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Chapter 2

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10 years later

Lyra wasn’t sure when she was awake or asleep anymore, but it really didn’t bother her that much. She had just come back from dreaming she was Bon Bon, or was Bon Bon falling asleep dreaming she was Lyra. Either way was fine with her. She trotted to her dream journal and wrote down the things she experienced as Bon Bon, something Bon Bon had decided to start a few months after her promise to wait for her.

Hearing a knock on her dormitory door, she yelled out, “Come on in, the doors unlocked.”

Amethyst Star poked her head into the room and asked, “Hey Lyra! There’s some big announcement over at the South Wing, are you going?”

“Sure thing Ammy just writing down in my Dream Journal. I’ll be there in a bit,” Lyra replied distractedly.

“You’re dream girl again?” Amethyst joked.

“Hey she’s real! I just have yet to meet her,” Lyra huffed.

“Sure thing, but you seriously are missing out on some fine flank at this school. You already have like what? ten secret admirers? You need to hop on that before you miss out on what it means to be a student here,” Amethyst commented softly.

“I know but I got be ready for her, and the others here just don’t interest me all that much.”

“Well I’m just saying, as your friend, and as somepony who cares about you. I don’t want to see a repeat of the sleeping pills inciden you had a few years back.”

“And I thank you for helping me through that, but I’m fine. I’ll be there shortly.”

Amethyst Star closed the door after giving a short farewell leaving Lyra to her thoughts. It was a year ago when she thought she could spend more time as Bon on if she didn’t have to wake up. Her parents after nine years of her mother’s tyranny, and maliciousness finally split up. Her younger sister Portamento had the bad luck of it starting on her 4th birthday and having it rage for months afterwards stuck between the two.

Added onto the whole stress of a prestigious school having her attend not only their music department but advanced placement classes in her general studies eventually got too much for her and she started doseing herself with sleep medication so she could live as Bon Bon where things were brighter and filled with actual happiness.

One night she overdosed and if it wasn’t for her room mate seeing the bottle of pills she might not of have survived it. Although she always wondered if she died if she would stay as Bon Bon or would Bon Bon die as well. Not wanting to do something that stupid again she decided that it would be best to just deal with it. And with the help of her friends and student counselor was able to get out of her depression and move on.

Bon Bon during that time was disappointed with her, but ever since she got better Lyra had been living life to its fullest and tried to be a mare that Bon Bon was proud of as she slept, or woke up whichever of the two it was. Coming out of her thoughts she looked at the display board with new announcements and important events for the coming month. It was there she saw a sign signalling a trip to Ponyville for those who wanted to go for Cultural Enrichment. Something that the previous years had spent in more obscure and out of the way places for the school to learn about Equestria in a more hoofs on experience.

Leaping with joy, Lyra rushed to the front desk to sign up before all the slots could be filled. It was just a few weeks away and hopefully those weeks would fly by. Finally she could see Bon Bon and show to herself that she was really real. Or have the past 10 years fall down around her ears as those lifetimes came crashing down around her.

Bon Bon woke up after a day full of insecurity and hope from Lyra. After ten years she was still in love with Lyra as she was when they first met. There was a while when she was sad that she was missing out on Lyra’s life. Even though it wasn’t as great as hers, seeing her other self wasting away, was something that was just depressing. For both of them. But thankfully she had tons of great friends to help her when Bon Bon slept to live her other life.

Over the years it was confusing at times. Waking up and not knowing if she was Bon Bon or Lyra, but then she’d meet her friends here and would live a life filled with joy so that Lyra would have something to balance out the trials in her own life. It took her awhile to write all the main important things in her Dream Journal, but when it was finished it suddenly hit her that Lyra was coming to Ponyville. And if that wasn’t just wishful thinking than in a few days Pinkie Pie would have a great party set up, and Bon Bon could prove to everypony that Lyra wasn’t just a figment of her imagination.

She trotted out of her store that she earned a few years ago and went to the Cake’s Confectionary Emporium, her greatest customer and Pinkie Pie’s residence. After entering she saw her pink friend dashing about the store in a blur fixing orders of the place that was packed almost wall to wall with customers. Giving a giggle she called out, “Need help Pinkie?!”

Pinkie Pie stopped her rush for a second her body vibrating with the need to move, “Sure thing Bon Bon, do you want the front or the back?”

“Front. Where are the Cakes anyways?” on Bon replied as she went to the cash register to get ready to help with the front of the shop.

“They needed to get somethings. I don’t know, but they trusted me with the shop and we got a huge rush just now. Thank you thank you thank you so much! Well I’ll get everything up for you,” Pinkie said in a rush as she disappeared into the back room.

Half an hour later the rush ended and Pinkie Pie sat resting herself on Bon Bon while steam and puffs of smoke were emitted from her head giving Bon Bon a free Sauna. Bon Bon gave her a light squeeze before laughing, “You remember our first sleepover when we cooked a mountain of sweets for everypony?”

“And you fell into the sink? Yeah that was fun. I’m super duper, great full that you stopped over and helped but what can Pinkie Pie do for you?”

“Well Lyra’s coming over in about a week as the CSFGU has some kind of field trip over here. Do you think that you can make a party for her? A super special one?” Bon Bon asked. Giving puppy dog eyes to her friend.

