think so, ‘cause you’re big and you have a big horn and you’re a princess and stuff, but Tulip thinks that some ponies might have picked on you when you were little because they'd think you look weird being all big like that.

Can you believe that? Daddy told me that you were about a million billion years old, and since Mrs. Scrolls told me that’s when there were dinosaurs running around, and there weren’t ponies back then, I don’t think anypony could have picked on you. Unless the dinosaurs could talk and since they were bigger than you they were mean to you, I guess.

Were there talking dinosaurs, Princess? Did you get to talk with any of them if they could? I bet that would’ve been neat; having all of those big things running around and telling you good morning while you walked past them to go to the store to get milk. But then there would be a T-rex and he’d come stomping in and roaring and then him and one of those long neck dinosaurs would fight and stuff!

Did you and your sister ever have to hide from a big, mean dinosaur, Princess? Did you ever have to fight one? I asked Gear Turner and he said that he’d ask you ‘bout it in his letter, so you won’t have to think about my question, you can just think about his if you want to.

I bet it takes you forever to read all of these, Princess. Mrs. Scrolls is gonna send you like twenty letters! That’s a bunch!
Do you let your little sister read the letters too so you don’t have to read so many? How come we don’t send any letter to Princess Luna, Princess?

Mrs. Scrolls told us that you like reading the letters when we send them to you, so I bet Princess Luna would like it as much as you! Maybe you could send a letter to Mrs. Scrolls so we could send you both letters, then I could ask twice as many questions if I want to!

Mrs. Scrolls said we gotta finish up writing soon so we can get back to learning about math, so I can only ask one more question I think.

Princess, do you have any friends?

Crystal Shard said the other day at recess that since you were a princess you couldn’t have any friends ‘cause you were an alicorn and royalty, but my other friend Swiffer said that of course you had friends ‘cause you were so old and both of Swiffer’s grandparents had lots of friends ‘cause they lived so long, and since you’re really, really old, you should have more friends than everypony.

Me and Tulip couldn’t decide if you have any friends or not so I went and asked my dad and Tulip asked her mommy. Pa just told me to go ask my mom when I ask him, and when I asked mom she just told me to go to my room. Tulip said that her mom did the same to her when I asked her about it.

I think my pa and mom might be afraid of you, Princess; which I think is weird, ‘cause everypony tells me that you’re so nice and kind and wise and stuff, but when I asked pa and mom if you had friends or not they looked at me funny; and not that type of funny that makes you laugh.

The day after that, Crystal Shard said that even if you did had a friend once, you haven’t had one in so long that you had Princess Twilight go down in some town to write you letters about friendship so you could remember what it felt like having a friend.

I got real mad at that because she was being really mean to you, and me and Crystal got into a fight, so Mrs. Scrolls told us that we weren’t allowed recess for three weeks! Even when I told her I didn’t want a bully to pick on you!

The two of us had to side in the corners of the classroom while everypony else got to play outside, so I was mad at Crystal and the teacher, but I thought about what Crystal said.

Why would you send Princess Twilight to a town to make friends, Princess? Why would you make her write letters to you about friendship lessons whenever she learned something new? I make friends all the time and Mrs. Scrolls doesn’t want a friendship report; I even asked her if she wanted one and everything!

You have Princess Luna, but my mom said that your family was your family, and that was different than being your friend, and I don’t know if any of those guardponies that guard you are your friend, and since my mom and pa might be a little scared of you, and other ponies might be scared of you, ‘cause you’re big and a princess and stuff, you might not really have friends.

So me and a few of my friends talked about it, and we all want to know if we could be your friend.

I know we’re littler than you, and you’re a princess, and you’re really old, and we’re far away from each other, and you have your cutiemark and most of us don't, but we could be your friends if you want some.

Mrs. Scrolls always says that we should try to be friends with everpony that we meet, and I don’t like it that the ponies around Canterlot didn’t get taught that by their teachers; how could they stay away from somepony that’s lonely and who probably wants a friend?

I don’t know if you’ll read this letter for a while, Princess, cause you’re real busy and stuff, but I want you to know that me and Tulip and Swiffer and everypony else will go out and play with you or help you with you princess homework if you want.

Because even though you’re bigger than everypony, and even though you raise the sun and stuff, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some friends. A princess should have more friends than anypony, not no friends at all!

Your Friend,

Gum Drop

Author's Notes:

Just a cute little number I wrote up while I took my brother to his college so he could do some stuff. I'll probably put in an epilogue if I remember or feel like it.

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