“You don’t need to use those on me Bons. Of course I’ll be happy to help you get hooked up with your dreamy marefriend. Who happens to be in your dreams. Which I always found to be really romantic. I don’t get a marefriend in my dreams. I just dream of Mr. Fuzzybottom and Mrs. Squeechi raising an army of marshmallows to fight my chocolate graham cracker soldiers. Then Spike comes along and makes them S’mores. And stuff like that,” Pinkie Pie rambled.

“Whose Spike?”

“Oh! Who?”


“A dragon.”

“A dragon?”

“Yep a dragon.”

“You know a dragon?”

“Well how else would I know about him if he never said his name?”

“Pinkie Pie I know you enough to know you’re not as random as you appear … but you are weird,” Bon Bon said playfully giving Pinkie Pie a playful punch on the shoulder.

“Thanks. So I guess I should get started. But if you both live each other’s lives. I can’t plan it with you around or it won’t be a surprise for her. Don’t worry though it’ll be the greatest party I’ve ever thrown. Although I can’t wait till season 3 where I get to throw an Alicorn party,” Pinkie said in a rush as she scooted Bon Bon out.

I rarely know half of the stuff she talks about sometimes. But she’s a good mare. If I didn’t know better than I’d say she’s got a crush on me, hopefully after I get Lyra, I can get her a marefriend of her own. And who knows someday she might be as happy as I am. Now that, that is out of the way I can focus on getting things ready for Lyra.

Lyra sat in the train heading to Ponyville a wide assortment of other CSFGU students packed with in the boxcar talking excitedly about what they’d do when they go there. Lyra on the other hand held her lyre tightly as one would a stuffed animal for comfort. One of her friends Vinyl Scratch who had entered the University on a scholarship and had became fast friends with her over the years.

“So Lyra, are you psyched about seeing Ponyville?” Vinyl asked while throwing her left foreleg casually over Lyra’s shoulders.

Giving a shrug, she silently nodded while holding her lyre tighter to herself. Vinyl used her free hoof to push her glasses down her muzzle so Lyra could see her crimson eyes, “Hey, what’s the matter? You couldn’t stop talking about this place and finally meeting this Bon Bon chick. You should be ecstatic right about now.”

“It’s just … what if it was all a dream? What if this is the dream? And regardless of what’s happening now either of us are going to be sorely disappointed?” Lyra said in a whisper.

“Listen to me okay?” Vinyl said bringing Lyra into a hug with both hooves, “You’ve done nothing but talk about how she’s your inspiration for music, and how you live everyday trying to be a mare she can be proud of. Right?”

Lyra remained silent but gave a small nod into Vinyl’s chest, “Well the way I see it. Either she’s there and half of the University’s mares are going to be jealous. Or she’s not. But if she isn’t then that just means that she’s still a pony that can inspire your dreams, in your dreams. But you’ll always have your friends here, and we’ll always be here for you. Don’t forget that.”

Giving Lyra another squeeze Vinyl went to walk off before she felt a hoof touch her, “Hey Vinyl … thanks. I guess I’m just a little scared that’s all.”

“Nothing to be scared of. I bet when you leave this train you’ll be love attacked by this Bon Bon and I’ve brought my camera to commemorate the occasion,” Vinyl said laughing, “Just don’t worry. Walk out there head held high, and everything’ll turn out fine.”

As Vinyl left Lyra felt that energy and confidence that she had when she signed the trip papers. Feeling invigorated and ready for anything, she gave her lyre a quick strum and smiled as the train pulled into station.

Bon Bon never was this excited before. She sat outside the station waiting as the train pulled up. This was the time she saw Lyra say she’d arrive. This was either all or nothing. Looking around she saw a bunch of ponies staring at her strangely.

And it wasn’t a surprise why. Her nervicited jitters had her vibrating as hard as if she had streamlined a case of Red Minotaur, got a muzzlefull of Zebrican Marching Powder, then decided to down a jug of Pinkie’s borderline-legal Wake Up Juice™.

As the train pulled up she returned her attention to the passengers leaving the train. Her eyes darting from pony to pony looking for her mare. As the crowds slowed down her vibrating slowed and her ears drooped just as an aquamarine unicorn stepped out scanning the crowds. With renewed gusto she let out a squeal and galloped towards the pony like a beige colored missile before plowing into her. Straddled ontop of her Bon Bon looked down and saw the shocked and confused look of Lyra looking back at her.

“You’re real!” Bon Bon screamed enthusiastically.

“Y-Y-You’re real! As in really real?” Lyra asked her brain having shut down upon being used as a crash test ponyquin, and seeing Bon Bon in the flesh.

Rather than the normal route of replying. Bon Bon gave Lyra a deep, passionate kiss. While sloppy considering it was their first, it didn’t lessen it in the slightest. As a loud cheer and hoof stomping resounded around them. As their kiss came to an end they both shared a single thought, I guess dreams really do come true.


Author's Notes:

So that ends Bon-Conception!, a dream within a dream, within a dream. Or was it real? I'll let people speculate before giving a definitive answer.

Also the dream Pinkie Pie had of Spike. I actually had a dream with Pinkie Pie and Spike with that happening. Pinkie Pie and her paper sailor hat being general of the marshmallow army was heart explodingly adorable.

My next fic I'm going to publish is either the Sweetie Belle Connection Sequel, or my second foray into the LunaVerse, a contemplation fic of the series so far through Celestia's [Corona's] eyes and POV.

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